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Planned to Go to a Different College
Episode No. 80

Conversation One. Life is found to its fullest when we choose to dive into relationship. We start our Conversation series. In this episode, we start the journey to model how to build a relationship where you are really known. Grab a friend and the Beyond the Mask series from and start this journey.

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Book – The Pastor: A Memoir.
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Josh – Hello hello hello we’re just 2 normal dudes trying to live this jesus life. My name’s Josh.

Andrew – Hey I’m Andrew and we are this jesus life podcast Josh we’re back back in action. My friend how you doing.

Josh – Podcast Andrew Dude we are. It’s been a little bit weeks are just getting packed her and packed her I Know that’s not a word people chill out. Ah, and yeah.

Andrew – That’s been a little bit. Yeah.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, but we keep trying and we’re here and we’re live.

Josh – We’re just trying to find time to fit this thing in what is what it is. Yeah well you heard at the beginning we are and you heard at the beginning just to get this in real quick. Ah an advertisement for dwell which is a bible reading app.

Andrew – That’s right, It’s pretty cool.

Josh – Um, it was actually the fourth most funded app on kickstarter of all time which I didn’t know I learned that this last couple of weeks which is a little crazy but it provides it provides genuine voices of people reading the bible that actually love reading the bible alongside inst intimate music and deeply exploreable. Plans which is pretty slick. It’s not the typical esv or niv bible reader. You probably know that voice if you heard it because he’s the copyrighted version of those versions and it’s that dull dude that’s can be difficult to listen to at times 1 ne’s but in the other boat. Um, won’t tell you who which one but 12 gives you you know, genuinely excited people that want to read scripture. So if you want to give dwell a try. You can definitely do that by going to this jesus life podcast dot com forward slash dwell and check it out. Um, it’s $39 for the year which is a screaming deal.

Andrew – That’s what’s up.

Andrew – Especially if you got it engraved. You know if you got your first and last name on that paper bible. Dude you’re looking at some serious engraven bucks right? there.

Josh – Um, definitely ah, cheaper than probably the bible. The paper bible that you bought and maybe even a little bit more exciting I don’t know depends on how well your inner dialogue is I guess oh yeah, it shoots the price up. Yeah, you. They saw you coming like the Christian Bookstore was like oh oh I see him coming. We’re and get this engraving done chargeing fifty bucks for a bible that he paid $30 for and there’s like a Nailja are do you engrave your bible or do you have an engraved bibles.

Andrew – Not gonna lie though my wife my wife got me one with my name on the front and I have loved it ever since? Yeah, but I yeah I don’t think I know because she got it for me. It was a very thoughtful gift. You know.

Josh – Um, because your name’s on the front.

Andrew – Um, but yeah, but yeah, they got her with the engraving man I don’t know if she ordered in person or online or what but that’s what they do. That’s their m o is let’s engrave stuff at Christian bible stores. That’s what they do.

Josh – See That’s fair. They get you.

Josh – Yeah, they got to figure out. Ah they got to figure out a way to make more money. Yeah I don’t know what the Christian bible Market Looks like these days I Assume it’s still the bestselling bible but there’s so many different bibles that you’d have to you probably have to fight for some space and since businesses now own all of our versions.

Andrew – Right? ah.

Josh – Bible which you know you can agree with or disagree with it’s kind of what it is I actually heard um I was listening to a a King James only pastor recently I don’t even know what I was watching the video for but he was a king James only guy.

Andrew – So yeah.

Josh – And he was telling why he was a king James Moley guy and I can’t remember was other reason was but the first reason um, was that the King James bible was the last bible that the church itself produced that it wasn’t a business that owned the copyrights to it and he just felt that was more I was like yeah that’s a legitimate.

Andrew – Come.

Andrew – Um, interesting. Yeah. Right.

Josh – That’s fairly legitimate not that it maybe maybe life church could do it. They’ve invested a fair amount of money in the bible app to put out their own version. But yeah, it probably is something that we should probably bring back inside the the walls of the church and by the walls of the church I mean the people not the.

Andrew – Yeah, by the walls I mean the digital vr walls of the church like we should bring back into the metaverse. Yeah yeah, dude. Um I I have.

Josh – The orgs but who knows yeah in the Meta year in the metaverse. Yeah. We should definitely Dude. What’s go ahead.

Andrew – Okay I have a random question for you and I don’t really expect you to have an answer. But if you do actually yeah I bet you do have an answer are there any foods that recently you’ve discovered and or possibly invented that you’re all about. Ah. I Know it’s a hard question like let’s not say you’re the only person in the world who ate this it is it is but like are there any foods that you’ve come Across. They could be weird combinations that maybe you feel like not many people have tried this and you loved it.

Josh – And invented dude I feel like this is a setup question.

Andrew – Or that you’re just all about these days.

Josh – Yeah, ah that one’s hard I don’t I don’t I’m not a super of interest eater in my day to day now I can be of interest I’m not against it but I just don’t think through that stuff. So yeah, no.

Andrew – Yeah, you were.

Josh – I was on a hummus kick there for a while and I overplayed it which is my mo like I eat a lot of something and then I just stop eating it completely because I’m like oh I can’t do this anymore? Um, but the 1 thing I have been doing like I’ve been making some pizzas at home. Oh my gosh. You’re so good and it’s the same pizza over and over again.

Andrew – Wow, That’s a bold claim bold claim. Yeah.

Josh – Um, I would say it’s it’s top 5 Best pizzas that have ever been made at home by somebody that doesn’t make their own door dough I feel like that’s a that’s a trophy worth worth buying right? there? Um, but yeah I would assume that this question is a setup question because you have an answer that you want to share with the world.

Andrew – It is. All right dude yesterday we came home from church and I was like helping getting the girls food ready doing all their thing and without thinking about it I kind of threw an everything bagel in the toaster oven I’m like by the time that’s ready I’ll have a plan for it.

Josh – What’s your what’s your item.

Andrew – And I’ll make a sandwich or something and then I wasn’t thinking and I started heating up leftover taco meat that we had had from the night before like taco like beef pepper onion like all that mixed together and the toaster oven goes off. My taco heat’s warm or taco meat is warm and I’m like ah I’m about to have an everything bagel taco meat with munster tree cheese sandwich and I did and it kind of blew my mind because it was like.

Josh – Um, yeah.

Josh – Oh oh interesting blew your mind. That’s a strong word.

Andrew – Crazy amounts of flavor like it really did dude like everything bagel has everything as you know, um I’m going to share My wife’s commentary on this story. Ah, afterward because she is correcting how this came to be and it’s cracking me up. Ah Channel will never be in the podcast but she’s always in the podcast. Okay, so here’s here’s what I’m gonna do next time.

Josh – Um I was hoping that she was against this everything babel she was like no absolutely not.

Andrew – I am going to make this same sandwich again. But I’m going to put an egg scrambled directly into the Taco meat so it like holds it all together and makes a patty and then I’m going to throw that on an everything bagel it was. It was ground beef.

Josh – Ah, it was it ground stick was like it was a ground meet or was it like steak like cut up stak. Okay go.

Andrew – With onions and like all that stuff Taco meat and I put 2 pieces of munster cheese on the bottom so it didn’t drip through put that sucker like piled it On. Ate it as a sandwich and dude it was so good like it blew my mind because it was like spicy. Mixed with the everything like savory, delicious garlickyness and dude I would do it Again. I’m going to do it Again. It was solid now if you’d like to hear my wife’s all capital edits.

Josh – Interesting.

Josh – Well I would love to that’s I’m I’m waiting in anticipation I actually got really bored with your story because I knew that part of the story was still to come.

Andrew – And I shouldn’t have taken credit. She’s very mad at me right now. This is all caps she says whatever I told you to make an everything Duckco sandwich I can’t believe you are taking credit for this so world. You’re right.

Josh – And.

Andrew – Ah, but let me just add I had put it everything bagel in and I had already put Taco meat and a heat up unsure of my plan in my mind I’d kind of forgotten about the bagel and then I brought it all together obviously with the inspiration ah from Janna but.

Josh – And that’s buddy.

Andrew – You know I did it I ate it. She didn’t even try bite. So at some level I’m going to take credit for inventing the world’s first everything on a Taco Sandwich

Josh – That’s fine.

Josh – It’s all yours. That’s her everything bagel I don’t I don’t eat everything bagels because I don’t feel like I’m old enough I just felt like like I always feel like it.

Andrew – Um, right right? Everything I always get a couple everything bagels but they’re ah yeah I get Jalapeno Cheddar is my go to I’m all about Jalapeno cheddar.

Josh – And everything babels for like an adult and I’m just I’m not an adult yet. So I’m not I’m rocking like blueberry donut bagel. Still.

Andrew – Um, but but I always get a couple everything just to have in case and then they’re the last ones eaten. Um, so you know slightly older enough.

Josh – Who who yeah I forgot but those ones those are good. Well.

Josh – Yeah, that’s fair that’s fair I think Andrew just punished his daughter and that’s why she’s crying. He took something away from her. He said no bad baby I’m not completely sure though.

Andrew – I I didn’t she grabbed my glasses and was trying to run away with them then I got all mad when I took my own glasses back So speeches speaking of smudge Marks man smudged. Ah.

Josh – Um, that’s when my parents had a dog. My parents had a dog that stole my glasses once like I was visiting and somehow he got a hold of my glasses overnight and took them outside and put them in his layer of collection of stuff.

Andrew – Oh my gosh. Oh no, that’s bad. That’s bad.

Andrew – Wow and.

Josh – That dog that was one of the craziest dogs that I’ve ever seen like that dog used to climb fences like not like jump a fence and like try to get over but you still like put his paws inside the chain link and climb over the fence like I’ve never seen a dog pull that off like that’s that’s pretty crazy I should teach Jack to do that.

Andrew – That’s impressive man. Maybe that dog came from prison before like maybe that dog was at a prison in a pen state penitentiary for a while you know before you guys got it and just maybe that’s how it got out had a shashank redemption style moment. But.

Josh – Yeah I even know where Jack is right now. He’s not in this bed.

Andrew – Set up a.

Josh – That’s how he escaped try to remember oh how they got that dog. It used to be my brother’s dog and then one day he just called and said ham sending you the dog. That’s how my parents ended up but.

Andrew – Ah, that’s funny. Wow Oh poor dog are I Pete dog man. Yeah.

Josh – Which they seemed to be fine with and then they fell in love with him and kept him and then he had cancer and they had to put him down but yeah craziness craziness. Yeah R I P rest in peace. Ah yeah. That’s Ahm trying to think anything other crazy this that may be going on in life in general. Um other me like stupid cold I was gonna say cold is balls because it’s I don’t know saying but I actually don’t know what that means and it makes no sense like I don’t find balls cold.

Andrew – Right. Right? People just say it. It doesn’t really make sense. Oh.

Josh – Don’t find human balls or I regular balls cold. Um, actually they’re actually pretty hot human balls like if you were in my freshman you know gym class. You know I had gym at 7 10 in the morning. Granted it’s Arizona. It’s not super cold but like.

Andrew – Right? right.

Josh – ° is pretty cold for Arizona folk and now you’re outside and you’re wearing you have to wear your gym provideded clothing which for us were short purple shorts and then at your t-shirt that had your name on it or whatever it was. Ah.

Andrew – That’s awesome.

Josh – But the way that we kept warm is we all shoved our hands down our pants so you would drive by the softball field and much of dues just with our hands down their pants trying to keep warm and play soft world say our baseball. Whatever the heck we’re playing out there at the same time and that was it really really my entire.

Andrew – So are you saying it’s cold as not balls then like cold is something else right? right? right.

Josh – That’s what I was saying is’s like you can’t say cold as balls because balls aren’t necessarily cold and when they are cold. They’re more innies than Audis So there’s that piece to it too I don’t know maybe you don’t want to be listening to our ball talk those listening and I apologize. But.

Andrew – Um, we’re all 12 at heart game. no no I don’t think so man. No.

Josh – Find Balls Funny I’m still a told your old boy did I tell you my joke of my nephew I tell you this I didn’t tell you the my nephew’s joke. So um, my brother and sister-in law call me on my birthday which is last week at look before I don’t remember. Ah.

Andrew – Happy belated birthday by the way.

Josh – And my nephew who’s now eleven I think he’s 11 he’s definitely eleven now because his birthday’s in February but I can’t remember what day it was um, that’s what Google calendars for ah but he goes I have a joke for you guys and we’re like doing facetime and he goes. He’s like here. And I’ve told this joke probably if I 5 or 6 times as people since then I just told my brother to tell his son. This I was like tell your son I’m still using this joke. Ah, but he says why did olaf why was olaf yellow ah, and you’re like well probably pee but like why.

Andrew – So why? great.

Andrew – Ah, that’s so funny I can’t wait to retail that that’s a great joke. That’s a great joke cause elilsa. Let it go.

Josh – Um, and he goes because Elsa let it go. Um, does. That’s that’s pretty fantastic and funny. Well in the best part of it is is this mom got all offended. She’s like don’t say that and they got bad bad at my brother for laughing but you’re like it’s funny and you know men are just 12 year old boys inside. We just.

Andrew – Yeah, okay, that joke is funny to anybody who’s watched frozen. Yeah, that’s I If that’s not funny to you. That’s great man that’s funny hey active updates. Ah.

Josh – Pe Jokes are still funny to us and I would hope I they’ll always be funny to me I’ve never watch frozen. That’s funny and I knew what it meant.

Andrew – Janna says we’re not allowed to say balls on this jesus life podcast so we’re in trouble. Um our editor du she’s gonna be listening to this episode and very mad at you. Josh.

Josh – And we’re gonna have to change that to testicles.

Andrew – Um, for that. Um, no, she doesn’t I wish she did I wish she came on I Wish she was a contributor at some point we’re gonna keep working on that people. Yeah.

Josh – Um, gnna doesn’t listen to us I wish she listened but I know she doesn’t. I wish she would too but she’s a scaredy cap. She’s like I have nothing to share or say to them and I was like and we do I’m like you beat us and we do it every week

Andrew – Um, a professional professional counselor follower of Christ for a long time. Yeah I hope it’s an all caps text and upset.

Josh – She just texted me ah would she say.

Andrew – That’s great.

Josh – She said I don’t know what you just said. But I’m sure we are in a fight right now.

Andrew – Ah, ah so good. Oh man, that’s the best. That’s the best dude um, speaking and being in a fight with right now. Josh and I were in a very heated debate. Ah.

Josh – That’s pretty bud.

Andrew – You know before the show of like which of the things are we gonna talk about today and I don’t think we’re in a fight about it. But I think we decided we’re not gonna talk about any of those things today we’re gonna talk about life and what god’s teaching us and try to just hang out for a little bit. Um, which sounded way better to us. So if you’re oh no, she pinched your hand. So if you’re here for the series. You might be disappointed.

Josh – Oh.

Josh – Which is fine. We’ll start a new series next week I think we did church church words great and we cover a lot of ground but on board now and we said we said at the beginning just to be on record. We’re going to do this series into our board with it and change it to something else and then we change it to something else. Um, my response to your wife was testicles just that word which by the way I didn’t spell right side of Google and I was a little nervous googling testicles. But it seemed fine and it spelled it correctly for me, nothing bad came back.

Andrew – Um, ah, it’s so funny. Oh man, that’s great Souls I Guess not man.

Josh – And freaked me out. But ah then she responded with oh testes are fine carry on so it’s just the ball’s word. She doesn’t like balls if she had boys she would be more open to it all right? Andrew to.

Andrew – Yeah, it’s great. Ah yes, yes.

Josh – Bring Jesus into our conversation at least just a little bit though he made testicles so he’s he’s okay, with those this terminology. Um, what’s he teaching right? now. What are you learning about yourself about him. What is he telling you to do not telling you not to do or all of those things or none of those things combined.

Andrew – Um, man ah most my stuff probably comes back to parenting um in this season like you know 1 year old 3 year old you guys if you’re listening hear them. More often than not on the podcast yelling or giggling or laughing or screaming or whatever. But yeah man I mean I don’t know I I don’t there’s not like 1 crystallized point of like this is what god is teaching me right now. Um. But I think a lot of it has to do with patients patients with my kids. Um, one of the biggest things we we have been working through the book of James. Um, as Jenna and I are. Leading a group of of people at our church just like six weeks or seven week series of like going through James together and our church is doing a bunch of these like life groups for a short time. Um, and anyway man, um. It’s been cool like a lot of us in the in the group also have kids and there’s so much in there about faith and works and like going hand in hand. Um that I don’t know um that just has been very present in my life and often my works in this season have been just like. How do I be a good dad. How do I not lose my cool. How do I use this teachable moment in a positive way. Not a negative one. All kinds of stuff like that. So I don’t know it’s just like the the day in day out difficult but really important stuff for me. That I’ve just seen god often show up and um, yeah man and then also like that I told you a while back about that theme of like don’t take credit for my good ideas and and that’s been something that god has re taught me. And a kind way or just reminded me of often because work has been really good and really full and I’ve been able to make some good impact recently. But ah, but just being willing being quick to give glory back to god for that work has been a theme. You know for me. So what about you man What’s god teaching or saying or doing in your life. Yeah.

Josh – That was one of those questions that I asked you for and halfway through I realized oh shoot. He’s gonna ask me and I’m an after answer for this so I should probably figure it out I just pulled out my journal and by journal I mean ipad with good notes on it. Um see. Ah, 1 thing I did realize in talking about Jesus things wave at you Janna Janna just walked by you’t be on the podcast but she’ll be in the background of the podcast um is talking about you know disciple making and and how do we reproduce ourself into others and. Um, part of writercycl being making strategy. It’s built on this simple formula is takes an attentional um leader a relational environment, a reproducible process is how we make disciples then we define disciples as Matthew 194 which quotes you right now. Just lets you go look it up because. Um, probably helpful for you. But ah, one of the things of being an intentional leader is you have to provide opportunity to those that you’re discipling or leading a place to to lead which is something I don’t I don’t often think about myself like no one ever gave me. A place to lead growing up I kind of just took it. It was there and I just ran with it or gathered people. So I just assume everybody does it that way I’m coming to find out majority of of the world does not do it that way. They’re not going to lead till they give the opportunity to and then you lead long enough and then.

Andrew – Um, yeah. Um, so.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – You don’t want the opportunity so you don’t take the lead someone else do it I don’t care. Um and then ah the other thing I realized though in in that that same vein is if I’m still learning something I forget.

Andrew – Are ah yeah.

Josh – Give opportunity for other people to lead because I don’t feel like I know well enough so I have nothing to offer in that area. So there’s little things like that where you’re like oh I didn’t realize your stunting growth and other people you know, becoming disciple makers or taking their next step with Jesus because you’re like providing them opportunity. To do those things or to practice those things for a variety of different reasons but those are my 2 big reasons is I don’t think about I just assume people take it and then if I don’t feel like an expert at it I don’t it doesn’t occur to me to bring someone else along probably you just teaching me read match as of this morning that was a.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – Well, that’s very cool. That’s all about like equipping you know and empowering other people in the process of leading even if you don’t have it 100% figured out. Um, that’s a good reminder man. Yeah, that’s wise.

Josh – But um, and a good realization.

Andrew – That’s like that’s what he did right? like taking disciples with him just hanging out walking around to places doing all kinds of crazy miracles in ministry actively but you know I’m sure he gave the disciples tons of platforms to lead even in the midst of like the peak of his ministry. You know I don’t think he just was like all right? You guys take a back seat and watch you know who’s actively I’m sure given them tons of roles throughout. Um that mattered you know.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Yeah, and you know this is our language that we put towards this you know intention lead or relational environment reboot reproducible process. But it’s what Jesus did. There’s plenty of other groups and organizations out there that put it’s the same model with different language. But we’re all just trying to copy Jesus and try to copy the. Early church fathers and apostles since this is what they modeled slow growth doesn’t happen overnight but it’s exponential growth eventually um as more and more people start to start to live out the great commission as Jesus come command of this too but take some time to get there that is full.

Andrew – Um, yeah, yeah, totally yeah dude.

Josh – Sure right? and your 1 thing that you are consuming right? now could be consuming because it’s funny could be consuming because it’s inspirational. It could be consuming because you’re learning something from it. It could be a Tv show. It could be a podcast. It could be a book.

Andrew – Um years I Hear that’s pretty great podcast Dude this we’re still watching survivor but I won’t talk about that but because I have already.

Josh – It could be this jesly podcast I hear those guys are pretty good. Ah anything and everything. What’s like 1 thing you find yourself going back to over and over again.

Andrew – But ah so I got my wife a Kindle for her birthday and she had gotten me 1 a while before that. But I really hadn’t been using it very much so anyway decided to like try to really pick up reading each night or yeah kind of some each night before bed whether it’s like 10 minutes or an hour or whatever like just ending the day reading. So I’ve read a few really good books and I read a few like good professional development books too and then I was like I just want to read a fun book you know or something that’s like. Out there. Whatever like I really like like that lord of the rings style genre like you know book fiction but that type of type of thing and dude I downloaded this book like thin blade the sovereign of the 7 aisles I think it’s called and I dude that first book was super long. Ah, but I like flew through it and I’m now in the third book of of I think 5 in that series. It’s been really good like it’s not It’s not at all related to like. Work or life or whatever. But it’s like great story and and really well written and then ah dude I just think my brain works better when I’m like reading more you know or having like focused reading time. Um, like I know there’s signs behind that but I really feel like my.

Josh – Dang.

Josh – Interesting.

Andrew – Thinking is sharper I go to bed better because I end the day reading rather than watching Tv it’s been solid man. What about you? Do you have anything that you’ve been all about whether it’s ah useful or less useful.

Andrew – Good Good Yeah, good.

Josh – I’ll give you a useful one and then I’ll give you I’ll give you a less useful one and then I’ll give you a useful one. Ah now I may have shared this before I don’t remember but I collect Tv shows. Um, ah I have an app on my phone that like tracks the Itunes store.

Andrew – Um. Nice, nice.

Josh – And when prices drop on complete seasons I buy them so I recently bought Brooklyn was it five Five Bookern five nine what’s the Tv show Brooklyn 5 something nine brooklyn nine nine so I just started watching that. Ah from start to finish.

Andrew – Um, I thought it was nine Nine brooklyn nine nine yeah nine nine yeah

Andrew – Nice, nice. That’s what’s up.

Josh – I’m only like on 6 episodes and and I don’t watch a ton of it. But that’s my most recent purchase for got it for twenty nine bucks just saying felt like it was a good deal I should probably go back and see a much money I’ve spent on the Itunes store I probably don’t actually want to know I won’t do that. But when things come up I like to buy them.

Andrew – You probably don’t want to know? yeah.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, right.

Josh – Like to collect things. Um, yeah, so that’s probably my useless thing and then the west wing like I’m still watching the west wing at night because the westing’s fantastic and best show ever created ah things I’m reading right now I just picked up.

Andrew – It’s up there. It’s up there.

Andrew – Oh ice.

Josh – Eugene Peterson’s Memoir book called the pastor and just started that and then Louie Giglio’s new book I just picked up to I’m only like a chapter in on that trying to remember the name of it. It’s like it’s a sermon that he had a couple years ago

Andrew – Yes.

Josh – Actually saw which I don’t follow Louis Giglio but shoot with the he was a name let me just look it up. It is called. Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table. It’s time to win the battle of your mind which.

Andrew – Um, who.

Andrew – Thanks.

Josh – Isn’t a huge struggle for me I don’t feel like I battle that much in my mind like I don’t you know? um I’m blessed enough to I don’t deal with anxiety or Worryy or those kinds of things I don’t feel like I give but I know a lot of people do I know it’s ah it’s an epidemic in our our culture today and that.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – That’s cool. Nice.

Josh – So I thought I’d I’d dig into that one but I’m I’m not that far I’m farther into the pastor. Um, but yeah, those are probably the the 2 things and then like things I’m always going back to no one none of our listeners will care because they don’t watch hockey and it’s offensive to me but whatever.

Andrew – Nice.

Josh – Ah, but I listen to a podcast religiously called s spin and checkcklets that I Absolutely love reminds me of the hockey locker room just like good buddies hanging out and making fun of each other and talking about hockey I wouldn’t listen to it if you don’t like curse words or crew talk. You’ll be offended. It is.

Andrew – Base right? rate rate rate.

Josh – Locker Room talk. So I’m not recommending it to you if you don’t like locker room talk or you’re offended by locker room talk but I do Miss Team sports and that’s what I miss in team sports that camaraderie around just whatever hanging out.

Andrew – Ah, so funny. Yeah.

Andrew – Dude, yeah yeah, I’m as team sports too man I was thinking about that and I just I don’t have a ton of time to go in like I really want to get in a soccer pickup league at some point. Um. I just don’t I don’t know if this year is the right year for me to do that but sometime soon definitely is because you know even in the like pickup league team situations. It’s still super fun. You know nothing like back in the day being on a team for a full year um

Josh – Yeah.

Andrew – Like I was in in high school and playing like multiple sports with the same people and all that stuff. But you know something about being on a team man. That’s just good and playing sports I think it’s one of those things where like. Like reading like many other things it forces you to 100% focus on exactly what you’re doing rather than like working on a bunch of different Stuff. You know that’s the beauty about a sport is like you start thinking about something else while you’re doing it and there’s pretty immediate Consequences. You know, um.

Josh – Go.

Andrew – Get tackled or slow like make a bad play or mess up or whatever and then you got to look at your team and be like yeah my head wasn’t in the game I messed up you know So I don’t know man fun.

Josh – Yeah, well, it’s too like it’s that it’s that common goal they’re accomplishing together like that that brings teams together that you have to sacrifice for you have to work hard for and like you have to be accountable for like when you screw up you screw up like I was just I was just thinking through.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Um, they were interviewing on spin chickle a goal tenderder reason I used to play Goalie I Guess technically I Still do if I was playing but I don’t play I just carry the gear around from house to house. Um, maybe one day I’ll get back into it but like you let in a bad goal.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Like I remember like those emotions of like I just screwed my team over now they got to they got to score goals to get me out of this now you can’t let another one in and then you let another one in you’re like oh yeah, I’m making it hard for them. It’s just that team accountability that we just don’t see and sometimes you’re on a team like with work.

Andrew – And again.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – And and you get a little bit of it. But I don’t know some sports is just different. It’s not the same. It’s not the same level of success you feel when you accomplish something together or it’s not the same like defeat you feel when you lose something together like I remember.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – You know, big tournaments and those kind of things and like losing it in the finals or just like you’ve got to be kidding me I played for 1 team that we used to do like a summer tournament every year and it’s just a for fun team but a lot of us played together during the season as well. And. Ah, this was the team that liked to go to hotels and drink a lot so majority of our games would played either drunk or hungover and then we got to the championship and everyone’s like do we gotta be on our best behavior. No drinking tonight like we got to win in the morning and then we played horrible. So that team. Never again, didn’t drink because they.

Andrew – A cat.

Andrew – Ah, gosh that’s crazy crazy. Yeah, we never that was never an issue with soccer because you just have to run for 90 minutes and you would die if you had been like drinking the night before

Josh – They came to the conclusion that they played better drunk. We never want anything great but you know is what it is.

Andrew – So yeah, you just run beauty. Yeah, ah yeah, you never stop if you stop you just get pulled like yeah, you just keep moving. Yeah, we would literally all summer like training.

Josh – Yeah, that’s the thing about soccer man you guys run so much like ever even like indoor soccer where you’re like smaller field. You’re like no, you just run you constantly, you never stop running I don’t get it makes no sense to me it just a lot.

Andrew – We would do we would do six miles timed ah to start practice for 3 hour practice then after the six miles then we would take like a water break. Ah then we would do like wind sprints you know like suicides and stuff then.

Josh – Alright, so.

Josh – Six miles

Andrew – We would end with an hour of playing. Yeah yeah, it’s still everybody gets yeah yeah, so the last like 60 minutes would just be straight up playing soccer after you’d just been running for like 2 hours it was brutal but we were in awesome shape like.

Josh – Yeah, yeah, I Love how every sport has suicides like everybody does ladders at some form.

Andrew – Any one of us could just run 90 minutes full bore. No problem. It was nuts. Yeah so much running.

Josh – That’s great. Just so much running alright in sports coolest trophy ever got either because it looked cool or the reason behind you getting the trophy was cool.

Andrew – Ah, crap I I didn’t get any Killer trophies I got no no I yeah.

Josh – You’re the most improved player your sophomore year What Drew they always. They always think that that trophy’s like a cool trophy. You’re like yeah but it’s it’s never you never want that trophy like that means you sucked at one point.

Andrew – No, you don’t want that trophy. Yeah Huh Yeah, nobody wants that trophy nobody wants that trophy. No actually dude for track I won some really Killer medals. Um, and like we went to state as a team and like did some.

Josh – And now you you, you may still suck but you’re better than you used to suck. You’re like I don’t want that trophy.

Andrew – Yeah, we got like did really well at state in Ohio um, for our track meat stuff. But um, once in Killer Medals and the best was that like we set a school record for the 4 by 8 for 800 race which.

Josh – Oo medals.

Andrew – Don’t even remember what our record was but I remember it was like 12 seconds better than the last record from our school ever. So that was like that was a big deal. Um I was pretty pumped about that. Um, while you say your answer I got to step away for like 30 seconds I’ll be right back.

Josh – Cool, ah mine my coolest trophy by far was this like crystal trophy that we got at some all-star game in high school I want to say it was for like my goalie you know tandem 1 whatever the I would assume it’s like what the Nhl does now it was a. You know breakaway kind of contest kind of thing I don’t remember it that well but it was like this super slick crystal trophy. It was like in the shape of a goalie it said like whatever the name of the league was I remember what’s called now. But that was like I was like this is all actually most trophies are like they look like trophies are stupid. Whatever. Never kept any of them. But this one trophy is like dude I’m keeping this sweet trophy and then I forgot it in the locker room when I left and I never saw it again. So there’s somebody out there that walked into the locker room after we all left and has my you know crystal trophy of a little goalie for.

Andrew – And man.

Josh – Being the best set of goaltenders at the Alltar game but the best the best trophy and it wasn’t really even a trophy I don’t think oh no, they they get dig of his plaques was I don’t know if it’s my softwarehore or high school. Maybe I think my software engineer year. They did like all state where they named your all state teams but I made all state both those years and they announced our name at the Coyotes game which was pretty slick and then gave us a suite to like hang out and and talk with all the other guys that was probably the best best trophy and they got my name right.

Andrew – Wow Wow I can’t I can’t believe somebody’s still your trophy man. Are you left you left you lost it I don’t know if somebody stole it you lost it? Ah yeah, you messed up.

Josh – Which as he it didn’t steal it I just I never went back I never never tried to find it I just assumed it was gone forever I didn’t notice it for like two weeks too and I was like you know what I don’t know where that trophy is maybe it’s my bag never found it the game but they got by the the cow its game.

Andrew – Nice. That’s what’s up.

Josh – Like most people don’t get my last name right? But the announcer nailed it I was like that’s pretty impressive like to know language I guess well enough to know like how certain things based on the name where they come from and to be ah now I would assume that like you got.

Andrew – Um, totally yeah.

Josh – Russian players and european players in the Nhl like it was there now it was the kyotz announcer that you’d have to like figure out how to say and I just remember thinking to myself like that would be one because I’m not a I’m not a good reader I don’t I don’t I can’t sound words out and I just remember thinking to myself that would be the worst job in the entire world.

Andrew – Um, yeah, yeah.

Andrew – Ah, that would be unless you’re super good at it that would be so stressful every time every time. Yeah Jo per Jamp ah.

Josh – To have to know how to announce someone’s name that you’ve never met before.

Josh – Every time like I’d be stressed for like that’s probably the only thing I ever get stressed about I’d be stressed for days leading up to it knowing I’d have to pronounce this name that I’m that I’m not 100% sure and I do this like preaching like there’s where there’s names and scripture that I just I don’t want to pronounce.

Andrew – Ah. Yeah, yeah.

Andrew – Um, right? yeah.

Josh – You get on whatever and you listen to it over and over again. But I can’t sound words out. So if I don’t have it I don’t have it and if I forget it while I’m in front of you. However, many people I’m screwed sometimes it just skip the word and see if anyone notices sometimes they do sometimes they don’t but. Um, sometimes like I just think I’m dumb like has a more on he just butchered that word and it’s like Jesus’ ‘ name you’re like dang it screwed that up. Um, just kidding I actually spell Jesus wrong on a regular basis I forget the first s when I’m writing it. It’s weird.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, um.

Andrew – Ah, just gee. We don’t need that as that’s funny man. Ah classic if I didn’t have auto correct I would be in a world of trouble when it comes to spelling.

Josh – My brain’s just like Nah we don’t need that s.

Josh – Interesting. So weird how many times I’ve like erased it and had to go back like they put a pinness in there.

Andrew – All the time That’s for sure. Yeah.

Josh – My problem isnt I don’t get close enough to a word to be able to get it right? So like my auto cracks like I have no suggestions for you I don’t I don’t know what you’re trying to write right now which is always a sad day. But Google know Google algorithms they got something up there but Google always gets it right? So I just go over to a Google page or I guess duck go I don’t use Google anymore but I can’t trust those big tech people following you all around and trying to sell you things. But I go to duck dot go and search it and duck duck goes figures it out. It was like testicles.

Andrew – It’s It’s what they do.

Josh – Like I typed testicles to your wife and I couldn’t figure out it kept showing a red line I was like I think this how you spell it. It looks right? and I typed into Google and it’s like don’t capitalize it and it’s like okay we won no more no more red line.

Andrew – I I guess testicles is okay to say we we got the freedom on that one just don’t say bulls anymore Josh whatever you do quit it. You know don’t say balls. Although it it is easier to spell that’s for sure. Um.

Josh – You know, can’t say balls such a good word to balls just like a fun one to say.

Andrew – Yeah, easier to spell than testicles. Just yeah man you and I are yeah um, we’re not great spellers but we tend to be good talkers. So I guess that’s you know.

Josh – True True true If you can’t spell balls I’m sorry.

Andrew – That’s the strength.

Josh – Yeah, you one or the other I don’t think you’d be both I think you’ll be 1 or the other. But then you got those talkers out there that like to use big words and like I have a couple people I work with that way and I feel like I’m constantly typing in their words to figure out what the heck they mean you’re like what did they just say I camera what the word was now. There’s a word recently that. Has a completely different meaning than I thought it did I was rather surprised I was like I swear I thought that is a different definition of that word and I’ve used it that way and apparently I’ve been using it wrong my entire life I remember the word now. But.

Andrew – That’s funny. Oh man, classic Dude I I apologize but I really need to bounce. Um, and our girls are about to be crazy so I need to help out with that and then prep for my next meeting.

Josh – Now get all.

Andrew – Um, so I need to jump. Yeah and.

Josh – They’re about to lose it. Nice hey dude as always is good to catch up with you. Um, you can take off. We will see later. We start a new series next week guys. We have a couple ideas with that series maybe but we won’t share. Those ideas with you yet because we don’t want a lie you and it be something different. But if you haven’t had an opportunity to check out duwell check out. Dewell this July for slashwell can be a great tool for you to help foster relationship. Thanks for listening. We. Love you guys? Appreciate you bye.

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