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Episode No. 92

We start a new season this week and look at conversations Jesus had with different people. First up are Simon and his brother. This week we start early in the story and talk through Jesus calling the first disciples.

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Verses – 1 Peter 3:15
Verses – Luke 5
Verses – Matthew 4
Resource – Bestself Icebreaker Cards


Hello hello hello we’re just 2 normal dudes trying to live this jesus life. My name is Josh.

Hey I’m Andrew and we are this jesus life podcast. My friend how you doing.

Andrew I almost said Josh but that’s not your name your name’s Andrew oh I’m doing great. It is ° in my great state. The sun is shining thunderstorms this afternoon I got a lot done this morning.

My name is Andrew.

Nice, nice, nice.

Fan absolutely tas ah Andrew just sent me a message saying that his daughter is yelling he’s going to be right back and he said you give me some talking points. He said talk about your groceries. Not not that there’s a story there for my groceries I just I was 20 minutes late um, because I thought I could fit grocery a grocery store visit in 30 minutes and I was wrong because it’s a Saturday and that’s just you can’t go into a grocery store on Saturday and make it out but I will say this some of my big purchases by big purchase I mean just things that I purchased on a regular basis that is always good avocados. Because you need your avocado toast every morning I’m actually disappointed I have a couple of meetings at like I none something like that during the week and I don’t get to have avocado tosis day I have to eat whatever wherever we’re going and there’s definitely a part of me that’s a little bit sad about that ah freshmade bagels from if you have a. Kroger Branch near you are just called kink supers here but they do fresh bagels and pretzels every morning. Oh my gosh fresh bagels. There’s nothing better on a sandwich I don’t even eat them as like breakfast I usually do them like as a sandwich so you get some like deli meat from the deli and some cheese from the deli and then some. Brown mustard and ah jalapeno cheddar cheese or pepper jack whatever they have and then some jalapeno chips. Oh as a good good lunch. The other lunch I like to go to now that we’re just going through my grocery list as I stall for Andrew is you do. Pizzas like personal pizzas with ah ah, non-bread I think I’ve talked about this before on the podcast throw it in the oven for 15 you know ten fifteen minutes get the pepperonis that curl up, you got to get the curling got pepperoni the good the good pepperoni that have a little bit of grease in them.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, curl them up. Yeah man Oh yeah, little grease buckets. That’s when you know it’s a good pepperoni.

Still when you’re biting into them So good. There’s little grease buckets. That’s it. You know it’s a good pepperoni when you get a little grease bucket action and then all good.

Dude sorry about that my my daughter has not made a peep in this whole quiet time and as soon as our intro music came on I heard her going Daddy Daddy no no it’s it’s through my headphone. There’s no way she heard. But.

And she heard it. Yep, she’s like I know I Know. Maybe.

You know, maybe she sensed it. She could tell like this is about to go down I’m gonna get loud. It’s time. It’s time. Ah, ah that would explain a lot.

Yeah, maybe your daughter has like super powers of hearing really well and she can hear everything in your house would just give me miserable raising a child like that but great skill for her to have.

That would explain a lot if yeah, maybe it is I should get her checked. Maybe she has like superhero level hearing um no, but yeah, oh no.

My brother. My brother has ah a son that listens to everything you say if he isn’t an anywhere proximity to what is going on. He is paying attention your conversation and then he will hold you accountable for it later on. It’s a lot.

Oh man. Ah, it’s a lot. Yeah dude None thing to know about children is that anytime you’re like they ask like hey I think I’d like a popsicle right now. Do you like it’s None a him and you just woke up. No like no chance. Um. And then you you happen to say maybe later today that is you just swore a blood oath. You know like you just made a covenant. Um, if you want to be church church language about it. You made a covenant of there will be a popsicle today or ah or I’m a bad person. So.

We got to figure like in a child’s world. Yeah in a child’s world though like they don’t have a schedule like they don’t have appointments that they have to get to or meetings they have to be a part of so like you give them that thing I’m like now I have something in my like they literally write it in their their calendar and they’re like four o’clock

Yeah, dude, don’t say maybe ever? Yeah, no, no, no. Totally that’s what it is yes and you’re totally right about that. The one wrinkle the health. Yeah, the None wrinkle in it is they also have no concept of time. Um, at least mind don’t she’s not quite forward, but.

Afternoon pop school time because dad said so and now they they ammo too when they ask mom.

Oh yeah.

Ah, no concept of time. So it’s like you say like yeah later today and like 5 minutes go by and she’s like okay, is it popsicle time. No I mean like hours from now and just like what’s an hour was it just an hour like I don’t even. Ah.

But but how cool of a dad would you be Andrew if you gave her a popsic school at 9 in the morning and then she could go to the playground and tell her friends I had a purple pops school this morning. My dad gave it to me for breakfast.

Yes, not that cool. You know here’s the thing here’s the thing that would be cool except for when you do something one time in my daughter’s world. It is the expectation for every day. For the rest of your life. So like if we won popsicle at 9 am m at the kitchen table. You know, nonchalantly enjoy it to the next day and the next day and two weeks later every day is going to be a None a m battle. It’s intense man kids are.

Um I say I say give in and just give her a bobp school every morning, not the beer of breakfast. Yeah I would say probably cheaper than eggs but your eggs are free so not cheaper than eggs.

Intense And yeah, yeah.

Ah, what’s the worst that could happen. What’s the worst that could happen. You know? Um, yeah, we got a lot of eggs man. We got a lot of eggs which is good and ah we have None baby chickens still growing rapidly. Um. 1 escaped the box the other day when I was like they treat me like I’m some like terrorist every time I go to it and like give them food or water or calmly talk to them while I’m doing it’re just like losing their mind like we’re all going to die and yeah and they haven’t you know they’re fine. But one escaped and immediately tried to run into like the most dangerous corner of the garage where I have like oil cans and like all this stuff back there and right next to where I keep all my saws and stuff like what are you doing like you couldn’t have picked a like. Any other place in the grouch would have been better for it to run to but this little tiny chicken goes sprinting back there and it was surprisingly good at evading me like I almost fell into the chicken box a few times trying to get the chicken. Um, it took me like a solid probably.

Wow He was actually trying to kill you like he went to the saw zone because he was like if I give him a fault here something back and happen like he’s He’s actually trying to kill you.

Ah, yeah, just get this guy to fall on the sawsa in the right angle and at least draw some blood you know at a minimum. But yeah man yeah might too? Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, you may need you may need to get rid of the chicken now I think he’s just going to continue to plan your device. It’s like a cat virgint cats If you’re a cat person if you’re a cat person listening like I’m sorry you’re probably a nice person.

Let her I’ll let her grow a little bigger. You know? no I’m I’m not oh.

But I prejudge you when I hear that I’m just like yeah we’re probably not can get along I know that’s not right of me, not this jesus life. But it’s true. It’s like it’s like those that are fans of the Detroit Red Wings the avalanche and the red wings had a huge rivalry through the late 90 s early 2000 and

Ah, this isn’t going to work out. Ah, that’s funny, right? right.

We’re not even in the same like conference anymore. They’re in the eastern conference now and when I see stickers especially in Colorado when I see stickers of Detroit fans I’m just I’m like you must be a moron like that’s that could be the only reason you would be a fan of this team now. It’s not good I I acknowledge that it’s not a good.

Click on. So.

Ah, that’s so funny. That’s so funny.

You know position to take but it’s true. It’s just how I view people. It’s not good cat people and Detroit riding fans.

cat people. man cat people you know I assume I I always am like oh you’re a cat person like you’re hardcore introvert you know is what my mind jumps to not necessarily We’re not going to get along or this isn’t going to work out. Although that’s a very funny reaction to have where you’re like oh you said you like cats never mind you know picture you on a None date with somebody and she’s just like and I have like 4 cats I’m all about it and you’re like okay waiter I’ll take tab I’m going to this is done. We tried.

Yeah, 4 cats though they there’s definitely a part of me that that’s running through the back of my head like 1 cat possibly 2 cats anything more than I assume you don’t talk to people outside of your home. You have no friends.

We tried. Ah ah right.

Right? right? Who knows something is going on here. That’s funny.

Um, how you got on the dating app dating app in the None place mind boggling to me before cats who I would assume you have problems at that point I know that’s wrong if if you have 4 cats would you email us and just let us know why I’m not like not to.

Yeah, right right.

I might be sarcastic with you back just to be funny but I’m not trying to be mean but I’m generally curious. Why 4 cats? how’d you get to 4 cats. Do you have any friends sorry that was the mean button. That’s true.

Yeah, yeah, and do you plan on having more or less in the future would would also be good to add to that like are you at for and increasing at Ford holding like at 4 and waiting for one to pass so you can just be a triple cat family. You know. I will last thing I’ll say about cats. Ah, we don’t have any um but we benefit big time from neighbors who have multiple cats and they have one of our neighbors has at least 4 I think um because. They just like didn’t spay or neuter. So their cats kept making more cats for a while there. Um, but dude we live in the country and like there’s woods behind our house where we’re out here. You know? um, but we’ve never had a nice. A mouse in the house since we lived here or like any sign of them being here and it’s because these cats each of the cats at least 4 different ones actually more than that I’ll see them at different times in the day doing patrols like past the house. And I’m assuming catching mice often because I’ve never seen a mice or a mouse anywhere near or in the house at all. So yeah, man cats. Ah, they’re good for that good for that and Catherine. Yeah.

I’ll be honest though, if it was mice or cats other than mice like can eat wires and cars and that’s kind of a nightmare other than that I would probably take a mouse over a cat any day.

Break. Ah, dude, that’s the thing though my mice like rapidly multiply rapidly multiply. So you see a couple one my mouse in there I can’t I keep saying one mice I don’t know what’s going on with me. You keeps you see one mice. There’s more mice around they’re gonna grow. They’re gonna grow dude. What? Ah what are what are we doing today man I heard tell that this new series is coming and what’s happening.

Like cockroaches.

I Yeah but before we get to this new series If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out dwell yet I would check that out. Dwell is a audio bible reading app. There’s also you can actually read scripture in there as well. If you wanted to read it. But it’s read by passionate people put inside a playlist that are helpful um to you to start.

Out before we do. Yes, you should I would yes.

Yes, yeah.

Foster relationship of Jesus through scripture and remember reading your bible or listening to the bible every day isn’t the end goal. That’s a tool for relationship to get you to the end goal of fostering more relationship with Jesus so let that be your end go but definitely try it out. Can try it out at this jesuss life podcast dot com forward slash.

Um, yeah.

Dwell this jesus since I talked about duwell andrew do you want to talk about the series.

Yes I do I do but um, hey if you haven’t ever checked out dwell I just wanted to say there’s a none chance that it’s just Josh and I reading the bible in different accents. So you’re gonna have to go check it out. Listen and see like is this actually just Josh and Andrew in a variety of accents recording or is this other people more interesting voices. Um, so.

That’s true. It might be yeah Andrew has a fantastic british female voice. Fantastic! You guys check that one on out out. Don’t dwell.

Ah top notch top notch. Yes Josh has a Josh has a lispy southern that would blow your mind man um you if you want to get through. Um.

If you know Andrew personally and you listen to it call them up and be like hey dude I want to hear your your british female accent top notch. Definitely work to listen.

You know leviticus in fashion Josh’s Lispi Southern is like top shelf stuff. Um, but tude that would be funny if it was just us doing like various accents for dwell. Um, and they might be None you tell us.

That that would be amazing because because Duwell’s killing it right now in in the Christian market and making a lot of money and if it was really our thing that would been sweet but it’s not. It’s not everything.

Yeah, right, they’re doing awesome. Yeah, that’d be big that’d be big. You know it’s not ah None we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Um, okay so we we just got through our.

There you go.

Like relationship series. We call it conversations and it was all about okay, how do we relate to each other because we believe that that christians should be pretty good at relationships you know, being in relationship with god we should also be in really good relationship with None another. And and doing so has a lot of positive things come out of it but also allows you to actually be in relationship with god and one another in a way that makes other people want to also be in relationship with god um, so with that said, ah we have a series kind of planned where. Roughly clump chronologically we’re going to go through parts of the new testament and really talk about what Jesus’ ‘ relational dynamics with people were at some various intersections. So today. We’re going to start with when he none called his disciples. Andrew and Simon um Josh I’m going to pivot to you to set that up a little bit more as I grab a baby I’ll be right back.

Noise. Um, sorry I was picking my holla painter chips out of my teeth. It took me a none um? Yeah so Simon Peter ah Simon who eventually is called Peter his brother Andrew ends up being a cornerstone to. Jesus ministry here on earth as he prepares to essentially usher in what we call the new kingdom um, the church plays a huge part in that new kingdom and essentially these are the guys that he’s going to walk with and disciple over the next three years prepare them to do exactly the same with with those that come behind him. Um, but this is a story in the beginning of Jesus’ ‘ ministry. So essentially his ministry is started at his baptism which if you haven’t read the baptism story of Jesus. Great story. Definitely go back to it with um why can’t I think of John’s what’s John.

Um, John John the Baptist. Um, that’s funny.

The Baptist I’m talking about Baptist I couldn’t think of the word baptist with John his an encounter with John the baptist. Ah and just the moment of the heavens opening up and god’s speaking words over his son and says this is my son whom I love and with him I’m well pleased before. Jesus public ministry started before he performed any miracles before he preached any sermons god looked at his son. He says I love him because he’s mine if you haven’t read through that and really put yourself in the story of that like that’s how god looks at us as well before we do anything for his kingdom. Um, he looks at you and says I love you, you are mine.

Um, yep.


And that’s the only reason I love you is because you are mine. You have to earn my love great moment in time then he goes into forty days of fasting and being tempted by Satan we see that in a couple of the gospels he starts his at least public ministry some extent in terms of teaching.



And then it gets to this story. We’re reading out a Matthew four but I’ll kind of just read these verses and then we can come back? um and talk through them and really for the series we’re we’re looking at the relational side of the humanity side of god himself. So.


Um, yeah.

As Jesus walks. He’s the physical representation of god we want to see how he interacts with people we want to see the emotion of those interactions and we and be reading in between the lines a little bit. Um as we kind of make these stories come alive but you have to remember you know there’s 3 verses in this encounter. But.

Um, yeah, yeah.

Um, yeah, yeah.

This is probably took a while like it didn’t happen overnight shuer casting than that they’re casting. You know they’re essentially fishing in the moment and um, you know so there’s definitely time to have blood read these. This is ah 4 18 through 20 it says.

Um, yeah.

As Jesus was walking beside the sea of Galley that’s where he spent a lot of his time. Um, he saw 2 brothers Simon called Peter and his brother andrew they were casting their nats into the like they were fishermen for they were fishermen and Jesus says to them verse nineteen come follow me and I will make you fish for people.


And at once they left their nets and followed him Andrew what’s ah, what’s your None initial thoughts before.

And. Yeah man, um, well you know if you could have ah if you could have done a little longer reading that would have been helpful 3 verses you know I I don’t have many thoughts on that. So Thanks for listening. No for real though.

Well why don’t we Why don’t we expand it a little bit more like what’s happening in the story start there and then we get in the application.

It is yeah yeah, well well a couple a couple thoughts like as I picture I know it’s short in in like you know verse and all that but like picture it you know like these these dudes are fishing. You know like they’re fishermen. That’s that’s what they do full time and like I don’t think fishermen have ever been seen as like that’s a super wealthy occupation. That’s a high power group like they have a lot of positive influence on society right? Like if you’re ah if you’re a. In a city or area that lives close to the sea like getting fish is like your number None way to to get protein. It’s a big deal. So like you need fishermen. Um in the same way you need carpenters and plumbers and craftsmen to do stuff today. Um, but. They’re never seen as like the high and mighty position and in fact, probably more like um, you know you’re the ah blue colar job of today. So it’s not they’re they’re not likely candidates to be talked to. By somebody who’s going to have the influence that Jesus has you know at least in the world’s eyes so they’re like they’re pretty lowly like they’re low on the totem pole. Um, you would think if Jesus is launching this large ministry which he had kind of just started preaching um a little bit. Ah, after being baptized which is like or no he got baptized and it says John started preaching like repent because the kingdom of heaven is here that happened and then Jesus immediately starts calling disciples and he he goes to these people. Um, Simon and Andrew um, calls them by name. The story says it’s not I don’t know if he knew them in advance or if he just walked up and knew their name because he was Jesus you know, um I like to assume the latter where he’s just walking out of blue. They can tell this dude has some serious authority. Then he says like come follow me I’m going to make you fishers of men fishers and people like I’m going to change your occupation for you I’m going to ask you to drop your nets and come out. You know take a jump into the deep end essentially and just follow me like your job was None thing. Your identity was None thing. It’s going to be a very different thing like but the cool thing to me a cool thing to me is that Jesus obviously saw huge value in them in the same way that god saw value in him. You know.

Like that this is my son with whom I’m well pleased. You know when’t being baptized. Um Jesus hadn’t done a lot of public work or miracles or preached the sermon on the mount or gone to the cross or done any of the things that we might think about. Ah, relating to Jesus he hadn’t done any of that stuff. You’d just grown up and was finally you know I think close to None by that time. Um, if if we know right? Um, you know, not an old dude. Not a super young dude full adult and and god says this is my son who I’m well pleased. Um. About but but in the same way Jesus said like hey Simon hey Andrew ah come follow me I’m going to make you fishers men and it’s this like it’s a bold move but it’s speaking to like I see who you are innately and I see what god could do through you. Um, but at the same time you already have a mince value just because you’re here, you’re you’re made in the image of god you already have value now come follow me. Let’s add to that. Let’s let’s grow your influence. Not add to your value. Let’s grow your influence um and walk with me. So. I don’t know that’s maybe a little little rambly, but those are a couple of my first thoughts. It’s just like yeah man he saw a lot of value in them when he showed up with a bold bold ask of come and follow me like they drop their nets like they didn’t hesitate by what we can see here. You know they’re like yeah. I am in for that. That’s what we’re going to do whatever that means I’ll leave my life behind and we’re going you know so what about you man what strikes you none.

Yeah, that that’s good. Um, just I don’t know exactly what strikes me um, is it Luke where this story’s expanded I think it’s Luke if not, it’s um, almost positive. It’s Luke. Um.


Where Jesus performs the miracle of you know they’re like oh we haven’t caught anything forever. You know all night god and then he gives them you know, um that load and um, ah John John’s there as well with his brother and they they both come to know Jesus and in that moment. Um.

Right? right.


But I think there’s this piece of like um it is Luke I just looked it up. Um, there’s this piece of like guesses 2 things like god’s starting something new and he wants to start it in such a way that we can’t.


Um, argue that god started the movement right? He chose fishermen he chose tax collectors he chose zealots he chose what else am I missing in there. He chose disciple you know he chose the disciple of of you know John the baptist all those things like yeah, all the all the characteristics you wouldn’t want in people.

Um, yeah, all the wrong people you know, according to the book. All the the.

There’re yeah yeah, they’re not trained in theology. They’re looked on Lowly by society like they’re kind of outcasts. They don’t have a whole lot of lot of power unless it’s given to them by somebody else. You don’t like.

Are the people that he chose to use to start a movement that eventually.

Yeah, yeah.

There you go.

Sorry to jump in on your None thoughts but just like they don’t match the criteria. They’re not religious leaders. They’re not particularly liked sometimes despised and Jesus is like nope you’re in like you’re one of them. Let’s go. So.

Yeah, well on the other side of this too is like in Jesus uses this often. He uses this with the woman at the well he uses this with the adulterers woman. Um, you know this this piece of like let me show you a miracle so I can show you my divinity. You know who I am um so you’ll follow me kind of thing and he does the same thing here with Peter and and his brother andrew not only that I’m pretty sure in Luke the um healing of Peter’s mother is recorded before this story. Um.

Um, if it.


Now they may just be out of order who knows how that plays out but like so there’s this moment in Luke where essentially the light bulb comes on for for Peter this is verse sorry let me find it verse eight so they just pulled in all the nets.


They’re kind of blown away by what just happened. They’ve caught enough to take care of their family probably for a long time. Um and verse 8 comes around and says when Simon Peter saw this he got down at his at the feet of Jesus he said go away from me Lord um because I am a sinful man.



Um, you know there’s this moment that he recognized who he was encountering and who he is coming ah around and then recognize his unworthiness holy crap. Oh there’s an antelope that just booked it. Oh there’s 4 antelopes just booked it across the street. Um, apparently I live on the savanna.

Um, he.

That’s crazy.

Ah I don’t live in the middle of town and there’s Angelo. Um, sorry I got distracted and they recognize like how unworth they are to be in the presence of of essentially god himself or not essentially it was god himself. So like there was this posture that they took and they took this posture that god.

Yeah, you.

Then or Jesus then responded with those words in Matthew four you knowt come follow me and I will make you fishsers a men. Um, that’s a that’s a big verse for us at Hill City that’s how we actually define disciples is is Matthew for 19 Um, this is essentially what Jesus came to create. It’s essentially the same thing.

Are the.

Us as followers are trying to reproduce as well. So come follow me and I’ll make you fish amen we break that down as disciples know and follow Jesus they’re being changed by Jesus and they’re on mission with Jesus and essentially our methodology of how we do that? um fleshes that out and plays that out in people’s lives as we walk them walk them through.


Um, but like there was ah ah there was a mission being introduced for the very None time and I remember like there’s later on that the disciples will will reference it again of what they’re here to do and they’ll make that statement of like well we’re here for to fish for people in all reality. There’s probably glimpse it.

Um, yeah.

Glimpses of it over the the next three years where it started to make sense but like they didn’t get it. They didn’t get it even after the the crucifixion they didn’t get it after the resurrection until like you know the holy spirit came upon them kind of thing but like there’s these moments where like they’re getting these small pieces of what the.

Yeah, um, who yeah.

The grand scale of this greater purpose was going to be um and it’s the same grand scale that we get to be a part of and I think it’s true as Jesus reveals things to us right? None he reveals our sin and the destruction of it then he reveals our our way to salvation through him and through him alone then he starts to reveal.

This is.

Um, yeah.

Just new truth and a new way of living this life. Um, not on your your own power but by following in fossil relationship with god himself and then he starts to reveal this just this greater calling on all of our lives um to to fulfill the great commission. You know as he get left with his disciples with before he send it back into heaven in Matthew 28


Um, yeah.

Um, so I think there’s that piece of it too like god can use anyone right? like here’s like Andrew said here’s the lowly here’s the fisherman you know a necessary role in the community in the economy but you know we’re not talking about priests. We’re not talking about people of position or power.

Um, yeah, yeah.

And then not only that then he gets into with Matthew and the tax collectors like then he grabbed the most hated among their people those that took advantage of of their people and and made wealth for themselves. Ah you know on on the jewish people’s backs and chose you know those individuals then he had others that were you know.


Looking for a war here and wanted to take over Rome and kill off romans maybe they did kill off romans we’re not exactly sure you know, um where my can remember his name the zaalot um I should know that disciples names off my head.


I don’t know I don’t know Thaddeus no.

Ding it ah table. Now, you’re just now you’re just throwing names out there Simon The Zealot now same? Um, ah, you know who are looking for you. Ah, a.

I’m just messed with you. Ah I don’t know Simon nice. Um, certainly are.

Ah, kingdom ruler an overthrower um to take down rome that’s how I thought Jesus was going to come the messiah was coming. Um, so yeah I think from an application standpoint. Um, you know, no matter I think the story is no matter your background no matter what you’ve done.


Matter the life. You’ve lived up to this point or for that matter the life you’re gonna live after this point um like God will take you where you are. He loves you enough to keep you know to to meet you there but loves you too much to let you stay there in our circles we like to make the statement like we’re in the potential business like.

Um, yeah.

Everyone has potential and that’s what we’re trying to find in people and pull it out of them as as we disciple and and make disciples in this way of Matthew 184 and that’s what Jesus was right? like I saw a quote this week so

Um, yeah.

Our model of what we call it just to give it a name. We call it relational discipleship? Um, but I saw a quote about it this week that said you know we’re we’re not trying to create a new way to do church. We’re fundamentally changing how you view people and I think that’s the foundation of what Jesus brought into the world was.


He’s fundamentally changing how we view people he wasn’t trying to build this church. Um, he wasn’t trying to build these organizations. He wasn’t trying to build even large communities he was trying to find the potential and people and pull it out and we saw that with the disciples we see that with Simon Peter who you know up until Jesus is you know shoot.

Um, who? yeah yeah, yeah, who. Yeah.

Even after Jesus’ ‘ death and denying Jesus 3 times. Um, you know, ended up taking this moment and ends up you know, ah at some point along the journey leading in jerusalem you know before James took over like was a foundational part of of this new movement. Yeah that we call.

Um, yeah.

Um, yeah.

You know we call the church today. But yeah I think those are my big thoughts. What are your thoughts Andrew.

Yeah man I Guess to add to add to that? Um, just this might sound really simple I don’t know but um I don’t think you drop everything and pivot and start following somebody. Um, if you don’t like them. You know like.


Yeah, like Jesus didn’t say like hey I’m going to give you a ton of wealth and riches if you just come and follow me. You know there wasn’t like this. Um there wasn’t bait or or there wasn’t like motive for them to um to say like. Of course I’m following him anybody would you know? um, like maybe they thought yeah this guy’s going to beat off the like takeover and beat beat the romans out of our society take them out of leadership. You know like we’ll we’ll be independent again. They might have thought that um. I doubt it at this point I doubt they thought they were sincerely talking to the messiah they probably were like this dude is at least like a prophet or something like there’s something’s going on with Jesus and I want to be a part of it. Um, but I don’t think they thought like yeah I’m going to be super powerful if I you know. Follow this guy or I’m going to have a ton of riches or my family’s going to be put into this place of honor like I don’t think those motivations were probably at play much in this interaction. But I think they’re like something’s going on with this dude like something big is going to come from this and. I actually want to hang out with him like as simple as that may sound I don’t think people drop everything and start following even ah, a leader um in a real way if they dislike that person. Um, so I I guess like I don’t. I think the people that Jesus chose speak to him never being arrogant like I never think of Jesus as being arrogant like I deserve this? Um, you all you all don’t even deserve to be around me. No none of that like I think he was a genuinely. Likekable person like that people wanted to hang out with and spend time with and be close to for all the right reasons. Um, not this is going to get you something this is going to pay off for you but like I want to be around this person and ah. And that doesn’t mean that we have to like fake it or do things that are not genuine so others want to be with us. but um but I think being likeable is probably a good place to start? Um, in terms of like if you want anybody to follow you? Um, towards god like you might want to not be. Ah, huge jerk in how you treat people at a minimum because I think Jesus was never that way I think he was always kind and and probably pretty funny and probably insanely insightful. You know by the way he taught and preached like you can tell this dude.

Understood some stuff he understood things on levels that that we don’t ever see people understanding. You know? Um, but yeah man, it’s simple. But I think people liked Jesus like I think the common person. The fisherman liked Jesus. And and later when we see like was it Matthew who’s a tax collector when we see him called into being a disciple like I think he probably was like man I could never be called into that crew but I desperately want to be like I would love to be in that group. You know.

You know anyone.

Um, and I don’t deserve it and that’s probably why Jesus was like yeah I want you in if you’re in, you’re going to go do big things you’re going to help spread the kingdom that’s already here like you don’t know it yet. But you’re in um so I don’t know like. I’m not trying to say go throw the best parties so you’re liked but like being a person who’s who’s genuine and sincere like I think people like that a lot and and are willing to say like I’ll tie my cart to your horse. You know I’ll follow along with you.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it reminds you of what Peter says in none Peter this is none peter 3 15 to give you reference you can find it. But yeah, 15 be in your hearts review crisis lord and then he says this. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have but do this with gentleness and respect. Um like I think you’re touching on something here. The the hope that we have I would I would assume.

Yeah, yeah.

Based on um perception and just watching Christians that most Christians don’t have hope um, not not even in the sense of like selfishly yeah, like selfishly they don’t have hope but in the sense of like.

Um, yeah, yeah, hope’s a powerful thing man. Yeah.

When people look at your life. They don’t want. They don’t have questions so you have to give an answer and I think that and I think that comes back from. Um and I think that comes back from like you haven’t learned how to foster relationship with Jesus enough.

A sorry.

So you can live and in the midst of that relationship and watch Jesus lead the sanctification process to turn you into a person that yeah people are going to ask? Why do you have the hope that you have um I think a lot of christians come to know Jesus for salvation. Um, they never learn the skillsets of foster relationship with Jesus. They’re never, they’ve never been good at relationship in general and because of that they’re they’re not walking with Jesus. So if you’re not if you don’t know and follow Jesus. You’re definitely not going to be changed by Jesus but it’s it’s in the process of being changed by Jesus that this hope starts to be established in your life. Um, regardless of the circumstance of life like those aren’t even in the equation. Um, you can have hope you know in the midst of anything that is going to give people the desire around you to ask? Why are you different like you maybe they can’t put a word on it. They can’t call it hope they don’t know how to describe it. But they just looking and say there’s something. There’s something off and I want to know what it is right? and then we’re prepared to give an answer and the gay answer is the Gospel. This is who Jesus is this what he said he’s gonna do this is what he did and this is you know how we live inside a relationship with him moving forward and we do that with great gentleness and respect when we give that answer I think.

Yeah, yeah.

Um, yeah, yeah.

That’s also where christians we get this wrong on a pretty regular basis. We’re not gentle and we typically don’t show respect. We’re usually argumentative. We’re trying to convince rather than allowing God to do all that work and we’re just gonna keep plant seeds and watering seats and let God make them grow but we play our part but I think that’s a big thing too like if.

Yeah. Yeah man.

If people aren’t asking you if people aren’t following you around trying to figure out like I want what he has or I want what she has then I would argue you’re probably not fostering relationship but Jesus to the depth where those things are those things are happening because those conversations will happen growth conversations will happen.

Um, yeah, yeah, um.

And I’m not saying like you take control of this process. You’re not in control you’re giving it all up. You’re you’re walking in humility and letting God take control of this process. But when God says hey I want you to go back and apologize to that person or hey I want you to I want I Want to talk about this thing and I want to talk about I Want to talk about you in a real way. Let it all out. Be vulnerable.


But the fears of it. Let the emotions of it like take down the walls with me through this thing. Um, and as we talk through this stuff like growth starts to happen. You start to see what we call the fruits of the spirit in Galatians you know, ah written out peace patience kindness gentle and self-control. Um and some other ones thrown in there as well. But like those start to come out of you.


That’s attractive to people and I think this is the hope that we have inside of people don’t manipulate situation. People can see through and authentic. You know, inauthentic behavior like if you’re just doing these things because is what good Christians do um but it’s also exhausting like you’re you’re going to be um.


Ah, burnt out at some point because you’re trying to do it on your own power rather than in Christ power through you. He’s very clear. You know you have no power over sin in this life. That’s where his power comes into play. Um, let him deal with that stuff in that junk and yeah, then we get to that place where you know eventually Paul and I ah sorry Paul were.

Yep. Um, yep.

Skipping way ahead where where ah Simon and and his brother Andrew and um these other disciples that are called here pretty quick John and his brother. Um, like there’s an attractiveness that starts to expand and the cool thing is like it’s funny as I read a lot of the gospels today. Um I’m working through them all right now.

Simon and Andrew yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

Just through my time of Jesus and like how much of how many characteristics of that time is is mimicking the time of Hill City and the other church plant that we’re we’re putting. You know we’re we’re trying to build from the ground up with people as our focus here in Colorado Springs but like we’re starting to see these movements where like people are attracted to what.


Others have in our community and they’re coming because they’re like I want what they have like I don’t know what it is I can’t put my finger on it but they have something that I don’t have whether they’re believers are non-believers right? We have both um like there’s that piece of it too where they’re just attracted to these things and they’re like I just want whatever that is. It’s you know.

Crush. Yeah, yeah, right right.

Be prepared to give an answer you know to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason why the hope you have but you’re not going to have hope if you don’t learn how to walk with Jesus like the disciples did like Simon and and his brother Andrew did here in this story as other christians that have walked before us right? We know plenty of christians you like you look at their life and like I don’t.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Um, yeah, yeah.

Want that. That’s there’s nothing there that I want to reproduce in my life. Um, unless it’s you know, shame and guilt trying to get you to do those things in general, you’re like yeah I don’t want to be you. But then you know those people that you have encountered. You’re like I don’t know what it is but I want what they have.

Um, yeah, yeah, right, right? right.


So I want to walk with them and and learn from them. It’s the same model like this is just how we make disciples. It’s the same model paul use or Paul said follow me as I follow Christ in one of the epistles I don’t remember which one up time my head um right like there’s this methodology that’s at play that got that Jesus is now you know.


Modeling to us in this story and continues to model to us throughout the gospels that the disciples take and run with and continue to live out that they’re going to be grown and changed by Jesus um, so they can have a hope no matter what and people are going to be attracted to that hope and they can point them back to hey this is the source of all of this. This is what it means to follow Jesus this is what it means this? what Jesus did and said he was going to do and this is how we continue to live this out after we come to salvation right? like we work through being a disciple Matthew for None no one followed Jesus be changed by Jesus and be on mission with Jesus but yeah.

Yep yep.

Um, yeah.

Um, yeah.

I know I ranted and I tried to rant a little while because I see that there’s a baby on your hand in your in your lap. But.

Ah, she’s ah she was having a great time. So everybody might have heard her. Um she was laughing because she I pulled up my phone and just went to pictures and she saw one of her and and her sister it was just like over the moon about it. So I’m just showing her videos silently. But ah man last thing like I do think there’s that speaking. Yeah like I think there’s like the deep hope of like that person has hope so I want to want to follow them. But I also just think on like a ah simple human radar level like. I think we have a good radar for this of like do I want to hang with that person. Do I want to spend time with that person but I want to invite them over to my house and like my my evidence of why this still still matters is ah like you think about presidential politics in the us. And like on election years the the question of like who would you rather have a beer with you know this candidate or that candidate. However, people answer that usually determines who wins the election and it’s just as simple as like would you want to spend time with this person. Like would you ever want this person who’s tried to be president to like hang out with you. You know, have dinner at your house come to your pool party go to a restaurant with them like if you don’t want them then you’re probably not going to vote for them and you’re definitely not going to drop your occupation and follow them. So I just think. At ah at a simple human level like yes Jesus did wild things healing none of people you know in a day like healing anybody with with major problems that doctors couldn’t touch and that demons that priests hadn’t been able to cast out and all the stuff like. Healing wild things. He did that but a lot of people followed him just because they’re like something is going on with this guy. Um, he’s so different than the other religious authorities and and I want to learn from him but I also want to just be close to him like. Like to be in proximity to this person and and I can think of people in my life where I’m like I’d like to just spend time with you like even people I work with I’m just like man I’d like to hang with you like you’d seem like you’d be a good friend. You know whether they’re on my team or not um or people I meet I’m like yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

We could be friends like we’re in or on the flip side. It’s like no like I’m going to be with you the minimum amount of time for Josh that’s ah, are you a cat person and it’s like all right, we’re out. We’re done I know enough to know this is not going to work. Ah, but ah, no man I don’t know I just.


Maybe I’m overstressing that point maybe not. but but christians have gotten a big reputation of of not being people that you want to hang with and usually it’s because they there’s ah a huge perception that man they’re just like the most judgmental people. You know christians across the board in the us that’s often said about people who who follow Christ and I don’t think we should be that way like I don’t like Jesus as we saw his ministry progress after this he always called a spade to spade. You know he taught like your your yes bs your Noby? No like you didn’t shy away from confrontation. He didn’t um yeah he was. He was pretty bold about it but he also didn’t go looking for a fight just to judge and condemn people you know and many times when he had the opportunity to judge. Or condemn um, he he released them from that burden said like the the woman he could have stoned you know was it the woman at the well no, not at the well woman he could have stoned. Um, you know he basically squatted down and said we think started writing. The the people’s sins in the sand that were trying to throw rocks at her and then when they all left None by None oldest none? um, she looked up and he was still there. He could have started throw own rocks. But um, he basically just said hey go and send no more like where are your accusers. I’ve given you mercy now go and send no more turn from your lifestyle acknowledging like yeah, that was wrong, but here’s freedom here’s here’s a ah new shot at life here’s total grace and hope and freedom wrapped up in None moment that in that lady’s life was powerful. You know? Um, so anyway, um, I’m I’m ranting to a little bit but all that to say like I was hitting on that because there is a total perception of like if you tell somebody? Yeah I’m a Christian um, they’re probably going to have thoughts of like oh shoot I wish I didn’t tell you you know. That about my life because you’re probably judging me now because you think I’m too poor or gay or whatever to be your friend. You know like they’re probably immediately like I wish I didn’t tell you so much about my life because now you have so much to judge me on. Um I don’t think we need to be marked by that any longer man. I don’t want to be marked by that I don’t want to be perceived as a person that when others realize I’m a christian they they have to worry about like this guy’s gonna judge me, you know, um, want them to be like no like I’ve heard that about christians but that’s not Andrew’s way he works like.

He’s my friend and I want to be his friend and and I actually want to shape my life to be a little bit more like his over time in some ways you know and when those conversations happen then you can point him to hope and it’s not like it’s not like hey I’m awesome because I’m not. You know it’s it’s never that posture. It’s like hey I’m trying. Have hope because I’m filled with hope and it’s it’s because of Jesus like let me let me tell you about that. But let me none like just live. It. Let me show you with my life. Um, why I have hope you know and then when the words when the time for words comes you’ll believe them because you’ve already seen it lived out. So. Um, anyway man I think he was likable and and I think I don’t think it was happenstance that Simon and Andrew threw their lots in with them. Um, and or that the other disciples did pretty quickly when called um I think it was because they they saw like yeah this is a person I want to be around and I want to be like. Um, he’s going somewhere you know and I want to go with him. So yeah man, that’s my that’s my take is just relationally if we’re following Jesus. We’re doing our best to to live that out. Authentically um I think other people might want to spend more time with us as a result of that. Shouldn’t be your goal. But I think that might kind of flow naturally hand in hand in way that might might surprise you. So yeah I’m in.

Yeah, and I would I would add this as as kind of an application standpoint if you’re listening and I’ll add this to like people will like you and follow you if you’re charismatic in general right? Like we know those people.

So yeah.


Um, but they’re not going to stick with you long term if it isn’t genuine. So how genuine change starts to happen going back to Matthew 4 19 you know 1 follow Jesus be changed by Jesus on mission with Jesus like the only way you’re changed by Jesus is you know and follow Jesus so take this as an example from Simon Peter


And start following Jesus right? It starts just saying yes to Jesus calling him lord um and and starting to to foster relationship to him. This is one of the reasons you know we talk about du dwell. Um, you know in all transparency sure we we do get kickback from that. But like we recommend it because we think it’s hopeful right.

That right, right.

Um, getting into the recorded word of god to be able to start the conversations with god great tool. Um, and maybe that’s where you start or maybe you just grab your bible and you know don’t just read the bible and then call it a day. Let it be a place where it leads you to conversation with Jesus. And just like any kind of relationship. You’re starting for the none time there’s going to be awkward pauses. It’s not going to go smoothly at times. It’s going to feel like conversation is 1 ne-sided all of these things are true and it’s the same thing with Jesus you may do a lot more talking with Jesus than listening that’s okay, keep talking keep fostering that relationship. Um, if you are reading um through maybe it’s this story or you’re reading through a different story and it sparks an idea or a thought in your head chase that idea in thought and talk to Jesus about it. Be like you know Jesus? This is kind of the thought that ran through my head and I’m not sure really what it means or where it’s going but I’m just going to kind of talk it out and then talk it out share the emotion of it. As vulnerable and transparent with Jesus as you possibly can be if it doesn’t feel like you’re exposing doesn’t feel like you’re opening up. You’re probably not pushing hard enough keep pushing um keep foster that relationship in Jesus when when your foship Jesus and the conversation start to happen. Um, and he starts to ask you to do things. Um, that may seem small and not that big of a deal. Um, as we start to do these things and we start to talk through these things we start to find freedom from some of these things like this is where that change starts to happen inside of us and it’s that change that’s attractive to other people right? That’s the hope that we live in. That’s the attractiveness that that.

Yeah yep, yep.

Andrew was talking about this starts to come out of us now. It’s our goal to live on purpose point them back to Jesus teach them. Essentially how to do the same thing. Um that you’ve done up into this point right? That’s the that’s the mission. That’s the the purpose. That’s the greater greater plan that’s at play here is to help others do the same thing.

Right? right.

But it all comes back to how are you foster relationship with Jesus Statistics tells us those listening. You’re probably not spending time with Jesus, you go to church from time to time that’s about it I’m sorry going to church doesn’t a foster relationship. But Jesus you can sing about him. You can hear someone talk about him but in still you start engaging a relationship. And having conversations yourself with him. You’re going to stay that same cycle over and over again and then you’re going to feel like you got sold a bill of goods. Um, and this isn’t you know this christian life hasn’t been turned out what you thought was going to turn out it’s because you never learned how to know and follow Jesus star foster relationship and if well as a tool for that great this jesus live podcast.

Yeah, yeah.

Josh um if it’s something else. Great fantastic I don’t really care what it is what I do care is that you’re fostering relationship of Jesus so you can be changed by Jesus and you like Simon and Andrew as we if you follow this story will be. You know.


That piece that starts to draw others in because of their lives as they follow Christ not behavior. Um, it’s posture. Um, that’s the thing that’s attracts people in. It’s how you interact with people attracts people in yep and it’s not because you right not because you don’t drink. It’s not because.

Um, yeah, authenticity not Behavior authenticity man same from top to bottom you know? yeah.

You don’t curse. It’s not because you don’t sleep around. It’s not. It’s none of those things. It’s not behavior. It’s posture. How do you do relationship with people That’s what draws people in that’s what’s going to get them in so check those tools and resources out this is this is God speaking to you and I’m very careful putting words in God’s mouth. But.

Um, yeah, yep.

This is a message that you’ll see through all out throughout scripture shm meke was saying it. But in this moment this is god speaking to you saying come talk to me. Um, build relationship with me in time with me. Do it I’m telling you, you’re gonna be a different person six months from now you’re gonna be a completely different person a year from now I don’t say that lightly. Um, you ask the people that are in my circles. They’ll tell you I’m a very different person today than I was a year ago because I chose to build relationship with Jesus Foster relationship with Jesus and let him lead the process of changing me so check it out. Definitely worth it. Andrew it looks like baby is in your arms. Ah, and he is about to leave us forever just kidding if if thanks for listening thanks for taking the time with us. We’re going to keep this series up and we got Mary Magdalene we have Nicodemus Zachaus women at the well a dulceroman the dying thief on the cross and saul also known as Paul. Coming up soon stick with this series for the rest of this summer and into the fall.

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