We can’t wait to meet you.

We want to make visiting church enjoyable. So we thought we’d introduce ourselves first.

Service Time

Let’s get to know each other!

We want to help you find hope and keep it. Learning how to do life with Jesus and others.

Who Are We

Weekly Services

This is Where Hope Lives!


10:30 am


3029 N Hancock Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Join Us for Culture Course

Make new friends and discover the ins and outs of the church: learn our beliefs, experience our vision, and see how we intentionally live out our mission. We host Culture Courses right after service.

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I Said Yes to Jesus

Prayer Request

What are your services like?
Our services are typically just over 1 hour long. They’re friendly, encouraging, and full of hope. We will spend some time singing songs, a teacher will preach, and we’ll take communion. We promise to honor your time. We know it’s valuable!
What will happen when I visit for the first time?

We will ask for your firstborn. Absolutely kidding! We’re normal, fun people that want to meet you. During your visit, you’ll hear about our connect corner. This is your one-stop shop to get a free gift, get questions answered, and get details on the next steps we’ve designed for you.

What do I wear?

We would say we don’t have a dress code, but there was that one time Steve showed up without clothes. So we prefer you wear clothes, but what kind of clothes is completely up to you. Come in what’s comfortable for you!

Where do you meet?

We meet weekly at 3029 N Hancock Ave, 80907. You can get directions to our church home here.

What is the vibe like?

You’re family already. We are Jesus people, not religious people. We serve free coffee. We like a really good conversation. Hugging is optional. We like you the way you are.

Do you have Kids Ministry?

Our Kids Ministry is still in development and we plan to offer a Nursery + Preschool and K-5th. If you want to help, please contact us at hello@hillcity.church.

Ways to Give.
We lead in generosity because Jesus has been so generous to us.
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