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Is Your God Big Enough?
Episode No. 14

Having a big view of God can be the difference between having hope or not having hope. We continue our series of helping us have proper views of God. This week we unpack God’s characteristics of being All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and All-Present and what they mean in our day to day view of God.

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Verses – Romans 1:20.
Verse – Colossians 1:16-17.
Verse – Matthew 10:29-31.
Book – The Character of God.
Book – Discovering the God Who Is


Josh: Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re just two normal guys trying to live this Jesus life. My name’s Josh.

Andrew: Hey, Hey, I’m Andrew and we are this Jesus life podcast. Episode 14.

Josh: dude, Andrew, how are you? I should, sorry. Let me correct myself. Elder. Andrew, how are you doing

Andrew: elder? I’m good. I’m good. I am, uh, excited to be talking with you.

I’m excited to have this discussion and. Dude it is, I’m worn out. I’m good. But I’m worn out this week. Catherine. My daughter has been teething like crazy, which apparently pushing teeth through is just painful and makes you not sleep at night at all, but sleep a lot during the day.

Josh: So I hear, I hear a shot of whiskey helps toddlers sleep well.

Yeah. I don’t know if you want to try that. It’s just one word.

Andrew: I just got her own whiskey tumbler at this point, uh, because of how often she’s teething, so,

Josh: Oh, nice. And she used to know it was like, this is where I go.

Andrew: That’s right. It’s just a special bottle basically.

Josh: Yeah. I’ve been watching your wife’s, uh, Instagram stories and it looks like.

Your daughter can handle her liquor pretty well. Like she’s got a little bit of a wobble when she’s walking, but for the most part, you wouldn’t even know she was drunk most of the time. Oh my gosh.

Andrew: For the record. No, she’s never had whiskey. Uh, but

Josh: she does get as far as you know,

Andrew: she, yeah, as far as I know, but she gets.

Tylenol and ibuprofen Motrin, uh, that helps. But dude, I learned something about my chickens this week that I wanted to tell you. Um, I, I have some chickens that are really smart and by really smart, I mean, earned standards. So they just run into the rain for a minute and like run really fast and go back in the coop.

I dunno why they go in the rain at all. But then I have other, just really dumb chickens who just stand in the rain and just like get hit and like. Pretty irritated, but they’re like, it’s light. So I’m outside. Um,

Josh: but yeah. So what is this Stuckey pinning me. It’s just a lot of them.

Andrew: None of them are just like, I’m going to stay in the coop today.

They’re not that smart, but some are sprinters. Others are just loiters I guess. So that’s my chicken update.

Josh: That’s good. I was, I was wondering how they were doing, since we didn’t bring them up at all before our call, as we dove in today.

Andrew: Well, I want you to know, I want the people that are now. Yeah,

Josh: that’s true.

And you have to know about Jack the dog, cause like I have to give you updates. Uh, nothing that he’s absent. He’s up to absolutely nothing.

Andrew: No new phobias this week. No great anxiety about things.

Josh: Same foot. Oh, still great anxiety. Same phobias, no new phobias, but same ones. Any time, the clouds just go a little bit gray.

So I’m trying to get him to face his phobias. So I’ve been taking him outside and holding him and like looking at the clouds together and be like, dude, it’s not that big a deal. And they’re like a big dude it’s and he’s like, I try to get them hours. It’s not working. It’s the opposite. Fortunately,

Andrew: it’s never going to work

Josh: such a bad day.

Well, I wonder like he sheds like crazy and I wonder if that’s what it’s always been. It’s not a shedding issue. It’s like, he’s scared. He’s nervous, anxious. And he just he’s shedding when he’s anxious. That’s probably it. I don’t know. We might try the drugs, but he’s got a $450 limit on medical expenses and I already done shots.

So that was like, what one 20 or something like that. It’s only so much money left. Um, is that

Andrew: lifetime or a year?

Josh: Uh, it used to be lifetime, but you got to take care of a dog. It’s like a thing, right? He’s got, they gotta get shots. If you want to take them places. Right. So I’ve upped it. So now it’s just, it’s a yearly expense and it’s, and for those listening, it’s four 50, because that’s what it costs to put a talk down.

At least the last time I asked and after I think about it is brutal. Like I asked in front of him, Like he was in the room when I asked that the vet

Andrew: storms. He’s like, if I get hurt in this thing, I know that’s my budget.

Josh: Well, she told me he’s got two teeth. There’s a space between his back teeth and in his regular set of teeth.

And she said, it’s nothing to worry about right now. But. I want to get this in front of you. You might need to get polled and just want to get you to the prices in front. And it’s like 2,600 bucks. I was like, well, that’s never going to happen. First off my mom, one of my mom’s dogs only has like three teeth in them.

They’ve all fallen out and she seems fine. So, yeah, I’m not sure we’re getting your teeth pulled. At least not by fat

Andrew: and that’s great. Well,

Josh: you know, what mean

Andrew: maybe give Jack gives Jackson much anxieties that he has just a really small view of God. You know, I just, maybe he, doesn’t probably the end, the quality God.


Josh: I’m his God. Yeah. He’s just highly disappointed.

Andrew: Yeah. And then you disappear every now and again, when you drive places without him or whatever, and he’s like, God, what happened?

Josh: That’s true. I’m on my own. This is I’m gonna have to sit them down and we’re gonna have to talk through like, here’s what a healthy view of God looks like.

That’s right.

Andrew: Well, I’ll just play this podcast for me because yeah. If you people, if you listened to our last. Podcast. Thank you for listening as always. Um, if you listened to our last one, it was about kind of some of the views of God that, that lead to just bad views of God, you know, things that, uh, you, you believe that, uh, basically lead you down wrong paths or give you partial views of God or skewed views or whatever, make you behave in weird ways.

Cause you don’t, uh, maybe have a healthy whole view of God. So. We decided in that discussion to kind of keep it going, but instead of just having a negative discussion, not that it was negative, but having a bad view let’s, let’s talk about maybe what a more full view is. So I think the next. This week and the next couple weeks, we’re probably gonna focus on that.

Um, so Josh, do you want to maybe tee up what we’re, what we’re focusing on this week?

Josh: Yeah. Uh, and to add to that, like, um, you know, when we look at Christians today, Christians, we know Christians, we watch Christians around, like, there’s a, there’s a level of, and we’ve talked about this before, but there’s a level of.

Hopelessness. There’s a level of feeling stuck. There’s a level of lack of excitement in terms of your relationship with Jesus and living this, this Jesus life, um, that we don’t think it has to be that way. And we think part of why it’s that way is you either have a poor view of God that needs to be adjusted.

Um, you have a poor view of yourself that needs to be adjusted, or there’s a. Communication issue between you, um, that probably needs to be fixed. And that’s kinda why we’re going down this road of, of can we help you have a better view of God? And we’ve kind of taken our, our godless and, and brought it down to, um, if there was, you know, what are all like the core characteristics of God?

Um, we’ve got this list down to seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. Is it 11, something like that. Um, which we think are, if we can. Embody these views of God and believe these to be true, but also change our thinking. So they are true, um, because they are, um, at least true, you know, relatively in our own head. Uh, but they are true statements as, as we’ll talk about eventually that God is absolute truth, but, um, That this is going to have a drastic impact on how you live this life, how you experience this life and your perspective inside of this life.

And, um, you know, your, your life could be falling apart. It could be, um, everything around you could, you could have lost your job through COVID, um, you know, like, like your in-laws Andrea that you could add your basement flooded, uh, this week. Um, and. That could just be completely devastating to life, to wanting to move forward to your relationship with Jesus, all of those things.

Um, but like your in-laws having healthy views of God, um, gets you right through that. It’s not a, yes, it’s a trial and yes, it’s hard and yes, it’s painful and sad, but in the midst of it, God is present. And there’s a level of peace at a level of confidence, um, that you can’t really describe it. That’s kind of the position we want to live in.

We want to live it up. A place of level of peace and a level of confidence that God’s got this. Uh, but in all that long intro, we’re going to talk about God being all powerful, all knowing an ever present inside of, um, inside of this world.

Andrew: Yeah. That’s that’s. Those are all good points, man. And I think this is good.

I think we’re in very good discussion because these are, we call it. This episode is your view of God. Big enough, because these are like macro traits. These are large scale traits. So if you’ve ever taken theology, their omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. We just called those things all powerful, uh, everywhere and aware of all things always.

So we’re going to talk through this, but, but having the right big views of God or having more full big views of God helps because yeah, sometimes your circumstances suck. Like I was telling Josh. My inlaws had seven feet of water in their basement because of hurricane Isaiah’s, like the floods went nuts and, uh, the, the stream backed up and, um, literally just totally flooded their, their whole basement.

So. But in the midst of that, you know, they’re able to say, well, we’re actually seeing things that God is doing. We’re hearing from God more clearly right now than we have in a long time. And it sucks, but our circumstances aren’t defining our view of God. Our circumstances are, or life real or life. Yeah.

Cause things happen, right. You don’t want to act like life is always great. Are always bad or whatever circumstances change. But, but when you have a steady view of God, then, then that doesn’t change. You know, maybe how you pray does, but, but that’s it. So anyway. Yeah. Yeah, man, I’m excited. We were talking about this.

I think it will be great.

Josh: Nice. Well, let’s dive into God is all powerful,

Andrew: all powerful. So, um, God is all powerful, unlimited, unstoppable, omnipotent, whatever adjective you want to use. Um, but this one’s a little bit hard for me to wrap my mind around all three of these are, if I’m being honest, Because I’m not used to being all powerful in anything.

I can’t relate to that, you know? Uh, cause yeah, I’m human, so I’m not all powerful. Um, my thoughts aren’t perfect. My actions. Aren’t perfect. My, I can’t control that much stuff, not that powerful. So when it says that God is all powerful, um, it’s pretty cool. So it always,

Josh: it always helps me. Sorry. It always helps me with.

Big concepts like this to attack it to something more tangible. So like all powerful God being all powerful. Well, what has God done that has shown his power while he’s. Woke the universe into existence. Like he didn’t build it. It didn’t take time. He didn’t work with his hands. He literally spoke it into existence.

And at this point, astronomers think there’s somewhere around like a hundred billion galaxies. Um, so you’re, he literally spoke into existence, not just humanity, um, and not just earth and all the creatures and the atmosphere and everything that comes along with that. But he. Did it with a hundred billion galaxies just by the power of his voice.

Like, there’s an amazing thing right there. Like there’s a moment where here’s a guy combined in all power, all, all knowledge ever-present and he’s able to do such a powerful thing of saying this will be okay. Like that’s. That’s awesome. I’ll give you chills,

Andrew: right? That will get you Chile. Um, dude, I think of, um, all powerful, more on like circumstances I’ve experienced.

So like I’ve been, I’ve been in some pretty crazy storms while on a boat in the ocean before. And I think about how out of control and how ridiculous it felt to be going over. Literally, I was on a boat one time, night fishing trip, where we were coming back in from, uh, from fishing and we’d caught a ton of fish, but we had to leave a little early cause the weather was getting really bad.

And uh, literally we were on this like 9,100 foot long boat. Um, but, uh, the waves we were going over were close to 20 feet tall coming in and it was just like, huh, like rocking it like a huge window blew in. Like it was. Insane. Um, and I thought there was a good chance we were going to die. Uh, we didn’t, we made it.

Um, but yeah, man, it was insane. And uh, all of that to say, like, I’ve experienced that, but God, like, that’s nothing, like what you’re saying is real, he’s spoken into new creation for me. That’s so far out of the realm of what I could control that. Um, It’s just hard to imagine, even being able to do what Jesus did.

And in that moment, be like waves, stop, wind, stop. And have it literally just like. The only thing rocking is your boat at that point. Can you imagine that like just whew. Everything done settled?

Josh: No. See, the only thing I can imagine now is being on that boat with 20 foot waves and my fear isn’t to drown my fear is that a shark would be in one of those 20 foot waves.

And I would drive by shark attack because it landed on me for something like that.

Andrew: That’s fair. Freaking

Josh: jaws jaws ruined my

Andrew: life sharks, man. I’ve got a love, hate relationship with her. Fine.

Josh: But no, it is like, and maybe that’s helpful for you listening to is like, what’s the, what’s the most powerful.

Natural experience you’ve ever been a part of. And just think that not only is God bigger than this, God created this. And not only that God could stop it with just his voice. Um, now we don’t look it in the sense of like what God didn’t stop this tornado. That’s not the point of the illustration, but, um, Like it’s the power piece of man, like, cause in all powerful, like there’s so much fear attached to that, right?

Like when we get in front of a, a powerful storm, when we get in front of a powerful person, when we get in front of the powerful, whatever, like there’s a part of that, that like, there’s so much fear that just grips us because we’re terrified of what may happen. Cause we’re no longer in control. Yeah.

Right. Like, yeah. And that’s the other beautiful side of, of God is yeah, there’s a, a reverence and awe of God’s power and what he really is capable of doing with, with justice, uh, uh, um, an action of speaking his voice. Um, but he’s also an extremely personal guy. So we are now connected in relationship deeply loved and deeply cared about by an all powerful, almighty God that literally could speak something into existence.

Now, does God always speak those things into existence? No. God typically functions within the laws that he’s created in this world. Um, we could stop it. Yeah, that’s the, that’s kind of the power aside of overdoing and oftentimes, um, You can find yourself. I probably didn’t want to two camps. And I think we’ve talked about this before, right?

Um, one camp of God, can’t stop this. This is too big. This feels too overwhelming. I’m never, again, the situation. My life has completely falling apart right now. And, um, it’s always going to be this way. Oh, my God. It’s not big enough, right? Like that, that’s, that’s an issue you got to overcome to get back to know God is all powerful.

You really can’t the other issue, which kind of fights against this personal side of, of God, uh, is, yeah, God is all powerful, but he doesn’t want to do this on my behalf. Like, I’m not good enough. I I’ve seen too much. Uh I’m too small, whatever the issue is, whatever. And kind of overcoming that and getting back to no, no, no, no.

Though my God is all powerful and is more than capable of intervening in this moment. Um, my God is also personal and deeply loves and cares for me and is going to do what’s best for me in this world.

Andrew: Man. That’s a good point. And you’re totally right. There’s there’s that you have, um, of, I don’t deserve it almost.

I don’t deserve God to act in my life because of the things I’ve done. We’ve kind of talked about that with like that shame episode we did a long time ago. I’m sure we’ll talk about that more in the future and maybe today, but, um, I, as I was looking up some stuff as we were planning for this. I really thought Colossians one, uh, verses 16 and 17 could be a year.

The launching off point, even though we’re not just launching off on this kind of all powerful theme, but Colossians one 16, 17 for in him, all things were created things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether Thrones or, or powers or rulers or authority or authorities, all things, things have been created through him and for him.

He is before all things and in him, all things hold together. I like the end of that in him, all things hold together because maybe that’s a, that’s a cool look at power. You know, like you were saying, he doesn’t always choose to do things he could, he could at any time, he’s all powerful. He’s always capable of, of calming a sea or changing circumstances in our lives or.

Whatever blowing up the planet, making a new moon, whatever he wants to do, God can do stuff more

Josh: or flooding the planet and starting over

Andrew: that’s right. But he said he wanted to do that again. No, I don’t think he was, but in him, all things hold together. I think that’s cool because. Sometimes, it just feels like things are tearing apart or not working the way they should.

I mean, look at politics, look at unity and disunity of, of just people in our country. You know, the United States of America look at that. It feels like things are constantly ripping apart, but this says, no, it’s God that holds all things together. Not, not just political disagreements, not just religious things, not just whatever.

All things, whole universe, all things.

Josh: Yeah. Jesus said it this way. And uh, I don’t remember what gospel it is off the top of my head, but, you know, he says, you know, to those listening, like look at the, look at the birds of the air. Like they go from place to place collecting as they need to collect. And, um, And they don’t need to worry about food because their, yeah.

Their heavenly father provides for them. And if that’s what he does for simple birds, just think how much more he’s providing for you. Like, it just kind of describes of like how much God is intervened and in the midst of, um, all aspects of, of existence. Yeah. Like he’s, he’s as much taking care of the birds right now in this moment, as he’s taking care of you and me as he’s, you know, in.

Galaxy, you know, 999,211, right? Like he’s just everywhere. All things are inside of him that nothing happens outside of his, his control or his watch. Um, the Psalmus said, uh, I’m looking it up really quick. Cause I don’t remember off the top of my head, um,

Andrew: as you okay. As you say that I have a question that maybe, maybe we’re the realist, maybe in a good way.

We’ll see. But when we think about, after you find the song, I’ll ask this question. Did you do find it? Are you good?

Josh: No. Keep going.

Andrew: Okay. So if God is all powerful, uh, all overall things, then like there’s a lot of people in the Christian faith who are like, Every single thing that happens in my day is, is always hyperspiritual is always something that God is speaking or doing or saying to me, or moving around me, like.

I dunno, what’s the balance of, of knowing God is all powerful, but also just not hyper spiritualizing every single thing in your life. Does that make sense?

Josh: Yeah. I think where the issue comes with hyper spiritualizing things is when you hyper spiritualized everything about yourself, like it’s the pride of me.

Um, that’s causing the issue. Like I do believe God is involved in all aspects of life, all aspects of creation. He is moving constantly in and out of different arenas while he’s always in all arenas, but he’s, he’s interacting with them. Um, so yes, I do believe everything is spiritual. That’s true. If you can experiential to God involved.

Um, but I don’t believe that everything being spiritual, spiritual has. Everything to do with you. I think that’s where we miss it. Um, so yes, God is at work. Yes, God is moving. And part of our jobs as followers of Jesus, is to align ourselves with how God is moving in, partner with what God’s already doing, right?

Like that’s, that’s the piece of this. Um, but, uh, too often we take God is spiritual and God is everywhere and we apply it to ourselves is Oh, So that personally affects me. Like, it’s all about me and that’s the issue, right? Like God wants me to intervene and do this, or God wants me to, I, you know, I had this interaction where, you know, I just felt like God wanted me to whatever, like those things happen.

Yes. But not to the extent that you think are. They’re happening because it’s, well, the reality is it’s not about you. Yes. God is spiritual. And yet we want to partner with God, but not everything is spiritual for your benefit or for your sake. Yeah. Right. I think that’s where we struggle. Um, with, with that whole idea that, you know, Well, God told me to do this thing, and then I can’t do anything without God’s direction.

Well, no, right? Like that’s, that’s God created you and God has given you and spoken truth into your life and implanted that into your soul. And you function inside of that. You have a brain use it. Now. I, I say that and I had a. I had a, uh, uh, pastor buddy once tell you use that, uh, in a conversation we were having where he said, or were talking about, Oh, leaving, leaving his church.

Um, and his comment was, well, you know, God had gave me a brain and I’m just, you know, I’m going to use it and make the decision. Okay. And you’re like, yeah, God gave you a brain for like, this is kind of a big decision, right? Like maybe you shouldn’t just maybe, maybe should spend some time with Jesus and spend time with those that loved Jesus and love you.

And, and kind of sift this out before you go making a decision because you, you, you have a brain and God has given you permission to do whatever you want, which is relatively true, but not relatively beneficial.

Andrew: It sounds like a balance of kind of pride and humility, you know, like you don’t want to be, you don’t want to be so prideful that you think.

Either side of that, everything is happening in my life because it’s all about me because all things are spiritual and it’s always about me or overly prideful on the other side saying, well, God gave me this great brain. Uh, I don’t even have to ask him, it’s a no brainer, you know, for whatever pun is worth.

And then the humility side is just like, I don’t know things. Sometimes things are big decisions, like leaving your church, like li like moving to a different place, like job stuff, whatever other stuff is just, man, what am I going to have for dinner tonight? And we’re going to have pizza or pasta.

Josh: And it’s like, there’s different than the humility side of it too is like, Could God speak into that and have an opinion about that for you in that moment, possibly.

Um, so like be open to God, moving in those places, but don’t be over. I think the real issue is there’s this pride inside of Christianity that the more I hear God’s voice, the better Christian I am. Hmm. Right. Like, that’s this idea. So we portray ourselves more spiritual than we actually are, um, in terms of in relationship or connection with Jesus.

Um, and. We find ourselves essentially toting that around or is that the word coding? Yeah. Um, you know, showing that around or showing off yeah. Showing off to people, um, like, Oh God spoke to me about what I’m supposed to eat this, this, this tonight. And then this is what he did with it. And you’re like, well, yeah, you watched a movie and you felt better about yourself.

Great. Like. Sure, whatever. I guess we just over spiritualize things to make ourselves look better, uh, as followers of Jesus than just being followers of Jesus. And if he speaks into something, he speaks into something and be in tuned to his, his voice and do what he said. Like, yeah, we’re not saying don’t do those things, but we are saying it’s not as, not as spiritual as you think it is, or at least from the perspective of it’s all about you.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Awesome, man. Well, I totally derailed you, but I felt like that was, that was good. And I appreciate you perspective on that. Um, you were looking up like a Psalm or proverb or something as it relates to

Josh: this, you moved on, sorry. Oh, it’s

Andrew: gone. It’s done. Bill.

Josh: Stop looking.

Andrew: Should we, do you have more thoughts on God being all powerful?

Or do you feel like we could go on to kind of the next,

Josh: Oh, we have plenty of thoughts on it, but for the sake of time, we should probably keep moving.

Andrew: Take us there, man. Hit it.

Josh: All present God, God is everywhere at once simultaneously. Uh, and even kind of touching back on our conversation on the, on the last, all powerful is not only is God everywhere, but he’s sustaining everything everywhere, um, at the same time. So it’s a, it’s a both hand. Um, But yeah, he’s, he’s ever present meaning.

And we said this last week, he’s ever present because he’s outside of time as well as we’re inside of time. So God is as present right now in, at the moment of, of jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection he’s as he is right now in this moment, as we have this conversation, um, as he, as he is in the same exact time, a moment of our birth.

Um, so there’s that piece of like, God is. All places everywhere. Um, he’s not a singular place and this is a change, at least from our interaction point from the old covenant, right? Like, yes, God was ever present in, in the old Testament. But in terms of his interaction with humanity, he was in a sense go place.

Yeah. He was wherever the tabernacle was or eventually the temple really where the Ark of the covenant was, was the, was the place of his dwelling. But, um, So it’s that piece of like the shift that changed. And now, you know, we read it in the new covenant that, um, Jesus, the spirit, or sorry, the God’s spirit, the Holy spirit now lives inside of each one of us.

So God is not only everywhere at all times, but he’s personally connected to each one of us because his spirit dwells inside of us. So we have that direct connection with our creator. Um, that’s, I don’t know. That’s, that’s always comforting to me to know that, but it’s also easy to lose sight of. Right.

Yeah. Like it’s easy to lose sight of like, things are going bad in my life. So where’s God, God’s not around. No like good and bad things in your life. Don’t dictate God’s position or, or sorry, presence in your life. God is always present. Scripture is extremely clear on that.

Andrew: That’s a good point, man. Good and bad things.

Don’t dictate God’s presence in your life, but how did you, okay. There’s a difference between. Reading something and believing something. I think, um, I’m reading the Hobbit right now. I enjoy the Hobbit. It’s a great story. Makes me think a little bit more creatively to have like a fantasy, just enjoyable thing and background like that, but I don’t believe the Hobbit.

It’s just a good story. You know, like it’s just a great narrative. It’s, there’s some things that may be reflect biblical truth. And in some of that writing, maybe not. I dunno, it’s just a story, but, but I can read the Bible in the same way and, and not really think about it. Not really believe it not really apply it.

So when you say like, yeah, God’s it, the Bible is clear that God is always present. I guess my question is just, how did you go from kind of head knowledge of that to. And then I know that this was totally unscripted, but how do you go from a head knowledge or just, I read that. So I believe it’s true too, to really believing it’s true to saying like, I believe God’s present.

Yeah. I just wrecked my car, but God’s present. It’s just a car wreck. He kept me alive. I don’t know. Or even just, it’s a lame Tuesday, but God’s present. So it’s a great day and I’m going to thank him for it. Like, I don’t know. But what do you think about that?

Josh: Um, that’s a great question. Um, I think I’m just kinda thinking, like, how do you get through the journey?

How does faith increase? Uh, yeah. And I think it’s choosing to believe it. These things are true. Like let’s just use salvation as an example. Um, As a follower of Jesus or as, as you’re becoming a follower of Jesus, um, the decision that you’re making, which is relatively logical rather than heart, is I’m choosing to believe that this is true.

So I’m choosing to believe that I’m a sinner in need of a savior and God sent Jesus to live in or to live this life as I lived it, but to live it perfectly. Um, so he could be a perfect sacrifice for my sins. He took my sins on himself. Died on a cross. He conquered death three days later. So I could do the same.

There’s no bondage in this life, right? Like, it’s that thing of like, that’s a logical decision I’m making, I’m saying no, that. I’m believing that to be true. So like, I guess part of it’s kind of like, self-talk maybe, um, it’s reminding yourself over and over again. No, God is ever present he’s with me right now in this moment.

Even if I don’t feel like he is, he is because scripture tells me he is well, and I think if we keep. Telling ourselves that over and over again, and we’re not necessarily shifting things in our mind. Like, we’re just, we’ll eventually believe the life. We just keep telling ourself the lie, which is true.

But, uh, it, it’s, uh, it’s a different piece of if I keep telling myself that this is true, I’m going to be trying to pay attention, to see what I can see to make sure that it is right. So yeah. Um, you’re going through his life and God is ever present. And you’re telling yourself this, this is true because scripture said it’s truth.

Meaning God has said it is true because this is God’s words to God’s people. Um, and if that’s true, then I’m going to believe it to be true. And then as I changed my perspective and I’m watching from that perspective, now, when my would just keep going back to your in-laws. Hey, thank you so much for listening.

Thanks for letting us UBR illustration. You guys have great faith. We love you. We’re praying for you. Um, but in the midst of. Your basement flooding. Uh, it’s not everything’s falling apart, right? No, no, no, no. God’s presence God’s in this moment. Um, so you could go into that situation, say everything’s screwed like F at all, like, God hates me.

God’s not here. He let all these bad things happen, but no, if your perspectives, right, you’re going into that situation. It’s like, Oh, look. Like our power was never shut up, shut off her flooded. And it was completely submerged under water. Like, look at God, move. Like that’s a miracle. And Holy cried, we have an insurance company.

That’s gonna pay out on this because we have, you know, we have flood insurance and we’re going to, you know, I’m out of work and now this is going to help supplement our income. Right? Like there’s all these different things that you’re now going to see if no, God is present, not only he present, he’s actively present in your life and he’s intervening.

On your behalf. So now our perspective starts to change and shifts that we start to believe that more. But I think that’s how faith grows in general. Like it’s moving that, that head knowledge, that logical knowledge to our heart, and not necessarily maybe a better way to say it as our soul, since our hearts are evil and they release astray, a human creation, but our soul of like, no, like.

This has strengthened my faith. And now it’s faithful. It’s like going back to your guys’s story. Yeah. In the year of the chicken we talked about last week or the week before, like you have all these bad things that are happening, you know, having to redo things, your house, how to dump tons of money into it, um, to get things in all these, you know, sale for sale falling through.

And these moments you can say, you know, God’s not around here. God doesn’t care. Uh, but now you’re able to. To, to hold through that faith and look back and say, no, no, no, look what God’s doing there. And look how God intervened in this way and look how he’s lying. So often it’s after the fact, like we’ve gone through it, we look back and see those guys, but look at your end loss now with, with such a level of faith that they’re in the midst of it, seeing it, like that’s what we want to get to.

And I think that’s why to redefine our, our views of God, um, to kind of give a brand update, like you said before, this. To God, not that he needs one, but there is a brand that’s being missed and we want to grab that, um, uh, kind of holding onto, so it’s, can I get to a place where it’s, I’m paying attention, like in the moment that I can see God at work and that’s where you’re like, Oh, look at that.

Like, God’s good. This moment holding my hand and God’s in this moment. Yeah. Speaking, you know, such comforting words over me. Yeah. God’s in this moment, I’m intervening in this way or that way, or God’s in this moment, not intervening. Yeah, but telling me that he’s right there beside me, and he’s going to walk me through it with me, because this is the growth that needs to happen right there.

Like those are all great moments, but yeah, it’s a shift in your thinking and I think it’s logical to getting to your soul and taking that journey. And there’s a decision that has to be made constantly.

Andrew: Yeah. I like that. It’s like a, it’s like. You just choose to believe it first. Cause you read it and you, you hear people, maybe pastors, maybe friends, whatever, telling you that God is present.

So you like have some baseline of like, well I guess I believe this. And then things happen over time in your life and you. Maybe go back to that and say, well, this just happened, but I still, yeah. I believe God is present. And then God proves it and more solidifies that and does that many times. And then you’re in the circumstance actively and you’re like, Nope, it’s a no brainer.

I know God is present here. Even if I don’t see it in the way, I’d like to see it in this moment. I believe it like I, so we were talking last night at dinner and I know we’ve talked a lot about the flood, but that’s been a big part of my week and their week. And, you know, we’ve been very actively involved in all that stuff.

So, um, Wednesday we had, uh, we had like, 10 12 people from our church show up at their house and, and help get everything out. As soon as, uh, the fire department said, yep, you’re not going to get electrocuted. You’re good to go down there and safe. You can take stuff out. So it was like a lot of people working really hard and we got everything done really very quickly.

But then we were kind of looking around at the neighbor’s houses and there was like, A few boxes out a little bit out, but not much, but there had been a lot of damage at four or five, their immediate neighbors, at least. So, um, I was just thinking about it today or yesterday. And I was thinking like, what if this flood got allowed to happen so that the Millers could build trust in their neighborhood, um, in a new way, deeper relationships.

And so that our church could go in and serve. Basically in our church’s backyard for all these people who are not a part of our church, don’t follow Jesus. Maybe do maybe don’t I don’t know them, but because our church has now going back and saying, Hey, we noticed you didn’t have the help that, that, um, you know, Chris and Lori did, but we have a whole crew of people who would love to help carry stuff.

If you need it. Some of these people are elderly. Some of these people just are one or two at home, whatever. Uh, but to empty a basement is a big deal and it’s a tangible way to show up and at least offer it. But especially if you do it show up and just be the presence in a situation that nobody wants to be in, nobody wants to carry wet, stinky boxes or heavy things up from the basement that had been there for years.

It doesn’t matter. But what if this whole thing was kind of allowed to happen for reasons that. Aren’t that much to do with Chris and Laurie, but could be a lot to do with their neighbors. You know, it could be about other people’s souls. Um, that’s the

Josh: depth, the neighbors perspective. Like here’s this neighbor like probably in a level of hopelessness.

You’re like, my life is literally falling apart in this moment. And then here comes tangible Christ and in his people, right to the doorstep, like there’s a moment of hope.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. So I don’t know, but that’s, that’s some of the stuff I was thinking, and it’s the kind of thing we’ll find out about years from now maybe, or when we’re dead or whatever.

But I just, I think God is present all the time and sometimes it, like you said, sometimes it looks like tangible hands and feet of Jesus, of somebody you don’t know serving you or somebody you do know a little bit serving just cause. It’s the God honoring thing to do. Um, yeah, that’s good.

Josh: Yeah. The other thought the other thought I had in this kind of area, as you were talking was.

Um, how, how so often, you know, I don’t, I don’t subscribe to the theology of when you do good things, God blesses. And when you do bad things got curses. I think that was fulfilled through Jesus has taken care of it doesn’t function that way anymore. Um, but in that idea how often the situations of our lives in the hardship of our life was caused by ourselves.

Um, so like we’re just in the past. The results of our own actions. Um, but yet we’re just going to blame everything around us and blame the situation we’re in with God being ever present and taking that perspective when I’m in the midst of those things, I’m not taking the perspective of, um, Like this world, Scott doesn’t care.

And if I do take it like God is descent, or God’s not in the midst of that, I miss this opportunity for growth. But in those moments, if I am taking perspective that God is with us, God’s in the midst of this. What changes is? Oh, Like God starts to speak to us in those moments. Cause I think he is around and I’m believing it to be true.

Some waiting and anticipating his voice. And when situations hard, because of my own doing God starts to speak into that where it’s, Hey, like this is happening in your life. You’ve lost this relationship or you’ve lost this opportunity or you lost this job because of the things that you were doing caused this to happen.

Right? Like, so there’s that piece that you would never grow in. As a human being, let alone as a follower of Jesus. If you’re not taking the perspective, no, God is always present and he’s personal and he’s involved in my life and he’s active in my life. And he’s speaking into my life, uh, that I miss all of that because I just say, well, everything’s bad in my life.

So God must not be around.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s really good, man. That’s that’s really good. It’s not just in the good, it’s not it’s it’s even when we’re acting in an evil way, you know, we’re choosing to live in sin that God is still present. That doesn’t change it. It’s one of those, like we said, one of the big characteristics that our actions can’t change it, it is, this is, these are pieces of who God is.

These are like core attributes of who God is. Um, It Proverbs 15 verse three says the eyes of the Lord are in every place watching the evil and the good, just simple short, but it’s just reassuring, uh, times, like I know it’s easy to get down about, like, it feels like there’s a lot of evil stuff happening.

It feels like. Things are out of control sometimes. Um, but when you know that God is watching the evil and the good he’s present all the time, it kind of alleviates this burden of like, I don’t have to be their judge. I don’t have to see God’s ways fully done in my life or in theirs. That’s not my job, but I do know that God is always.

Understanding, always present of what I’m doing. Uh, we’ll talk about what I’m thinking in a minute, but he’s always present in all things. So it’s like, you can’t control that stuff. He can. Yeah. He usually chooses not to directly control things. He usually chooses to let people live the way they want to live most of the time.

Um, and. But he’s present and the good and the evil he’s present in the mediocre and the exciting he’s present all the time. You know? So, um, I dunno, I like

Josh: Paul told the Colossians that all creation is dependent upon his presence. Uh Hmm. Which is a big one, or, you know, Jesus told us at the end of, um, The great commission.

Yeah. And I’ll be with you always to the very end page, like God is hyper precedent, uh, in our lives and, and active in our lives because he’s a personal God. Um, but God is everywhere. No one can escape him. Um, you know, God’s presence is, is a continual presence that brings contentment, uh, Hebrews, the Hebrew writer tells us, but


Andrew: good. Tell us, man. Well sweet. All right. Well last one of the three, not that this is like, Oh, I’m just bumped my chair lever and dropped like six inches. That’s always freaky. Um,

Josh: I wasn’t paying attention, so I missed it. Sorry.

Andrew: Yeah. I looked very small in front of this microphone now. Cause I went whoop way down.

Um, dude, one time I was on a zoom call and it was a one on one call and I was sitting on this old wooden chair.

Josh: Split.

Andrew: Well, I was talking, but I had headphones in. So I fell immediately flat on the ground, like horizontal, but my headphones still stayed in. So like the person heard me the whole

Josh: time. I’m like,

Andrew: what the heck?

But I

Josh: hear you working from just a wood chair.

Andrew: Yeah.

Josh: That sounds miserably

Andrew: uncomfortable. Well, it was just like supposed to be like a quick meeting or whatever. Um,

Josh: so

Andrew: yeah, zooming problems, you know, it’s not the worst that could happen, but. Uh, it’s pretty crappy to have your chair just fall apart.

Josh: Yeah.

I’m more really focused on the wood share fact that you’re sitting on that all day. Right? Like my work blessed me greatly and has given us thousand dollar chairs to sit.

Andrew: Yeah, no, I got a great chair.

Josh: I’m sitting here from my home office. You’re sending us money too, to upgrade our offices.

Andrew: Nice.

Josh: Which is cool.

Since we’re not talking back til 2021.

Andrew: Yeah. This was like, w between moving, when I didn’t have a home office, really I was working from, you know, like very temporary situation. So anyway, yeah, this is a no chair these days. I learned that lesson and I went to the gym afterwards because I had apparently so many burritos.

Um, yeah. So this, this one

Josh: knows.

Andrew: All of it always.

Josh: Isn’t that freaky

Andrew: to think about? Isn’t it freaky to think? Okay. If God exists outside of time, he could look at our lives simultaneously. If you look at your life and my life and everybody else’s life who’s ever lived and he could know every thought they had.

Their entire life that man, I haven’t had a thought tomorrow yet, but God could look at it and understand every single one of my thoughts I’m going to have tomorrow. He get an understand 50 years from now. If I’m still alive, he could understand all the things I was thinking when I was a baby that I can’t understand.

But how weird is it? Not even just weird. I think maybe the all-knowing comes back to all powerful cause like. I don’t know if he can be all powerful, if you’re clueless about stuff, you know, or maybe you can’t, I don’t really know, but physically powerful probably. Yeah. Maybe physically, like you could beat up anybody you’re stopping any storm or create things, but, but yet God goes beyond that.

He knows all things. And so like, Even going back to kind of the beginning of the Bible talking about good and evil, you know, like, um, Lucifer, like being from, from gods was his name loose for when he was an angel? Uh, he was like the hot, the Archangel. He was, God’s go to number one, angel, and then he decided, no, I want to control this thing.

I want to run this show. Uh, I don’t need God. I’m gonna, I take this into my own hands, you know, forgetting he was created by God and desiring to be the creator, essentially. So that was kind of the narrative that sets up, not narrative. I believe the real story or as best we can understand it, the real story of what set up, you know, Satan being evil and trying to distract others to follow him and God being God and being perfect and good.

And trying to draw us and Wu was to him, um, especially through Jesus, but anyway, God, all that to say, God knew a second. He created angels that, that Lucifer was eventually going to go from hero to zero, kind of set up this whole thing in a very different trajectory than, you know, maybe the original.

Intent, not even the original intent. I don’t know. It’s mind boggling, man. It’s like twisting. It’s like, God knows exactly what’s going to happen all the time with all things, even now your thoughts that you don’t even feel it. I understand.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah. And then you get into God allows or doesn’t allow in God.

Controls everything. It makes everything happen. There’s a lot of ways to look at that. Like when I always think of God knows everything, I like to think of from the perspective of like, God is the source of all true knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Yeah. Right. Like. Like God is the source of the things that can have such a drastic impact on our lives.

Like, you know, the, the gospel writers talked about the mysteries of the gospel or the mysteries of the kingdom. Um, and it’s, it’s those things that like when you grab onto and get to the place where you understand them, um, the shift and the. Massive change that can happen side of your perspective on life, your connectedness to Jesus, your ability to have great faith, to take major risks for the kingdom and for Jesus.

Like it’s those things that like unlock those. Oh, now I have a better understanding of what faith really is and, and, and. You know, Jesus was the source of those things, right? Like it’s this God is all knowing. Yes. He knows everybody’s thoughts. He knows what’s going to happen. What has happened from a perspective of holistic?

Like he knows why it’s all and how it’s all connected together. But more than that, like he’s still the source of all wisdom. Like he’s still the one that, that. Has the ability to help us understand anything. So take it outside of the spiritual realm or the church realm. And just say like, God’s ways are greater inside a business than any way that’s ever going to make me, like, so now I’m able to go to Jesus and say like, here’s, what’s going on in my company right now.

And here’s where I think we’re supposed to go. Like, how do I get. They’re like, let him be the spokesperson into, into those things as well. Like God speaks, you know, as a parent or God speaks as a husband or a wife, or God speaks as, as a, um, a garbage worker and how you have impact, right? Like there’s so many different things that God could speak because he’s the source of all.

It’s not just spiritual knowledge though. It’s it is spiritual. It is not just spiritual knowledge, right? It’s not just how the world works knowledge though. It ha. You know, that’s a part of it. It’s all different types of aspects. How should a government function in a healthy way? Like you go back to, um, the law and how God set up a society and cultural laws for Israel.

And you see a lot of that playing out in today’s society. It’s like the, you know, The American or the Western view on the judicial system, um, pulls a lot, if not majority of their views from what happened inside of Israel, what got set up, right? Like here’s the place that I get to go to all the things now.

I think here’s the harm that we take when we grab this thing of God is all knowing. He knows what I did, what I’m thinking, all those things. And we personalize it though. I think we should personalize it. Here’s the warning to push back against is, well, I shouldn’t like, I don’t have to tell God these things cause he already knows.

Yeah, we missed the personal right. Like, well, I have to confess those sins. God already knows I committed them and he knows that. I’m sorry. No, no, no, no, no. That’s not how relationship works. Sorry, buddy. Uh, like you’ve got to dig into those conversations because that’s, what’s going for your perspective.

That’s, what’s going to grow your relationship with Jesus. Like he’s not going to love you anymore, any less. He loves you as he loves you. Um, and that is great. Um, but. That’s not going to change based off your actions or based off your interactions with him. Um, but for you, the depth of that relationship, there’s only going to feel greater and greater when you have those conversations, though, he may already know.

Right. And if it feels silly, start with that. God, I know I did this. I didn’t know, you know, I did this and you know what? I was really thinking when I did this. Um, but forgive me for this. Anyway. Yes. Or God, here’s the things that I’m dreaming about. And I’m trying to chase after, and I know, you know, these things, but I want to talk to you about these things anyways, like start your conversation that way.

If, if that helps you kind of get into those places. But, um, David said in one of the songs, I don’t remember which one, but he said, you know, you have examined my heart, you know, everything about me. Um, I don’t know if that was one a year versus written down. I just realized it is you searched me and you know me, Lord.

Uh, sorry, uh, I’ll give you credit. That’s Psalm one 39, but, uh, you know, You know, when I sit down and when I rise, you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my goings out in my lying down. Um, you’re familiar with all my ways. My, before a word is on my tongue, Lord, you know, it completely, you help me in or sorry, you hen me in behind him before.

And you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. And to lawfully for me to attain and kind of going back to what you were saying earlier, too, like, um, like. If you’re going to improve as a human being, and you’re going to improve as a follower of Jesus, like here’s the source that knows everything about you and knows not only that knows how to get you to the next space, the next step, right.

He knows how to get you to the growth. So why aren’t we diving into that personal relationship with Jesus and diving into, to those hard conversations and letting God speak into those things? Because he is the source of all, all things. Yeah.

Andrew: That’s really good, man. That’s that’s really good. I had a weird thought as, as like so often, uh, we get bogged down as Christians, between this idea kind of like you, what you were talking about as well.

If he knows everything, then I don’t have to tell him about my day. I don’t have to confess that sin. I don’t have to thank him for that. He already knows. I was thankful. He knows. I’m sorry. He knows what happened to my day, whatever. Um, But there’s a difference between knowing something and, and, and offering it for lack of better words.

The, you know, my daughter’s almost two, so I read her a lot of kids’ books. Janet does family does all of that. She loves. Little books. She loves hearing them. So like yesterday, Jenna was reading her one and I was just laying there chilling. And, and I was just quoting the lines that were coming up without reading it.

Cause I just snowed them, you know? And she could do the exact same thing. Like so many of these are just committed somewhere in my head just to fall memory, you know, but we open them and read them to show her the pages. All I’m trying to say is. You can very clearly know something. You can have a memorized, you can have that knowledge of it, but that doesn’t mean you wrote it.

That doesn’t mean you, you directed it. You just basically. Understood what was coming because you’ve been there. Yeah. You know, the repetition of it. Um, that’s not a perfect analogy by any means, but just maybe something helpful for somebody think about, for me to think, think about as you, as you think about this concept of God knows all things, even like what David was saying when Psalm one 39 that you just read.

I’m like these things are too great for us. This knowledge is too great for us. We couldn’t handle. Knowing all things you can handle it. God. And it kinda goes back to last week when we were talking about this idea of like, if your view of God is wrong, then it’s fragile. It’s exposed to there’s there’s major gaps.

There’s blind spots that. You may or may not be aware of, but you’re probably going to be aware of at some point. So if you start with this baseline of God knows all things and it’s proved like it. If you have faith that the Bible is inspired by God and is kind of his guidebook to us of how to live, how to understand him.

It’s really clear, many, many times what you were talking about. Matthew 10, um, are not sparrows sold for a penny, uh, yet none of them fall to the ground and die, uh, for your father’s case with outside of your father’s care. And even the very hairs on your head are numbered said, don’t be afraid. You’re worth more than many, many sparrows, you know, simple stuff.

Josh: I didn’t know you had that verse two,

Andrew: you didn’t, but it’s cool. We were on the right track, you know, but, uh, but even that like a bird doesn’t fall down and die without God knowing it and maybe approving it. I don’t know how that works, but he definitely knows it happens. And he says, we’re way more important than them.

And he knows us. Just as well or better than, than those things. So there’s just some security in that. If you start with this idea of understanding that God knows all things, then there’s a lot of security in that. It’s not like God knows some things and other things, your big surprises to them. No there’s surprises to us, but.

Oh, my God, the God I serve already knows all things. He’s going to reveal some things to me in my life. He’s not going to refill other things to me in my life, but he knows it. And, and there’s security in that, you know, whereas yeah, my God doesn’t have a partial view of anything.

Josh: Yeah. And another, and another part of that same kind of the thought pattern there is like, God knows everything about me.

So who knows the thoughts that I’ve had? God both go to bed. God knows the sins that I’ve committed, all that. And God knows the joys of my life. And yet in the midst of the ugliness of my life, God still loves me deeply. I’m like, there’s a piece of security in that as well. It’s like, even though God knows.

For lack of better word shit of my life. Uh, God loves me in the midst of it. Like God’s there. And not only that go back to ever-present God is there with me in the midst of it. Right. Um, walking me in, like walking me through it. So like there’s security in that too of like, yeah. There’s nothing I’m going to do.

That’s going to take away the love of Jesus. There’s nothing I’m going to do. That’s going to take away the sacrifice that Jesus made to restore that relationship. Man.

Andrew: That’s good. So the last thing I had is the, why does it matter question? And you started, you just answered it really well. It matters because if you’re going to believe these audacious things like that, Jesus died for you, uh, knowing your son fully and taking it on himself.

As a sacrifice to God to do the thing we couldn’t do to make amends between God’s perfect law of justice and the injustice of our life, the sin of our lives. If you believe Jesus did that crazy thing, which I believe he did, uh, then yeah. When you start saying, well, God knows all things. God’s. Overall things God’s present in all things, then that stuff, some deeper, meaning, like you just said, God’s present with you in the crap of your life, in the sin of your life.

The things you choose that are against him, he’s still present. He’s still right there. And in his promise of forgiveness through Jesus doesn’t change. It’s not diminished. It’s just strong there as it is when you’re like. Doing your best to follow him, or you’re taking, you’re taking ground for the kingdom.

Like. It’s there all the time. So I think these things maybe matter because they give you the kind of backbone to be able to say like, Oh, these things, aren’t just good, but they’re great. And they’re not just great, but they’re actually better than what I could ever accomplish. Like they’re, they’re above me.

They’re better, better than I deserve yet. I’m still going to try because it’s way more than what I deserve to follow Jesus forgiveness from God, the creator of all things. That’s way more than I deserve, but. I’m going to live my life as best I can to, to try to follow him, to try to make that, uh, to try to make God proud, to try to give him glory, to try to honor him in my life, within in my decisions.

And I’m going to fail, but, but these things are so good and so worth. Shooting towards that. That’s how I’m going to orient my life. So maybe that’s why these big pieces matter. What do you think?

Josh: Yeah. In kind of the typo on our whole conversation is. Like having proper view that God is all powerful. Um, having proper view that God is all present, having proper view that God is all knowing.

Um, I think gives us a lot of different things. And like we talked about earlier, it’s, I’m choosing to believe these are true. So it changes my perspective so I could see them to be true in my life. I’m not going to miss those moments. Um, but it’s going to give you, like you said, it’s going to give you security.

Um, you’re going to have a higher level of confidence inside of this life, um, as is. You’re following a source that has the ability to, to transform a change, almost anything about this life. And also give me great comfort in the midst of hard seasons of this life that he’s not going to change. Yeah. But it’s also going to give me a greater level of faith.

Like when I look at it and say, no, no, no, no. Like I serve the most powerful, uh, Being that has ever existed in any sense of the imagination. Not only that he speaks things into existence. Uh, I serve, uh, uh, a creator that is present, um, all inside of my life and the lives of those around me. Um, I serve a God that is.

The source of all knowledge, uh, wisdom and truth. Um, not only that he knows what’s going to happen, what has happened and why it all plays together. Um, in the midst of that is it gives me a level of confidence in my faith of like, no, no, no, God is going to come through on this because God said this was going to happen.

So I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do as terrifying and as scary as it may be. I know God’s coming through on the other side and that’s going to give me a higher level of faith, like reef free framing or. Or putting God in the proper view is probably better way to say it of who he actually is, has such a drastic impact on our, our relationship, our wellbeing, our emotional state, our healthy state, like all, all aspects of our lives.

Um, You know, kind of STEM from this place of what is my view of God and is it right? And then if I do have a good view of God, I’m going to be in a much healthier and more in a more effective place than I would be. If my view is wrong. Like if I look at it and say, well, God, isn’t around. I don’t see him anywhere.

Well, that’s going to have an impact. If I look at and say, well, God doesn’t know everything. Like he’s, if he did, he’d be doing something about it. He’s not, um, Like that’s going to have an impact. Um, so having those views of this as who got is, and we’ll head even, you know, we’ll keep continuing down this series and hitting more of these views, uh, is choosing to believe that they’re true.

So you’re paying attention to them. Um, and then you see them happen to be true. Um, you see them happening. Because they are true, probably a better way to say it. And then you’re at a greater place of security. You are at a greater place of faith. You’re at a greater place of, uh, of confidence. So you’re at a greater place of understanding and knowledge.

You had a greater place as he, as a follower of Jesus, as a human being, as one in relationship with Jesus, because Jesus moving and speaking into your life because you’re paying attention to them. Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s kinda my thoughts, my friend.

Andrew: That’s so good, man. Thank you, uh, for sharing that.

That’s, that’s awesome. I’m excited for next. Uh, our next discussion. We’re going to talk about the traits of God being sovereign. Holy, absolute, and righteous bear with us. Uh, I certainly am not a theology expert, but I’m trying, and I guess as you think about, um, views of God, if you hear this and you’re like, wow, I really suck at that.

Or I’m good at that. Or I have room for improvement. It’s a journey. I’m not, we’re not talking about these things because we’re always perfect that then we’re talking about them to try to encourage one another, try to encourage you, make you think a little differently. Hopefully in this scenario would give you maybe a more full picture of God to start with.

And then we’re going to keep going down some of these traits so that we can refocus ourselves and maybe learn how to practice this stuff better than we did yesterday, better than we did before. You know, we’re, we’re on this journey together,

Josh: for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And if you have stories of your own experiences in terms of how you made the shift to believe in God is all powerful, present, all knowing or one of the other traits that we hit over the next couple of weeks, like reach out to us and let us know those stories.

We want to hear them. And more importantly, we want to share them with, you know, the other listeners, because as we hear these stories, it gives us confidence in. In in greater faith. Uh, so email That’s kind of, we’ll go, we’ll, we’ll get those messages at that place. Um, and you know, if we think they’re that good of a story that we just need to share it, um, we will share it, but not only that, if we think it’s that good of a story and we need to share it, we might have you on, uh, to share it with us.

We don’t do interviews, but for the sake of seeing God in a healthy way, yeah. I’ll do an interview. That’s right. No doubt about it. Yeah, because that. That’s encouraging. That’s inspiring. That helps all of us, uh, listening, uh, to, to be better followers of Jesus, as we have a better view of who God is in our lives.

But that email address is

Andrew: Thank you, Josh. And Hey listen. If you were still listening to this week. Truly appreciate you. We, Josh has said this almost every week, but we do pray for you. Um, at least before we start each episode, we pray together about this stuff. And sometimes even just in the middle of the week, we do, um, Melissa, if you like this show, uh, we’d love it.

If you hop on whatever platform you’re listening to, uh, whether it be Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify. Anywhere else like us, subscribe to us, rate us, uh, just say nice things, please. Um, sheriff

Josh: greatest, greatest with a five and how awesome we are not one how much we suck.

Andrew: That’s right. That’s right.

But all press is good. If you

Josh: think we suck, just stop listening. You don’t need to review it

Andrew: or tell us why, at least, um, sheriffs to your friends, that would be cool, like sheriffs out on, on your social media.

Josh: If we find that share like you tag us granted, we’re only on Instagram because Facebook just seems like a lot of.

It feels like it’s just a lot of work. We know we could probably get better traction over there, but again, it feels like a lot of work and I just don’t want to put it in the work, but if we do find your share, we do see it. Um, so tag us, uh, I don’t know what our tap handle is on Instagram. It’s like

Andrew: this Jesus life podcast.

Josh: Yeah, I don’t think it’s the whole thing. I think it’s like jesus’ life podcast. Just search for us. You’ll find us, you tag us and we see it. We might send you something. We might send you something just to say a huge thanks for, for sharing some love with us, but Hey, as always, we love you guys. We’re praying for you guys, Andrew.

I’m sorry. Elder. Andrew. I, we didn’t address why I called you that we’ll address that next week. Elder Andrew. It’s good to see you. My friend,

Andrew: young, Josh, normal, Josh. So good to see you. Thanks for talking

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