This is where
Hope lives.

We live as a city on a hill being a beacon of hope to a world that needs it.

Life is hard and I don’t see it getting better.

We’ve been there. We get it and we think we can help.

Jesus said this life should be full and with hope.



You don’t need to do this life in a state of hopelessness. Jesus hasprovided a full life withgreat people.

New Church,
Jesus Ways

  • Located in Colorado Springs.
  • Communities to help you grow in love.
  • Helping People Find the Hope Found in Jesus.
  • Building a Culture of Unity.

Culture Values

This is how we live as a city on a hill.

We FOCUS on Jesus in everything we do.

We STRUGGLE for one another because unity is our identity.


We LIVE the 
Gospel always because Jesus seeks to save.

We GROW  individually because we want to make an impact.

We LEAD in generosity
because Jesus was so generous to us.

We MULTIPLY ourselves because multiplication starts movements.

We TAKE risks in faith to do what we are called to do.

We CHOOSE hope and joy because life is too hard to not.

You Have a Need
You thought there was going to be more to this Jesus life and it often feels like a burden or that God is distance from you. It isn’t supposed to be this way.
We Can Help
We believe through community we can find the hope Jesus talked about and keep that hope. Community isn’t always easy, but it is necessary and can be life-changing.

Notice Something Missing?

You’re not alone. We don’t have weekend services like a lot of churches. It isn’t because we don’t like them or think they are bad. We just don’t have them yet and it is because we want to make sure our culture is built on relationship and unity where we are growing in our love for Jesus and for others. Services will come soon,
just not yet.