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This is where hope lives.
We are a community of followers of Jesus that live as a city of hope on the top of a mountain for all to see. We see too much hopelessness in our world today and we believe Jesus is the solution to that problem. We strive every day as individuals and as a community to live Jesus’ Gospel of Hope.
We Are Hill City

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Connect with Hill City and discover the ins and outs of the church, learn our beliefs, experience our vision, and see how we intentionally live out our mission.
Culture Values
This is how we live as a city on a hill, a beacon of hope.


The Gospel of Jesus will always be at the heart of everything we do and that good news inspires the hope that we carry into the world.


We believe hope is found in relationship with Jesus. This hope inspires and shapes how we build relationships with others.


We fight for relationships because of our unity found in Christ.


This Jesus life is about growth, and we understand that Jesus leads that growth as we foster relationship with Him.


We choose to see the potential in others, just as Jesus does. People should be seen, valued, and pursued.


We seek to intentionally teach others how to know and follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and be on mission with Jesus.

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Our leaders pray for our community multiple times a week and we would love a chance to pray for you.
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