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The Mustard Seed
Episode No. 40

Small beginnings are the way of Jesus, but those beginnings are always the start to great multiplication. Are you being obedient and full of faith that God will bring the multitude to His kingdom? Share your story with us at We love hearing from you.

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Josh: Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re just two normal dudes trying to live this Jesus’ life. My name is Josh. 

Andrew: Hey, my name’s Andrew and we are this Jesus’ life podcast, Josh, how are you doing my friend? 

Josh: Dude, I’m doing fantastic. I am making a dedication for this episode, uh, or commitment. I’m not really dedicated to anything.

I’m just committing to it. I’m going to make sure my mouth stays as close to this micron as humanly possible without it going into my mouth. Uh, summarize my audio sounds better. Cause I noticed, I don’t think I’ve listened to a recent podcasts. It’s live, but the one before it and it, yeah, I go like this

it’s annoying to me. So I assume it’s annoying to our listeners. Dude. You got to carry now as long. 

Andrew: Yeah, I was, I was, I was saying, Hey to you because you kept going for, Hey, get back there. Um, just don’t just don’t sneeze or meet yourself if you’re going to stay. Cause you don’t want to give yourself COVID-19.

Um, do you actually, have you thought about masking 

Josh: up,


you can’t make jokes anymore because they’ve all become political. I almost said I buy three math on, but he couldn’t hear me, but now it’s a political statement. Eventually you get to so many mass that you’re just going to pass out. So I’m not sure how that’s going to work out for you. We can 

Andrew: tell the seller editor.

Got it. It’s all good. It’s all good. 

Josh: Um, yeah, we’ll just, we’ll take the hit. You can hate us for our, our politics. I’ll take the hit. Hey, we one time. Yeah. Yeah. We’re going to, I was going to make a sticker out of it and I can never make it look good. So I just never did it fall into the, um, the bucket of great ideas that were never accomplished.

That bucket is pretty full of a lot of things in that bucket. 

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, that’s fair. I am trying to get my wife to write a book right now. Um, that is I, I am, um, it would be called fired up and it would be basically the guide to. Lose your job and then get promoted and like, listen to Janet. You can even make a quiz, you at the front of this book where you fill out.

And you’re like the four types of people, one. So her dad, uh, we were talking about this and her dad and chimed in, cause he like ended up getting a job that’s better than the job he, um, was downsized out of. Um, cause they did a big restructure. So anyway, um, we were talking about this and he’s like, yes, absolutely do that.

And I’m like, you make a quiz, you can put like, don’t be a Jack you’re, you’re a Jack personality or you’re a golden retriever personality or whatever. And it’s like, you can have all these levels and like you could make a Ted talk. You’re getting, you can get into the, uh, consulting scan. You’re good to go.

Josh: Yeah. The scheme, I think she would like have to have that experience though. Yeah. That’s the only thing that gives her credibility. She’d have to get fired hired back by the same company in a better position. 

Andrew: Well, yeah, that’s fair. That’s fair. Yeah. But anyway, that’s one of those things she could do.

Josh: She’s 

Andrew: yeah. Yeah. Just other people’s testimony, other people’s experience, you know, ghost honor it, do a, do a pseudonym, you know, be great. Be great. Um, not that 

Josh: she’s busy now for two kids writing a book. I think she’s definitely capable. 

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I mean, I’ve got nothing but time to burn, you know, dude, let’s try open my speaking politics.

I opened my news app just a moment ago and a question popped out that I really wanted to ask you this. This was a shocking news. It was the thought provoking news headline. And the headline is this, should you brush your teeth before or after? Morning coffee. And that’s a real question for you. I have an answer and I have a stance on it, but where are you at on that?

Do you brush pre or post or a coffee? 

Josh: You have a stance on it? Uh, I don’t have a stance on it, so I brushed my teeth before I drink my morning coffee, because that’s what I’m in the bathroom. I don’t drink coffee before I’m in the bathroom. And I typically brush my teeth in the shower in the morning. So that means I have to drink my coffee before I ever got in the shower or take my coffee in the shower with me, I guess is an option.

But that doesn’t seem like it’d be good coffee. Um, she’d be like top, right? Yeah. Yeah, Ms. Doubtfire, when like she fakes that she’s like wearing a Marangu mask or whatever, and it like drops into her coffee, be kind of like that. But with shampoo,

my shampoo is like all natural. Uh, that’s why it sucks. Um, but I like the bottles from the company, so that’s why I buy things. Um, and I like what it looks like, what the other bottles in my showers, I keep using it.

So back to your question, probably because of being lazy. 

Andrew: That’s great. If we have super loyal podcast listeners, they’re going to know so much about your morning routine over time. They just keep getting little snippets of 

Josh: your whole morning, right. Run into each other one day. And they’re just going to be like, Oh, Josh, did you a poop before you put in your contacts this morning?

And you’re like, no, I would never do that. This was last week. I think back to the pooping conversation. Um, last week, uh, I had to poop like woke up having to poop. Like it was, it wasn’t like an explosive, you’d better run there fast, but it was a, Hey, you need to take care of this first thing. So I did. And then I’m in this dilemma where there’s white Knight, but, and now I gotta put my context in because my, I suck now and I can’t see anything without them.

And I decided to go without him for a couple hours now because I washed my hands a ton of times. So just normal wash, but I just felt like time had to pass by before I put poop particles in my eyes. It just

Andrew: felt too soon. Oh, that’s funny, man. That’s really funny. Well, here’s the deal. I, I have waited to brush my teeth before until after I’ve had my morning coffee, but here’s the deal when you do that. All the kind of gunk and like, not gunk, but you know, like you wake up in your mouth, feels like, Ooh, I should brush my teeth in the morning.

So if you go ahead and drink your coffee, I feel like it just permeates that flavor deep into like your tongue and your teeth and all your teeth cracks and stuff. And then you brush and you gotta brush like two or three times to get that whole flavor out. So. I do think your, even though you say it’s because you’re being lazy, I think you’re making the right call.

Like you’re brushing first and then introducing coffee is the way to go. You know, and coffee, breath is good breath in my opinion, as long as you stay well, hydrated. 

Josh: Yeah, I agree. I like the taste of coffee, the taste of coffee in my mouth right now. So that would kind of suck if I lost it. And I like the taste of mint in my mouth instead of start my day.

I don’t know. There’s definitely parts of it that like brush your teeth, you feel refresh. It’s like getting a haircut. You’re like, I’m a new dude. It’s like brush your teeth is the same thing. I have this spray that I put on my face because where I buy the stuff for my face told me to buy it. So I did.

And I’m a sucker for ads and just animals, especially when things look good, I just buy them

and, uh, Uh, it’s like refreshing. I don’t know what it’s well, I think it’s most like open my pores or something like that. I don’t really know, but I like it cause they’re like, Oh yeah, I’m ready to take on the day. Uh, and then I put on my lip, my lotion for my face, and it’s the only lotion I found that doesn’t make me break out into, you know, ginormous zits, because that sucks.

Andrew: That does suck, but it’s good. You found the right lotions and uh, I hope that, uh, that’s great 

Josh: because I’m one of them, actually the other companies stuff like I wanted to buy their lotion because I wanted all my bottles to look the same because that’s important in life. Um, and, uh, yeah, that’s definitely break out like crazy.

So I’d go back to my normal stuff. It doesn’t look as cool. The bottle. Yeah. But it works really well. And it’s the nights I don’t want put sunscreen on my face.

No joke. I’ve thought about doing that with my shampoo bottles. Cause I don’t like the shampoo at all. I was thinking I’m going to go back to crew. Cause I like cruise stuff and I might just fill the cruise stuff in the old bottles. So it still looks right, but it’s crew. I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll we’ll check in next week and see if that’s a, a methodology I’ve chosen to 

Andrew: have.

We’ll let you know, Josh is skincare is going and if his belly button leakage has, uh, gone up or down, uh, depending on products he’s used and uh, yeah, we’ll keep going. But there, uh, there was something you said, uh, that you’d been reading or watching or something. Uh, and then you’re like, no, no, I’ll save it for the podcast.

So what, what was that you were going to tell us about that? You’ve been watching recently. 

Josh: I remember saying the statement. I’ll say it for the MCAST, but for the life of me, I don’t remember what it was. Yeah, I think it had something with the TV show, but I can’t remember what TV show I am watching 

Andrew: right now.

Oh, burn notice. That’s 

Josh: good. How you just started it too. 

Andrew: Yeah, we’ve been crushing survivor, bro. We’re on season seven. We’re going straight through. Yeah, it’s so good. 

Josh: Yeah. I’m not. I’ve tried to get into, to survivor. I’m just, yeah, I don’t know. I’m not a fan. Um, but now yeah, burn notice from USA network from like when I was in high school, early twenties, I think is when Bernos was on TV.

Pretty good. Uh, cheesy at times, little Miami vicey, but I like, uh, I’m like through two seasons now and I just started a week ago. 

Andrew: Nice. That’s like the, that it kind of reminds me, I remember watching some of the episodes and it was kind of like the Brooklyn. What is it? Brooklyn, nine, nine, um, kind of like that a little bit in some parts, but anyway, it’s a good show.


Josh: Yeah. It’s, it’s cheesy in some parts, but it’s, it’s not really a comedy. Um, but I forgot how it ended. I’m pretty sure I watched it when I was on TV. I don’t remember. Um, yeah, so now I’m like into the story and I wanna know how he got burned and. Right. Has all bright TV shows that lasts forever go.

They never tell you, let me just give you new characters. Um, but I am only for season two. So I’m hoping that this, this does end. There’s part of me. There’s a few, I should probably Google this, uh, that it’s something that just got canceled and it never ended. So there’s no end to it, which is really gonna piss me off.

I go through the seven seasons or whatever it is, and there’s no end. I’m gonna probably cry. I’ve also been watching monk. Remember mung. Conch is a good one 

Andrew: is a good one, dude. That’s yeah, that’s a good monk. Nice. 

Josh: Not as good as my regulars, but it’s pretty good. 

Andrew: I was going to say, speaking of like the shows that like, they just keep adding to, I don’t know if the blacklist is still on TV or not, but like, man, the season, one of that and season two was really stinking.

Good. And then we just kind of lost interest because it just like, they kept pushing it out and changing it and all this stuff. But season one and two were solid of the blacklist 

Josh: and that’s like a similar story. Right? There’s like this entity that lives outside of the storyline, they’re trying to figure out.

Yeah, I like that guy. There’s 

Andrew: like all this stuff. Yeah. 

Josh: Yeah. Dude. Welcome back to our never, never. 

Andrew: Yeah. I was just going to say welcome back to our, uh, our parables discussions. I feel like these have been pretty cool and 

Josh: we should look at theme song for it. Can you sing us a theme song for parables? 

Andrew: You know, I thought I liked the track you were on right there.

Um, if you want to just back me up, pay ripples, pay up parables, that ticket para bold. Yeah.

Josh: I mean, nothing to me. I wouldn’t think of like more like high pitch. Can you like get into like your false seller Seto and like 

Andrew: handle through that? I can not, but you can. I’d love to hear you hit it, bro. You were in a choir, never, never. In 

Josh: the prior one, I was an awkward middle school stage and they put me at the very top away from everybody.

So I wouldn’t ruin the choir. Um, but also I’m pretty deep voice that carries. Which is not fun, but they also made you just cause like no joke. Yeah. Yeah. They’re like, Josh, you shut up and play this. 

Andrew: If you 

Josh: don’t say, Oh, I’ve told the story thing on the podcast once. Yeah, I think he did. Yeah. Like they, they, uh, because I had hockey one night and I missed the concert.

I had to go sing by myself to the teacher and the worst experience ever. And I took that class cause I was told there was no homework. And I was like, down with that

live and learn. It was sad. I cried myself to sleep that night. Didn’t like the experience. Yeah, it happens fair. But we are talking parables today as we’ve been talking for the last, uh, when we started, this is like episode four of parables and we’re talking. And we’re talking about the mustard seed parable, uh, and maybe you’ve maybe caught it yet.

I don’t know. Maybe you haven’t caught it yet, but, um, parables can be kind of difficult for us to apply to our lives though. We’re are doing our best to do that. Um, because they’re not really meant for us. Um, you know, and Jesus was ushering in, you know, essentially the restored kingdom, um, you know, through the church and, and through the great commission, uh, and he was comparing it to something was dying and something new was coming.

Um, so a lot of these variables, including these ones, um, really apply to the time of the day, um, more than they apply to us today. But I think. Hey, we find things to pull out of them and I think they line up with the rest of scripture. So we’re okay to do that. Um, and that’s kinda where we’re at. So if you’re like, man, they all sound the same.

Well, to some extent they are the same story over and over again in different ways because Jesus is trying to get his point across that, Hey, a new kingdom is being restored. Um, a new kingdom is, is, is being brought into existence through the church. Um, and things are going to be different and it’s a lot of, Hey, you failed the last time around and now there’s a new thing around, uh, this one’s a little bit along that lines.

When we talk about the mustard seed, the growing seed, uh, I think some even call it the weeds, some, um, uh, uh, even different books of the Bible call a wheat rather than, um, Well, Mark calls it here in the growing, see where we’re at today. But if you’re following along, we are in Mark chapter four. Is that right?

Since really early? Yeah, it is. Yeah. Mark chapter four and really he could read all of Mark chapter four and we don’t read the verses. Well, we don’t read a good portion of a month. On the podcast, mainly because we just want to, I don’t know, tickle your, your whistle. That is that the sec that make that up, uh, 

Andrew: tickle your fancy tickling your feet.

Josh: We want to grab your attention just a little bit. You’re like, Oh, I think, I think I liked that. I’m going to go read it myself. Uh, cause we want you spending time with Jesus. That’s why read scripture, read scripture and relationship with Christ. I’m expecting them to speak to our souls, uh, to foster communication between us and him.

Um, and that’s, that’s all we dig into it. So we want you doing that yourself. This isn’t. We’re just not trying to share more information and knowledge here. Um, that’s not helpful to your walk actually at, are you a, tenderest hint, a hindrance to your walk. Um, and we want you fostering a relationship with Jesus because he’s the source of all life.

He’s the source of all hope. He’s the source of all purpose in this life. So if we want to make a difference and we’ll get into that today too, on making a difference, what it looks like to be in the kingdom compared to out of the kingdom. Um, but Andrew, you want to kind of give us the, the message version or I should say the Andrew Hannah message version, the paraphrase version subscription.

Andrew: Yeah. Why not? Why not? So why don’t you 

Josh: think of a reason for that? Why not? Let me just, let me 

Andrew: just as Josh would say it, let me just try to tickle your whistle real quick with this one 

Josh: sticker. Added to the pile of ideas we never, ever accomplished. Yeah. 

Andrew: I was laughing way too hard the whole time you were being serious.

So I’m going to get my game face on. Here we go. So Jesus was talking and he basically said, um, what shall I say? I mean, the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which is one of the smallest seeds you’ve ever seen. But, uh, when it’s planted, it grows and it grows so big that people and birds can use it for shade, birds, perch on it, on its branches.

They take refuge there, um, and, and it grows and grows by itself and becomes a force to be reckoned with. So what starts tiny can grow into an enormous plant and kind of impacts whole environment around it. And. That’s it like it’s a real, really short parable, but Jesus explains yet things can start small.

The kingdom of God might be starting small in your view, but it’s not going to be small for long, pretty soon. It’s going to be something you can take refuge in something others can, can live inside of birds can live inside of. Um, and that’s what it’s like. Um, and I’ll just say my first reaction as I was preparing for this was kind of funny, man.

The last, uh, three days I’ve been, um, getting ready for, to order all of our seeds that we’ll be using in our garden, which as you know, we have a pretty big garden and we love, um, growing good food cause marijuana. No, no it’s, uh, no marijuana seeds. Um, but to metos cucumbers, pumpkin squash, acorn squash, like just the works, um, sweet corn, all kinds of stuff.

Um, and it’s kind of cool because I was looking out the window this morning and it’s like, we still have, we got 30 inches of snow, um, like a week and a half ago. And we still probably have 10 inches on the ground covering everything. Cause it’s just been gold. Um, but anyway, I’m sitting here, you know, envisioning this, this pack of seeds, like the pumpkin seeds, there’s like 25 in there, which doesn’t sound like that many, but one pumpkin seed when it grows, spreads out and covers like 15 feet around it and pumpkin vines, you know, and it climbs everything.

It grows pumpkins everywhere. Like it just has exponential impact one single seed. And the craziest thing about when you grow seeds like that is I try to get all heirloom ones as much as possible, because that just means that I can use the seeds from the plants themselves and grow new plants. Um, so one pumpkin seed, it grows, uh, you split open and pumpkin and it’s like, there could be 500 pumpkin seeds in there.

So it’s just this exponential impact that happens. I’m in a really, really natural way. So. As we’ve been preparing for this pod cast about the parable of the mustard seed. I’ve been literally planning to make my seed purchase to get ready for my garden. And just thinking about like, what, which, what things do I want to test that I could theoretically keep around forever, you know?

Cause I might grow a great cucumber this year, but if I love it, I’ll keep on cucumber. Keep all the seeds from it. Then I’ll never have to buy cucumber seeds again, literally. Um, it’s just, it’s kind of crazy, man. So that’s my first blush take on it is just the literal growing of seeds. Uh, analogy is really cool because it’s something that can just keep going and going.

And once you find it a plant you’re happy with, 

Josh: what do you think? Yeah. And like to put ourselves in the story, you’re listening to it like right now, what Jesus was introducing this new kingdom. Existed in him and his 12 disciples, right? Like that that’s small beginnings. Like there’s, there’s a small start that was going to eventually exponentially grow.

And it did, as we see today, like the churches in every, every nation across the world, um, at least to some extent, um, now let me wrong. There’s been Merlins in our church history that are, you know, less fortunate than others, but, um, in general, the church still exists. So the exponential growth that happened, and it happened from, you know, life on life relationships, right?

Like it was the disciples investing in the next group of disciples, investing in the next group of disciples that eventually establishing his church. Um, and then, you know, uh, the individuals of that community continue to live out this great commission and we saw exponential growth again. Um, it’s the same way things grow today.

Like. And you hear this, like, you hear this in the business world, the entrepreneur world as well of like, yeah, great things have small beginnings and you’re like, yeah, Jesus said that 2000 years ago. I’m glad you caught up. But like, that’s true. So I think it’s, I think oftentimes we want things to be exponential.

Like the second we decide, we’re going to jump into this. Like, I want to do this for the kingdom. And I want, for example, like this podcast, we expected a hundred thousand listeners, uh, by this time we’re coming up on our year. We were expecting even millions at times. Um, we’re not there yet. It’s just heartbreaking to us.

Because we wanted the exponential growth right off the bat. Right. But Hey, we have more listeners that are accomplished. So thrilled, still thrilled by everyone that does listen. Um, but it’s a small beginning, right? So we’re going to continue to do our piece because we think this is helpful. We think it’s making a difference in people’s lives.

And one, it’s making a difference in our own lives. As we grow in our relationship with Jesus and understanding of this new kingdom and living that out in our daily lives is helpful to us. So it’s a small beginnings and seeing what exponential growth can happen as you pour into other people around you.

But, um, I think that’s the big thing of this and the parallel, the mustard seeds kind of lines right up with, could you just tell us a couple of seeds stories? Cause man, he’s just on a seed bent. Like he’s like, Hey, I’m going to talk about all my seeds today. And he starts with talking about, you know, Yeah.

Talking about the, a man scattering, good seeds on the ground. This would be Jesus scattering, good seeds on the ground. Um, them sprouting up in the, and he was like, what? I don’t like that. And he jumped into the picture. He says, I’m going to put some weeds in here, which I didn’t even know. There was a thing for weed seeds, but apparently there are not like marijuana weeds, but like weed weeds.

Yeah. And he throws all those out there and it starts to wrap around and get all intertwined with his good mustard seeds. And then he was like, what the heck? And the guy’s like, do you want me to go on and just take out all the seeds? He’s like, no, no, no, don’t do that. You’re gonna take out the good seeds as well.

It’d be bad. Right. I said, wait until, wait to harvest, wait until judgment day. And we’ll, we’ll pull the good out with the bat. I’ll pull the good out of the bad. Um, and the good is just those that know Jesus, like it’s not good on their own ability or behalf it’s by the grace of God, his sacrifice on the cross, um, that we have, we can be called good.

Um, but if that’s where you’re at and that’s where majority of our listeners are like, that’s our target demographic is those that know Jesus, a relationship. Jesus. Um, but maybe are still trying to figure this thing out. Maybe they’ve been harmed in some way and they carry baggage. Uh, maybe they’ve been, um, They’re kind of just an infant infant stage of, of Christianity.

We want to give them a solid biblical view of Christianity, of who Jesus says that they are and what Jesus called them to do, rather than maybe some of the church traditions that exist out there, um, of who they think you should be. Um, and that’s kind of our demographic of we’re trying to help you become a great tree.

So not just a mustard seed, but a great tree. Yeah,

Andrew: absolutely. One thing. Oh, go ahead man. Sorry, go for it. 

Josh: Um, this isn’t the mustard seed story, but when I see mustard seed in scripture, I just assume that we’re talking about Jesus’ famous words, um, where he says, if you have faith to his disciples, he says, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, remember the smallest of seeds.

And one of the reason I know what a mustard seed looks like is. I either taught it as an illustration that had one, or I saw someone teaches illustration and someone I don’t remember. Um, but I’ve never actually seen one in real life. Like I don’t, I don’t go see shopping like Andrew does. Um, you know, he’s getting his seed order together, but it’s not, it’s not let me thing.

Uh, I was asking them earlier, before we got on the podcast, like, Hey, your seeds, do you like their hamburger seeds? Like Bobby have the chance of meatballs. Can I grow hamburgers? Just ready to go? Right. Pull it off a tree. That’s the kind of seeds I’m looking for rather than like, Tomato, like who wants? I know he says he likes to Mandos, but I think he just lied to himself for so long.

Cause he knows, he thinks they’re good for him. And when they’re actually horrible for you in terms of health, or if you’re on the gut health bandwagon, I’m not, it’s funny. So I think of as those famous words where Jesus says, you know, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can tell this mountain to move from here to there and you have the faith to move it.

Yes. Which is. Pretty incredible, right alongside Jesus’ word saying you’re going to even greater things, telling his disciples that, uh, which is mind boggling in itself. That there’s anything I can do greater than, but this is the establishment of the kingdom. Like this is the, the seed becoming, uh, a tree that can support, you know, birds.

Um, they can perch on it. Like it’s, it’s that big of a thing. So that’s the exponential growth that we have in our own faith. Um, when we choose to live into Jesus’s ways rather than living life, our own way, um, this is the exponential growth we can see, uh, in fruit we can see in the lives around us. 

Andrew: This might be a little bit of a tangent.

Uh, but so like you were, like you were saying in Mark four, it’s like we have the parable of the sower and then a lamp on a stand, which we haven’t talked through yet. Then the parable of growing seeds, then the parable of the mustard seeds, then Jesus comes a storm down with his words. And then, um, but in the midst of this Mark kind of says, um, with many similar parables, Jesus spoke the word, uh, to his disciples, but when they were alone, he would explain everything.

And, um, I was just thinking about that. Like, you know, it’s kinda cool that they, it you’ve been incredible to be in one of the disciples shoes and have the, I don’t know, look inside the kingdom at a more holistic way, you know, like they. Like they’re standing there, here in Jesus, teach these incredible things to huge crowds and to tons of people, following him, usually wanting something from him.

And he’s like, I’m going to teach the word I’m going to teach about the kingdom and those who will hear it will hear it. You know? And those won’t won’t like, because realistically, a bunch of people were just there, like he’ll may do something for me, make me rich, teach me how to do your miracles too, so that I can go and profit from them.

You know, it wasn’t everybody, not everybody had great motives who was like following Jesus around, but his disciples he’s like, you’re going to hear me teach all these parables. Then I’m going to pull back the curtain fully for you. Um, and I feel like that’s still the same today, uh, where like the parable of the sower is the perfect analogy of like some seeds falling in Rocky places.

Some coming up, you know, on decent soil and then getting choked out by the worries of this world, by vines, as we talked about, and then this one, it’s like, you know, a mustard seed has the chance to grow and it can become this towering thing, but it also can be cut off mid growth. You know, it can be cut off when it’s still small can be trampled over before it has the chance to get big.

But Jesus was like, I’m going to invest in these disciples with my kingdom. That’s what I’m doing. I’m taking these 12 ragtag guys. I’m investing in them deeply. And I know it’s going to work. You know, it could be choked out. Like could they, they could have all wound up like Judas, you know, kind of turning their back on the message of the kingdom.

Um, betraying Jesus for dollars and cents, you know, um, pieces of silver. But they did it. Um, and for whatever reason, Jesus, you know, he being fully God and fully, man, I guess he knew more, more deeply than you. And I can know things, Josh, but he’s like, yeah, I’m going to sow my mustard seed here. I’m going to sew my kingdom into these, the small group.

And, uh, and it’s going to work, you know? Um, so I don’t know, they’ll just kind of hit me like this. I’m investing in the small group. This is where I’m planting my metaphorical mustard seeds. Um, and it’s going to work, but I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know if that’s it’s helpful or not, or if it’s just a weird tangent, but that’s what I was thinking about.

You were talking 

Josh: well, let’s, let’s stay on that weird tangent because I have another weird tangent. Um, as you’re talking that I thought about like, there’s a. Uh, like as, as things grow. So whether it’s you individually or, um, things you’re trying to invest in the kingdom and, and watching that exponentially grow or things you’re trying to start.

Um, and it all has small beginnings. It all has, um, uh, relational beginnings where it’s, one-on-one one on two, right. Um, as Jesus modeled for us, um, it it’s oftentimes you can get discouraged when you have huge set setbacks. So we look at the early church and the early church exploded in Jerusalem. Um, you know, there was a, there was a lot of good going on there.

There’s a lot of people coming to know Jesus. Um, we’re talking in the thousands, um, was the church in Jerusalem. Um, and then persecution hit, um, and the church had to scatter, which. You’re in the moment. You’re like, man, everything’s going great. Like Jesus in this. And then all of a sudden everyone’s got a fleet Jerusalem, and now they’re like, what the heck?

Like, God, where are you in this? Like I thought this was your baby. You’re not protecting your baby. Um, now we have hindsight, like we have the beautiful 2000 years, right. To see what happens when, when those things kind of happen. But in the middle of it, it’s hard to accept that no Jesus ways are the best ways.

And in this case, Jesus ways were the best ways. That means that the gospel spread throughout all of the, the middle East and then throughout Asia and then throughout the rest of the world, um, because the persecution, which at first look really bad for the church, um, ended up being very, very good for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom expanding.

Um, you know, I would argue we have the gospel here, you know, in America today because of, of the work that was done by, um, The evil one, um, to persecute the church that, uh, God allowed to happen. Um, so, you know, even though in scripture says this, right, like even though the enemy meant this for evil Christ can redeem it for good.

Um, and that’s the beautiful thing that we get to live. And that’s why we have hope, right? Like even though things can get horrible in our lives or dreams could be crushed. And, um, things we chase after are the securities that we put our faith in, you know, crumble right around us, uh, in the grand scheme of things, we’re okay to, to trust in Jesus, his plan, because it’s better.

It may be different than maybe not what we expected, but if we can take that perspective and pull ourselves out of the situation just for a little bit and just to see what Jesus is up to. Like, that’s huge. Like that’s exciting of like, no, we can have faith because my God is still my God. And he’s still in control.

Maybe the person, you know, you voted for president isn’t in the white house. Uh, maybe he is in the white house. And the one that you hated is not out of the white house, um, whatever that, that plays it, but like that’s security right. Where we’re putting our faith in our government rather than our God. Um, and those that are terrified right now, um, of who’s in the, in the, in the oval office, you’re just like, man, your faith is in the wrong place.

I’m like, I don’t need to be terrified. And we’ve talked about this over and over again. Right? I don’t, I don’t need to be worried about, you know, everything going on in my world shirt. I’m gonna vote. I’m gonna be a citizen. Um, but at the same time, like if, if things align differently than I want them to lie, my God is still in control.

If we become a communist state, we’re not going to, but if we became a communist state, like my God is still my God and the church will continue and persecution. Maybe extremely beneficial to the church, uh, in the law, I said this 

Andrew: a long time ago, it would suck if that comes in America and, and it might come.

I don’t know. It probably will eventually, but, um, but we’ve seen it again and again, where if God allows his church to be persecuted, it comes back stronger, bigger, and more deeply rooted in every single time, you know? And I think in our, in our world. Okay. Yeah. And, and cutting in along the similar track, I think when, when the trials come in our life and I don’t just say the trials, like when, uh, when you’re facing job loss, when you have, when you put your hope in the wrong place, uh, when you, I don’t know anything, when something bad happens to you, when you find out bad medical news, when, when you’re.

Somebody you love passes away when whatever, when a huge deal comes in your life on a huge deal, something that rocks you comes in your life, you have a moment to figure out where you’re rooted. And sometimes it’s always a revelation right. Of, of where am I? Right. Um, and this is the same thing maybe with persecution of, um, you, you start looking around and it’s like, well, what was our, what was the church about here?

What was the United States church about? If we get into season and persecution and can’t do the, this Jesus life in the way that we’ve been used to, you know, where were its roots? Were they right? Were they wrong? It’s going to be revealed and God’s kingdom is going to continue to move forward. But, um, yeah, but it, persecution is a means of revelation.

I think that’s what I was trying to say.

Josh: Yeah. And I don’t like, don’t hear it. Say, we think a reckoning is coming for the church. That’s not, that’s not the conversation we’re having right now. Um, you know, the sh the church has been shaken with all this COVID stuff, right? Like the model of, you know, we gather in a room, um, and we worship and hear a message.

Like, that’s what the church is like, that’s been shaken. Um, and I think for the betterment, um, like we don’t see that model in scripture. You know, we do see the disciples coming together in the church, the early church coming together to listen to the apostles teaching. Um, but that’s a different experience than what we have in the church today.

So, um, there’s definitely a model that Jesus brought into the world through the great commission, um, of how his church is established and how his church exponentially grows that, um, um, is immune. To the societal changes in the world. Um, right. Like if you lived by his model and say, communism came into America and we can no longer, we no longer have the freedom of religion, um, the church would continue to exist in the shadows.

Like it would continue to move on in that model. Now, if you’re in the Sunday morning model of church, yeah. Church is going to immediately stop. Um, like, but if you’re in the disciple-making model of church, like your people are going to continue to make disciples and people are going to continue to find hope and you’re going to find opportunities to gather together, um, opportunities to sacrifice for one another.

Um, all those things will still continue to happen, whether there’s an establishment of an organization not, and we see this all throughout. You know, Asia, right? Like all throughout communist China, we see the church exploding. Now they’re not exploding to the extent that they used to be, um, you know, even five years ago, but they’re still, they’re still growing exponentially.

Um, because we, we see Jesus’s church model, um, where the great commission churches are living, continue living out the great commission. And when I say churches, not the organization, the people

are you making funny, weird sounds to me. Are you, are you, are you like waving at me right now?

If you can hear me. Okay. I can’t hear you, but I’ll keep this thing going, because I love you that much. And I won’t throw you in the bus and say that your internet sucks and that’s why everything’s falling apart right now. And you’re a failure at life. Andrew, just kidding. That’s just a joke. Cause I’m, I don’t know if he can actually hear me or not hear me.

Um, but we’ll keep digging into this idea of, you know, the faith of a mustard seed. Um, and also, you know, going back to the parable of, you know, what a Mo you know, what kingdom growth looks like, um, from the smallest to the greatest. And I think too, like when it’s not up to us, right? Like when we just do the part that Jesus told us to do and let him take care of the growing part, um, like when we live in that place, um, This is where exponential growth starts, right?

Like it’s not up to me to build great things. It’s up to me just to be obedient. Do Jesus called me to be, and to do what Jesus has called me to do. Um, and that’s what, like, that’s what we’re chasing. Um, and that’s where we see the exponential growth, but when it’s up to me, right, like it’s up to me to turn into a tree and you know, to be such a tree that birds can land on me.

Well, one that’s daunting too. Let’s be honest. I’m not capable of it. And you’re probably not capable of it. Um, and that’s okay because that’s not the model, right. When Jesus said go into all the world, making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the father, the son, and the Holy spirit, teaching them to obey everything I’ve commanded you.

And he doesn’t stop there. He says, and surely I am with you always to the very end of the age, like that’s the beauty of, of the kingdom. Like that’s what kingdom growth looks like. I’m just responsible for telling people the gospel to give an opportunity to, uh, choose the gospel and choose Jesus. Um, I, I teach them things that I know about Jesus and how to connect with Jesus, what we call Jesus habits, um, get them into God’s already recorded word, which we call the Bible.

Um, so they can start those, that communication with Jesus themselves. And he can be the primary disciple maker and, um, secondary helping them along. Um, and you know, eventually get them to a place where they’re doing the same model with other people. That’s less daunting. Like it’s not to me to save the world.

It’s up to me to find those disciples that Jesus put in my path. And live out the great commission in their lives as Jesus called me to in relational environments. Um, and then allow Jesus to do what Jesus does is we see exponential growth from that. But it’s yeah, I think that’s where we get terrified of like, I have to become a tree and you’re like, yeah, you are going to become a tree.

That’s a thing. You, can’t not, if you’re going to walk with Jesus, but it’s not up to you. Like your job, like that’s a lot of work. Let Jesus be Jesus and let Jesus do it right. Like what’s a photosynthesis. Let Jesus be the photo since synthesis in your life. Um, like go to him for your source of everything.

Um, the source of, Hey, who’s next Jesus. The source of, Hey, who should I focus in on Jesus? Hey Jesus, what should I be doing right now in these moments? Um, as I try to let out the great commission and where you’ve placed me. Huh, Hey Jesus, this person’s ready to make disciples himself. What does that process look like?

Like walk with Jesus in those things and let him guide your way. I’m like, it’s not up to you. And I think that’s where we get terrified is is we get scared that, um, we have to become the big branches all by yourself. And Jesus says, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’ll be with you always to the very end of the age, I got you.

I’m with you. This isn’t up to you because it was up to you. Let’s be honest. This church thing would have failed a long time ago. This new kingdom thing would have failed a long time ago. Thank you. It’s not about that. It’s up to the Christ and let Christ working Christ people that want to follow Jesus and those that are following Jesus.

See that fruit and those that don’t unfortunately they become Leo the size of maybe a little weed and that’s as far as we get. 

Andrew: Right. And Josh, I don’t know if you, I’m sorry. I was having a little bit of a headphone issue there, so I kept trying to signal keep going. But, um, man, as you were talking about kind of the great commission of that Jesus left with, um, I was thinking about, uh, the, the little tiny parable right before this one about the seeds where basically Jesus just says, Hey, when somebody plants a seed, it’s not up to them to do the growing.

They put it in the soil, they prepare the soil. But the reality is the soil was already made to grow that seed, um, with some water, with some sunlight, with some things that you and I can’t control it’ll grow. Um, and that’s because of the way that God set it up. So I like how you’re saying, just you have to let God be God and, and try to do your part part.

Um, but you can’t, you can’t. God can turn you into the meadow for a goal mustard tree. Right. He can do that over time, but it’s not really up to you. You can’t do that. You can’t just be like, well, I need to, you know, be bigger. I need to have more influence. I need to do more for the kingdom of God. It’s like, no, with time with the right conditions, God has already set you up to play your part in his kingdom.

Um, and you have to, yeah. And you have to almost just submit to that and say, I’m going to do what I think is the next right thing. Um, prayerfully and with people who love, love God and love me in that order. Um, I’m going to work through this life and try to take the next right steps to follow Jesus and my, my daily walk and my normal life.

And each part of my life that I’m. Living, I guess. Um, and over time he could grow your influence to be as huge as a mustard seed. Now, uh, as huge as mustard tree, now that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have some monster platform. We might do this podcast for years and years and never have hundreds of thousands of people listening.

And that might be God’s exact plan. He might want to use this podcast for 10 people. Let’s say, let’s say we do this for years and years. And there’s 10 people who have radically changed lives. Um, as a result of it that the Holy spirit works through our words in this podcast, um, to, to have them deepen their faith and make it real.

And then they set off on a journey and start, um, having explosive kingdom growth. Well, man, that, that maybe that was the intent all along, or maybe he does bless it and allow us to have crazy influence through it. But, um, we can’t control that we can just kind of would cry. 

Josh: You want it, I’ll be honest with you.

Yeah. If we only had 10 people. Yeah. That’s fair. It’d be really hard to keep 

Andrew: that’s fair. But dude, this is episode 40 and we’ve been, we’ve been faithful in trying to just keep this thing going and trying to keep our motives. Right. And trying to, trying to things that are helpful and, you know, we’re just like planting the seed and God’s going to do with it, what he will cause the reality is when you plant a seed, you don’t go back every day and do something to make it grow better.

You just kind of let things happen once you do your part, um, you let God control the rest. Um, literally and metaphorically. So anyway, man, I just thought that was cool. You were bringing up the great commission coupled with this parable. That makes a lot of sense. 

Josh: Yeah. And I think too, like where we get ourselves in trouble as a, as, as Christians is like, We we take on God’s part.

Um, like we wonder why we don’t have exponential growth or fruit in our lives of, of the things we put in is because we’re trying to be God, right? Like I’m trying to make people grow. I’m trying to do this, or I’m trying to build this platform or, um, whatever it is. Um, and that’s, that’s not our place, right?

Like Paul was very clear to the Corinthians, you know, he said, I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. Right. Like. That’s God’s spot. My job is to plant seeds. My job is to water it watering, and it’s teaching them Jesus’ ways, right? In people’s lives. It’s teaching them how to foster a relationship with Jesus themselves.

So he can be their primary disciple maker. Um, but it’s, God’s job to grow people. It’s not my job to grow people. And I think that’s where we get in trouble. If I give him enough information about scripture, I give them enough knowledge. If we give enough experiences, then, then they’ll grow. You’re like, no, like that’s not the point.

The point is, can I create environments and give you tools to foster your own relationship with Jesus? Like, I don’t need you to be a disciple of Josh or need to be, to be a disciple of Andrew. I need you to be a disciple of Jesus because Jesus is the only one going to help you grow Jesus. The only way to take you from seed form to tree form.

Ooh, that’s a good word right there. Let’s preach that. Make data, make that, uh, make that we’ll add to our pile of from seed form to tree form. Um, that’s that’s God’s job and. And I know you get mismatched messages in the church. Like the church is trying to do its best to engage you, the church, trying to do its best to, um, to help you become a part of its community, to be a functioning member of its community, be contributing member of its community, all helpful things and backed by scripture, right?

Like, you know, we look at Corinthians when he goes through spiritual gifts, like you should be investing back into the community that you have gifts that the community needs. Um, you may be, uh, an eye and you think the hands more important, but you’re just as important as that eye or hand, whatever, when you weren’t, um, right.

Like there’s that piece of it that we have to chase. And I think we. We so easily put ourselves of it’s my job to do these things when it’s God’s job to do these things. And that’s where we get ourselves in trouble, right? Like if we can get back to the basics of, Hey, I just need to teach you the ways to connect to Jesus.

Can I teach you the, the tenants of the kingdom? Can I teach you the ways of, of spiritual disciplines are what we call Jesus habits? Um, so you can foster a relationship. Jesus, not to look good as a good Christian, you know, you know, those good Christians, right? They practice all the habits and they look great on the outside, but on the inside and they’re dead.

Men’s bones. I think Jesus sets up something about that. I can’t remember. Um, I’m being served sufficient. Sufficient. Nope. Sorry. I’m being sarcastic, but what’s the other word, Andrew vicious. 

Andrew: Yeah.

Josh: I’m trying to start with an S yeah, that was my script. Um, words are hard. Um, you might think of, this is nothing new that we’re talking about other than the fact that stop, boom, God, and you just play your part, um, connect with Jesus. I’ll come back to Jesus here in a second. But, um, he was thinking about this last week, somebody did something stupid.

Uh, I thought of you not because you do stupid things, but you’re lying. Yes.

Such a good search. It needs to be solved as well. 

Andrew: That that should be a sticker. And I got to actually say that was my wife. Uh, she, yeah, but I stole it. I kept it. I kept it. I kept it going. I keep here, 

Josh: here’s the sticker now. It’s kind of like the Wayne Gretzky sticker with, um, or Wayne Gretzky quote with, uh, Michael Scott.

So we’ll just write print. The CS sucks to suck print disease, Johanna, inside of more parentheses. Andrew. Can you take credit for it? 

Andrew: Attribute to me, I’ll 

Josh: tell you 

Andrew: I’ll take it. You were on a good, good line of thinking right before all that tangent, can you bring it back or is it no, I got it. 

Josh: I’m still there.

Yeah, no, I made sure to pay attention to it. I said, that’s suspicious. That’s going to be like, to get people to spiritual maturity is to get them to connect with Jesus. Yes. Right in Jesus ways. Yep. And I think that’s the piece that we, we try really hard as Christians, but we take on the God part rather than just our part.

Well, if I’m just planting seeds, I’m just spreading the gospel. And it’s simply just saying like, here’s my life. This is why I’ve hope. This is why in the face of trials, I continue to persevere. Like this is why I still have a huge amount of joy in this life that even though things may feel bad or you want to get, they’re going to fire you or whatever happens to be.

Um, going back to the fire, you a conversation. Like, even if that’s the case, you’re still like, no, Jesus is still genius. Things are still good. Right? That’s the gospel I get to share. Now you get into the actual gospel of what it is in terms of, this is why I have this faith. This is why I have this hope.

It’s the fact that Jesus went to the cross, took on your sins and my sins and died in our place. Um, Paying the price for our sin and then raising again, uh, conquering death three days later. So we could do the same and experience the full life that Jesus has for us, not just in this life or just in the next life with this life as well.

Right? That’s the gospel, um, simple, it’s an easy message. It’s not my job to convince you of it, not my job to get into all the apologetics of it. My job is just to tell you it and let Jesus, Jesus does, and you can choose or reject it. That’s up to you. Um, and then we water the seed and water is the Jesus ways.

Can I teach you Jesus habits? Can I teach you? Hey, how do you read scripture in relationship with Jesus? Not just, I’m getting a bunch of information and I know all the stories and you want to go to Bible quiz and that can be, you know, top notch. Now we teach you how to read it in relationships. So you can hear Jesus speak things he’s already spoken and recorded in his word, right?

Can I teach you that? Can I teach you how to pray? Just to have conversations with God? Um, use the model that Jesus gave us, um, in Matthew of, Hey, this is how to pray. It’s all relationship. Um, it’s not, uh, Uh, what’s the word not scientific? Um, not static, sterile. It’s not sterile it’s relationship. Um, can I teach you how to do that?

Can I teach you how to fast? So you rely on Jesus in Jesus ways rather than on your own self and what you want. Um, can I teach you how to worship in such a position that I’m not caring about the, the, the presentation of my worship, but I’m just caring about my heart. Just being given to, um, can I teach you these Jesus?

And we went through Jesus habits. You can find them on our website. Um, you can go back early on in our episodes. Like, I dunno, like through 12 or something like that, um, and find them there. Um, and we talked through these habits, but like, that’s it right? We want Jesus habits. That’s what Waterloo seed is.

Can I teach you Jesus ways and Jesus habits? So you can be in relationship with Jesus so God can make it grow so God can do the growth inside. You can feel, God can take you from, from seeing the tree. Now that wasn’t the line. God can take you. See, we already lost it things now, tree 

Andrew: form. That’s right from seed form to treat 

Josh: form.

That’s what makes it, that’s what makes it stick? That’s great. But the former donor 

Andrew: that’s so good. Okay. And another one, 

Josh: I feel like 

Andrew: the entire job of making disciples could be oversimplified as like, you just have to put them in the dirt. You just got to put people in the spiritual dirt so they can grow, equip them with the right tools.

Put them in the dirt and kind of plot them God’s will in their life, help them understand God’s will in their life by putting them in the dirt, not killing people, not shooting people and putting them in the dirt. But I mean like the, the seed form to tree form way, um, I love that man seed form tree form.


Josh: awesome. I think that’s where we get, and this is where we get. So, and we see this with parenting too, right? We love our kids so much. We want our kids to experience everything God has for him. So we force a lot of things. Um, and you know, I’m going, I’m going to discipleship network and I go through coaching every, every week or every other week.

And in the midst of our conversations right now, we’re, we’re talking a lot about your, your role God’s role. Um, and then the disciple E’s role, right? We all have our place and stay in your lane. Um, but we also talk about in the spiritual maturity kind of timeline, as people become spiritual parents themselves, they’re making disciples themselves.

Um, oftentimes what happens is we try to skip steps. I don’t need to conquer everything in the child, in the infant phase, which is all understanding Jesus ways, understanding how to connect with Jesus, right. Uh, if I skip all those things and go right to serving. So if all I’m doing is producing and ministering for the sake of the gospel, um, there’s no fruit, any of that.

So all of my re Jesus said this, you know, abide in me and I’ll abide in you. And without me, you can’t bear any fruit. Like you can do nothing like this is what he’s talking about. Like, if I do it outside of the Jesus ways, then I bear no fruit. I can do nothing. Like my showing up every week do youth ministry is pointless.

My showing up every week, um, to be a greeter, it’s painless. It’s not doing anything because I’ve skipped too many steps along the way. And I went straight to, I’m going to be a minister. Um, and I’m going to start pouring into other people. Um, but I’m not. I’m not actually a disciple of Jesus yet. I’m not, I haven’t gone through the steps to, to fully mature in my faith.

Um, um, as Paul said, um, I’m still on the teat of my mother. Um, much less graphic than that, but you’re still on milk instead of solid. 

Andrew: You all are still drinking milk, like babies, you should be on steak diets at this point, you should be on whole food. You know, what are you doing? You’re in, you’re stuck in the infant stage and, and don’t hear us wrong.

What Jeff said is exactly right, but there’s grace for the overzealous. There’s grace for the people who push too hard and too quick and go straight into, well, you got to get plugged in serving and doing all these things. And that then you’ll experience the full life in Jesus. Like, no, we’re not all perfect all the time, you know, and God has grace for that, but.

When you can control it and you do have time to think about the way you’re going to disciple people, which you should have before you disciple people. It’s a big deal. Um, you should think about this approach of how do I take 

Josh: you should have a model, a 

Andrew: good model, because a lot of people have put a lot of good work into this and really tried to understand what is the model Jesus used.

And how does that apply to life? In this day and age, it still applies, but there’s a lot of people who’ve have thought about. And, um, if you have questions and you’re interested in what Josh was saying, you can reach out to us any way you can connect to our podcast and he’d be happy to potentially talk to you or at least send you some resources on where you can read more about this because discipleship is stinking, man.

It is, it is the way that God said. Um, this seed is going to grow. It’s the model he used to, to disciple his disciples, you know, and, and let the kingdom grow. So anyway, it matters a lot, but, uh, don’t hear us preaching that there’s no grace for if you’ve messed up or taken. Uh, the wrong approach to making disciples in the past, of course, there’s grace for that, but let’s do it.

Josh: I’ve sat in, I’ve sat in guys groups for, you know, years, and we read a chapter of scripture every week. And we’d talk about it. Um, helpful for information, understanding, uh, to some extent Jesus away, but without intentionality, no disciples are being made. Um, it’s just information transfer. Um, and that’s what we’re trying to get away from Rick.

We want to be great commission followers of Jesus. We want to help people find Jesus, uh, understand his gospel, understand what he did for them, understand the life that he set out before them. We want them to understand ways to connect with Christ, um, the Jesus ways of doing this life. And then we want them to live the same mission that Jesus is calling us to, for them to live out the great commission themselves with those that they come in contact with.

Right? Like that’s, that’s really what we’re chasing. Um, I think so often we get so bogged down in the information transfer that we miss out on the life change trends, the life change that could happen. If we just follow Jesus ways of doing this thing, and discipleship’s not knowledge, it’s not Bible study classes.

Discipleship is life on life. Relationship pointing people towards Christ and becoming deeper in their relationship with Jesus and living out the mission of Jesus and others’ lives. Absolutely. Um, but yeah, I don’t know how we got here. I, I hope it all connected for you as you’re listening. Um, I hope that Andrew’s crappy internet has not ruined your day and I had to talk the whole time.

Um, and you just were like Josh and sick of hearing from you. I want to hear from Andrew. Um, he will want him to, you could probably actually still hear him a little bit. Uh, cause his mic worked the whole time. I could hear him, but he was going to hear me. Can you just pull that, like just born with it and just see what happens?


Andrew: it was my crappy, my Bluetooth headphones decided to die in the middle of recording. So that was the problem. Uh, I’m sorry, but out of that, uh, you had some brilliance flash at you through Josh. Um, 

Josh: Jesus, because let’s be honest. We’re going to say that 

Andrew: the Holy spirit, because from seed form to tree form is a great way to think about this.

And if you don’t take a lot away from me in this, just take away that. You can’t force it, you can get the conditions, right. Um, you can, and that’s really, our job is to get the conditions, right, to be able to follow Jesus and be able to have a real relationship with God. But the reality is you and I didn’t create the dirt United and create the environment, um, that can grow a seed from seed to tree.

So that’s up to God. Um, we have a big part to play in it, but from seed form to tree form, that’s the goal, real discipleship, real relationship with God. And, uh, I hope that you have been encouraged listening to this. Um, Josh man, I don’t know if you have any final thoughts, but thanks for a great thought provoking discussion on the parable of the mustard seed.

Josh: Yeah. The only final thought I have is sucks to suck is always a rough one. What was our other, if nothing else came out of this podcast, if you’re like me and Josh and Josh and Andrew, they’re just, I don’t know what they’re talking about, but it makes no sense to me, but what’s some cool sticker ideas.

What were those sticker ideas? Andrews, who can write them down so we don’t lose them. 

Andrew: I’ll take the hit sucks to 

Josh: suck. I did 

Andrew: from seed farm to tree. Thanks for listening to our show. It really means a lot to us and we hope that it helps bring you closer in your relationship with Jesus and with other 

Josh: people.

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This has the ability to transform the lives of the people around you. 

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