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Episode No. 78

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Matthew 11:28-30. We continue our series about Church Words you’ve probably heard and the meaning behind them.

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Verses – Matthew 25:31-46.
Verses – Matthew 11:25-30.


Josh – I hello hello hello we’re just 2 normal dudes trying to live this jesus life. My name is Josh.

Andrew – Hey I’m Andrew and we are this jesus life podcast Josh how are you doing my friend. What’s up.

Josh – Boom Dude I’m doing Well I can’t complain. It was a busy weekend. Um a project I was trying to finish up and you had other things going on So but other than that.

Andrew – Good. Yeah.

Josh – Yeah, I’m ready to kind of take on the week the abs are playing right now. So if I’m half distracted or I curse or I cheer. That’s why because they’re playing right here on Tv.

Andrew – Don’t ah don’t watch. Don’t watch the abs while we’re doing a podcast come on man that’s I mean that is impressive multi-tasking.

Josh – What.

Andrew – But I know I know what the abs are near and dear to your heart. So I won’t take it personally.

Josh – Yeah I have to watch it I was telling people at work that you know if I’m unavailable during these hours That’s because the hours are playing so you have to wait unless they’re losing it and pull some me off in it then by all means so probably stop watching it.

Andrew – Ah, ah, that’s awesome. Yeah yeah, dude things are good man ah things are good. It’s my birthday.

Josh – Be hard things with you birthday boy.

Josh – Dude 42 looks good on you.

Andrew – Um, 42 32 32 ah 42 and I’m gonna be eyeballed new balances and you know back massages and that type of thing 32 I’m feeling good.

Josh – Oh 32 32

Josh – Dad shorts did add did dad shorts ever come back. A good old Gene shorts. Yeah, they need to if they’re not.

Andrew – I don’t know man I don’t know it was you know I rock the gene shorts occasionally around here in the summer um for outdoor projecting you know, um, totally yes.

Josh – You need like extra baggy ones though they can’t be tight. They can’t used to be pants and then you cut them off. They got to be designed from the beginning to be baggy Jean shorts I used to wear like black jean shorts and white jean shorts because I thought I was tough.

Andrew – Yes, right right? Gene shorts. Yeah. Um, ah, that’s awesome. Yes, ah, that’s so good. Oh man I remember rocking Yup yup.

Josh – Ah, with you know, good old Adida Shirts you know my sophomore year of high school. It did not last long. Thank you Jesus? But yeah, it is interesting. That’s for sure. Yeah, you pull out like your fanny pack and you could woow shirt. You know new balance definitely rocking. I think you can really live into this whole dad life thing.

Andrew – Dude, you’re good I’m trying I’m trying you know? um, no dude I’m good. Life’s good if if people are if you’re listening and you’re thinking why has it been so long since I have heard this jesus life podcast. It’s mainly my fault. Ah, because the work this last week and life this last week has been insanely. Busy. So Josh I love talking to you I love doing this podcast so I wanted to bring it into my birthday. Keep it on my birthday but man life’s been busy. Dude like just demanding. Kind of day in and day out. Not bad, not not anything to worry about are just I don’t know not complaining. It’s just been busy. But yeah man taking it back to sophomore year I think around that time it might have been eighth grade when ah the like. Bang swoop and cargo shorts like if you didn’t have Khaki cargo shorts and you didn’t have a bang swoop that might have been dyed ah blonde that was the cool look you know I never had the bang swoop that was dyed blonde but I did. For a while do the hair gel and bangs. Um, ah straight up you know with my cargo shorts and yoyo in my pocket and I felt like that was all pretty cool because it was pretty cool back in the day that was what’s up.

Josh – Row. I was I was addicted to shoot with the name of that Brand Nadica we had like an outlet store nearby my house I don’t think it was actually that nearby but I would go to it on a very regular basis and buy anything that they had in there. So like.

Andrew – Um, yeah, nays.

Josh – I did the whole cargo shorts and then like polo shirt but with like a different colored undershirt and then fold up your arms and then the visor I did the visor this was like maybe a year and a half before I was like I can’t do this anymore I did and I still like slicked my hair back. So like I would slick my hair back.

Andrew – Nice. You did the visor? No ah.

Andrew – Oh man.

Josh – Put the visor on and then when you took the visor off there was like an indent on my head of like where the visor like pushed against my hair so you were committed to the visor all day because you couldn’t go without it at that point because it was so you know it was so solidified in hair gel. Yeah I should find pictures of those days.

Andrew – Yes, yes, that’s what’s up. Ah, ah. Ah, you really should you really should.

Josh – Didn’t last long like probably halfway through my freshman year and I was like no, we’re gonna go for like this this thug Yo What do they call like a Mexican gangster. There’s an name for it look instead though.

Andrew – I Don’t know.

Josh – Was neither hard nor a gangster so it did not fit my personality but that’s what my friends wore and then all those friends at the time like they all dropped out of high school by the end of your sophomore year because once you turned 16 in Arizona you could quit school and they did so it wasn’t the greatest crew that I hung out with but.

Andrew – Ah.

Andrew – Yes, Wow. Wow right? right? right? The Natica Crew That’s dude. That’s what’s up. Yeah, who knows throwbacks.

Josh – Yeah, it was ah it was an interesting time. That’s for sure.

Andrew – Cargo shorts will be cool again as will the hair swoop. It’s only a matter of time. Yeah yeah, dude bring back the visor man that’s the look. We all need as a visor. It’s functional. It doesn’t make your head hot. You know it’s It’s solid.

Josh – They still are cool I Argue I still work Harder shorts. They might not be cool but I still wear them least in the summertime. The visor What if I still have those visors I should look.

Andrew – I Hope that would be awesome. That’d be totally awesome. Dude we have Well we played something at the beginning of our show that may not be that was not the normal.

Josh – And I have to figure that out.

Andrew – What’s going on with that. Why are we talking about dwell or why do we have dwell going at the beginning of our show. What’s happened.

Josh – Yeah, well, it’s not a it know how to pronoun I don’t know how to say at all. It’s not a sponsorship of the traditions that they’re not giving us any money guys, but they are giving us kickback if you sign up with our our codes. Ah and that’s really it.

Andrew – Right? right? right? right? That’s true. Yeah, that’s true. Ah.

Josh – So it’s just us testing the waters of like hey can we provide you those that listed actual helpful things that we think is helpful and the funny thing with dwell is you I’ve used it in the past and you’re just downloaded it recently before we even knew about you know them reaching out kind of thing. So.

Andrew – Right? right. Ah, yeah, true story.

Josh – It’s definitely worth listen and essentially it’s just getting you into you know the um into God’s words from a vocal standpoint really in a kind of a meditation type stance the way that they read and you know the music that gets played whether and you can turn off the music if you don’t want to listen to it.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – So it’s not like you’re typical if you’ve ever listened to the and Iv version of the audio bible. It’s not that dude so it’s not like they’re they’re better voices that have read passionate people about what they’re reading and it breaks it up in cool ways. So um.

Andrew – Meow. Yes.

Josh – You know they go through the books of the bible and that kind of thing if you want to go that route but they also break it up by topics which I think is super helpful If you’re just listening through a certain thing. Maybe you just want to understand hope from jesus’ perspective better and you know it’s just going to play a bunch of hope versus in passages throughout scripture. But.

Andrew – And that.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Yeah, you can you can sign up using our our link if you go to this we’ll get that up and running by the time this podcast goes live because if an goes to right now I don’t know where it goes probably our 4 or 4 page on the website because that doesn’t actually exist yet but they’d be the best place they. Pretty reasonable plans for what they’re offering. Definitely worth checking out if um, you’re someone that needs just listen the bible because you know Tom sometimes you’re slammed and busy and you got to spend time with Jesus maybe in the shower and it’s really hard to to read Jesus you in the shower so you listen to Jesus in the shower like Andrew.

Andrew – That’s right.

Josh – And then right before you get out of the shower you you take that you know 15 minutes of cold shower to wake up for the day which we’re still not doing that.

Andrew – It’s true turn it all the way down to cold 15 minutes no ten 10 to 30 seconds and you’re good. You’re good. But yeah, if you like if you like audio which you probably do if you’re listening to this. Go and check out dwell and let us let them know we sent you if you do, but um, yeah man I’m still doing the cold shower. However I’m not doing it on weekends and this this last weekend I felt like I was cheating the system because I took an extra shower. Since I did I got a ah haircut I did an extra shower after that I’m like you know it’s my birthday tomorrow I love the cold shower effect. But I’m gonna go ahead and skip tonight so I did and now I know my next shower is gonna be extra cold. So looking forward to that I still want to get you on the bandwagon man I don’t know if you’re ever going to do it but you should.

Josh – See that’s.

Josh – No I would not but that’s the part I don’t that’s part I don’t understand is like you do it like oh this is amazing I love this. But when it’s your time to celebrate something you choose not to do it. Like if you really loved it. I would feel feel like you’d want to do it when you’re celebrating so I would say you just I think I think deep down Andrew I feel like you’re punishing yourself in some way and that’s where this is coming from and maybe we should talk about this in a little bit more detail like what’s what’s going on at Andrew’s heart in life.

Andrew – Right? right? right? ah. Yeah.

Andrew – Ah, right, right? right? Who knows man but it feels it makes me feel good and you should do the cold shower at the end too. You won’t regret it. You might regret it in the moment but ah.

Josh – That is causing you to to want to do this kind of crazy stuff to yourself.

Andrew – But you won’t regret it all around. It’s solid it’s solid dude um I know we have a semi ah hard or I have a hard stop at the top of the hour um so we should dive in. Um and I don’t know if you had a setup in mind of how to talk about this.

Josh – Who know.

Andrew – Like or how to start the conversation. Let me know. Um so I’ll just meander in this conversation for a second all right? So this was this is one of my favorite things that Jesus said I don’t know if it’s my top favorite or what but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot of times. So. I don’t have a ton of like super fully formed thoughts around it. But I’m excited for this discussion. Um, today we’re going through and this is out of Matthew where where it says this Matthew 1128 through 30 says come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I’m gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light and that last piece my yoke is easy and my burdens is light. That’s the stuff. That’s the thing that you might have heard christians say. Where you’re like what are they talking about what is this? you know that’s the piece is my yolk is easy and my burden is light but dude I like the I like the invitation by Jesus I like the recognition that a lot of people a lot of us. Are weary and heavy burdened and we need a place to find rest that that Jesus offers and I like the invitation of like come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I’ll give you rest you know and here’s how so I don’t know man what? Ah what are your first thoughts around that. Like this idea of my yoke is easy when my burden is light. Um, where does that take you in your mind.

Josh – Um I think um I would assume for a lot of christians when they think about um, being a christian and trying to live this christian life. Um. Light burden is not how they would describe it I think for most people I think they sorry just got distracted that there was an av cheering off on my on my Tv and I was like oh we scored and it was just an ad.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah.

Josh – Um, doing it. We’re not playing well right now? Um, but I think I think for a lot of people christianity feels hard when we try to live it from a perspective of like here’s the here’s the things we’re supposed to do here’s things. We’re not supposed to do I Never live up to the standard of what we’re supposed to do and there’s a.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Burden that that comes along with that and um I think there’s also a high level of of faking yourself. Um you putting up a facade of what you think a good Christian looks like and you know faking anything is exhausting like it. It takes a lot out of you to keep faking stuff. Um, so I think there’s.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – There’s something ah with that that’s at play as well. Um, so when when they hear Jesus say things like this. Ah I don’t know I’d be curious what runs through their head like is it like now that’s a lie like that’s just not true or they respond with like.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Maybe that’s true for some people but I’m not a good enough Christian so it’s not true of me or like ah it’s probably ah, a gamut or so you know spectrum on where they land on that kind of stuff. But yeah I don’t think most christians today feel like.

Andrew – Are.

Josh – Their christianity is is light and Burden free or is easy and burden free. But I think it can be.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, ah yeah, that was gonna be that was gonna be my first question but you already spoke to it I was gonna be like is it light and burden free. You know is it would would we describe it that way. Why do you think most people feel like it’s.

Josh – Them.

Andrew – Kind of the opposite because I I kind of think you’re right man that most of the time people are like I got to show up how many times a week and sing what songs and do what with my time and my money and my things and I got to stop saying what and start saying what like I don’t know.

Josh – And I have to cover and have to cover up my beer when I’m checking out so you know Sally from church doesn’t steam me. Yeah, um I think it’s hard as.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, that’s right, yeah man, What? yeah, what makes you think people feel heavy about it. Yeah yeah.

Josh – Yeah, and I think we’ve talked about this before but like I think it’s difficult because people are trying to do it on their own right? Like Jesus said you know my bird in this light. Um, like I think we get into trouble when.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – 1 we take the sanification process on orself. So it’s becoming more like Jesus taking on the characteristics of the fruits of the spirit. Um, like when we try to white knuckle those things into existence or create the facade that they are in existence even though they’re not um, you know from a character standpoint. They’re not. Like I think there’s that piece of it that that yeah it’s it’s exhausting. Yeah that’s that’s hard. Um, and you know on the other side is too is like it’s not that your relationship with Jesus doesn’t work. It is um but it should be easy work. It should be light work as you walk with Jesus like.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Um, as you take on difficult things or difficult tasks as Jesus tells you take on whether it’s like dealing with crap of your past or accomplishing a dream or ah, a passion that got placed on you like there’s hard work everywhere. But it’s it’s different kind of hard work like you get into the old you know the jewish people and the old customs with. You know the people that Jesus is talking to in this moment and like the try to remember the word pray have to look this up. Let me pull it up. Um, the word easy like his yoke is easy. It has a meaning.

Andrew – Ah, hope.

Josh – All words at meetings. But um, let’s see where is it? Ah sorry this what happens when you kind of quickly so him through commentaries. Ah so the greek word meeting is well fitting. Like and this this yoke that is being used as an illustration here like this is like a oxen yokelk like this is what would be put on the oxen to help pull and um, typically when you’re training up a new young oxen. It would be put with an old wiser stronger oxen. But ah, the word. Well fitting is like.

Andrew – Um, yes, yes.

Andrew – Right.

Josh – The yoke that’s been put around him is like it’s just perfect perfectly built for them like it’s designed to handle or they can handle from a strength push through standpoint and then it’s designed to take on the relief of everything else right? and I think that’s that’s what our relationship with Jesus is designed to do and he’s in control of the relationship.

Andrew – Here.

Josh – Um, we’ve given up that control and we’ve sacrificed that control. So so Jesus and control that relationship like when we’re trying to foster relationship with Jesus and big things. Hard things extremely difficult things hit us in life like 1 hopefully jesus done the work. Urge say hopefully we foster relationship enough with Jesus that he’s done the work to prepare us for that thing because Jesus knew it was coming and there’s work that had to be done to get you ready for whatever that was that was coming but also in the midst of it like there’s a piece. There’s a patience in the midst of it because of our relationship Jesus we’re able to. To kind of lay our burdens on on Christ himself to help him carry those things so it’s not like hard times. It’s not like when when we’re fostering relationship with Jesus well that we’re we’re in this’ like ha moment and like nothing can bother us. We don’t to work. We’re is kind of laissez faire about everything.

Andrew – A.

Andrew – Um, right? who.

Josh – It’s not that like there’s work involved building relationship with anybody. There’s work involved like it takes intentionality. It takes time it takes you putting in the the vulnerability and the the work. Um, but in the midst of that man things get easier like I was having conversation with my brother earlier today and we were just talking about a lot of similar things.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – And one of the things we start talking about is like you know this whole idea of sin and like us conquering sin in our lives. Sin’s destructive. It’s ugly. It’s gross, but you could probably have like 5 or 6 sins going on right now in your life. You know on a rotation of whatever they are whether it’s anger or gluttony or you. You name it lust um that man when you were walking with Jesus well in like fostering a Jesus well and we could talk about what it means it really actually foster relationship Jesus but like we’re doing those things. Well yeah, that stuff those temptation actually become a lot easier. They they feel a lot lighter. Um. You know when I when I fail into those things and you know I blow my top for something stupid like it’s not I don’t feel the same level of shame I feel guilt but like I know Jesus loves me and I know that his grace is sufficient I’m able to turn and ask for forgiveness and you know we talk about and move on like that’s the beauty of what we get.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – You know in our relationship with Jesus so I think if if if you’re feeling like it’s not this the statement’s not true that his yoke isn’t easy and his burden isn’t light. Um I would simply say you’re doing it wrong.

Andrew – You’re doing it wrong. Um, and let me say I think you’re right in that for sure man. Um I think you’re totally right? but you might be doing. You’re probably doing it wrong something wrong? um.

Josh – You’re doing wrong. Okay.

Josh – So.

Andrew – And then it probably is also coming into like your expectations being off or your measures of success being wrong. You know we Josh and I are both in like business ah business type jobs you know. And there’s all this stuff around data and if you want to if you want to sound especially smart in a workshop or ah, a meeting. You could say what are the kpis we’re measuring this with you know what are those key performance. Indicators. Um, you can throw out stuff like that. And people are like wow this guy like really knows this stuff like but um I don’t know why I said that oh I do the key performance. Indicators. You know, not that I actually like that that phrase or acronym, especially when it’s related to spiritual life. But. Man like if you’re if you’re walking through trying to follow Christ as best as you can trying to follow in the way that that Christ walked um, trying to live this jesus life out and you’re feeling heavily burdened and and worn down by it. And you might be overly religious. Um, you might be measuring things that are like ticking the boxes like there’s a temptation when you first start following Christ to be like okay I’m going to change eighty things in my life today like. Just decided I’m following Christ I accepted him? Um I want to walk in this way. So now I have to change these eighty things that I know are wrong and when you try to do that. It’s like you might succeed in changing some of them for the short term. But if you’re trying to do it on your own power and through your own checklist. Of success or failure then ah, it’s not going to last that long and you’re probably going to feel super burdened by it. Um, whereas when you’re walking with Christ when you’re you’re following in the way that you walked man these the things that you need to focus on most slowly kind of arise. And there’s 1 or 2 in my experience at least there’s usually 1 or 2 things at a time that christ that that the lord is working on me or in me on and and the keys success key performance indicators. You know I don’t even know what they’d be called in that it’s it’s just. Am I being obedient to the things that god keeps putting and in front of me to to follow you know and to change and to be be humble enough to allow god to change in me, you know it becomes like.

Andrew – Am I going to change these things or am I just going to be open and accepting. Yeah to how god wants to change me, you know because that that feels a lot lighter It’s heavier in some sense because it’s like I’m kind of powerless in this situation I’m not powerless. But. Man it’s more god than it is me when when I’m becoming more like Christ whereas before it’s like I have this checklist of 15 things that if I if any one of them is wrong I’m going to feel really bad about my christianity. It’s like no like. Slowly be submitted to the will of god through through the things we’ve spent a lot of time talking about like spending time with god praying and have an honest conversation with him. Um, finding real community finding somebody who can challenge you who loves who loves the lord and loves you in that order um like these are things we’ve spent a lot of time talking through and when you so when you lean into them intentionally and kind of slowly it becomes light and it becomes. Something where you can celebrate ways that god has has worked in your life and changed you but it doesn’t become something that is a huge checklist of like today to be a good christian I have to do these 10 things man. That’s that’s religion and that kind of masque grades as. As relationship, but it’s not and you might have relationship with god and still have a lot of religious stuff in your life I probably do too. Um I’m not saying all of that is is the worst thing in the world. But when you you know if your burden feels super heavy. It’s probably because you’re putting yourself into pretty intense religious mode rather than relationship mode. Um, and I think yeah I think that’s a key is like do I have a checklist I’m trying to do perfectly where if 1 fails I feel bad or am I just allowing myself to submit to what god. Has for me in this season in my life and leaning into those things rather than trying to conquer the world with it 1 checklist at a time.

Josh – Yeah, yeah, because you have to remember like we were talking about this last night. Um like the the pharisees that that Jesus publicly rebuked. The only people grouped up but Jesus public rebuked in his ministry here on earth like they did all the right things.

Andrew – Yeah, oh.

Josh – Like their behavior was right from the outside looking in they they they you know? Um, what’s the word they observed all all the laws. Um, they they did all the right things? Um, but yet Jesus you know.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – Rebukes them because on the inside there. There was no relationship. He doesn’t he didn’t know them. You know he says that in Matthew I remember Matthew 11 or like a way from me you you will do is if I never knew you but the verses that kind of came to mind is Matthew 25 and this is towards the end of this is the end of 25 um

Andrew – Right.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – It says this is Jesus talking. Ah, he’s in the process of telling a bunch of parables tells like the 10 virgins parable the the parable of the bags a coin and then he gets to this kind of statement and parable. He says you know when the son of man comes in all his glory. And all the angels with him. He will sit down in his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before him and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates sheep from the goats he will put all the sheep on the right and all the goats on the left then the king will say to those on his right? ah. Come to me I ah sorry I was gonna skip ahead. But I’ll just keep I’ll just keep reading. He says come you who are blesssed for my father and take your inheritance the king prepared for you since the.

Andrew – Good and faithful servants. Yeah.

Josh – Creation of the world for I was hungry and he gave me something to eat I was thirsty and he gave me something to drink I was a stranger and you invitedd me in a clothes cloth me I was sick and in prison you need and you you came to visit me and then to the righteous he will answer the rights will ancient Lord will anybody see you hungry and sick and prison and. Doing strain doing all these things and I’m sorry after just got scored on um the King will reply I tell you whatever you do for at least of these brothers of Mine. You’re done for me and then you will say to those on the left. Um, so. Um, sorry these verses aren’t adding up to what I thought we’ll cut this part Out. Um I need to I need to turn this game off. It’s very distracting. Ah it will cut here.

Andrew – It’s way too distracting for you. Ah.

Josh – We’ll start that over. Um, yeah I think what you’re saying is is is great like you were talking last night like the the pharisees did all the right things like on the outside you know, looking in like they they observed all the laws. They they lived a life as as they were commanded to live from. From the outside like they they look good but yet here’s the 1 people group that Jesus publicly rebuked because on the inside they were you know as you said dead dead man’s bones like I think there’s gonna be times you know revelation speaks to this too like there’s gonna be times that um, you’re gonna are sorry not times but a time that people will stand before judgment. Um, and you know they will say god look at all these things that I did for you I did all of these things and I served in all these different ways and the lord’s going to say you know away from me I never knew you because the relationship piece was never there like you can do all the right things and never. Build relationship with Jesus and Jesus like the point of all this is to foster relationship with Jesus like you know this is this is James’ ‘ point in the book of James like yeah there should be works to what you do, but it should be come. It should come from a ah pouring out of what Jesus already done inside of you like you know.

Andrew – So yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – There’s there’s probably struggles in a lot of people’s lives that feel overwhelming feel like they’re never going to conquer them that they’re never going to overcome these things and the reality is right now where you’re at yeah, you’re probably not but as you foster relationship with Jesus as you actually dig into real relation when we say fo relationship disease we’re not talking about like. You open your bible. Sometimes you read some verses and you say some quick prayers like you have ah you have a formula of prayer and you you work through that or you work through soap I’m not saying these things are bad but I am saying you can do these things without relationship and that’s the great and that’s the scary part of it all right? like they should be fostering.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Conversation with Jesus right? Relationship is a relationship whether they’re building relationship with people or building relationship with Jesus. They plays you by the same rules. So how do you build relationship. You have to spend time with that person like you’re not going to build a relationship when you don’t know anything about that person. You’re not spending any time with it. You can you can build a facade of relationship like you know, somebody. If you read all their Facebook posts and Instagram posts but it doesn’t mean you actually know that person that person doesn’t actually know you. There’s a distinction. Ah like you have to give trust if you’re going to build relationship with somebody. You have to be you have to choose to be vulnerable and honest, right? like you know those relationships are a life when they know you like.

Andrew – Brett.

Josh – They know you the inside and out. Um the ugly and and the good and yet they love you and value you anyways like those are the relationships we all want but most of our relationships live at this really surface level. We don’t talk about real things. We have fun together but like sure they probably have our back if if you know crap hits the fan but in all reality.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Like if if it’s too much for them then they’re out. There’s they’re gonna they’re gonna ghost you and they’re not gonna respond back to that text messageage right? Like there’s that piece of this too like we’re not talking about that kind of thing. So like you have to give vulnerability for vulnerability to be exist like to exist. It’s the same thing with Jesus like if you’re not.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – You’re not trying to dig into the darkest ugliest places of your heart. You’re not trying to dig into um the most you know those feelings that feel the most vulnerable then you’re not fostering relationship with Jesus like giving something we were talking about to this last night too. Like yeah, you’ve heard this saying like laid just laid at the feet of Jesus just laid at the cross. Write it on that piece of paper and nail it to the cross. Um, which reminded me of the meme that was going around for a while I think I shared this on the podcast I think I shared it with you Andrew if it wasn’t on the podcast but ah someone someone posted you know? Ah Let’s go back to our old youth ministry days has anyone tried writing covid on a piece of paper and nailing it to the cross yet.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – Um.

Andrew – It’s right? That’s right too funny.

Josh – Ah, think that’s that’s funny. Um, but like it’s but it’s like this thing of like you know we we spend like 30 seconds in prayer like Jesus this is what’s going on I just give it to you right now and even like you know, put your hands out like you’re you know you’re laying it down at Jesus’s feet that’s not laying it at Jesus cross. It’s not doing it. You’re just talking.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – Um, sure prayer is helpful but like what the real prayer feels like is here Jesus this is what’s going on. Um I know I have to give this to you but I’m worried about it. Um god here’s the fears that that keep coming up about it like here’s what I’m worried may happen if I do this or don’t do this? Whatever whatever it happens to be like.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – God Here’s what I think people are going to think about me. Um, here’s like walk through it all try to you know at least identify the emotions that you’re feeling the best that you can identify and like for me, not great at identifying emotions I’m getting better but I’m not fantastic at it but like identify those things and talk about those things it takes time but man when you do that.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – Man it’s so much different laying things at Jesus Feet then you’re like blown away that you forgot about it and you’re like oh that’s oh yeah, that’s that’s thing Jesus that’s right Jesus was doing that I forgot about I forgot that was going on even and you’re shocked by how you’re responding to it because I I took the time to actually give it to Jesus to let it all out.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – That’s the big thing. Yeah.

Josh – Um, and just lay it before him foster relationship. That’s what it takes it takes us being completely vulnerable and getting more and more vulnerable just like we would with with a human being. We’re doing the same thing with with God himself like you know in fostering that that type of relationship.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – And when we start to do those things you start to have these conversations with Jesus like versus start to look different ways that that that poke you to kind of talk about other things and you know you feel Jesus pressing things on your heart about certain stuff that you know he wants to talk about or deal with or it’s a specific action of like hey. Ah. Today when you’re in this meeting with so-and-s so I want you to be as fully present with that person as you possibly be make sure that they know that they’re seen. Okay I can do that right? and it’s these little things that start to build up so when yeah life gets hard and it will um you’re you’re able to walk through it like you know Jesus Yoke is easy and his burden is light.

Andrew – Um, yeah, yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Um, because you know you’ve trained and god has changed the things inside of you to get you to those places like that’s a big win but it takes time and it takes energy like you know you think of shoot. Let’s use an easy 1 think of your spouse as an example, how long has it taken you to feel like.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – You’re really known by them and they’re really known by you. It didn’t happen overnight. Maybe you fell in love overnight. But like that that level of relationship did not happen overnight and that’s your most intimate relationship here on Earth right? like there’s that piece of this too like it takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight but man when we’re able to sit in those things.

Andrew – No. Right.

Josh – Like something for me that I’ve recently realized that that maybe helpfuld some so I don’t journal in the in the traditional sense of journal like I don’t write like this is what I did today I not saying that’s bad even though I use that voice but I just don’t do it? Ah but I do journal in a sense when I’m I’m writing you know when I’m reading god’s word and and spending time with Jesus in the morning. And it. It’s more like a conversation. So it’s like writing out prayers or questions or things that just you know versus that hit me a certain way I want to comment on those things. Um the thing I started doing recently is going back and reading those notes and I can tell if like am I being vulnerable and honest.

Andrew – Um, yeah, yeah.

Josh – Like am I trying to let it out or is this more transactional am I just trying to get the task done and here’s like some cool ideas from a from a head knowledge standpoint that you know, kind of pierced my my interests and I wrote these things down or am I getting into real conversation with Jesus and riding them in those places. Like it’s for me, it’s a great barometer to be able to go back I’m like no I’m not I’m not actually fostering relationship Jesus I’m just I’m completing to some tasks I know I’m supposed to do and sure not every time you spend time with Jesus is gonna be like this. Ah you know god moment but a lot of them are like or maybe you don’t even realize how.

Andrew – Right? yeah.

Josh – God moment of it is in the moment but you know a month goes by and you go back like oh this is where Jesus started to shift some things about how I viewed this specific thing or how I viewed this idea or I viewed this person. You know he you know started to to point out how I wasn’t valuing as I should be valuing. Ah, the people that I come in contact with like there’s there’s those kinds of things that are at play that only happen when I start to foster relationship Jesus but that’s what makes the burden feel light and that’s what makes the things that are really difficult feel a lot less difficult because I’m actually foster relationshipy and he’s doing the work so when those things show up.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah.

Josh – Um, they don’t feel as overwhelming or when you know it’s a sin that you know you now have to deal with um, it doesn’t feel as overwhelming because Jesus proved himself over and over again. He’s walking right alongside you like the big old ox that’s like dude I got this let me show you how it’s done. You know, put on this yoke. It feels good.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah. Right? right? yeah.

Josh – And then you know the things that he’s put on you to accomplish her are are not as as overwhelming, but let me get off my soapbox Andrew that was a long rant.

Andrew – Dude that was a beautiful rant and a great soapbox I’m glad you got on it. Um, and and I’m only sad I got I got to run in 8 minutes but I wanted to just add like the like I know you and I don’t have ox or oxen. You know we’re not in in that level of farming business. No oxen I have some chickens I got some chickens but no oxen. Um, but I’m sure there’s Mennonites around me that do but ah but like the think about it like for most of us going on a walk is not.

Josh – You don’t have any oxen that is shocking to me dude.

Andrew – Ah, heavy burden for the oxen the one like the the leadocks that’s training up the young one like it’s a burden because normally he would have somebody another ox walking beside him helping pull heavy farm equipment plow fields do all those things but Jesus in this verse is saying.

Josh – Um, yeah.

Andrew – I’m like the big oxen I’m like the one who’s who’s leading the way in teaching you um your job is basically just to keep take a walk beside me, you know, like just follow, just try to do what I’m doing just try to follow along with where I’m going. Um, you’ll you’ll learn by watching you’ll learn by being Present. You’ll learn by taking some time to to walk with me and and that’s the beauty where that’s not a burden that’s an opportunity. It’s like I have a lot to learn I have time to learn and I have a good teacher. To teach me, you know versus have a huge checklist I have people I need to impress I have metrics or Kpis I need to Hit. It’s like no man like you have time to Learn. You’ve got a good teacher. And if you just watch the way that he walks the way that he does stuff and you try to emulate that and you try to listen for those moments when you when you get the little feedback the teacher saying hey actually turn left like don’t don’t turn right? You’re you’re digging your heel in when you shouldn’t be. You’re doing this thing when you shouldn’t be like.

Josh – Button.

Josh – Um.

Andrew – Those gentle nudges are what lead to the the major transformation you know and there’s a lot of those moments day in and day out like you were just saying the practical stuff um of journaling of of praying of spending time with the lord listening to scripture reading scripture doing all that.

Josh – No you.

Andrew – Those those daily habits that help a lot along the way. But but our job is to walk in the way the teacher’s walking and the teacher being Jesus um, and try to try to emulate it. You know it’s like that’s a light burden but it’s ah it’s a big opportunity. You know. Um, versus that like checklist mentality of I just want to do all these things so I keep my head above water. You know? Um, yeah man I just wanted to call that out I know ah not a lot of us are ox farmers or farmers who use oxes oxen. But it’s a cool analogy of where the yolk comes from because they strap it around so they can carry heavy things and they can do big things for farmers. Um, and for others. So anyway, man that’s my that’s my closing thought is like it’s an opportunity to walk with a good teacher. It’s an opportunity to learn.

Josh – Me.

Andrew – Slowly to learn well and learn from the best teacher in Jesus, it’s we get bogged down by our own expectations. We get bogged down by looking around and comparing to other people you know comparisons the thief of joy I forget who said that it’s not in the bible. But. Pretty ding dang true concept. Um, so yeah, man, it’s usually us who puts the heavy burden on ourselves. Not Jesus it’s it’s the other way around. So yeah, man, it’s solid stuff in your soapbox gray day.

Josh – Yeah, and we and and often I think oftentimes too is like you know, taking on what you just said like now I lost my thought sorry I was trying to look up comparison this. Is the thief of Joy. Ah I wanted to know where it comes from. Um.

Andrew – Um, I’ll find it and send it to you? yeah.

Josh – Because there’s a good chance that I’ve ah at tributed that to the proverb so be curious to know where it really came from. Um, yeah like I think too like with man with um. Like there’s gonna be things that Jesus going to call you to that if he told you exactly what that looked like now it’d be so overwhelming because you’re just not prepared or ready for it yet like that work hasn’t been done in your heart to get you there? Um, and it’s the same thing I think with struggles that are gonna they’re going to hit you soon like. Jesus knows it’s going to happen in your life. He knows how it’s going to play out and those things are going to happen like there’s probably a point on the timetable that they’re already set out to happen whether you’re ready for it or not and I think oftentimes like we’re just not ready for it because we didn’t do the work of foster relationship Jesus so he could prepare us for it. Like we’ve just kind of gone through this life. You know here and there and like just let it be and I just oh I don’t have time to to spend time with Jesus today or like you know I know I’m supposed to do it and I tell people that I do it. But in all reality like I don’t know last time I’ve actually talked to Jesus that was like other than you know praying at my meals kind of thing. And then you hit those things and everything seems to be falling apart and then you’re like Jesus where are you like why? Why aren’t you helping me in this moment. You said that your burden was light. You said that you’re going to be with me always and you’re not doing any of those things right now and he’s like dude I’ve been trying to be with you for the last six months been trying to be with you for the last year to get you ready for this thing but you chose not to walk with me like I don’t know what you want me to do right like in I think too like I think things get so overwhelming because there’s like there’s like 5000 things I have to do and we’ve talked about this idea before like just take the right next step. Like Jesus is gonna give you the right next step. It’s not going to feel I would say this. It’s not going to feel as overwhelming as you think it probably would feel if it just hit you because he got you ready with small steps to get you ready for the bigger steps like the right next step is like it’s all these small things and then they gradually get bigger and bigger. You know Jesus says that. Those you know those that he trusts with little you know he gives more It’s that idea like you’re building up for something bigger and greater. Um, you’re building up to be able to accomplish more and be more fruitful in in what you’re doing for the kingdom you’re designed to be more and more loving caring patient. Um all the fruits of the spirit. Um, you know, but that takes you to go back to the beginning of fossil relationship with Jesus um, so he can do that work and let you you know teach you to take the right next step whatever small step that may be to get you ready for the big stuff. It’s like if you’re in these places of like I’m not saying like given these places you’re screwed sorry buddy tough out of luck.

Josh – No jesus a loving caring shows grace and mercy but that should be a freaking flag going off in your head a siren and lights blaring of you that that’s that’s jumping back to um I got to get back to spending time with Jesus got to get to spending time with Jesus for the first time. And keep it simple like don’t get overwhelmed with any of those things and I know Andrew you got to run we’re hitting right at that Mark I think you disappeared on me and you’re already in your meeting but I love you brother as always It’s good to see you my friend and those listen I hopefully this was helpful to you.

Andrew – I Love you bro.

Andrew – Good to see you my friend? yeah.

Josh – Um, thanks for listening. But yeah, we’ll we’ll give you this last thought spend time with Jesus I don’t how many times we can say it and if it doesn’t feel like you’re exposing yourself doesn’t feel like you’re opening up and it feels uncomfortable. You’re not doing it right? So go deeper with them. Talk about the hard things. You don’t want to talk about man. Gonna be a difference maker for you. But thanks for listening Andrew as always good to see you.

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