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Episode No. 24

We’ll quote Stephen Hawking, we know crazy, but he put it beautifully, “people who boast about their IQ are losers.” Too funny not to quote. We all fight feelings of inadequacy, but pride and boasting will destroy your relationships. Careful, it sneaks up on your like a sly little serpent.

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Josh: Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re just two normal dudes trying to live this jesus’ life. My name’s Josh. Hey.

Andrew: I’m Andrew and we are this Jesus life podcast,

Josh: episode 24. I’m doing well, my friend, how are you doing

Andrew: good. I can’t believe episode 24. I kind of can believe it. Cause last week was 23, but still 24 men, 24 hours in the day.

And our podcast is probably, you could probably listen to us. Talk for literally 24 hours at this point. That’s impressive.

Josh: Yeah. That is crazy.

Andrew: A full day,

Josh: a full day. You could spend just listening to our podcast for

Andrew: better or worse, you know, that’s kind

Josh: of. I don’t know if I recommend that, but no, I definitely recommend it.

I think everyone should listen starting today. I think you guys should, should go back, listen to EV even the crappy first couple of episodes, just listen to every episode, get that full 24 day in and then let us know when you do it and we’ll just pay on the back. I think that’s definitely a reward. No, no, no, no.

Just a Pat on the back actually. And actually we can’t do that physically, so it’s got to be a virtual Pat on the back. I think that I think that’s a great reward for listening to us for 24 hours straight. That’s crazy because there’s got to be pleasure in just listening to us. Wow.

Andrew: It’s no

Josh: joke. Woo.

Andrew: Yeah, no, I’m doing well, man.

Um, it’s uh, no, no big news on the chickens. I’m glad we have some, some questions to run through, but, um, yeah, it’s rainy and it’s fall here in Pennsylvania, like just a little bit rainy. Um, and the leaves are like yellow and purple it’s. It’s pretty nice outside actually like looking

Josh: except it’s raining.

That’s the only part that I’m not a fan of is the rainy part. I’d rather it snow than it rain. Cause I hate being wet. Um, and I don’t know, somebody posted a picture of it, like raining outside recently and they’re like, Oh, I love it when it rains outside. And I genuinely thought to myself, I’m so glad I live in Colorado, but that’s just not a thing.

Andrew: It’s funny. We just don’t have rain in Colorado. We do here in Pennsylvania. Um,

Josh: I just, man, not a fan of rain. I hated rainy days growing up. Like I remember, uh, having to get stuck inside and he ended up playing like heads up seven up or something stupid. Um, which has pissed me off. So I just cheated. Of course, cause that’s just how you play heads up seven up and watch those shoes.

Uh, but don’t just right out and gave yourself away. You got to pull it up a little bit, guess wrong the first time and then big man, this is so hard, but then I smelled this weird smell and I think it’s you, I think you smell weird. Um, just cause you gotta be a mean person. Uh, Andrew, I’ve got a question for you.

Just to kind of get us going and important. Right. Definitely, definitely important. Um, have you pooped already today?

Andrew: Uh, no, no, no. I tried.

Josh: I was killed

Andrew: in this podcast, so it’s like kind of fresh and ready

Josh: and yeah, you gotta be lighter

Andrew: innovated me, man. It evaded me. Have you

Josh: pooped today? I’m sorry. Uh, Jen, I poop every morning.

Um, Like clockwork. It’s almost the first thing I do, but typically I put my contacts in before I poop, because I don’t know. There’s just something about like putting context in after you poop, even if you wash your hands and you’re like, I don’t want it. Like, this is too much risk. So I typically put my contacts in first, just in case.

That’s funny. That’s funny. Like you just said, that’s one of your

Andrew: pet peeves. You really don’t want to get pink eye.

Josh: No, who does cause then you’re like, well, how’d you get pink guy? Well, I took a poop and then I touched my eyeball. I just felt like that was the best solution. And I teach from

Andrew: nobody wants to get pink eye, but I’m not sure that

Josh: like, I don’t, I wouldn’t say nobody.

I think there’s probably some people out there they’re just weird. And they’re like, Heidi pink. I need that. I need that sympathy for people to get on zoom. I don’t have anything high, but yeah,

Andrew: you think about pink eye a lot more than I do. Cause you formatted your daily routine around avoiding.

Josh: It’s not necessarily, I’m going to try to avoid pink eye.

I’m just trying to avoid pooping in my eye. Like that’s just, that’s the real thing. Uh, I don’t know what comes from that, but it just sounds. It’s just sounds bad. I have some questions, but I’m

Andrew: kinda just save it. Um, you know, are you a precise wiper? Do you use it per day? Should you use it per day? Should you get more toilet?

Josh: I would use a bad day, but I’m not sure. I don’t know. Just the wet but thing. I don’t put on underwear with what, but no, I guess they have bad days at like dry your butt, but

Andrew: dude, I don’t know.

Josh: I don’t want to just smell so much work. I am. I am a adult. That uses wipes in the bathroom for, for cleanness. Now they’re not like wipe super in the trash can.

They’re like. I don’t know the water dissolvable wipes or whatever. Right. You gotta be a fresh down there. Like that’s the worst to not be fresh down there.

I guess I have more habits in the toilet then you really do, man.

Andrew: You know, you want to start your day. Well, Um, and I get that.

Josh: I get that. Um, if I put more than once in the day, like, whew, I feel accomplished. Like that is a good day. I think I actually texted you recently. Was it yesterday? I sent you a text that said start with a good poop to start.

Your day is like you’re already feeling accomplished.

Andrew: You really did. That’s so funny. It was yesterday. Yesterday.

Josh: Yeah. It was a good one. You’re just like, it’s a solid. Accomplished poop.

Andrew: Yeah. Josh, I have a question for you and I’m going out of order, so maybe it’ll catch you by surprise, but what conspiracy theories do you believe in just a couple

Josh: conspiracy theories that I believe in?

Huh? That’s a good question. Uh, we didn’t land on the moon. Um, probably believe that conspiracy theory. Nice. Like the flag was moving. I don’t, I don’t know. We haven’t been there in 60 years or however long it’s been, I can’t do math

Andrew: and we can’t transmit live television that far right now, let alone six years ago.

So come on now.

Josh: Yeah. So once Musk gets up there, I assume in the next few years, uh, he’ll have, uh, I assume he’s going to put a space X flag down, cause there’s just. Seems like something I can do. I would, um, that maybe the he’ll find the flag not there. Yeah. And then, but like I told you, right. And then the aliens, you know, theories would come out.

But yeah, that’s probably the only conspiracy theory that I lean towards. I’m not a conservative theory guy.

Andrew: Yeah.

Josh: That’s just, yeah. That’s just not, not my thing.

Andrew: I like conspiracy theories. They’re entertaining.

Josh: Yeah, Andrew. I was just curious what your what’s your wifi password?

Andrew: Chickens.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, it is funny. Cause I have no ranger lives. You need some wifi, just pull up in the driveway and type in those chickens

Andrew: people. I know you can’t physically see my house, but my closest neighbors are like 120 feet away and I have three of them. Uh,

Josh: Warren neighbors,

Andrew: three, three neighbors. Um, one of them is like really old couple the other ones.

Pretty much retired couple and the other one, definitely. Wouldn’t be trying to steal my wife. I, so, you know, it’s just like, there’s such limited numbers of people that I’m just like, I’m going to make it easy when people come over it and I’m just going to make it chickens. Now

Josh: I think I might be, I think I might drive out there.

Andrew: There might not, you know, but it’s chickens. That’s

Josh: two tries. Yeah. Uh, I think I might drive out there and get on like the dark webs. Uh, I don’t know how to do that, but I’ll figure it out just to like, get you in some trouble. Try to buy you like uranium or something on the internet. Give one on the list, get them all coming after you.

That’s fair. Yeah. My wifi password is much longer than that. I’m not going to share my wifi password because, um, Um, maybe that’s con that’s a conspiracy that I believe of. You’re going to try to screw me by doing bad things,

Andrew: and that’s going to be rough to re type into all the TVs,

Josh: all that stuff is a nightmare.

Well, the problem is, so my wifi, I will tell you this, because if you came to my house, you’ll see my wifi. It’s called my last name. Um, password password, wet wipes, wet wipes. Yeah. Two day poops is a good day, uh, is, is my password, uh, 72. I don’t know why it’s 72. I have no connection to that number, but it answers.

Um, the problem when I moved in was all my stuff was my last wifi was named the same thing. It was a different network, but so when I. I started turning on all my devices and plugging them all in there. Like I can’t like I can’t connect. I’m freaking out. I’m I’m supposed to be able to connect to this. Um, so I had to go back and change all those stinking passwords, which was a nightmare.

Andrew: Yeah. That sounds like it. Uh, if you could only eat one food, the rest of your life, what would it be?

Josh: Pizza

Andrew: go, man. That’s solid

Josh: pizza.

Andrew: I literally said the other day I could eat pizza and burritos. Every day, like no problem.

Josh: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I just, it should be too, like no cow, like calories don’t count when you eat those foods.

Right then ID pizza. Every meal every day, because I can put anything on it. So it could be dessert. Pizza could be breakfast pizza. Not that I’ve ever had pizza with eggs on it. That just grosses me out. Uh, I’d try it, but I would try it if that’s all that was there. Yeah. Um, but now I love me some pizza. It is, uh, or hot wings.

How he’s a really good too. This is gonna be a hard decision. Now, now I’m really thinking about it. I’m going to spend the rest of the day. I’m gonna get no work done. Um, because it’d be like processing, I’m going to Slack my team right now. Just burped on budget and just be like, what’s, what’s that one food.

Yeah. Uh, Andrew, just last question. Before we kinda dive into this, uh, what’s your favorite smell?

Andrew: My favorite smell. I didn’t see that coming.

Josh: Um,

Andrew: I set that up in such a serious way. What’s your favorite smell? Um, man, I recently, my favorite smell is when the coffee maker starts in the morning and I’m like getting ready, you know, in the bathroom or putting clothes on or whatever.

And I just get a little waft of fresh coffee and I’m like, I can wake up to that. You know, what about

Josh: you? That’s a man. That’s a really good smell. I won’t steal yours though. That’s really, really good. And I probably should steal it because I love, so I grind on my coffee and that it’s in like a air proof, sealable, whatever thing.

So when I open that to like make pour overs or whatever you’re saying. Awesome, good strong coffee right there.

Andrew: Uh,

Josh: other favorite smells Christmas. That’s probably my other favorite smell. Yeah, just Christmas in general. So like a little pine, a little Apple cinnamon, uh, kinda mixed together that that smells like Christmas.

So like I have a diffuser, I have one in here too in the office, but there’s also a downstairs. Um, and I have like all the crazy. Smells. So like that’s some of them, so like brownies or campfire hair, grass

Andrew: and cut grass. Yeah.

Josh: Uh, also sit Mel’s like your house is on fire, um, which is not a good smell, but, um, those are my kind of like, yeah, but Christmas I put in there on a pretty regular basis.

So a little cinnamon, little Apple pie, uh, Yeah, those are man. Those are, I’m going to go turn that on after this, just so I can spell it now. Um, but yeah, uh, Andrew, we’ve been inserted these podcasts for a while now with just questions to one another and the random questions, right? Variety of different cards.

Yeah. The questions. And we get to these questions folks just by typing in. Would you rather questions or have you ever questions or in this case, I said, I typed in stupid questions to ask your friends, um, these are the questions that came up and here’s the reason for it is because I think we’re really bad at asking questions to people because that’s really how you get to know them.

Um, one, it opens them up, it gets them talking, especially if they’re dumb questions come up with like five or six questions. This is what I’ve learned from Andrew. Um, not directly, but indirectly of. Yeah. If I hate small talk, it’s not fun. I want to get to know you better. Um, but I don’t wanna have to come up with a stupid question.

I just have a list of questions. You ask people, um, in the make of silly, make them dumb because I think it, yeah. Takes down some barriers. So that’s why we’re doing this. Um, one is just a model it to you as, as you listen to just like, Oh, that’s a really good question. I’m going to ask my friends what their wifi password is.

Um, so my five passwords are funny. Like I’ve, I have friends that their wifi password is, um, shoot, what is it? Um, you know, like bowel Chicka. Wow. Wow. Uh, there’s a way to say that with animal names like Brown cow, something, something that’s their password to their website. That’s funny. Um, or like you make your, you know, if they want your wifi password, you make it really inappropriate.

So like, I like big, you finished that sentence or something and that’s what, that’s what you have to type in to get out of. Oh, okay.

Andrew: That’s a funny question to ask somebody when you’re not at their house. And you’re just like, Hey, what’s your wifi password, man.

Josh: Thank you. Why do you want to know what, just wonder what kind of person you are.

Andrew: I’m just trying to figure things out.

Josh: Is it the default Xfinity one, the one that’s on the bottom of your router or did you figure it out? You go custom or did you come up with a really good one? Yeah, my, uh, uh, My brother use the name, his, they changed. I think it’s called. Let’s get wired now, but I’m pretty sure it used to be.

Let’s get weird. Um, at my parent’s house, when my, my brother set up their wifi, which you’re like, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I get on. Let’s get weird, but something something’s going to happen.

Andrew: All right. Just to add to the random, small talk questions. Um, one, hopefully, hopefully if you’ve been listening this far, you at least laughed a few times cause.

We all need to laugh, but, um, on the like random would you rather, and Hey, what’s your wifi password. Those are funny things to just have queued up in the hopper, especially, would you rather are funny because like, if you’re hanging out with people, you know, really well, as well as people you don’t know very well, you immediately just like.

All have something to talk about and it’s not

Josh: like,

Andrew: so where do you work? And what’s your, what’s your primary responsibility? And, you know, it’s like Rose,

Josh: it throws people off, not in a bad way, but it throws people off in the sense of like, gets conversation going. And that’s the goal, right? Like, You know, we were in the season of relationship and we’re saying, you know, God gave us two commands, love the Lord, God, with all your heart, with all your mind in the second is like, it love your neighbor as yourself.

We believe all of scripture is built on relationship, either relationship vertically with God or horizontally with each other. And we want to help you with the horizontally, with each other. So we could do relationship better. And when he asked questions like this, cause like, The question that you’re typically asked is, Hey, what do you do for a living?

At least, especially if you’re a man, if you’re a woman, it’s probably like, how many kids do you have or something? I don’t know. I’m not a woman. I’ve never been asked questions as a woman, or maybe I haven’t. I just didn’t realize it. Uh, But we have like our answer to those questions ready to go. Cause we’re not, we know.

So it’s usually not conversation answered. Right? Like, I don’t answer it for conversation. I just answered the question. So when you add something weird or something may be a little bit not expected, then hopefully conversations start. Cause that’s the goal, right? Like relationship is built around conversation.

Oftentimes I’m like, that’s how you get things going. But yeah. Hey Andrew, we’re still in this, this series of. Of relationship as we’re in season two, episode 24. What are we talking

Andrew: about today? Heads hotter and fat heads, man. We’re talking about arrogance and pride today. Um, we have just a little pause before we get there.

But, uh, if you haven’t been listening or if you have where in first Corinthians 13, um, starting in verse four, it says this love is patient love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It does not dishonor others. It isn’t self-seeking it is not easily angered. It keeps no records of wrong.

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, and it goes on from there. But, um, if you’re just joining us the last three or four episodes we started with those first attributes of love is patient kind and does not envy. So we’re now at.

Does not boast and is not proud, um, which is kind of how we come to arrogance or boasting and pride. Um, but last week we talked about love, not in being and, um, I wanted to just add kind of one thought to that, um, about envy. So one thing we didn’t hit on is that envy is something that, um, I think maybe is connected to lust in a roundabout way.

Cause envy like Josh and I were talking before this and envy. It’s kinda like I deserve that. Um, that should be mine. That, uh, why isn’t that mind? Why did they deserve, they don’t deserve that. I deserve that, you know, and, um, I think part of like lust and the, the problem with porn that our culture has and.

Just like the crazy amounts of sexuality and commercials and everything. Like our society is very much like lust in sexual, sexually driven, I should say. So, um, I dunno, I was just thinking about envy and I think it’s, it’s pretty connected to lust. It’s pretty connected to, I deserve that. I deserve that experience.

I deserve that. Person I deserve sex with that person. Like all of that. I think it’s it’s um, that’s just one other aspect to envy, not being something that is, uh, a part of love, because real love is not just like sexuality, my wife and I love each other. It’s not. Just that that’s just an aspect of our real relationship, you know?

Um, and anybody married could, could say the same. It’s like not the focus. It’s a piece of it. I really like love for one another deeply knowing one another in relationship and having each other’s back, um, And walking through life in a trust filled way with that person and navigating all the stuff that comes.

So I don’t know, that’s my 2 cents on maybe the one thing that I felt like I missed saying when we were talking about envy. So I just wanted to circle back. Just want to do a quick call back to the last episode and add just one little piece to it or anything.

Josh: No, it’s good. Um, then too, like it’s easy to get sucked down this road.

I get it. Um, But we have to be really careful as followers of Jesus to make sure we’re not doing sin management. Um, because it’s always, you know, oftentimes, and maybe it’s not sad. Maybe it is explicitly stated that the goal of Christianity is to avoid sin. And that’s not the goal of Christianity. If it was Jesus would have said the great commandments were.

Avoid sent a great or sorry. Yeah, the Creek payments or the great commandments are these, these 10 now sin plays a destructive role in our lives. Um, it’s important to identify sin in our lives to repent of sin in our lives. But the goal of Christianity is not sin management. It’s not to be better or holier.

And the goal of Christianity is to be in relationship with Jesus. And in being in relationship with Jesus means I have to be in relationship with other people. Um, but in that relationship as that fosters, um, and grows, um, as that deepens in intimacy, um, with Jesus, you’ll find that the things that, uh, you found pleasure in.

Um, before you don’t find as much pleasure in now, right? Like, and, and I’ll be honest with you. Like I’ve, I’ve been in the camp of, Hey, this is, you know, cause we’re on the porn topic. This is how you defeat defeat porn. It’s about finding your temptations. It’s about finding your triggers. Um, it’s about identifying all these things and it’s all about you and what you can do.

Here’s the reality without Jesus, you can’t conquer sin. It’s not possible. Um, you can, you think you might be able to, you might be able to, uh, fix it with other things and distractions, but in all reality, you have no power over sin, but Jesus does because of his death and resurrection, he wants a hundred percent in his power.

So the solution is, and I know this feels like. It’s not enough. I know it feels like, um, no, I have to be able to do something it’s relationship with Jesus. That’s the solution. As I deepen in that relationship, things that I didn’t even realize were sending my life are now being brought out to the surface so I could deal with them and how he wants me to deal with them.

Um, and in that relationship, uh, things that I used to go to all the time to numb pain, to numb, whatever, or to seek enjoyment, to seek pleasure, um, or. Variety of other students that could, that you can put in those categories. Um, those things become less and less grouse. I was telling someone not that long ago and I realized the way that I said it.

Probably is a bad way to say it, but I I’ve been saying this if I found the secret sauce and our relationship with Jesus, as we dig into this idea of relationship, um, that it really is about relationship. The more time I spend with Jesus, the less time I spend cynic, um, not that that’s the goal. The more time I spend with Jesus, the more hope that I live in this life.

The more time I spend with Jesus, the deeper, the relationships around me feel like the more time I spend with Jesus, the more content I am in this life. Like, that’s the thing. Now I spend more time today. I spend less time today. Sorry, reading my Bible. And this is what I mean by that. I still read my Bible.

I still read God’s words to me, but I don’t cover as much ground as I used to. Like, I used to be someone that, um, I read whatever book I was going through. I read from the gospels every time. And I read from the songs every day. That was my, that was my methodology. And I did that for a variety of different reasons.

I do less of that today. So reading it on a regular basis, I’m still, but I’m reading less of it and digging into the depth of it, because this is what Jesus wants to tell me today. Um, And there’s man, there there’s something to this relationship with Jesus that is so impactful that has nothing to do with my actions or what I do and has everything to do with just sitting in and, and.

In my relationship, sitting in my conversation, sitting in what Jesus is saying to me, um, that has so much power over. So it’s not scenario management. We’re not trying to get, um, you know, you get to the less to sin, less. The goal is that you find relationship with Jesus deeper, more rich, more powerful in your life because I believe that’s where hope is found.

Um, I believe where this is where you can conquer that. The destruction of sin in your life is inside that relationship with Jesus. Yeah. And it’s the one thing that Christians struggle with the most, like, that’s the craziest part of it, right? Like, and we go back to, we don’t read your Bible enough. Well, like it’s not Bible, that’s not the point.

The point is relationship with Jesus now. This is God’s written word recorded for us. So we know this is what God’s saying to God’s people, but, um, like it’s a voicebox, but it’s not the end goal. And it’s hard for us to get, I know this has nothing to do with our conversation today, but it kind of doesn’t roundabout.

Yeah. And I think this is where we have to be really careful about getting into some of these conversations of like this, this may lead to this and that’s true. It does. But at the same time, the end goal isn’t that I do this last, the end goal is that I’m more in love with Jesus more. And because that’s going to help conquer other things in my life, or give me hope in my life where I don’t feel like I functioned a life today with the most hope I’ve ever had.

Hmm. I don’t usually have bad days, even if like bad things happen. Sure. That happens. But I’m not like thrown off. Like I used to be like, I’m not like derail. It’s like, Oh, everything’s falling apart around me. It’s just like, no, this is how life is, and this is what happens, but Jesus still Jesus. And everything’s great.

Um, and then you dig into relationship more. All those different things, but, you know, love does not boast or it’s not arrogant. It’s not proud and it’s not rude. Uh, which I find interesting that the ESV uses rude and the nav uses proud. Yeah. Um,

Andrew: I don’t see, can, I guess be used to a totally different one. I forget.

Cause we were looking right before we started this, but it was all different. Yup. Yeah.

Josh: Yeah. I don’t know why it uses those. Terminology waited. I didn’t spend the time to dig into it if, you know, let us know. Cause I’d be curious to know, but, um, yeah. Well I guess where do we, where do we begin with the conversation of like,

Andrew: well,

Josh: how do we get not?

Andrew: So I had a question to kind of just get us, maybe started a little bit, um, love is not boastful. So I was going to ask like, have you ever navigated kind of the tension of like, All right, Josh, it’s time for your performance review, you know, or it’s your quarterly review or your yearly review. Tell us, tell us everything you did great and tell us everything that you have as growth opportunities or whatever the words are, but have you navigated that and like ever felt.

Overly proud. Like you wanted to be boastful. I know proud is their second one, but have you ever felt like I just crushed it this year? I crushed it this quarter. Of course I should get a 10 out of 10 or whatever. Yeah. Like, have you navigated that tension before?

Josh: Oh, sure. Um, and I think there’s

like, I think there’s two different categories that we kind of live in here. Right. There’s I’m boosting myself up because of my insecurities and I feel the need to boost myself up. So I feel better about myself. And then there’s other, the other side of it is I boost myself up because those are just the facts, right?

So like in those situations, I deserve a 10 out of 10, whatever. However you want to do through your review process, like here’s the facts, this is what happened. This is what I did. Um, it’s not. I’m telling you how awesome I am as a person. And I’m trying to convince you of something that may not be true.

I’m just telling you like, this is what happened. This is the things I accomplished. Sure. You might look at me and say, that’s, that’s amazing. You’re awesome. Okay. Um, like I’ve never dealt with those, those emotions now I did with hockey. So when I was playing hockey, 100%, um, extremely boastful. I want you to know how freaking good I was.

Whether it was true or not. Um, right. Like those, that was definitely an area of my life where that 100% sure. But in general, like I don’t, I don’t deal with those emotions that often pride as a different category from an internal perspective, but not from an external perspective. Um, I’ll let you talk about me all day long and how awesome I am.

Um, I have no problem with that. Um, but I’m not going to initiate those conversations. Um, but that might be just how I was raised. That might be human nature. I don’t know. Um, I just not something that telling you how awesome I am is not a part of my vocabulary vocabulary. That’s good.

Andrew: No, I, uh, I was just asking that because like the boastful thing that just came to mind quick is one area.

Like I have. These reviews, like three times a year, like every four months. I don’t know why they chose every four months, not every three years or whatever, but, um, for my employer, it’s

Josh: like meetings.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we still have a lot of meetings about our performance development plans, PDBs. Um, anyway, um, I, there there’s always that like, tension of just like.

Here’s all the stuff I did, you know, which I agree, like here’s the facts of what I did or here’s the thing that I learned in the last couple of months, or here’s the event that I handled well or poorly at work, you know, whatever. Um, and it’s like, there can be tension there between like, Just being honest and saying like, here’s what I did towards this goal.

Um, or here’s how I can accomplish this. Yeah. Cool. Um, and I feel good or feel bad about that, or I learned this or learn that about that. Yeah. Um, there’s a difference between that and I’m going to write all of this. I’m going to put it all down so that the person kind of reviewing me, walks away thinking, wow, Andrew was awesome.

You know, like I. I recognize that at least in myself, that I want them to walk away thinking, wow, that was really, he did awesome. This quarter. He’d been awesome this year. Yeah. I want that. If I’m being honest and, and part of that may be pride. Part of that may just be, I want to accomplish things. Well, I’m at work, but I don’t know.

That’s one area where I’m like, I don’t know that. Um, I don’t know that boasting is like a. Supernatural thing to me or not supernatural, but at a really common thing in my life, maybe it is, you know, me pretty well. So you might be like, dude, you’re super boastful.

Josh: Um, yeah, that’s that’s actually, I was waiting for the stop would come up Andrew.

Cause I wanted to publicly address something in your life. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. We don’t believe in chamber around here. Right. Um, I’m going to just publicly share everything about. You’re boastfulness. Yes. Uh, I don’t know, like, I think, I don’t know if I’m cutting you off. I don’t remember, but, um, I think the word arrogant is probably a better word go ESV.

Um, because I don’t know where this definition came from, but I’m going to read it cause it’s in the script bit arrogant of having her. Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or ability I think is a good way to describe it. So maybe boasting becomes an issue, um, because I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about yourself.

I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about the things that you’ve accomplished, but I do believe it’s wrong if you’re presenting yourself in a way that isn’t honest or true. Hmm. Um, so using the review process, I go to the review process and all I do is share it with how awesome I am. And I don’t share any of my failures though.

I had failures throughout the year. Um, like there, I’m now living in arrogance. Um, if not arrogance of leaving in deception, um, like I think that’s where it starts to come when I’m exaggerating my sense of importance or my sense of ability that isn’t necessarily true. Um, that’s when I’m starting to run into problems, um, And, and, and, and, you know, going back to relationship because that’s what all this is about.

Like, you know, these kinds of people, right? Like we we’ve come in contact with these people and you come in contact you where like all, I don’t like this guy, right? Like, it’s, it’s destructive to relationships so quickly if you’re like, yeah, I don’t want to be around this person who wants to tell me how awesome they are all the time, because it’s not reality.

I know that, no, one’s that awesome. And to the level of insecurity that you’ve got a function inside of that you think it’s okay to share all these things. Um, yeah. Also bothers me. Cause I don’t, I don’t want to be touched by your insecurity. Like I don’t want your insecurity to affect my life. Um, probably past wounds in my life who knows whatever.

We’re not gonna dig in right now, but like, I don’t want your insecurity to affect my life. And when it does, I’m going to have a problem with it really fast. And then we get into the issues of quick to anger. Um, so I think there’s is a piece of it. Like we, we know what that feels like and, and I think oftentimes, and.

And I, I think insecurity plays a huge role in it. So maybe in a seasons where you’re feeling less secure, less confident in who you are good and bad, um, and less secure, less confident who God has created you to be, who he says you are. Um, all good. Um, And I think in those moments, you can probably find yourself living in arrogance or living in a boastful spirit of, I need to compensate for something and tell you how awesome I am.

Um, I think you run into issues there. Like I have issues with preachers that get onstage and always just tell me how awesome they are. Here’s all the good I’m doing for God or here’s all the things that I’ve done for God in the last, whatever. And this is why I’m awesome. Um, you’re not that awesome.

That’s the reality of it. We all know that. Sure. You’ve done good things, but you’ve also done bad things. Um, so just be honest about both, um, Like don’t hide either. Just be you. Um, and this happened like this isn’t just on the stage. This is in life. Like, just be you the good and the bad that’s. Okay. Um, I’m more inclined to love you more to care about you.

More, to have more compassion on you. When I hear the good in the bed, like I want to know you. I don’t want to know how. Awesome. You are all the time. I want to just know who you are. So I have to hear your feelings, um, in the same as true vice versa, right? Like people aren’t really going to know the real me, the real Josh, if I’m not willing to share the good and the bad of who I am.


Andrew: right.

Josh: Like if I’m hiding one over the other, then. Are you really like, like, yeah. I don’t know. Always comes across, like you’re hiding something. Yeah,

Andrew: I agree. And when you’re, when you’re arrogant, like you say, you’re never going to know the real Josh never gonna know the real Andrew, if you’re just constantly boosting yourself up in front of people, but, um, The other side is like, uh, if you’re, if you’re living in arrogance, you probably aren’t really taking time to get to know people.

So that kind of horizontal relationship, that’s not happening at that level because you’re like, just about me. I’m about how cool I am, how good I am, how great and whatever, but then like if you’re following Jesus and whether you’re a preacher or just a guy working at a normal store or whatever you do, like if you’re super arrogant or, or a girl.

Um, you

Josh: just want to point out Andrew, how sexist you are, cause you never point out the female race. Um, Andrew’s personal email address, race,

Andrew: race

Josh: of females. What is it called? General gender, I guess.

Andrew: Yes.

Josh: We’re all one race. It’s funny. Um,

Andrew: I was just gonna say on that horizontal side, you never get to know like you, aren’t taking time to build deep relationships.

Probably if you’re super focused on just being arrogant and making yourself look good, and you’re probably covering something up, like, like you were saying, like, or you’re overcompensating for something

Josh: you’re like, you know,

Andrew: it could be dumb, but you’re overcompensating for you feel like you have really bad haircuts or you’re like, I gotta be really arrogant.

So everybody thinks I’m so confident and just loves me anyway. But then the other side is like, if it, if the spotlight is just on you, if you’re always putting it back on yourself, You’re never going to point people to Jesus, you know, like that, that vertical piece. You’re never going to be like, look at how good my God is.

Let’s see how good God the father is. Like, no, man. It’s just like, look at me, like focus on me. Think about me. You should try to be like me. I’m better than you. You could should try. You’ll never be as good as me, like, come on man. Like that’s not helpful. So I dunno. I see why it says love is not. Arrogant is not boastful.

That it makes sense to me.

Josh: Um, yeah. Yeah. That’s good. Yeah. Yeah. And I think, Oh man, I think, I think if, if you’re sitting in a place where you don’t have great friendships, um, people in general don’t seem to want to hang out with you. Um, I would probably take a couple steps back and check behavior. Right.

Cause there’s probably a good chance that you may be living in arrogance or boastfulness and you don’t feel like it’s arrogance or boastfulness because you’re. You’re hearing the lies in your head of how much you suck as a human being. Um, so you’re compensating. Those lies that you’re hearing, um, and people just don’t want to be around that.

So like, if you find yourself only spending time with. Your family, your wife and kids, because well, they have to spend time with you. Can’t get away from you. Um, like I would take a couple of step back and evaluate, you know, how am I coming across to the people around me? Am I coming across as arrogant? No, at all.

Um, boastful. How awesome am I in all reality? Uh, it’s stemming from a place of insecurity, but it might not too, like, there’s that other side of it, of like, you really think yourself is this hard stuff. Like you’re like, man, not only does my poop not stink. It smells good. Like I enjoy it. Uh, then you’re, there’s some people out

Andrew: there like that you think about it everyday.

And you’re like, I don’t want that in my house or anywhere near my nose.

Josh: No, that’s gross. Uh, I don’t know where it came from. It’s like a childhood wound, um, that I like, who knows

Andrew: dream didn’t even have to have

Josh: that dream. That’s probably true. Nope. Oh, I did once go to grab my nephew and I grabbed him by the shorts.

He was little like. Two years old. So he was like running away and I went to grab my, the shorts when he grabbed a child by the top of their pants, while your finger goes down their pants. Cause he got grabbed up and it went right into poop.

Uh, so what I learned from that moment, Uh, let the child run to the street. It’s not worth it. Don’t take the risk. Just let him go. And he’ll be fine. He’s little. He could probably duck under the car. Oh man. That’s probably the worst part of being a parent, right? Like just the substances. Get spewed on you.

You have to touch. Oh, just going to grow us out. They get out.

Andrew: I just, I had my favorite sweat pants on yesterday for like an hour before I was holding my daughter. And I’m like, Pan now there’s pee all over my leg. Like great. You know,

Josh: like, just as part of that story, it wasn’t your daughter’s P, which is,

Andrew: I mean, I got really pumped.

I was excited and, uh, you know, if big play happened to the game last night and, uh, dude, it there, you know, One thing led to another.

Josh: Are you watching football right now? Yeah. Now that it’s on

Andrew: I dude, I like the NFL and I play, I do fantasy football. Gotcha. With, uh, my brother.

Josh: What happens if one of your friends, one of your players get COVID yeah.


Andrew: No, they, uh, there is an extra our slot, so you can have two on injured reserve, but. Like, there’s been a couple of games that like one player test positive, and then they rapidly test all the players of both teams. And then they play like two days later that happened like a couple of times now. So it’s, uh, it’s created a real, uh, Yeah, like unpredictable season, you know?

So yeah, kinda nuts,

Josh: man. Dad, about the MLB and early in the season, I can’t remember which teams now tested positive, but like they got pushed back a couple of weeks. Well, in MLB, like majorly baseball, like. They play every day, like a week and a half is, is 10 games. They now have to make up. So they were playing double hitters, like constantly.

So it was like 32 games played in a span of 24 days or something like that. Like, just as crazy of like in granted, let’s be honest, it’s baseball. If you’re not a pitcher, like. You’re not really doing it for anyways.

Andrew: That’s a long day, man.

Josh: You’re starting at 10:00 AM and finishing at 9:00 PM. Yeah, it’s a rough day,

Andrew: dude.

Speaking of, uh, I don’t know if this is a good, this ties back. Well, but like I was just thinking about like with pride. Um, one thing that always comes to my mind is like, There’s a lot of ways we could take on pride, but thinking of like professional athletes, like. I don’t know what Tom Brady’s getting paid by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but you know, he left the Patriots last season.

They didn’t renew his contract.

Josh: He doesn’t get paid. You should look it up. I bet.

Andrew: I bet it’s millions, but, but he left last season

Josh: after playing guarantee. It’s millions, but

Andrew: he left for, you know, he was like the go-to guy in new England for a long, long time, legendary quarterback and left. And dude, I just wondered the

Josh: like.

Deal. What’s he getting paid like 40 now he signed a two year deal. I think I’m not sure if this is official or it’s like, The news that came out before it went official, two year deal, worth $50 million fully guaranteed with an additional 4.5 million each year in incentives includes no trade and no tack clause.

Wow. Which I don’t know. Tad clauses, but wow. I know no tree is that crazy? He was making twenty-five million dollars.

Andrew: That’s crazy. That’s really crazy.

Josh: And that’s nothing compared to like the NBA, right? Like so much money in NHL. Like. Big scores in the NHL MC nine, nine, five right now. Like that’s, that’s a big contract in the NHL.

So like,

Andrew: I don’t

Josh: get that 9.5 million if he gets like highest pay there might less.

Andrew: Okay. So imagine you’re Tom Brady, you just signed a $50 million. Agreement. And you grab your nephew as he’s running away from you, your hand slips, just inside the top of the shorts and fingers full and poop, like is your first thought like, Oh, this is gross or is it like, I’m Tom Brady, this doesn’t happen to me.

Like, what’s your profit and kid pooping around me. Yeah. Like, you know,

Josh: my first thought, my first thought is Tom Brady is like, I shouldn’t have to think about it. The second it happened. Yeah, the second it happened, my assistants should be cleaning it in that moment. And the child should be shipped off to shipped off to boarding school.

And you are no longer. That would be my expectations. Yeah, you are now gone. I don’t, you don’t exist anymore. Uh, I think

Andrew: it’s easy. That’s a great example, but like pride, just dude pride is a decimeter of everything. Good. I think it just like, it’s not. Helpful

Josh: it’s when you, so say I think it becomes a huge problem.

I think pride is a huge problem in the church today. Pride and insecurity is like top, top, top, top, but, um, pride. I think the issue is when, when you, when you start to gained some power, you get started to gain some notoriety. Um, it’s easy for you to abuse that for your own selfish ambitions. Your own selfish gain, uh, your own self protection.

Um, and I know you hear that and you go, well, I don’t have any notoriety. I have no power. Well, but you probably do. You’re a dad of a family. You’re gonna have some notoriety and power inside that family inside that circle. Right. And are you abusing that position? That power to benefit yourself rather than benefit everybody as a whole, right?

Like there’s plenty of other areas like. I may no notoriety on my team about certain things. And I using that for my own selfish ambitions to protect, to not have to do whatever, whatever it is. Um, and I think that’s where pride starts to show up is that my abusing, what I have, what God has given, um, to take care of me rather than am I using those things to help take care of, because like you look at it, you look at those individuals that live sacrificially in general.

Yeah, they don’t sacrifice to manipulate. They don’t sacrifice, uh, in the long game to get what they want. Um, they just they’re live in humility as, uh, Philippians Philippians four,

Andrew: I think so.

Josh: Yeah. That’s gonna bother me. I’m gonna have to look it up while I talk. Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s Philippians four, but you know, describing Jesus’s position of he is fully God and coming to, you know, in, in the posture of all humility.

Um, I can’t type in thing and think at the same time I’m going to stop. Uh, but like, there’s this, there’s this piece of like humility that if I live inside of, and you’re the leader doing those things, like, I want to follow you more, like it’s going to foster more care from me to you. It’s like if I’m the guy in charge of this group of people and leading them, like when I function in more humility, when I functioned in more service and sacrifice for those around me, like people.

Generally want to follow you more now I’m not saying do it. So people follow you, but I’m saying that there’s a natural response because we just don’t see it that often. Like I don’t, you know, going through life, going through with the business or whatever, like we just don’t see humility that often. So when we see it, it’s attractive.

It’s like, Whoa, like there’s something really different about you. Like you genuinely care. You genuinely take the posture of a servant as Jesus did. Like there’s, that’s just not normal. Um, and my other side of it is like, you want to protect yourself as having a conversation a while ago about this with a friend of mine.

Uh, and we’re talking about like, I don’t want to be seen as naive. Um, and there’s something about serving and putting others before yourself that you people look at you, like you’re naive and like, is that the worst thing in the world? Right? Like what’s more important that they genuinely feel cared for and loved, or that I feel protective and they don’t think that I’m.

Naive, simple minded, whatever terminology you wanna put in there. Um, like there’s that pride piece that’s like stopping me from living that because I don’t want to be seen that way or, or, you know, Jesus tells us if someone strikes you on one sheet, give them the other cheek, like that’s stupid. That’s ridiculous.

Why would you ever do that? Right. Like, that’s usually the response to that, but in all reality, um, When I do those things, like I’m genuinely living in a humility, I’m genuine living in care because humility is the opposite of pride. Right. Um, so I think we, we find ourselves in those places of like, I just try to protect myself.

Am I. Abusing what I have to protect myself to get what I want to indulge some whatever inside of me to make myself feel better. Um, I think those are where we start to do some evaluation and stepping back or just like, Hey, how am I functioning? Um, and going back to our conversation, I know I’m talking for awhile.

One more thing,

Andrew: drop

Josh: it, but, um, Going back to our sin management conversation poured over into this. Like it’s like going through all these different characteristics. Aren’t about necessarily me doing these things. I think they’re helpful in helping us recognize something’s wrong. Um, so if I’m not, if I find myself living inside of arrogance, living inside of a bosal spirit, being rude to those around me, treating them less than, than who they are, uh, being proud and living inside that pride.

Um, like that’s not an. The solution to the problem isn’t to focus on those things and fix those things. The solution of the problem is to identify, Hey, something’s going on here? Something’s out of whack. Something’s not aligned. Hey Jesus. Like, what’s going on? Like what, what am I not paying attention to?

That’s drawing all this behavior up inside of me. And then what do I do about it? Then I think that’s the piece that we’re trying to get to like, cause it’d be easy to go through the watch and do all these things. Just not knowing you have to do all these things. Sure. You will do all these things, but it’s not a goal of, you got to keep, you know, check all these boxes.

It’s just, Hey, if you’re not doing one of these things, can you spend some time evaluating, stepping back, having conversations with Jesus to, to speak into this things and see what the real issue is? Yeah.

Andrew: There was a lot there. Um, But I thought that was good, good perspective. I was, I don’t have a great like example in my own life.

I know that pride is something that, uh, I’ve struggled with in the past. Like, Not struggled with, but that has been a part of my life struggled with, it sounds like a very Christianese terms. I’ve struggled with that. I’m struggling with that, you know, but like I remember one time, a couple years, a year and a half, two years ago, I remember talking to you when God had spoken to me.

Um, and. Maybe not audible voice, but really clearly, um, where at work I kept having these moments where I would say something, it would make a point and people would be like, wow, that’s a really smart point. You know? And, and, uh, after a while I just kind of started being like, in my mind, like, well, yeah, I’m really smart.

Yeah. Of course, I made that great point. Of course, I’m thinking about something, you know. Awesome. Um, and, and one of those times, right after it, right as I’m starting to have that thought, um, God told me something right to the effect of, uh, don’t take glory for the thoughts I give you. And I was just like, Oh crap.

And it wasn’t mean it wasn’t, it wasn’t like overly convicting. It was just like, I could see for the first time, you know, and even on top of don’t take credit it’s point glory back to God. So I’m trying to figure out how to do that. Like, when I. When I add an idea and people react well, like, wow, that was really good thinking.

I’m trying to thoughtfully still today. This has been probably two years ago. I’m trying to thoughtfully to be like, how do I give glory back to God in this moment? Because the reality is I’m not that smart. I am smart enough and God made me how he made me. But, um, when he gives me really. Why’s are discerning thoughts, like for me to just put it out there as this is, Andrew’s thinking, this is my, my great words.

This is something that’s going to blow your mind. That’s pride, man. That’s theirs. And that’s like, and on top of that, I think that’s, that would really. Really get me into trouble at some point, if God hadn’t corrected me or if he corrected me and I just

Josh: ignored

Andrew: her, you know, like if I just forgot that story, um, it helps that you laughed out loud when I told you that.

And you’re like, never, and I’m like, Oh crap, that’s an issue in my life. I shouldn’t. Um, but.

Josh: Yeah, man, but it’s not like, but going back to that story, like that’s an insecurity of mine to think I’m not smart enough. So like the fact that I’ve never thought of that, isn’t like a,

Andrew: you’re just the opposite.

Josh: It’s just like, I’m just like, no, it’s generally never go across my mind thinking I might be the dumbest person in this room is more likely than that. But like the other side of that is. Pride comes into my, my sphere of I’m going to protect myself in that. So I’m going to present myself in a way that maybe not.

Isn’t true. So like, um, I gather information about a topic. I don’t know anything about, um, Because it protects me in my mind, um, from someone saying something. So like, if I’m digging into a problem I’ve never dealt before. And I just, I don’t know what to do in that problem. I’m going to gain as much information about that issue as I possibly can, because I know that’s going to protect me from you making me feel stupid.

Right? Like it, like, that’s where pride shows up in my life of, um, Like I might not have those thoughts, but my insecurity is leading me to a place that people are going to be like, Oh, he’s just a know it all. He’s right. Because I also talk in such a fashion. Like I taught them that are faculty. Um, not that, um, Not that it is.

Matter of fact, my head, it could still be processed in my head. Um, but I say things in such a way that it comes across as matter of fact, and I have to be super careful. Well, even in this, in this podcasts, like, there’s been plenty of times you go back and you’re like, yeah. I said it in such a way that you’re like Josh is 100% in this camp, but in all reality, Gosh, it’s still processing it doesn’t have any answer.

Right. Uh, and not only that, Josh is now talking about himself in the third person, so there’s that piece. So I don’t know. You gotta, I think if you keep, if you take enough setbacks steps back in your life, um, there’s a good chance. You’ll figure out, um, what are the root cause of a lot of those things and then dig at those root causes.

Andrew: Yeah. In pride, I can just add like the. Like my, my smart thought example. I keep coming back to that because like, eventually it goes from, um, you could call it a slippery slope because it is that’s accurately. Like people, people downplay that, but with sin it often is kind of like a slippery slope. You start off at the top.

Yeah. And actually what I’m going to slippery slope. I’m just like, ha crap. I’m falling down, you know? So it just, uh, it starts off slow and then it speeds up. That’s all it is. Um, but like with the, just with the pride thing, like if I could like run it or play it out for just a minute, I started off and I, I, I start saying stuff and people’s react with, wow, that’s really smart.

Like, man, that was a great point. I’ve never heard that or never thought about that. And I’m like patting myself on the back. Right. And then yeah, a couple of months later, six months later, I’m still getting those comments. If that was really smart, you know, and at that point have shifted from patting myself on the back a little bit to being like, well, I’m just really smart people.

Look to me with really hard problems. Cause I always have good answers because I’m smart, you know? Six months after that something else comes up and eventually I’m going to just get like wallets because there’s going to be, I’m going to be walking in so confidently having not done my research, having not done my homework yet, having assumed I can think my way out of anything to the point where.

Something goes wrong in my marriage. Something goes wrong at work. I, and, and it, and you walk out with this like narrative in your mind of I’ve built up. I am so smart that I can handle anything and then just get smacked down and you realize I’m not that smart. Like this whole image I’ve made of myself is wrong.

You know, like this whole image of made of who God made me to be. Is really just about me. And it’s not about who, it’s not about God, you know, like I’ve, I’ve taken God off the throne of my life and put my intellect on the throne in my life, you know? Or put my yeah, yes or whatever. And I know this isn’t like a perfect example, but that’s okay.

I’m not that smart. Um, but like the, I just think with pride, like these things start off kind of small. And can honestly be pretty like innocent that you’ve been. Um, but. If you, if God doesn’t speak into them or we can’t hear God speaking into them, then they can grow to something where you thought you were so smart that nobody would ever know.

Um, like Bernie Madoff, you know, Bernie Madoff with your mom. Yeah. Um, but like that guy.

Josh: Yeah, yeah. Kind of funny, but like a while back.

Andrew: Like that dude had to be walking around thinking like, well, everybody else is so dumb. Like I

Josh: I’m honestly going to get caught.

Andrew: I’m never going to get caught. Nobody will ever know, like they haven’t found out yet.

It’s been years, you know, billions of dollars now. And then one day. Boom goes the dynamite and the foundation shakes and rumbles, and it’s found wanting, you know, the building just like straight down. And, uh, yeah, and I think whenever we build our foundations and our confidence and our sense of identity around

Josh: the attributes

Andrew: of us, the things that

Josh: God uniquely

Andrew: gifted us with, then start thinking that’s God in our life, man, it’s eventually going to crumble down, you know, Um, so that’s

Josh: my little rant on

Andrew: to like start small.

Josh: Yeah. Oh, for sure. And I think, I think as it grows and as it builds, the other thing that happens is it segregates you from people like it separates you from people because you start to think, I don’t need them. Right. I’ve got this look how awesome I am. And it might even start as like, look how God has blessed me and that it shifted from it’s not God anymore.

It’s just look how awesome I am. And that starts to cause destruction around me. Um, and you use the Maydoff story as an example, like yeah. The amount of people that, that affected and hurt and destroyed, um, their financial futures and to some extent lives, um, Like you, you just gotta to it from that perspective, like, this is where your pride is going to eventually fall.

It’s not just going to be your fell fall though. Your fall will be glorious and we can talk about it for years to come like Madoff. Um, but also your fall is going to affect your loved ones. The people in proximity to you, the people that may just know you, but don’t really like our friend, like those kinds of things, like you’re going to cause a high level of destruction.

Um, and I think this is too like, Yeah, I believe leadership is influence it’s, it’s nothing more than that. So, um, if you’re leading people, you’re just gaining more influence with people. Um, and if you have a lot of influence, um, you have to be more and more careful about these types of things and, and keep a short account on these types of things.

So when you start to feel them or see them, or someone starts to mention them, To take the time to really dig into them, um, because the, the slippery slope is going to take you down. And if your influence is great, it’s not only gonna take you down, it’s gonna take a lot of people around you down. Um, and now you have to live with that.

Um, it’s kinda like the whole conversation. I don’t remember which episode it was, but one of the recent ones of, you know, if it’s going to take you 12 times to, to regain trust, to rebuild something, just imagine what that’s going to do. Um, so I think this is a. A great conversation in terms of like, let.

Let these things be triggers or warning signs. Um, they’re just saying something is deeper. Something is wrong and start to dig into those things with, with Jesus and start to dig in with things with, with those that love Jesus and love you in that order. Um, so you can start to identify what the real cause or issue is.

Cause I don’t think pride and arrogance is the root cause of anything. I think pride and arrogance are a signal of something deeper going on. There’s a bigger issue going on. Yeah. And you got to dig into those things. Um, so like going back to our earlier example, it’s like my pride, when it shows up, I’m protecting myself from, from an insecurity, like I’m trying to protect myself and, and being harmed.

Um, so there’s that piece of it, right? Like that’s why, like I go back and forth on what Enneagram number I am, whether it’s an eight or a, um, I see eights, I don’t man. I don’t, I don’t know. Uh, I don’t want to be an eight. I don’t really like, I don’t like them. Um, but I could also be a three because I like to win and I like to be seen successful.

Um, but like playing the game of not actually being successful. I don’t, I don’t really relate to you. Um, So I don’t, I don’t know where it all plays out. I bring all that to say that, um, like my ultimate goal is I don’t want to be harmed. Um, so I do a lot of things in my life to not be harmed. So when I find myself, um, living in pride, living in arrogance, living in, I am better than you.

Um, and. You know, one of the masks that I put on is I’m more important than you, because I’m more important than you I’m on a different level than you, because I’m on a different level than you. I can look down on you and I don’t look down at you and like, to make you feel bad about yourself, I look down and you protect myself right.

Of yay. We’re on the same level here. So you can’t, you can’t come at me like that. Um, yeah, but it’s, uh, it’s, uh, It’s a warning sign to a deeper issue. So when those warning signs show up in my life, you’ve gotta, you gotta take the step backs and say, what’s, what’s really going on here. What am I really missing out on?

And I think it’s true of all these verses in first Corinthians.

Andrew: One last kind of quick point. I don’t know if we’ll have more thoughts on pride that we launch into our kind of next episode with, I kind of think we might, since pride is, is such a huge deal. Um, we might not, we might just jump right in with the next verses, but, um, I think one thing when we read a verse like this of love is patient love is kind, it does not envy.

It does not boast. It is not proud. Um, like. I think there’s a huge difference between like the pride, the example you just shared in the one I shared of intellect and like not getting hurt, all of that. Um, there’s a huge difference between that, that you kind of recognize like, Oh, this is an issue. And in kind of just.

Knowing yourself well or understanding yourself? Well, I’m like the opposite of pride is humility. Um, and humility doesn’t mean you’re just like, uh, a welcome mat. You know, you’re not just walked all over. Yeah. You’re not just like always no, no, no. You go first, you go first. There’s an episode of parks and rec where, uh, Ben Wyatt, is that a police?

Um, like. Party for all these cops and he has to pee really bad, but he’s really scared of police. So he keeps

Josh: being

Andrew: like, Oh, you go first, you go first, you know, into the bathroom. Like you don’t need to be a walking mat, you know? Um,

Josh: but yeah, well they’re also cops and they have guns. Yeah.

Andrew: They’re scary.

That’s scary, man. But like to just know yourself and, and humbly accept who God has made you and, and have a, I would say a sense of pride for lack of better words, but a sense of. Honesty with yourself of like, no, this is who God made me to be. I am somebody, I personally am somebody who tends to gain influence in people’s lives.

Kind of like, I don’t know why, like God just allows me to gain influence in people’s lives and helped sway decision of we’re going to this restaurant or that restaurant, or we’re going to do this or that, whatever. Um, but he’s gifted me with that. So for me to sit back and say, well, I’m, I’m never going to help make a decision.

Like that would be just. Disingenuous, but for me to sit there and be like, I’m the best leader ever, like that would also be super prideful and wrong, you know? Um, so I just think there’s a difference between knowing yourself and, and being proud. Um, and I just wanted to say it because it’s easy to, to go to the opposite.

Extreme of a love is not proud. So that means I always have to be walked all over. No, it doesn’t mean that. Um, but it does mean you have to. Um, try to cut down pride in your life and ask God, where am I being practical? Where am I letting pride grab a hold in my life? And where am I putting the focus on my attributes and not on who you are?

God, you know? Cause that’s, that’s eventually going to tumble and eventually gonna hurt. So, um, yeah. Yeah.

Josh: That’s good. Yeah. That’s good. And like, you know, we were covering all these verses because like, these are. These are the love verses. And if we’re called to love one another, then we’ve got to dig into these things to really figure out how to do it.

Well. Um, with one another. Um, and so the, the ultimate goal isn’t to have all these behaviors, the ultimate goal is to love you well, um, to love those around you. Well, um, so we can live out the great commandment as Jesus called us to live out the great commandment, because we believe, um, that’s where the full life that Jesus promises lifts.

Um, when I live in deep relationship with God and I live in deep relationship with one another, um, I experienced the full life. I experienced adventure. I experienced hope I experienced, um, things that I never thought were possible plausible. Um, Because I decided to, to live out life as Jesus called us, live it out.

And I think too often we look at sins, um, and what God calls sin as God just being God and being in control and dictating. But in all reality, like he’s, he’s. Called these things sin, because these are the things that one cause of destruction to ourself and to causes destruction to those around us. Um, and this is what we’re trying to avoid because if we’re causing destruction, we can’t be in a relationship.

Um, and the goal is relationship. Um, so that’s kind of why we’re covering these things. We’re going to keep going, you know, then the next, uh, couple of, of, uh, Attributes of love. Um, you know, it’s not dishonoring and other, it’s not self-seeking and isn’t easily angered. Uh, and man, we get to anger. I’m excited.

Uh, I have some emotion I want to share on anger. I want to get angry. Um, As long as it’s not easily done. I think, I think we’re in good place. Just kidding. Thank you so much for listening. Um, we do appreciate it. Um, if you haven’t subscribed to us yet, please subscribe to us. If you stumbled upon us along the way, um, that just helps us get this message of hope out.

And we believe that as we talk about relationship, we have a, a message that Jesus has the ability to take in and put into sight people’s hearts and transform their lives. Give them hope again, this isn’t life, even though it is 2020. And all bad things can happen. Um, we get to look back at this life and say, no, Jesus is still in control.

Jesus still has that. And that’s the message we carry. I will say this about 2020. Um, I have widgets on my phone now cause that’s a new iOS thing. Um, and I have the picture one, so it just shows me random featured photos. Um, Which like it was showing me recently, so I clicked on it. I remember what photo was and I was like scrolling through them and I was like, man, 20, 20, might’ve been a bad year for a lot of people, but I’ve really enjoyed 2020, like my 2020 started with, uh, with an outdoor game for the avalanche at air force Academy.

Uh, then like I’ve traveled a fair, a decent melt during 2020, like. I’ve got to see places I haven’t seen before and Ben around people I deeply love. And, um, like 2020 has been a really good year. So yes, Corona is out there. I’m pretty sure my brother, my brother’s convinced he’s at Corona twice. I don’t think that’s actually possible, but he’s convinced of it.

Uh, so like it’s affecting people, but. At the same time. And I know it has gloom attached to it because death has involved. Um, but you know, we could focus on those things. We can focus on the great things about life. Um, and I think that’s what leads to the, for life, John 10, 10 life in life to the fall. But Hey, thanks so much for listening.

We love you guys. Andrew has always, it’s good to see my friends. Good to see you.

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