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The Hidden Treasure
Episode No. 44

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” We have the greatest gift ever given! Our response should be great joy and hope, if that isn’t where you are right now take a listen to find that joy and hope.

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Verses – Matthew 13:44-46.
Verses – Philippians 3:7–9.


Andrew: The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in the field. This is episode 44, the hidden treasures.

Josh: Hello. Hello. We’re just two normal dudes trying to live this Jesus’ life. My name is Josh.

Andrew: Hey, I’m Andrew. And we are this Jesus life podcast. Josh we’re back, 

Josh: dude, take two of our intro and I’ll just say, take one was fantastic. We start from the fire and take one, hit the record button again. 

Andrew: It was dude, it was probably top five takes I’ve ever heard of our podcast and nobody will ever hear it.

Josh: Like both in a mood, like there’s something to it right now. And yeah, we talked for like 10 minutes and then I was like, ah, the numbers

Andrew: that’s better than us. Like what a week and a half, two weeks ago, when we did this whole thing, it was the only year. It was the only year audio. That got recorded online. I had like 40 seconds of mine. And, uh, so it was just, 

Josh: hello, Andrew. Let’s just release it. Just see what happens. 

Andrew: Yeah. And we did, and actually we got a lot of feedback that it was much better.

So this is your solo podcast now enjoy. It’s not even the 

Josh: solo part. It’s the, it’s the dead air that they really enjoyed, where I just sat there and listened to you. 

Andrew: When it really went on like a tear for like two minutes and then they forgot the podcast was on. Then you just jump in with some feedback.

Josh: Yep. How you doing over here? This jeez, I’m doing well, dude, other than, you know, there’s snow again. Right. So it’s not a big deal, but you know, the fact that it was 65, 70 degrees all weekend, right. And then Monday rolls around and they. Dump us with snow 

Andrew: brutal thing with Colorado. It’s just like beautiful for days.

And then it’s like horrible weather, whether it’s snow or storms or cold or hot or whatever. And then, you know, a week later it’s like everybody acts normal again. Um, it’s just up and down so quick. 

Josh: You might name be a week. It might be 20. You know, 24 hours later, it’s back to 70 degrees, Colorado, bipolar weather, but whatever it’s called.

And I spent the weekend flying my drone and I got my drone to 70 miles an hour, which I’ll be honest with you in the goggles. Doesn’t seem that fast, but I was flying it around. Uh, before my battery died, my last battery died, uh, without the goggles on. And that thing hauls, I bet 70 miles an hour, it looks really fast looking from the drone’s 

Andrew: perspective.

Now, do you think, if you say you were like really in the zone and you had the first person goggles on and you flew that thing, like straight into you, how bad would you be hurt at 70. 

Josh: I did prosecute me. I would assume you probably have like a breeze, cause like it’s moving. It’s those blades, man. Those blades are moving when you like, even when you just hear it, you’re like, Holy crap.

That sounds like a saw. Yeah. I don’t know. You have to constantly like check back to where you’re at. Cause like you’re, I’m by myself. It’s just me and Jack. Uh, so I’m checking where my dog is and to making sure no one’s walked up on me while I’ve been in these goggles. Um, so like constantly turning the drone back to like look at you to make sure like, no one’s like snuck up on you.

Good. I’m about to cut you and steal my drone. Yeah, that’s fair. 

Andrew: If, but if someone was sneaking up on you and you wanted to play cool and stop them, you could bring your drone back at 70 miles an hour. I use it as a defense drone. Just hit them randomly. 

Josh: That’s a good idea. Well, and probably the missiles that are installed underneath, it probably would help too.

I don’t even think about that. Dude you got options. I could defend myself. Didn’t even know you’ve got some great 

Andrew: ops. Hey, I have a good update that I wanted to share with you, but well, you know, Josh, but with the people that listen, thanks for listening, by the way. The people, but, um, before we jump into the parable of the hidden treasures, um, or the analogy of the hidden treasures, I don’t know.

We’ll see. Um, man, as you know, Josh, I’ve been walking through, I haven’t talked about this a ton on the podcast, um, or really at all that I know of, but man, Long story short, my job was going to be eliminated, uh, in early April. And that was because of kind of a large marketing reorganization. Um, a lot of people were in this boat, but.

I sit here today, having gone through applying and interviewing and all of that for a brand new position at the same nonprofit I work at and having accepted the job. So starting April 5th, I actually have a job I’m really excited about. That’s like, It can be more responsibility, a promotion and something that I’m just really excited about.

So I don’t know. Uh, I’ve been. Through this whole process, been thinking back to the year of the chicken. Often, you know, about that whole lesson of God is faithful to us and God is good to us. Um, even when times are difficult and it’s been crazy, man, the last in the last two and a half months ahead, I found out my job was going away in April.

Then the next day, uh, we welcomed our daughter to the world, Charlotte. Um, yeah, it was 24 hours. And, um, and then just been walking through all of that with like, you know, applying, praying, interviewing, praying a lot more stressing out interviewing. And finally, you know, like standing here, um, just a couple days and having this job secure and, uh, Dude, it’s been a wild ride, but God has been faithful through it all.

And even though I’ve been stressed out at different points, you know, God’s given me like a lot of peace through this process that I don’t think I would have if I didn’t have a relationship with the Lord, you know, like it’s been, it’s been cool. It’s been hard, but it’s been good. I’ve seen God show up many times.


Josh: so what, uh, what were your conversations with God-like through all that. Oh, man. You to 

Andrew: those listening? Yeah, well like one, so one night this was maybe like week and a half ago when I knew I had a final interview, actually it was the night before my last interview, before the final, super intimidating panel interview.

But as for a job I really wanted and. I was up like late, I couldn’t couldn’t fall asleep quickly and went to use the bathroom and was just like in the bathroom, um, before going back into the bed and was just talking like, man having one of those real honest conversations with God of like, Dude. Here’s why I want this job.

Here’s, here’s why, here’s why this is clearly my will and why? I think this would be good. And honestly been like, God, if this is in your permissive will please let it be a yes. If it’s not in your will, please make that. Extremely clear because I want to live in your will. I want to do the things that, that you want me to do, but just laying it out there.

Like this is my will. If it can be yours, please make it. And if not, then please bring about something else quickly. And at the same time being like, okay, I know you didn’t give me this, this amazing family, these little girls to provide for, um, to not provide for them. Like you’re going to do that. And, and I know that that might look like me through a job, but I know it’s going to be.

Given by you. So please let this be the solution, you know, not, not necessarily begging, but just like real honest. Here’s why I want this. Here’s why this would be awesome. I’m not trying to convince God, just having that honest discussion. Like if it was, if it was you and me talking, you know, same idea, Josh only, you know, God has infinite power and you don’t.


Josh: but I think I do sometimes, 

Andrew: but yeah, me too. Um, You know, but yeah, man, just like lots of, lots of honest conversation like that between God and I, and then like the coolest thing, man is just like, I would be, there’d be days where I’d be totally at peace and then there’d be days where I’d be very stressed, um, a day, an hour, a couple hours, whatever.

Because it’s a daunting thing to have like new baby, a toddler, um, be the kind of one, or holding down a job to primarily support financially the family and feeling like, man, is this all going to come like falling apart? And I don’t even know what I’ll do next, but, and then I’d have all that stress, all that strain, although worry.

And then stuff like, Hey, don’t worry about tomorrow. It’s going to have enough worries of its own would just flashed through my mind, John 1633 in this world, you’re going to have many troubles, but take heart. I’ve overcome the world that, that flashed through my mind often. And the coolest thing would be, there were so many nights where I’d be stressed out right before bed.

And I’d lay down to sleep and have an awesome night asleep. Like just a gift from God, you know, where it’s like super stressed out and then boom, you know, just like here’s some peace to toddler. Yeah. Yeah. So I don’t know. So it’s been a, it’s been a wild season, man, and also just seeking like. Uh, I’ve tried to tell you, I want to be in God’s will you know?

So I don’t want to just get a job. Cause it sounds right to me. I want to make sure it’s actually what God wants me to be doing. Um, so yeah, I’m thankful that sure. Seems like he, you know, the whole story, but he totally blew a door open that wasn’t even a door. Uh, while I interviewed, I interviewed Foley got a no to that job, but in that same conversation got a yes to a job they created.

Uh, that I didn’t even know they were creating. So it was like a, it really was a God thing to just be like, here’s a miracle. Here you go. 

Josh: It was awesome. Yeah. Well, as someone as an outsider, looking in on your life, cause I’m not you and I can. Yeah, insider of your life. I am proud of you dude, as you walk through it.

And thanks, man, the stressful times that, that, um, you had, and in those moments, you, you sought Jesus and diving in relationship and shared your emotion and shared your thoughts and, um, continue to be obedient. And Hey. And it all worked out in the end and thankfully it did, and it’s not always the case.

God does have other planes that do hurt us at times and not hurt us. Like it’s getting us to where I want to go, where he wants us to go, but they’re painful to go through those, those growing seasons. Um, so it doesn’t always end up this way, those listening, but, um, this one did and we thank God for it.

Andrew: Yes. Yes we do. Yes, we do. So I’m going to take a few days off the rest of this week. It’s Monday when we’re recording this, I’m going to take the rest of this week off of work and like breathe out a little bit, do some staycation stuff. So fortunately it’s not supposed to be snowy here at all. And, uh, I should be able to do a lot of outside work.

So I’m pumped for that. 

Josh: No, you’re not supposed to work during the staycations. 

Andrew: That was your Apple. Yeah. I live on a homestead, uh, and I don’t work for too long, then the chickens, uh, start eating themselves. So 

Josh: I’ll be honest. I forgot about the chickens. Dude, 

Andrew: you forget about the chickens for too long and they will take care of themselves, AK each other.

So it sounds 

Josh: fantastic. So there’s 

Andrew: always, there’s always a little bit of work. That’s very important to do, even if it’s just taking the chickens, food and water. Very important. 

Josh: Yeah, man. 

Andrew: But now thanks, dude. Thanks for walking through it with me for bran. Uh, you know, obviously personally about that, but yeah, man, stand here just feeling like God opened the door and God remained faithful through all of that.

And, uh, did it in a way I didn’t expect, but. You know, that’s how he, he does dessert 

Josh: itself. And these are definitely those moments that you want to record and write down and remember. Yeah. Just because when life does get hard, again, it’s always good for us to go back and be reminded of how God has been faithful.

Um, and is faithful constantly to us. Um, not just in the spiritual realm, but in the physical realm as well. So. Yeah, I’m always, 

Andrew: I know we’re talking parables, but in, and because of that, I, I kinda think that example, I just shared my help shine a light on just bits of, of what’s to come with this parable.

But. I’m going to just, I know normally we don’t really read them. Um, but this is so short. It’s a, just a couple verses out of Matthew 13, verses 44 through 46. I’m going to roughly read them real quick to kind of give context of what we’re talking about. Um, and then you, what 

Josh: are you making fun 

Andrew: of me? No.

What do you mean making fun of you? 

Josh: Yeah. You said you’re going to roughly read them. Like I don’t like you’re trying to imitate me cause I don’t know. I just feel like you’re, you’re taking shots. 

Andrew: No, it’s not Josh. Listen, we’ve talked about this man. Like not everything I say is it’s about you. I mean, you are very successful even though you’ve never learned this skill of reading, like you’ve done great 

Josh: work for me.

Andrew: Hooked off phonics for you? Um, had the war actually, you came out of worse reader, um, when you got through 13 years 

Josh: of it. And so I went in and then came out worse. It was a horrible, 

Andrew: went in, proficient, came out, uh, totally unable to read. Oh, man. No, for the record, Josh really can not read and he’s actually pretty sensitive about it.


Josh: yes. So I cry on a regular basis about it. That’s 

Andrew: right. With that being said, um, I’m going to do some sight words, Josh, uh, from Matthew 1344 through 46. Um, pretty much says this, you know, the kingdom of heaven. Is like a treasure that was buried in a field. And when a man finds it, he’s so overjoyed that he buries it again, sells everything that he has and buys the field.

Again, the kingdom of heaven is really like a merchant who’s seeking fine pearls. And once he finds one that has incredible value, he went and sold everything he had and he bought it. That’s it that’s the, those are the analogies that two of the analogies that, that Jesus kind of gave to help us understand what the kingdom of heaven is like.

So Josh, before I dive in, I feel like I’ve been talking for a lot of this before I dive in. Like, where does that, where do those. Analogies, this parable kind of take you of what the kingdom of heaven is. 

Josh: Yeah. It takes me to target the department store. Um, because what I’m picturing is like, as a kid, you find that super sweet toy, but it’s the last one.

You don’t want anyone else to have it. So you hide it, hide it. You hide in the women’s bra section. And all that because you’re a boy and you’re like, I want to be with the prosection series, you’re hiding up there. And then you go and find your parents and like, you try to convince them. And they’re like, no, we’re not doing this, but then you work on them for like the next three days.

And they eventually say yes. So then you come back and you find your hidden toy and you get of, because you love it. And you’re like my precious, uh, That’s my picture. That’s how I see it in my head. And that’s God right there. Like it’s this, you found something so great. Um, you found something so beautiful that you want to make sure that you have the ability to, to get it.

And because of what it is, you’re willing to give up everything to have it. Um, you know, which is giving up your, will, your desires, your wants your dreams, um, for what God wants for you inside of his kingdom. And I think that’s a big piece of it, but those are my initial thoughts. 

Andrew: That’s good, man. That’s a good analogy.

I, um, one reason I shared that kind of story today of like what’s been going on with me at the last couple of months on the behind the scenes, um, was because like, man, I felt the value of being a part of the kingdom of heaven just in the last few months, I’m in a unique way because. Like wow. While job loss and major changes in life is stressful because it is like we’re human.

We’re allowed to still feel stressed out, even if we believe God’s promises and God’s true and real, and, and with us and for us, we still feel stress because we’re human. Um, but, uh, with all that being said, like the, the attributes of what I felt of peace. Hope of, of knowing that God is good. Like God’s goodness, knowing that God is the provider.

I’m not the provider. God is like knowing those things and knowing that I had a real relationship with God where I could talk to him, I could hear back from him. Maybe not audibly, but hear back from him in terms of like, here’s an amazing night’s rest out after you’ve been stressed all day, things like that.

Like. I don’t know. I’ve just 

Josh: got to Tim reminding me of, you know, his recorded words, you know, like that’s not the way God 

Andrew: speaking a hundred percent. Yes, yes. You’re right. Thanks for saying that. Yeah. I mean, but just like going through this season as stressful as it was, um, and it’ll be stressful again, when I start a new job.

So I have to learn all this stuff and different team and everything. But with all that being said, like going through this and, and getting glimpses of the kingdom and being, being a part of a real relationship with the Lord in this season. I don’t know, I get why somebody would sell everything. They have to buy that field that has the hidden treasure in it to get back to target and get that toy.

They hid in the changing room or in the, in the bra or whatever, 

Josh: hiding the changing room. Cause she cleaned everyday. 

Andrew: Yeah, you got to hide them like way in the socks. When the Brazos 

Josh: as a child, did you ever go into like the clothing forts? You know, like the old rack? 

Andrew: Yes, 

Josh: totally. Like the secret little Fort.

And you’re like, I’ve done that as an adult. It’s not the same and it really scares me, but in.

Andrew: I believe that I believe that, uh, it’s funny. 

Josh: You’re like, it’s a Fort, like you’re 30 years old. Knock it off.

What are you doing? Oh yeah, you don’t to do it in little girls section. Then you get arrested.

Andrew: I’m a pastor. I swear. And they’re like, dude, it doesn’t matter. You’re creep going to jail. Um, No dude, I just, I was just thinking about that, you know, like this, this analogy of like selling it all you have, it obviously shows when you find the kingdom, you are like, this has so much value, so much more value than anything else I have.

That I’m willing to like bet the farm on it, you know, willing to sell the house, sell the car, everything I can do just to get that thing. Um, just to get a taste of the kingdom, just to get a little, a little tiny corner of that, you know, but I was just thinking like, man, how much is peace worth in our life?

Like, can you put a price tag on having peace? Can you put a price tag on having hope? Can you put a price tag on living outside yourself and saying, no, I serve a God. That’s greater than, than me. That my life is just one thing. One, one part of this relationship, like these things are of a mint value. 

Josh: Yeah, well in too, like, like I think through my, you know, my Jesus timeline or my Jesus story of, you know, you, I grew up in a Christian home.

So we were going to church from a pretty young age and gave my life to Jesus going into, uh, I think sixth grade at a, at a sleep-away camp. Really from the hellfire and brimstone message and it scared the crap out of me. Right. Um, so that’s kinda how it came to Jesus, but I wouldn’t say that my experience was like this merchant or this man that found, uh, uh, what did the man find 

Andrew: the purchase of the man found a treasure hidden in 

Josh: the field.

I treasure hidden and then the merchant found the pearls, but so my experience wasn’t like that. Uh, where I’m like, Oh, look what I have found. This is so great. And I think it’s because I grew up in a Christian home. Like it just, it always was. So it wasn’t new or special to me, but as I’ve matured in my relationship with Jesus and that has become more and more, um, Prevalent that man.

Yeah, there’s, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give up, uh, to stay in this relationship with Jesus. Um, and that’s relationships, that’s, uh, things I deeply hold deeply, you know, to me, um, 100% would give up to stay in relationship with Jesus if it was on the line. Um, yeah. But that’s come over time. That’s come with maturity in watching Jesus, you know, like he’s done in your life over and over again, just be faithful, um, and, and love me deeply and carry burdens for me.

Um, and all those things like we’ve all gone through dark times that are difficult and hard. Um, But, you know, as we mature in Jesus, that as we grow as his disciples and, and understand how he is at work and how he has worked in the past to remind us as a work, now, it becomes easier. Like you literally get to sit with, with peace, like you said, and we get to have hope again.

Um, and I don’t know about you, but like life’s miserable when you have no hope. When you think it’s never going to get better, that it’s always going to be this way. Like, that’s a, that’s a sad place and I’ve been there. I get it. Like, I’m not, if that’s where you’re sitting right now, like I’m not, I’m not.

I’m not dogging on you. Good, nice. Um, documented. Like I could get it. I’ve been there. I, I felt it. Um, there’s definitely a part of me now because there’s been a lot of growth over the last two years or so, uh, in me in terms of just my reliance, uh, my understanding of Jesus has gospel, how he’s forgiven and how he desires to be in relationship because that’s what he restored.

Um, That wants to see hard trials come through again, just to see how I react to it because when life is good, everything’s good. Right? Like you’re just like, yeah, life’s awesome. I’m not gonna complain about anything. Um, but you know, when life gets hard, how do you respond? And that’s when the greatest, that’s when the treasure really becomes valuable.

Yeah. It’s better. But. But it, it also becomes valuable to other people around you, you know, I think, and I’ve told this story on the podcast before, but I had a pastor, a friend back in Phoenix that came to know Jesus because a, um, uh, another teacher that he, um, I think worked with at the same school, lost a son.

Um, and just watch that man go through that trial of losing a child. And yet he continued to have faith and continued to lean on his relationship with Jesus and, and share that hope. Um, with those around him, like just, it blew him away. So he said, well, I don’t know who this Jesus guy is, but I won’t. I got to have, and I want to be a part of it.

Yeah. There’s, there’s that value that, that gets shown to other people and we live. And, and I think this is one of the biggest problems with Christianity today is our salvation, our restoration of relationship or record being reconciled back to God. Isn’t valuable to most Christians. Um, unless we’re getting something out of it from the perspective, like physical things.

Well, God, I want you to give me this house and if you’re not going to give me this house, then I’m not following you. Right. I ain’t going to tell anyone about you and your. You know, you’re, you’re at an infant stage of Christianity. Um, you’re, you know, ignorance is, is the trait that characterizes you. Um, you just don’t know any better.

Um, and as you mature and you grow like, man, the depth of relationship that comes along with that is so, so beautiful. And I think it’s important to be really specific and practical about what we mean, but how you grow in relationship with Jesus. We grow in relationship Jesus by spending time with Jesus.

We do that through Jesus’ habits. Um, are you spending time reading his recorded word and what we call the Bible? Um, are you spending time in conversation, um, in prayer with Jesus, that’s not sterile, that’s real, that’s authentic that you’re having true conversation and letting it all go. And maybe you’ve never even experiencing like that, you know, with another human being.

But, um, it’s definitely a place to start with with God. And if you’re not at that place where you can share it, Anything and everything with God, um, and make it a point to share those things with God. You’re not there yet. So keep, keep journeying with Jesus and keep journeying and fostering relationship with Christ, I think is huge 

Andrew: and take heart if you’re not there yet.

Uh, this, this is the first. This season, even though I have the year of the chicken to look back on, this is the first time when I’ve gone through a life changing shift like this and had. This level of confidence in my relationship with the Lord. And maybe it’s just because it was so out of my control, you know, when I was selling my house and it kept trying to sell our house and it kept falling through and problems kept coming up and all this stuff, and the year of the chicken became the year of the chicken.

When that happened, I had some level of control in all of this, you know, In this scenario, it just happened to me, but it’s like a car wreck, you know, like if you get in a car, if you’ve ever been in a car wreck, it’s like, yeah, maybe you should have turned left. Maybe you should’ve stopped sooner. But the reality is it just happened, um, pretty quickly.

And you only had part of the control. Um, that’s how it felt, but, but I don’t know, God just kept saying small stuff to me, uh, along the way and encouraging me like, yeah, man. And speaking to me through scriptures, like. You know, like the there’s a scripture somewhere in the Bible that says there’s a verse somewhere in the Bible that talks about, um, somebody saying I’ve never seen the children of the righteous begging for bread.

Not saying you’re going to be rich. Not saying they’re gonna all drive Lamborghinis, but just that. God is going to provide for us, he’s going to meet our needs. And, um, he’s going to give us the bread and, and the vegetables and the meat and all those things we need, uh, in this life, our job isn’t to just stress and strain and be worried about.

Provision, uh, of our, of our necessities. He’s going to give those things to us. Um, if we’re chasing after him, but yeah, just small stuff, even like come to terms with like, yeah, like, you know, leadership, HR, like they could, they can say my job’s done. That’s okay. Like they can do that. God’s given them that authority, but he’s not giving everybody else the authority to say, we’re not going to provide for Andrew’s kids.

Um, no, no resentment in that. No anger in that, even just like, you know, yeah. A company, uh, can do that, but God, uh, is in way more authority and control than that situation, you know? So it’s just easier to see it. It’s been an awesome experience, even though it’s been stressful and tricky. It’s been an experience where I’ve just seen God show up again and again and give it.

Allowed me to just retain peace overall, you know, and I keep going back to piece cause I’m like, man. You can be, you can be a billionaire, right? You can be adjusted Jeff Bezos level wealth of, of humanly wealth. And if you have horrible relationships with everybody around you and you, you never feel at peace and it doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the most beautiful beach in the world.

If you don’t have peace, then you’re just at a beach. You know, you’re not on vacation, you’re not resting. You’re not having a good time. You’re just sitting there the same disturbed soul that you were before you got to the beach. And like, so that’s what I was trying to say is these types of attributes that come as part of being a part of the kingdom of heaven, um, they, they are like treasures and you can’t put a real value on them, but.

Back to the, the treasure analogy. You know, it’s like the dude in the first part of this finds a treasure, say you’re digging a hole and find a, you know, super old golden pirate coin that has some treasure and that’s going to have some value just solid gold. You bite it. And you’re like, Oh my gosh, this is real gold.

That’s a skull and crossbones or whatever pirate coins looked like. Like you recognize the value of it. Like I’m going to buy this field. And I’m going to find this treasure, all of it. And it’s going to be amazing, you know, as soon as everybody else sees the treasure and sees what you see, then they’re going to realize that it was worth way more than everything you gave up.

You know, and, and I think that goes right back to the analogy you were sharing or the story you shared about your pastor, how he became a pastor, seen somebody else walk through a season of losing their child, um, in a horrible way and enduring it, not just like doing okay through it, but thriving in it and remaining the same steady person they were.

And, um, Then that guy pointing him straight to Jesus, like, Oh no, no, I’m not special. I’m just in relationship with the King. I I’m just a part of a different kingdom that you might not have seen, but soon as you see it, you’re going to sell everything you have just to get a taste of it, you know? 

Josh: Yeah. And I think it’s important to like, When you go through difficult seasons in life, following Jesus in the midst of those and letting Jesus help you carry this burden doesn’t mean you don’t feel all the feelings, right?

It doesn’t mean you’re not angry. You’re not frustrated. Those are all things that are still true. It’s when you are feeling those ways, you’re giving those, those emotions to God, um, in relationship. Um, so he can help you carry those things and give you perspective on those things. Um, so it’s not giving up because I think what happens with a lot of Christians.

You know, say we go, you know, use your, your, your life as an example, Andrew, like a lot of Christians I think go through, um, situations like that and they feel like they’ve been, um, um, what’s the word justice hasn’t been provided for them. Like they’ve been harmed and they have to make it right. Or they have to be the victim.

Um, and that’s not the Christian life. Um, like, like you said, like. We serve a God who’s greater, more powerful than anything this world could throw at us. Yeah. So sad, everything changes. And I lose my job and everything’s gone and I have to start over every however bad it can go. Even in the midst of that, my God is going to work out all things for my good, yup.

It may be different than what I pictured. It may. You know, turn into a different, um, career path that may turn into a different field that you’re pursuing. Um, but God’s going to work all things for your good, um, like that’s just how it plays out. Uh, I I’ve seen this play over and over again. Um, like there’s dreams I have today that, you know, I’m going to see fulfilled here in, in the next few months that.

That I would never have pursued or even thought, um, were God given. Um, if I didn’t go through the heartache and the frustration of the last few years, Yeah. I heard him say that, I guess it’s been good years for the last year and a half, two years. Um, but yeah, right. Like you have to go through hard times.

You have to go through frustrating times. You have to go through times where you feel like, um, justice hasn’t been served, that you’ve been wronged in a, in a harmful way, um, to see how God is going to work things for your good and to see how God is going to take, you know, dreams that you never even knew you had, um, and bring them to fruition.

Um, where you’re just blown away by how good God is. Uh, and I know it’s hard in the midst of it. I, I know those feelings again. I get it. Um, but you know, when we lean into relationship with God, and I think one thing that we, you know, I, I, you know, I went back, I sent this to Andrew, but I went back to writing a book, um, that I have, that I’ve been working on for like a year and a half.

Uh, it’s been awhile and I’m not far. Yeah, it is. It’s a fricking pain. Um, but. One of the statements that I wrote yesterday or the day before, um, was when you look at your relationship with God as a follower of Jesus, do you feel innocent? Like, are you innocent? What do you mean 

Andrew: by that? Do you feel like, 

Josh: do you feel guilty?

Do you feel like you’re in the wrong? Do you feel like God is going to punish you or do you feel innocent? Got it. Um, and. And the reality is because of what Jesus did on the cross, because he took your sins on himself as a perfect sacrifice and died in your place. And then conquered death. You’re innocent.

Yeah, 100%. So when God looks at you, he sees innocence. Um, he sees that you’re pure. You’re Holy, um, Not because of anything you’ve done. Um, but everything because everything that Jesus has done. So because of that, now I have the ability and the confidence to approach the throne of God. Remember all powerful almighty, God wants to talk to me all powerful.

Mighty God wants to be in relationship with me. That’s a mind boggling experience. We all don’t feel that like, we all don’t feel like we have the ability or were valuable enough to get to that place, but you are 100% because of what Jesus did on the cross, like everything is set, clean, everything is set, uh, back to what Jesus, you know, planned from the, from the get-go deep relationship with your creator.

Um, and I think when we find ourselves in that place and we recognize, man, the gospel. Is a beautiful thing, like the gospel and what it’s done is transformational in such the, in such the deepest of ways that it restored and reconciled me back to God that I literally at any moment of the day can talk to God, God.

You know, the dude that spoke things into existence. Yeah. That guy, I get to talk to him. I get to approach him with great confidence and guess what he talks back, like how crazy is that story? Um, and this is the relationship that I get to have when that starts to become real. And we recognize, Oh, I don’t have to.

I don’t have to be worried about approaching God, even if I send this morning, even on my sin two minutes ago, I don’t have to be worried about approaching God. Jesus has taken care of the sin. So I get to approach God with full confidence. Now I’m gonna ask for forgiveness for those things because it restores relationship.

Um, and not that it ruins my ability to talk to God. Um, But, you know, as any good father would be. I, when I screw up, you want to go back to the source, that’s going to support you and encourage you through that. And you know, that’s going to be God in this case. Um, so I think when we start to embrace that idea of like, no, no, no, no, like not only God does God love me.

He’s pursuing me and only God is pursuing me. God’s pleased with me. Um, and I haven’t done anything for him. And he’s pleased with me and we know that’s true because it was true of Jesus, right? Like, you know, when he came out of the water of baptism, the big booming voice, you know, spoke and said, this is my son whom I love.

And with him I’m well, pleased before he performed any miracles before he did anything for God. Um, before he preached a sermon, uh, before he ever held the Hilden healed any of the sick, like God looked at him and said, this is my son. Whom I deeply love. And with him, I’m well pleased as a follower of Jesus, someone that’s been forgiven and restored, God is looking at you saying, this is my daughter.

This is my son. I love them deeply. And with them I’m well-pleased um, and all he’s asking is relationship. Continue to foster relationship, continue to pour into relationship. You’ll be shocked at how much God does and changing your heart. You’ll be shocked at how much peace God, places on you. You’ll be shocked at the places and the things that he has you do.

You never thought was Katelyn. Well, because the power of God has no working through you, right? Like, yeah. Yeah, blown away. This is the, this is the full life that Jesus promised us, you know, and going back like, this is why we started this podcast with people to find hope. We wanted people to have peace again, that the Christian life shouldn’t feel like a burden.

You know, Jesus said my burden is light. Well, it should feel like, do you feel like this is a great adventure? And if it’s not. You’re doing something wrong. And I don’t say that to condemn you or shame you, I’m saying the same. There’s a better way. There’s a better way. And all this spend time with Jesus.

Get in deeper relationship with Jesus. You’ll be blown away at how he ships shapes and changes you. Um, you’ll be blown away how he helps you understand what the gospel really did in your life. But it’s, it’s not just this idea or this religious system that it literally turns you into a new creation and that you are not the same person you were before and you now are completely forgiven 100% and you have the ability to approach the throne of the almighty God and have conversation and relationship with him.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a freaking treasure in pearls that I want to chase after. Totally. 

Andrew: And let me just add, like, not just to conversation with them, which that’s mind blowing enough, like conversation followed by mission and vision for your life purpose, you know, like it’s not just a, it’s not just it’s it’s relationship and it’s action, you know, like it’s okay.

Like go and now start doing the kingdom work wherever I’ve placed you, whether it’s in ministry, whether it’s in finance, whether it’s in any area of your life, whether you’re a homemaker, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter your, your title, occupation. Most of how you spend your day, you can be used for kingdom purposes in it.

Um, and God will call you into that in time. It might not be that you meet Jesus. And the next moment he’s giving you, here’s what you’re going to do for your next 10 years. But I guarantee you, he’s going to give you here’s your next right step towards the kingdom towards living in this truth, living in this relationship.

And you just keep taking that next right step. And before you know it, your life is going to look radically different than, than it would’ve. If you kept going on your own. And, um, and it’s not by your power. It’s not by your strength. It’s not because you’re so great at taking the next right step. It’s not because I’m so great at taking the next right step far from it.

And I need to ask forgiveness from not only the Lord, but also my wife. I need to ask forgiveness for my two year old daughter, more than I’d like to, um, I’m not a perfect person. I’m far from it, but I am perfected through Christ and in the eyes of the Lord, he looks at me. And like you said, he sees innocence.

He sees, um, somebody grafted into his family, you know, sees a son and Holy labor. Um, and that’s, that’s a gift. And. It’s worth. It it’s worth anything. You feel like you got to give up, you know, whether you got to sell your house to get this field, like the guy, like the guy, trying to get the field filled with a pirate treasure, we’ll say, or whether you got to sell all the other Jules, do you have to buy this one, Pearl that somehow, you know, the value of you see the value of when most others may not see it, but guess what?

As soon as you see it and you show it to everybody, They’re going to also see, wow, that was worth selling everything. Wow. That was worth radically changing your life for wow. That was worth all of it. Um, and, and by the way, that was worth it. How do I get in on it? You know, it’s not a monetary gain thing.

This is, these are just the analogies in the treasurer and Pearl metaphors. So we can easily, easily understand value. Um, but like I was like, we’ve been pointing towards what is the value of peace? It’s infinite value. Peace in this life is worth a lot because you’re going to have trouble. And if you don’t have peace, you’re going to just feel trouble all the time.

Um, and, and that’s exactly where the enemy wants us to be. Say the enemy. I mean, Satan, like the one who is opposed to our good, the one who is opposed to the will of God. Um, one who’s not nearly as strong as will of God and not nearly as strong as the power of him. But there is an enemy and he doesn’t want us to be happy.

He doesn’t want us to live in the kingdom. Um, and he doesn’t want our good, um, that’s very clear is the antithesis of God, um, in all this, 

Josh: yeah, 10, 10, you know, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I’ve come to give you life and give it to the full. Yes, I think we miss out on the full life because man, we’re letting the enemy win too much or let them take too much from us.

Exactly know now, as a follower of Jesus, you have power over those things, but he doesn’t get to dictate your life anymore than he could take everything away from you. And guess what? You can still have hope and you can still have peace in the midst of it. I mean, you can still have purpose and you know, our purpose aligns, you know, we talk about that full life.

You know, we firmly believe that the full life comes from living out the great commission, um, that, you know, we live in a relationship with one another and, you know, we want to help others come to know what we have. Come to know, um, in salvation with Jesus and restoration in relationship with God, the father, um, and, you know, continue to share that with those around us.

Um, and then, you know, see that movement keep moving. Um, as, as others do the same that you have done for them. Um, like that’s where we find hope. That’s where we find life it’s in relationship. God is all about relationship. The great commandments would love God love people. And he said, everything is built on these.

Um, like it’s all about relationship. Are we investing in our relationship with God? And we are investing in relationship with those around us. Um, like that’s where you’re going to find a full life. That’s where things are going to get interesting and fun and full of adventure. And I think we miss out on that so often because we get so focused on me.

We get so focused on what I want, what I want now and what I’ve done, what has been taken away from me rather than man, God’s going to work all things for my good, that means sin. That means harm. That means and justices, uh, all those things you had is going to work for my good, I don’t have to be a victim.

I don’t have to take on that mentality. I don’t have to feel like the world’s out to get me. Um, because well, one it is, uh, but you have a power that’s greater than, than the world, so don’t worry about it. Um, you know, as. You know, Andrew quoted earlier on, let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. There’s enough going on, just focus on today.

You know, you’re gonna, you’re going to overwhelm yourself when you start to worry about everything else that you, well, one you can’t control too. Um, that hasn’t even happened yet. Yeah. 

Andrew: Yeah, man. It’s uh, I don’t know. I. A few things hit me while you were saying that. But first of all, I just agree. It’s, it’s such a gift that it’s like to stick with the market, the, the money, uh, analogy to stick with the treasure, the Pearl, the dollars.

It’s like, it’s like the equivalent of, if somebody’s. You say you rewind time 50 years, you just were like, okay. I know 10 years, 20 years. I don’t know. You could say, Hey, there’s this company starting called Microsoft. She put a thousand bucks in it. Hey, there’s this other one called Apple, put a thousand bucks in it.

Like you can buy it for a dollar, a share, Oh, there’s this thing coming called Bitcoin Bitcoin. Yeah. Buy like a hundred shares when it’s a buck, each you’re going to be fine, you know? Um, and it’s, it’s like that. Only it’s worth so much more than the dollars and cents that, that those things would be worth.

Like I’m not joking when I say that, I mean, Like when you’re facing, when I was facing job loss, you know, my role is eliminated is nothing personal, but it has personal con consequences, you know, pretty quickly I’m having thoughts of like, you know, and, and prayers, not just thoughts, but. Thoughts and prayers of like, you know, like, God, you gave us this house.

Like we get to live here where, you know, we bought it, um, with the mortgage, but we can, we could sell it. Like you it’s gone up some and we could sell it. Like you give us a car. Like, I guess we could Uber, you know, if we have to sell that and we could move back in with family, like. But you’re going to provide for us.

It might not look fun. And to me, selling a house and selling car and all that stuff, that sounds stressful and hard and difficult, but it’s like, I don’t know none of that. None of that is dependent on the relationship with God still being good in my life or in yours. It’s like, those are just circumstances, you know, it’s like, God’s going to provide a path through those things and it might like it, this job situation could have very easily looked like that.

Could, it looked like me looking for a different job for months and months to the point where. Or like, yeah, we’re going to sell the house and we’ll have some equities, so we can rent for a while and, or we’re going to live with family and not have to worry about that. And we’ll find the right job and God would open the doors.

And I might’ve gone through a harder season in that, but. Reality is God would remain good through all of that. God would remain faithful through all of that. And if you sent me down that path, then it would be because he would want to teach me different lessons and it, you know, and that could still be in my future.

You know, nothing’s guaranteed, um, about employment or. Money or health or anything like that in this world? Um, like you said, you might feel paranoid that world’s out to get you well that’s cause it is, it’s like it’s, the world is not made just for us to be super happy and perfect and good. No, it’s like, yeah.

Satan has influenced here. Um, so he’s out to get ya. That’s why you feel paranoid about that. Um, but. All that to say, you need to worry about it. Yeah. Our, our circumstances don’t change the characteristics of the kingdom. They don’t change the attributes of peace. They don’t change the hope we have in Jesus.

They don’t change the real relationship we have in the Lord. Our side of that relationship might go down that doesn’t change his commitment to us. Doesn’t change, um, his attributes God’s attributes. So I don’t know. That’s why when you find it, you’re ready to give up anything for it. And it suddenly, he becomes the most important thing in your life.

Um, the most important piece of your life is now rooted in real relationship with the Lord. So. I’ll stop saying it. Cause I feel like I’ve said it a bunch of times in this, but man alive. Um, these analogies make sense because when you find the kingdom, when you find a little corner of the kingdom, you realize the immense value it has, and I’m thankful we can serve a God that has good kingdom that we get to be a part of.

And that isn’t something that’s just preserved for after we’re dead and gone. Um, yeah, we can see it on the satellite. 

Josh: You know, we talk about, can you, can you stand strong? Can you have hope and peace in the midst of rough circumstances? Um, and it’s not having that, that posture is not up to you. And maybe we didn’t say that yet.

Like that’s up to Jesus, let Jesus do those things. And what’s up to you is you foster relationship with Jesus so he can teach you those things. He can shape you in those ways. Like spend time with Jesus. Um, that’s all he’s asking you to do. He’s not asking you to change anything else. Go walking through that.

He’s with you always till the very end of the age, it’s up to him to do the work. Um, you’re just going to do your parts as he presents those parts and called them the right next step, right? Like that’s all you have to do. If Jesus is telling you to do that, then do that. I would use telling you to do this next step, then do that.

He’s not saying, Hey, change the thing about who you are and be better and Holy and everything that you do. Um, so you can, you know, handle circumstances like a pro. No, that like he knows that you’re weak. He knows the circumstances, throw you like, you know, the waves from one wave to the next. He knows all those things.

He’s not asking you to do it on your own. He’s saying, Hey, Guess what I’m right here. I want to walk with you and I want to sanctify you, and I want to change you into who I’ve called you to be. All I’m asking you to do is spend time with me and then be obedient to what I say, um, in the in relationship.

Right? Like that’s it. Um, and I think we make it out to be so much more. We try to do it on our own, right. I love counseling. I think counseling is a great tool, as long as it’s Christian counseling, as long as it’s pointing you towards Jesus. But I think that we use all these tools of life, um, to replace Jesus.

So it’s, Hey, what’s the next personality test so I can better understand myself rather than, Hey, can I just spend more time with Jesus to help me understand who I am or, Hey, I’m going to get this counselor for this and then this counselor for that. And then this coach for this, um, rather than hate. Like, do you not think that Jesus is more than capable of teaching you these things?

Um, do you not think that Jesus is more than capable of changing your heart in these ways or dealing with hurt and pain from your past? Um, you know, and we need help from time to time and those things, but like we skipped the Jesus step completely and just move on to humans. Um, Like dig into relationship with Jesus and then Jesus, next step, it gives you a B, Hey, you need a counselor.

You need someone to help you get your thoughts the way. 

Andrew: And by the way, that’s just like, Hey, here’s the best path for you to actually hear my voice in my willingness, it’s going to be through this person. It’s going to be through this thing. Whether that be a person conference retreat, a change of life habits, he’s going to be like.

Here is the path, you know, um, to get there, uh, just felt like a 

Josh: walking you through that path. Yeah. He’s a good, good God that has a very clear plan for your life. And he’s going to walk you through that plan. Step-by-step he’s not going to overwhelm because that’s the other part of it, right? Like he’s not going to overwhelm you with what he’s going to do, because you’re going to be like, ah, not capable of doing any of that.

I’m just not gonna do anything. Right. We all know those feelings. I get those feelings all the time. Like, you know, there’s probably seems like way too big in general, so I’m just not gonna work on it. Anything to do with this project. And I’m just going to wait until I figure out that one problem, like, that’s my, that’s my Mo um, but just like, Hey, here’s the right next step?

Just take this right next step. Um, you know, it’s the beautiful thing about our relationship with Jesus is it’s not up to us, our parts relationship with Jesus invest in that. And then when he tells you to do things, do those things, uh, his part is to change you and shape you and who he’s called you to be, to give you the ability to overcome obstacles, to not worry about, um, transitions in life or circumstances of life that you continue to have hope that he’s going to work all things out for your good, um, in the midst of that, um, that’s where we start to find real relationship.

That’s where you start to find hope again. Um, and I think we’re missing it, but we’re missing it because we just, we don’t foster a relationship with Jesus. We talk about him. We go to church and they talk about him. But we never talked to him. Um, and I highly encourage you if you’re sitting here and you’re feeling hopeless, you’re sitting here feeling like you’re being thrown from wave to wave.

Um, spend some time with Jesus, sharing those six, those emotions and feelings of God. You know, I thought you were going to show up in this way and you didn’t. Um, God, I was disappointed in you because you didn’t do this for me. God can handle your disappointment. Don’t worry about it. Now what cantankerous appointment?

I know we’ve said this on the podcast is your faith. You live in disappointment, you don’t get answers to those questions, those doubts, your faith. Can’t handle that your faith will eventually give out and you’ll walk away altogether. Um, but we dig into relationship. Have those hard conversations with God, let God have those hard conversations with us.

You’ll be blown away of who you are six months from now compared to who you are today, because Jesus is doing a work in your heart and your life. Yep. 

Andrew: 100%, a hundred percent, man. I know you gotta go to lunch. Um, say hi at our friend. He listens to the podcast when you get there, but. I just wanted to thank you.

It’s, uh, it’s been a pleasure to walk through this season with you. I know we’ll keep going and new things will be ahead of new challenges ahead, but I don’t know, man. It, uh, it’s a chance to see the kingdom in a new way, chance to, to understand it in a new way for me. And I hope that for everybody that if you’re listening to this, I hope this has been.

I hope this has pushed you towards Jesus. And we always want to know what you think about this, and if you have different thoughts or if the Lord says different things to you, so please reach us if that’s the case, but, um, that’s all I got. And Josh, thanks for this chance to talk, man. It’s been awesome.

Josh: Yeah, for sure. Hope this was helpful guys. Uh, guys, listen guys and gals. This was the guys listening. I think we actually have more women listening when we look at our analytics. Thank you, Spotify. And I don’t know what’s up with Spotify, but they’re pushing into the podcast game and our Spotify metric.

Sorry, are pushing up. I think it’s the highest platform he listened to it. I ask Apple podcast, so Hey, thanks, Spotify. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. We’ll take it all day long. We love you guys. Thanks for listening. And we’re praying for you guys. 

Andrew: Thanks for listening our show. It really means a lot to us, and we hope that it helps bring you closer in your relationship with Jesus and with other 

Josh: people.

And also helps us out if you rate our podcast or leave us a review on whatever platform you’re listening on and also follow us on Instagram and the Facebook. Now sharing this with your friends. Isn’t just to get the word out of the podcast. We believe that we have the message of hope that’s found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and you sharing.

This has the ability to transform the lives 

Andrew: of the people around you. We want to hear from you. You can email You can message us on Facebook. Look on Instagram or you can just visit But seriously, thanks for listening.

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