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The Wise and Foolish Builders
Episode No. 45

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock”. The Jesus Life is all about building a life on Jesus’ principles with Jesus. Join us as we unpack how to build a strong foundation without skipping steps.

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Verses – Matthew 7:24–27.
Verses – Luke 6:47–49.


Josh: Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. This is episode 45, the wise and foolish builders.

Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re just two normal dudes trying to live this Jesus’ life. My name’s Josh. 

Andrew: Hey, I’m Andrew. And we are this Jesus life podcast. Boom. We’re back. 

Josh: Boom. We are back up now. 40 tried really hard to get ahead. This week we tried so hard and we both failed miserably. 

Andrew: I had to move it like twice and then you could have do it once and 

Josh: yeah, it wasn’t even like, I didn’t even try to do it.

I was like, yeah, I can’t do it today. Yeah. Yeah, but we tried and one day we’ll be ahead of schedule one day. Good 

Andrew: effort. It was a really good effort. I will say, you know, we tried, we tried, but we’re 

Josh: here. We’re trying to get to the content. People were trying really hard. Okay. 

Andrew: Be real by getting ahead.

We’re just trying to create margin for us so that when we inevitably move something, 

Josh: it’s less stressful to know that we were ahead. Those listening. 

Andrew: It’s true. It’s not like we hold up a newspaper with today’s date, you know? We’re good. 

Josh: What we do, but it’s an audio podcast, so they don’t see it. So, yeah.

But yeah, I go and buy a pocket. 

Andrew: Mimecast newspaper, 

Josh: almost made a comment about the New York times, but we won’t we’ll keep it on political. Right. Let’s be 

Andrew: real. We’ll keep it unpolitical. And then we won’t, um, we’re not a political place. We talk about politics 

Josh: occasionally. Yeah, I, I I’ve thought many times I was like, man, I want to do a potluck, a political podcast so bad, but we can’t do both.

It’s either this Jesus’ life or politics or this, the world. The other sites too, divisional visual. That’s not a word. 

Andrew: This unified hateful, terrible. Hopeless. Yeah. Yeah. All those words. Yeah. Yeah. The Jesus is more life-giving let’s stay here. Let’s stay. It’s true. 

Josh: We’ll have hope so. There’s that? That’s important.

And we decided let’s do that though at times, maybe. Maybe there are things I want to say about the world that I’ll keep those. You know to myself, cause I’m not on social media, I’m on Instagram, but that’s it. 

Andrew: You’re not on. Did you delete Facebook or you’re just not on it yet. Yeah. 

Josh: I still, I still have the account, but I don’t, I deleted the apps and all that from your 

Andrew: phone.

I use it. I left the app on, but only because I like Facebook marketplace a lot and I like it way better than Craigslist. Um, so I’ve like sold all kinds of stuff and bought all kinds of stuff on there. Usually random stuff, like luck selling things on there really. Dude I’ve had great luck with it. Yeah.

But I 

Josh: don’t know. Maybe it’s cause I’m the, I’ve only tried to like sell more expensive things. Like I tried to sell a camera on there once. Right. And I tried to sell a drone on there once. Yeah. And just scam crazy. That was when I almost died. 

Andrew: I remember that. Yeah, for me, I’m selling. Yeah. I’ve bought like little kid.

Like I bought a bike for my daughter there the other day and it was a great deal. A little kid’s tricycle, you know? And, uh, and a balanced bike actually got her two bikes, one for now. And one for a little late, it’s a balanced bike. It’s like a, yeah, it’s two wheels, but the seat it real low on so that you can like, keep your legs on your feet on the ground.

And there’s no pedals. So you like learn what the balance of riding feels like it’s supposed to like really help for when you get the actual, when they’re big enough for an actual bike and you 

Josh: lose the last time 

Andrew: you rode a bike. I spent a long time actually. Uh, I don’t know, man, I’ve wrote it, an exercise bike, but even that has been awhile.


Josh: I can’t remember. Uh, I have a very expensive bike that my father bought me years ago. Um, the, I was riding a ton then, but that was like Arizona. And then I wrote a little bit while I was here in Colorado for like six or seven months I was riding regularly. Really. And then I don’t think I’ve written since then.

Wow. So it’s probably been like four years ish since I’ve written a bike. When’s the last time you like throwing a ball, like. 

Andrew: Ball and glove, uh, with the baseball glove a long time actually. But like I throw stuff all the time with Catherine cause I’m teaching to catch, but she’s like two, so it’s not a glove situation, you know, 

Josh: you’re just an order to her face.

Andrew: Like how does that no, I’m teaching her, I’m just teaching the basic, like I give her a one, two, three count and it’s like, okay, hold your hands out in front of you. You know, it’s, she’s getting better at it. It’s 

Josh: fun. Not to one up your daughter, but, um, my dog just learned how to catch food in his mouth, which I thought it was a pretty cool one.

That is pretty cool. Now it was food. So like right there sent him to figure it out. Very motivational, but yeah. Dude catch us impressively. So actually now I’m like, if I keep stepping further back, 

Andrew: if it was chocolate, I think I could do the same thing with my daughter or fruit by the foot or Swedish fish.

Like I think it would work for me. I don’t think was fruit by the foot. We bought a box while back and we just give them to her every now and again, but she like an unrolls it to the fall, like two and a half or three feet. It is. And she eat it totally. Yeah. Yeah, 

Josh: man. Do you remember like the old school fruit 

Andrew: roll-ups totally get at the 

Josh: grocery store.

They’re like actual fruit smashed onto a 

Andrew: piece of paper, dude. Totally 

Josh: like talking my dad into getting one of those. Why can’t I please?  which I’m not against right from the bakery area. Yeah, lucky. So that’s what 

Andrew: it was called. You’re making me hungry, bro. I it’s it’s one 15 my time and I haven’t eaten lunch yet.

And honestly, fruit by the foot. It sounded really good right now, but I also know I would just crash immediately. So it’s not going to be that when lunch does come, 

Josh: I’m going to think about lunch, to think about that. Do any things going on and just try to I’m leaving town. So, um, Not that I’m moving town right now.

Those listening to know where I live and we’re going to plan on breaking in I’m moving town. We recorded like six weeks ago. I’m already back from leaving town. Oh, that’s right. 

Andrew: We’re super far ahead. On podcast recording. We were just, that was a ruse, um, at the 

Josh: beginning.


Andrew: that’s hilarious. 

Josh: And there’s cameras around here. I have a security system. I would say my dog bites, but we all know that’s not true. And he will be, well, my neighbor’s dogs. I’m pretty sure they bite and I will let my neighbor know. You’ll see anybody around here while I’m gone bite them. The dogs aren’t around you bite them.

Andrew: Oh my gosh. Would you rather get robbed hardest part about 

Josh: leaving town? 

Andrew: What, what. 

Josh: Hardest part about leaving town is making sure you don’t order anything like the week before. So it doesn’t arrive a hundred dollars. 

Andrew: That’s a real consideration. That’s a, yeah. I feel like I get one or two packages a day on Amazon 

Josh: here.

Yeah. It’s a little crazy. Oh man. I think, I don’t think I have anything out there. That’s not true. I do have one thing out there, but it’s going to get delivered by the ups or USBs. So it’s going to go to my mailbox. Nice. Nice. Yeah, there was that fear of like, shoot. I don’t have to text my neighbor and just like, Hey dude, I’m gonna get a bunch of packages.

And this is, this is, this is gonna look really bad on me, but it’s going to be like eight or nine. Um, could you just bring them in each day? That’d be sweet. Make a 

Andrew: stack inside your house. Please. 

Josh: Uh, yeah. Uh, let don’t just let me know when you’re there and I’ll just unlock my front door and walk right in.

Andrew: Trust your neighbor. It’d be hilarious if he’s like, yeah, I got you, bro. And then he just left his dog in your house the whole time. 

Josh: Facebook Facebook marketplace, man. 

Andrew: Give me like next door. No, you’re just going to be like, yeah. Know what happened? Like sell all your stuff on market. 

Josh: That’s just having cameras all over my house.


Andrew: Well, or you’re watching from like a thousand miles away. They’re having an estate sale for you and just everything goes. 

Josh: Including, why other movers in my house right now? He’s like, what are you talking about? He’s like, there’s something wrong with your camera. I’m looking at you. You’re literally pointing at the camera and literally 

Andrew: watching you as you’re unplugging the cameras, dude.

Josh: He’s like, yeah. These things are 

Andrew: just like, dude, I sold your cameras for 20 bucks each man, like I gotta unplug them.

That’d be the worst. 

Josh: Oh, yeah. Yeah. And you couldn’t do anything about it. You just walk cause he’s really going to call the cops, I guess you could, but yeah. Like they ain’t going to come. They don’t care. It’s not that like, what’s the expensive thing they’re taking your TV. Right? The cops can be like, yeah, we got, we got murders going on.

We’re not, we’re not coming for a TV plus before 

Andrew: happening. I have to be like, all right, I’m just going to take you through my COVID questionnaire real quick, Josh, uh, six questions. And I’m going to need to talk to your neighbor cause he’s at your house. And I got to get his answers before we can come. Uh, do you have the sniffles.

Have you gone? Have you 

Josh: sneezed? You’ve been around anybody sniffles. Yeah, we sh to bring sniffles back. Yeah. 

Andrew: Bringing sniffles 

Josh: now that we’ve wasted a lot of time and your mom’s sheep posted about us, hates the banter. Shove dated her review without us banter. We’re going to let him do it just for your mom and show honor to her.

Let’s get it through. I would say we’ll do it for my mom, but again, let’s be honest. My mom doesn’t listen. Um, most of my friends don’t listen. I don’t know what that says about me. Um, but my friends are also your friends. So yeah. I don’t know what that says about us. I don’t know. But, uh, all the people that do listen, aren’t related to us, we see on a regular basis.

Thank you. Thanks for 

Andrew: listening. If you know any of 

Josh: our friends from far away. Yeah. Scold them, let them know. Yeah. Shame them. But yet majority of our listens still come from Colorado. Makes sense of that. Yeah. Who knows, man? 

Andrew: Who knows? We’re big in Colorado. That’s what we know huge in Colorado, 

Josh: Colorado, Arizona, California.

Um, remember big or big Maryland. I just saw, showed up on our list, but Hey, all my siblings, my brother is there and I know he does listen. So I have friends in Mary Lou too, 

Andrew: but dude, with all that being said, what are we, uh, What are we talking about? I know we’re in parables and I know the, and oh 

Josh: Jesus.

Now it’s going to be about Jesus. That’s the right church. Jesus. I think actually I think Jesus actually said this parable, I think like it came out of his mouth. So there’s that the word? 

Andrew: Jesus they’re red words. So we know. Yes, he did. 

Josh: Yes. That’s funny. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually opened a paper Bible.

Really? So my words aren’t 

Andrew: red. I mean only I mainly listened to the Bible. I’ve started every morning, uh, before breakfast, uh, with my daughter’s breakfast time. I’d put it on for a little while and, uh, and it’s good because then she’s not asking about shows or songs or whatever, so I can listen to, as I get food ready, works out.

Josh: Nice. What are you listening to right now? 

Andrew: I’m listening through mark at the moment, which dang mark has long chapters. It’s like, you know, when you listen to fly ball, you like want to know you made progress. But with mark, it’ll be like eight minutes on one chapter. Like, dude, come on now, chill with me. But yeah, I think mark mark 13 is where it 

Josh: was a while since I read mark, I think.

Yeah. Let’s see. I don’t remember reading it recently. It’s probably been a year or two. Okay. Mark 12 marks like that for God and gospel. You got one? Yeah. You’re like, yeah. Yeah. Mark. You know, Matthew, mark, Luke, John. But. Mark often, you know, Luke, John Matthew, of course, those are kind of like the piggies that’s where it to quoting.

And Mark’s got some solid perspective on some of these stories, dude, listen to this. Okay. 

Andrew: This is mark 12, the parable of the tenants, which we talked about then paying taxes to Caesar where Jesus like one-ups the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the resurrection. Then the great commandment then whose son is the Christ?

Beware of the scribes, the widow’s offering. Like that is one chapter of mark it’s packed. It’s like 50 verses, but yeah, man, mark is solid. It’s good stuff.

Josh: You’ll have to get back. I’m in Galatians right now in Galatians is pretty short. So, um, I think only have chapter six left, but nice. Yeah. My thing now has been. Um, so I turned it into a PDF. Uh, so I can do it on my iPad and then I can use the notation sweet highlight, right? Whatever, it’s all on my pen. Um, I would say it’s searchable, which would be a sweet feature of the app that I use.

And it is a feature of the app that I use, but I have such a horrible handwriting, uh, that they can’t search my, my writing. It’s just like this just says Google garbage. That’s what this word says. We can’t search for it. So one day when I have better handwriting, when I grow up, um, it would be really helpful feature.

I can search for the notes that I’ve written about things. 

Andrew: Yeah, totally. You got this? Oh, that’s cool. That’s 


Josh: sweet. Well, we’re talking about the wise and foolish builder today. These two accounts, one found in Matthew, one found in Luke, but it’s Matthew chapter seven verses 24 through 27. And then Luke chapter six verses 47 through 49.

It’s essentially the end of those, those chapters. Um, both of these accounts come right after what we call the sermon on the mound. Um, of course Matthew’s famous sermon on the Mount five, six and seven. Um, and then this kind of shows up right after this. So there’s some things that these verses cover that riff or reflecting back to the sermon teaching.

And then Luke is the same thing. It’s just not as long as it’s a condensed and just. Bits and pieces of the sermon on them. Um, but that’s where this parable shows up. So if you have a Bible, um, go ahead and take a moment and read these verses because we think it’s gonna be helpful to the conversation. Um, but we don’t read them necessarily here on the podcast because we want you to spend time with Jesus.

That’s more important to us than us reading the verses. Um, so, uh, please spend some time with Jesus and see what Jesus has to tell you through these things, because the chances are what Jesus to tell you, maybe different than what we’ve told you and what Jesus would tell you is definitely going to be better than what we’re telling you.

Uh, so we highly recommend you spend some time with Jesus in relationship reading his Bible or reading his words recorded in the Bible is probably a better way to say it. Um, but let me give you kind of just a brief synopsis for lack of a better term, um, sees what’s happening here. Synopsys. I don’t know.

That’d be two synopsis together. 

Andrew: Sorry. You were just about to go. Ah, sorry man. I have no idea. 

Josh: Uh, so Jesus, like is a Jesus just coming out of the sermon on the mountain, sermon on Mount is like a bunch of chunks of scripture of like, Hey, live life this way. And if you look at all these things, it really is aligning yourself with loving God and loving people and how to do this well.

Um, and then he kind of chords the end gets into purpose of life. He starts talking about knock, see, ask, seek, knock, and the narrow and wide gates and how to get to a life with Jesus comes into the parable of the wise and the foolish builder simply. Uh, it states I’m just going to read this one. Actually, I think it’s really short five.

It says, and I’ll read it in the, the, um, Message version just because I don’t know, give it a little bit of flair. Hey, different perspective on something. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Um, but the words I speak to you, this is Jesus again, talking, cause remember we said, this is going to be about Jesus and Jesus said in an Andrew’s Bible, the words are read.

Um, these are the words that I speak to you are not an incidental addition to your life. Homeowner, homeowner improvements to your standard of living. Definitely different than a normal translations. This paraphrased versions kind of expand a little bit on it. Um, and he says they are foundational words, words to build a life on.

This is a good word right there. Um, if you work these words into your life, you are like a smart carpenter who builds his house on solid rock. Rain pours down the rivers, flood tornadoes hit, but nothing moved that house. It was fixed to the rock, but if you use these, but if you just use the words in Bible studies and don’t work them into your life, you were like a stupid carpenter who built his house on Sandy beaches.

Um, when this storm rolled in and the waves came up, it collapsed like a house of cards, which is a show on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, uh, it’s not recommendable anymore. It used to be good. Now it’s garbage. Um, Not to sidetrack yourself, but that’s essentially the parable and the words that Jesus speaking to here, um, are, are these, these commandments he just gave us, um, throughout the, or ways of living, how do we love people?

Well, how do we, um, Uh, love our enemies when we don’t want to love our enemies. And those are out actively, you know, are against us and trying to harm us, uh, judging others and how not to judge others. Um, that was Jesus’ words by the way, do not judge, or you too will be judged. Some people take that as like I’m okay with being judged.

You know, you moron, you’re not, don’t say stupid things. But that’s, that’s the words that Jesus referring to. Like, Hey, if you apply these things to my, into your life, if you’re going to be, you’re going to be standing firm, um, right. Because nothing’s going to sway you left or the right. Um, you’re, you’re going to stand firm on, on solid spiritual truth.

Um, compared to those that, just read these words and forget them. Um, or, you know, as James said, or reads, you know, Or in this case are listening to Jesus commands of how to live this life. Um, these words of truth, whether they’re recorded in the Bible or, or not, um, for the listeners here, they’re not for us, thankfully they are, but, um, Are we applying this truth through our lives and these specific truths through our lives.

So we have foundation or are we like the stupid carpenter that built this house on Sandy beaches? Which like, let’s be honest, Sandy beaches sound pretty sweet. They sound nice, man. Living on the Sandy beach. That sounds like a great deal, but we can’t live in vacation mode all the time. That’s not real life.

That’s not purpose. That’s not mission. Um, that’s just enjoying the, the, um, The beauties of our life in excess and not getting down to the mission that God has placed in our lives. Um, that’s a good word right there. I didn’t think about that beforehand, but let’s take it getting 

Andrew: into the mission that God has placed in our lives.

Josh: Yeah. We can’t live with, we can’t live vacations all the time. Yeah. 

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, absolutely. Man, Andy. Like the idea of just chilling on a Sandy beach all the time. Well, it’s good when it’s, when it’s some of the time, you know, just like you said, we can’t live vacations all the time. That’s not the purpose.

Yeah. Because I 

Josh: guess it loses its it’s awesome. Yeah, totally. I mean 

Andrew: like, dude, you live in Colorado Springs and I remember, so I moved, you know, I lived there like seven years and, and I’d never lived in Colorado before that. And, uh, I remember I forget who it was, but I remember talking to somebody pretty early on and just being like, Man every single day, I look at Pikes peak and every time I see it above the city there, it just like blows my mind.

You know, it’s like amazing to look up at. I forget who it was, but they were just like, oh, like, you know, after a while you won’t notice it. And for me, that was never true. I was like, no, every day, this is amazing. But I did get used to being in Colorado, did get used to have an access to things that a lot of the country doesn’t have access.

I don’t mean weed. I mean, hiking and fishing and being in the Rocky mountains. Um, 

Josh: I forget that we have legalized. I know, I always forget to go around people that aren’t from here and they’re like, oh, you like the weed? 

Andrew: They’re like, no, that’s 

Josh: not the name we’re talking about. It’s a big state, 

Andrew: different neighbor.

Yeah, but, but no, I was going to say, so, you know, I’ve been watching survivor and, uh, and then one season I was watching, it’s always on like islands and like warm places and last season or two season to go, which was six or seven. I don’t know. One of the tribes built a really cool shelter, but they built it like out on the sand.

And, and it was fine when they built it at the area they did, but it was like summer season and the tide must’ve been overall low when they built it, because it kept coming up and up. And so pretty quickly, like, like a weekend to, to the new season of survivor, uh, I was watching, they, they literally were spending like a lot of their day.

Like repositioning logs and trying to build like sand walls and all this stuff to protect their shelter. So pretty quickly that’s all they were doing, you know? Cause they like the foolish builder, like the stupid carpenter, as the message said, um, had built their house literally on sand and way too close and close to the natural disaster.

That is the ocean and the tide coming in and out in and out, you know, like they hadn’t taken that into account. And they’re like, no, no, this is great. Like prime beach spot, you know? And then one big storm, two big storms and bam, the water is at their door, you know? Um, but dude, I to get a little bit less metaphorical, like the.

I mean, there’s two foundations outlined, right? The stone and the sand. So I guess we’ll stay metaphorical, but, um, you start playing different things out over time and you start getting different results. Like if, if your entire goal is, I just want to make as much money as possible, then maybe you do it.

Maybe you’re a billionaire, but your goal when you. Get to be 75 or 80 is like, I don’t want to die. Cause I’ve based my life on money only have it, you know, like I finally have all this stuff and I got to protect it and keep it. And that’s, that’s been my goal and I want to see it grow and I want to pass it on or want to use it so I can get back to that Sandy beach or whatever it is.

But if that’s your whole aim, then shoot like stock market crashes. You built on sand? You know, he thought it was rock, but I was sand and you’re going to feel it pretty quick when that type of stuff comes up. So it just made me think of, of survivor and the literal sand building. Um, but also like, you know, over time, what you, what you build on becomes apparent.

I think whether you want it to or not. So what are your thoughts on that? 

Josh: I think it’s great. Like, just keep thinking about when, when we live, that it’s all about what we want. We want it, um, you end up in a place like the stupid carpenter on the sand. Like, well, I wanted to live in paradise. I wanted to live life this way.

Um, so I’m going to live life this way because it’s my, it’s my relative truth. Um, At some point it’s going to fail you because there is an absolute truth and that’s Christ and Christ ways, um, even, even going back through and I was reading through, as you were talking, I was reading through, or just scanning through, I guess, the sermon on the Mount and just the principles that Jesus just hot before making this parable or this illustration.

Come to life. Like the Jesus life is 100% about relationship with Jesus, right? We’ve said that here on the podcast so many times, and we’ll keep saying it because it’s the key to this Christian life. And yet, for whatever reason, we choose not to embrace it. And then we find ourselves in these places where like, man, everything’s falling apart around me.

And I feel like my life’s falling apart and I’ve lost hope. And I’m trying to, you know, You know, shovel the sand back up around my house and it’s all blown away, whatever the illustration plays up. Um, But when you find yourself in deep relationship with Jesus and focusing on Jesus, um, which is, Hey, he wants you to live this life this way.

And you’re confused on how to do it. Like, for example, loving your enemy. That’s a hard one. I don’t know if you’ve ever had an enemy listening, but like, people don’t like you and for whatever reason, they don’t like you. And you know, they’re out to get you not out to get you like the boogeyman, but, um, they’re not going to help you in any way and probably do things that are going to harm you in some ways.

Yeah. That’s an enemy, but the principle of loving your enemy, like that’s a hard principle to embrace. Um, like would mean after love, man. There’s like, justification’s out there. You don’t, you know, you have to love them, but you don’t have to like, okay, whatever. I don’t think it’s possible. I’m sorry. 

Andrew: Um, but 

Josh: Jesus, and that’s the question back to Jesus.

Jesus. I just don’t know how to do this. Like I’m reading, you know what you’ve said here and how I’m supposed to turn the other cheek and all these different things, but I just. Gotta been harmed here. Like how do I get over it? Like, those are the conversations you have with Jesus and let him disciple and lead you to a stronger foundation in life.

And then do what he’s asked you to do. I think the piece that we miss is we think that the Christian life is just about reading God’s word, understanding it. Um, And doing my best to apply it to our lives. You’re like, no, like you’re missing a big step in there. It’s relationship with Jesus. Like, he’s not asking you to do this by yourself.

He’s not asking you, it’s all up to you and your, you know, your ability to be morally right than others. Um, it’s about relationship with Jesus. Let him be the source of it all. Um, when we look at, uh, Luke’s version of this, this parable comes right after these words of Jesus. And he says, you know, No good tree bears, bad fruit and nor does bad trees bear good fruit.

Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thorn bushes or grapes from briers a good man brings good things out of a good stored up in the good stored up in his heart. And Eva made, it brings out evil that stored up in his heart for the mouth speaks. What is the, what the heart is full of?

Well, I don’t know about you, but my heart is evil without Jesus. Um, my heart is, is sinful and self selfish and self-focused without Jesus and it’s Jesus’s job. As I walk in relationship with Jesus to continue to change me and mold me into who he’s called me to be, and to cut out the bad parts and to improve the good and even to improve, you know, cut out even good parts to make them better.

Right. The pruning process of John 15. Yup. Um, like, so there’s that piece of too, of, of, of these verses of like its relationship with Jesus. That’s where good comes from, because in all reality, good on my own is not possible. I know me, I know the thoughts that run through my head. Um, and if I practice any of those thoughts, like it’d be a horrible person.

That’s how the world would see me. Um, but by the grace of God and. You know, me finding salvation through Christ and relationship restored through Christ sacrifice. Like I get to see Jesus do work inside my heart and change who I am. Um, so I’m more like Christ. Um, as I go through this life, which gives me the ability to stand on a firm foundation because I’ve walked with Jesus.

The problem is we don’t walk with Jesus. Um, we, we do everything, but that like the crazy part is like, you spend time. Reading the Bible. We spend time even going through a per list. And yet we do all those things without relationship with Jesus, because that’s just what good Christians do. And we miss relationship and relationship is the key to everything.

Um, like that’s the, that’s the secret sauce to this Christian life? Um, um, It is the secret 

Andrew: sauce and man, my dog barked, uh, my brother-in-law has his amazing puppy over here. So clementines really fired up clementines my dog, if you’re just listening. Um, but I was just going to say like, yes, there there’s the head knowledge of I’m reading the Bible.

There’s the. Heart guidance of I’m spending time praying. And then there’s the doing of, of things I’m spending time with the Lord and then there’s the doing. And I think. So we might end up just talking through all of Matthew seven, by the time we get done with this, but that’s okay. Uh, cause right before those verses about the tree and its fruit that are in Matthew and Luke, that you were talking about, um, this was said, it says enter through the narrow gate for the gate is wide and the ways broad, that leads to destruction.

And there are many who enter through it. But the gate is small and the way is narrow, that leads to life and few find it. Um, I was just like, you know, this is just such a good analogy of how you live out these words. Um, if you just go with the gentle tide, he just go with the flow and say, oh, that’s fine.

That’s good. Yeah, this is the way we do life. That’s. This is the way culture is pushing me. Um, and it’s just always easier to go with the flow. Then it gets the flow, you know, it’s easier to just stay in the mainstream and, and, and not get out, not take the little side path, not worry about it, but.

Everything Jesus is outlining in, in the chapters before this and the sermon on the Mount before this is contradictory to normal, you know, it’s, Hey, if your enemy hates him, I hates you. Pray for him. Like pray fervently without seizing, like real prayer, like pray for their good, even if they hate. And even if they’re actively acting on it, um, That’s like, nobody wants to do that.

If somebody hates you, the last thing you want to do is pray for their good, you know? Um, but it’s probably not really about you, that they hate you. It’s probably more about something going on in their life and Jesus saying, Hey, pray for them. Um, cause it’s not your job to take out judgment in any way. Um, also just the reality of two different foundations.

If you man, if you’ve ever physically, I know you’ve built stuff before. And like to build something strong is always harder than the build something quick and easy. You know, you can throw a structure up real easy on the sand because you don’t have to do all that. Pre-work of like digging down in the hot weather and pouring concrete and letting it dry and making sure it’s level and all those things.

Because the reality is quick. Building is easy, but it doesn’t last, uh, things that you build that are solid last, you know, and I liked what you said about out of the message. Like these are words to build a life on. That’s cool, man. Like these are words to build a life on, but it’s not going to be easy. Uh, it’s not guaranteed to be easy.

It’s going to be better. It’s going to be better than the alternative that’s for sure. But. You know, the early church called themselves the way they weren’t, they didn’t say, yeah, we’re Christians. They didn’t like the very early church after Jesus died. They were just known by others as the way. And that’s pretty cool.

Like we just practiced the way of Jesus. We follow in the way of Jesus. We follow his teachings and try to live them out and. Everybody noticed. That’s why they got their own name. They didn’t just quietly live. These lives that nobody picked up on as being different. It was like counter-cultural to a crazy degree.

And everybody thought they were lunatics, you know, but they just kept growing and growing and growing. So, um, I don’t know. I think countercultural is good. 

Josh: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I think this is where Christians get themselves in trouble is, um, we try to build the things quick, meaning we try to represent Christ.

Um, or try to put the image that I’m a follower of Jesus out there without actually doing the work to follow Jesus. So, oh yeah. I read my Bible every day. Not only that I take a picture of it and post it to Instagram so I can be inspirational to other people to do the same thing. Um, not necessarily the relationship.

Right. Um, the other thing is like, well, if I go through this list and I just do all these things, I’m a good Christian. Um, so like, I’m just going to love people. Well, but the problem is if Jesus hasn’t done the heart change in you, um, hasn’t done the work in your heart. Like you’re doing it all on your own ability.

And eventually that ability is going to fail you, right? That’s where this, this horrible piece of the Christian faith that we, we feel like it’s a burden. We feel like this, this heavy weight that we’re carrying, because we’re trying to do it on our own. I’m trying to be a moral person on my own rather than on.

Christ ability to form me into who he’s called me to be. Um, right. So it’s, it’s the whole idea you’re talking about, like yeah. To build great things, to build where you truly love your enemies. You have to build that into who you are to where you are truly loving those. You come in contact with, for the sake of the, they get to experience Jesus.

Like you’ve experienced Jesus to do that. Well, they are. That takes time. That’s a, that’s a molding that Jesus starts to shape inside of you. There may be things he changes in you that don’t. Directly or at least so you can see directly have impact on loving your enemy, but the things you had to deal with now, so you can love your enemy later, right?

There’s this, this journey of relationship that uses takes you through that. We’d like to skip what I love in Miami all the time. I don’t have to like him, but spending time with them or be around them at all. But no, I love them. They’re like, no, those are empty words. Like, I’m sorry. Like yeah, you can. And I think that’s the biggest issue with Christianity is we’ve put on this facade or these masks or these, whatever, these, um, representations of ourselves that aren’t not darn actually true, that we’re just trying to do the work on our own.

And we miss out on, um, Ease of loving your enemy when you’re in relationship with Jesus and you’ve dealt with her, you know, past hurts and pains and ways that you felt that, you know, justice wasn’t done in your life and you’ve walked with Jesus to those things and dealt with those things and dealt with the unforgiveness of those things.

So you can get to a place where yeah, I can. I can love so-and-so that’s not hard at all. Um, not because of anything, not because they deserve it. Not because anything that you’ve done on your own it’s yeah. Jesus has taken me through this journey and now in this place where yeah, I can actually love this person without issue without any grudges, without any, you know, God I’m loving them, but I don’t actually like him ideas in the back of your mind.

Um, like Jesus is bigger and more powerful than all those things, but it’s relationship with Jesus. You got to, like Andrew said, you’ve got to take the time to build something strong. Um, and that’s spending more time with Jesus. Excuse me, I’m walking relationship with Jesus and letting him speak into your heart and doing the things he’s asking you to do, um, in those moments.

Um, so he can continue to shape you into who he’s called you to be. And you can be a good tree that bears good fruit, rather than a bad tree. The things that’s bearing good fruit, but in all reality, um, you’ve missed the Jesus piece of all this anyways. And Jesus dude, like, what are you doing? I’m like, why did you think this was?

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. Men and, yeah. I mean, you know, I w I’ve talked about this before, but John 1633, like, uh, in this world, you’re going to have many troubles, but take heart. I, Jesus have overcome the world, you know, and sir did Jesus, but that’s who it was about. Um, that’s who said it. And the reality is, yeah. At the end of this, this kind of a parable, he says the rain fell and the floods came and the winds blew and slammed against the house and it fell and it was a great, and it’s fall.

Um, and great was its fall, sorry. But stuff comes up. Things get hard occasionally, uh, or often depends on what season of your life you’re in, um, and what the circumstances are. But, but we know this, we know there’s going to be trouble in life and we know that eventually our foundations will be revealed in different ways.

And the beautiful thing is like, It’s not a, it’s not a stagnant thing. It’s not that you just make a choice once to, to live for yourself. And then you always do, you know, God is full of grace and is constantly calling to us constantly trying to do things in our lives to bring us back to him. Um, it might be that you’ve lived for Jesus in the past and you you’re taking a.

Taking a hiatus. You decided no, I’m going to take a vacation from work, but I’m also going to take a vacation from this Jesus’ life. And maybe that stretches into a year, five years or 30 years, but you know what? Your foundation might’ve been on something wrong, but as long as you have breath in your lungs, you can rebuild.

It’s not a stagnant game. It’s not a, I don’t have hope anymore, so I could never have hope. It’s Hey, I forgot about my hope or I got distracted from it, or I got. Caught up in all the other things. And guess what? Jesus, right there calling saying like, come back to me, there’s new chance to build new. You’ve learned some things in the season.

Let’s apply them to this life with Jesus. Let’s apply them to what God wants you to be. Then none of those things you learned were on accident. Um, of course, God doesn’t want us to live apart from him, but he can use everything for his glory. Uh, everything that we’ve. We’ve done or learned or been doing or thought, um, those things can be seized and taken captive and turned right back to God and use to lead others back to God that maybe Josh and I can’t reach.

So there’s hope. There’s hope. Like even if your foundation’s on sand, even if you just got hit by a time typhoon and everybody around you realized it was built on sand, um, There’s still hope today’s new day. Tomorrow’s new day after that, you know, um, turn to the one who can help you build on rock don’t live on the sand.

It’s not that good anyway. 

Josh: Yep. No, that’s good. That’s good. Yeah. And you know, we say this almost every episode and we genuinely mean it because it is where we find hope. It’s our relationship with Christ. You know, that’s what he went to the cross to restore is this ability to talk to God almighty. Um, In a way that a child would talk to their healthy father.

Um, like that’s, that’s a beautiful picture. Right? And I know that’s hard for some of us because, you know, you don’t have that image of a, of a great dad, but, um, like if you can think of the best experience it could be in terms of being protected, being supported, being encouraged and being challenged. Like that’s what.

Our relationship with Jesus is like, that’s what we have access to now, if, as he shapes us and molds us and, you know, you could be sitting there and saying, you know, you know, God will forgive me, even if I keep chasing after these other dreams. And I’m building this house on the sand. Um, and that’s true.

100%. Yup. God is just waiting for you to return. Um, and it’s not a matter of you have to behave better. It’s a relationship return. Are you returning relationship re recognizing the way you did and wasn’t working and then you need a relationship with Jesus and let 

Andrew: him all that. But it’s relationship.

It’s the, where’s your motivation to do that? What you’re doing anyway, you know, sorry to cut it, 

Josh: but here’s what you. Here’s what you miss when you’re chasing, after all those things is you miss the purpose that Jesus placed you here for the purpose that gives you the full life, the purpose of blows you away and how Jesus has used you.

And then it also affects the next life, right? Like Jesus is clear that we build our treasure treasures in heaven. Um, so the investments that we make in relationship, the math, the investments we make for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom and the great commission coming to be in people’s lives. Uh, like those are the things that we store up in heaven.

Um, you know, in ultimate relationship with Jesus where, you know, sin is no longer a part of the picture, so we’re 100% focused on Christ. Um, and I think we miss on all that because. We, we want to chase it. We want to chase. Now we have this idea of like, I met me, man. I used to think of this all time in high school.

Right. You’re like, yeah, yeah, Jesus. I know what you want. And I know how you want me to live this life. And I know the things you want me to pursue and I’m going to do it. There’s things I’m just going to do those things later. Yeah. How much life you’re missing out on now. Because you’re choosing to do it later.

Right. Um, so you’re, you know, you were trying to build this business and you’re focused so focused on this business that you’re trying to build, and that’s all that matters now. And you even like talk about God and your business and you start every meeting with prayer, um, all the things that good Christians do.

Um, but you’re missing relationship with Jesus. Guess what? It’s pointless. It was a waste of time and you built it on sand because Jesus had bigger pictures for it all. Um, and I know that’s hard to hear. I don’t say that flippantly, like I get. When we have dreams that we have, and we have to submit them to Jesus, there’s a death that comes into play.

There. There’s a piece that, yeah, I’m dying to self and what I want in my dreams for what Jesus wants. But when you’re in relationship with Jesus, man, those things are just, they come naturally. You don’t have to like, declare we are this, or I am this kind of leader. You don’t have to declare it, but it just happens.

People know, oh, Josh is about this, or Andrew’s about this, or so-and-so is about this because they just watch your life. And because you’re walking with Jesus, those things just ooze out of you. I’m like, yeah, you’re going to love people that have harmed you. You’re going to, you’re going to take the hit I’m in relationship.

And people are going to see you take the hit in relationship and they’re not going to be like, oh, Josh is so awesome. He took the hit in relationship. They’re gonna be like, man, I know Josh and he’s an idiot would be then bench felt he, he wanted to be, but Jesus is doing something there and he’s not vengeful.

Um, so let’s give Jesus the credit. Right. But those things only come when we walk in relationship with Jesus, because it’s correcting behavior in those moments. Right. You’re like, man, I’m going to fricking give it to him. And Jesus like, Hey, remember what I did for you. I want you, I want them to experience what I, what you experienced.

And I want them to feel that forgiveness and relationship, just like you experienced those things and you doing this is not going to help in that process. And you’re like, yeah, but Jesus. Did you not see what they did? And he was like, yes, I saw what they did. Of course I saw like, vengeance is mine. It’s not yours.

And I still love them deeply. And I’m going to forgive the sin if they ask for that forgiveness, just like I did for you. And you’re like, but Jesus, I don’t think you fully understand. And he’s like, Josh, you don’t understand. Let me explain it to one another way. And you’re like, okay, I get you. I’m with you in it, 

Andrew: dude, that, that live.

Let me explain it to you in another way is like, It’s so true. Like I don’t, I don’t think either of us sit here trying to talk about this Jesus’ life from. Reading or experiencing things once I didn’t read the sermon on the Mount one time and say, I have this mastered, I’m good. No, I’ve read it. I’ve read it a lot of times, you know, Josh, I used to teach through it every, every year and youth group.

And I’m far from master yet because it’s not up to me to master, but their lessons, I can build a life on their lessons that man, if there’s just one. Chunk of scripture to read and reread and reread and think about and apply to your life. Pick the sermon on the Mount, those three chapters. Shoot. I don’t know if you have a good memory, you might be able to memorize it over time.

I never have, but I’ve read it a lot of times, but. Reality is it’s. It takes time and practice and, and it’s a grace-filled process because every step along the way that you’re trying to love your enemy. Well, you might have a bigger enemy tomorrow. You might have a more intense infraction that they. So the next year, you know, um, it’s actually, I guarantee you, you will, um, because you start leaning into something and trying to take ground in your relationship with the Lord and then is like, oh, I wasn’t even really doing anything there, but here’s a real challenge, you know, like I’m going to change these circumstances a little bit.

And, uh, you think you’re good at forgiving people? Well, try it six months from now, you know, like, but it’s filled with grace on the other side. Um, on the other side, the Lord’s like, yeah, I’m going to teach you. I’m going to walk with you. I’m going to give you the strength to actually forgive, uh, you know, that whole thing about have no anxiety do not worry.

Um, did you not worry about this life? Um, well, I’m gonna throw a pandemic into the mix. I’m going to allow that to happen. Not that God threw it in, but I’m going to allow that to happen and cause. Tons of stress and strain on, on our culture in our world. Um, but guess what, all the things that Jesus said, all the things he taught you are still true and you can still apply them.

Uh, but the Lord will give you the grace and the strength. Every step we take to, to actually apply them and to see them play out and see them get real, more real in your heart and mind over time.

Josh: Yeah, no, that’s good. And like you even going through the sermon on the mountain, so it starts in Matthew

it’s five or six. Now I’m confusing myself. Uh, I was thinking it ended in hate. And then I was like, oh, then it has to start earlier or later. Um, but even going through those, those principles and Jesus knocks him now most believe that this wasn’t one long sermon. You know, these are just truths that Jesus spoke throughout his ministry.

And. Matthew, put them all in one place, but, um, it could happen where Jesus one long sermon, it’s a long sermon. So you better be in for it if you’re going to sit down and read it. But, um, even in the midst of that, it’s not like, okay, we’ll use because we’re in seven right now we’ll use seven one, which is, do not judge.

Or you too will be judged from the same way you judge others, you will be judged, uh, with the measure you use. It’ll be measured to you. Yeah. Then he goes, dude, you got a huge log in your eye. There’s a speck in your brother’s eye. How you deal with your log first, right? That’s the idea. Even in those moments, it’s not a matter of, oh, I just can’t judge anybody.

Remember it’s in relationship with Jesus. So it’s not about what you can do or can’t do it’s in relationship with Jesus. So here’s the question that Jesus, in that moment, Jesus, where in my life am I judging people and who am I judging? And the next question is Jesus, why am I judging those people in that way?

Like, what about me feels this need to place a judgment and judgment is a big deal, right? Like judgment is a final. Say, this is who that person is. Right. It’s not, well, you’re doing wrong things. We’re not talking about judging in that way. We’re talking about like you’re placing a judgment on somebody’s judgment is a, is a, is a criminal, uh, position.

And it’s, uh, it’s, uh, not indefinite. It’s a final decision. Like you’ve the judge has said, you’re guilty. The judge has said you’re not guilty. Right? Like that’s a big deal. Um, and this is what Jesus is getting to, uh, So you started having those questions in relationship of like, oh, and then you start to pay attention to them.

Right. Um, so now it’s, oh man, Jesus. I noticed, you know, yesterday I was talking to the coworker and I was, I didn’t say anything, but I was having these thoughts in my head about judging that person in this way, because I thought they’re being an idiot or I didn’t like their views on whatever the views were.

And then Jesus can start speaking into those areas. And then the question becomes, Jesus, how do I, when I’m here, that’s situation again, how do I not jump to those conclusions? Like, what do I gotta deal with about me? Um, about just my wiring, uh, to fix these things. So I don’t think of that stuff in the future.

Right? It’s all relationship it’s conversation. It’s back and forth with crisis. He speaks to these areas. It’s not, oh, do not judge. And now it’s 100% up to me to figure out how not to judge people. Like we’re very. Scriptures crew, you have no power over sin without Christ. Um, so get back to that. Um, now is there action steps or the things you actually have to do?

Yeah, 100% like Jesus is going to be like, Hey, do you remember yesterday when you were talking to so-and-so and you said this in sure. It didn’t feel like that big of a deal and they didn’t react poorly to it, but man, are you doing the opposite where I’ve asked you to do. Yeah. Um, why do you think you, you talk, why do you think you talked down to that person in that way?

Or why do you think that you try to protect yourself in this way? And you, you lashed out in this way, right? Like it’s those kind of things that start to happen in our walks with Christ, they were like, oh, I see what you’re saying. Now, Jesus, I’m with you, we’re even loving your enemy. And you’re like, God, I don’t even know how this is possible.

You got to get to the root of the issues. Right. And Jesus was more than capable of getting to the root of your issues. Uh, he’s pretty good at it in my experience. Um, and not only that he’s really good at. Reshaping a lot of those things and you’re like, oh, that’s why I do these certain things is because I, you know, whatever it happens to be, um, So there’s that piece of like going through these things is great.

It’s really important. Um, but make sure you’re going through things in relationship with Jesus and not on a surface level of these are just good truths to live by. These should be, um, uh, propelling you towards conversation with Christ, um, asking these questions and listening to his answers and he might even point out other verses oh, that’s right.

There’s that? And here’s the other thing I don’t know. A ton of CAD, you know, a ton of verses, you know, chapter and verse, but I don’t know every verse by chapter verse. And I wouldn’t say, I know the majority of verses by chapter verse, but there are going to be things that trigger it for like, oh, like Andrew, you know, you just were talking about, I wrote it down because it was applied to last week.

Cause we covered it. Yeah, no that don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough to worry about itself. Uh, I know Jesus said it. I don’t know exactly where it was at. Um, Now I’m even questioning if Jesus said it. Uh, but the beautiful thing is we live in the 22nd century. Is it the 22nd? Cause it’s not.

It’s the 21st century 21. So we get the 21 something it’d be the 20 seconds. That’s right. See, I learned, so we live in the 21st century and you have a ton of technology at your disposal and there’s nothing wrong with using that technology. So I’m going to go to Google or I’m going to go to duck, duck go, or I’m going to go to whatever other.

Being a search engine I got, and I’m gonna type in verse about, do not worry about tomorrow and guess what that verse is going to come up. Yep. And then I can go through those things. Jesus’s words have already been recorded in the, you know, that chunk of scripture and I can apply those things to whatever Jesus already teaching me in there.

Like there’s that piece that Jesus just moves in and out. And you see this in his ministry, right. He constantly is quoting Isaiah and he’s constantly quoting different parts of the old Testament, um, to prove his point now to. The Jewish nation, it’s the same true, true in our walks. He’s going to quote himself back to you.

Um, and you can grab those things. Are you going to quote you another, you know, uh, New Testament writer back to you. Cause he inspired that writer, um, right there there’s that piece too, or you’re not living in this wishy washy world of whatever God tells me. And I get to define that. I’m like, God’s pretty clear on who he is and what he’s about.

It’s been thankfully recorded for us and what we call the Bible. Um, now the Bible isn’t the authority. Jesus is the authority and. His words just happened to be recorded here, but, um, like we get to walk in the midst of those things and in conversation in relationship and let Jesus do the work in our, in our hearts and our souls to make us into what he’s called speed.

Um, there’s going to be things you have to do no doubt about that. Um, but let Jesus lead those things, um, and let Jesus lead those conversations than rather trying to do it all on your own. Cause doing it all your own, eventually get to a place you’re like it ain’t worth it. It’s too hard. And this part is clear.

My burden is light. Yup. Yup. So in relationship with Jesus, those things are so much easier, so much easier. So we can’t encourage you enough to be walking in relationship with Jesus. That’s 

Andrew: right. Does a words to build a life on and, and that’s what the Bible is filled with. And it’s a good thing. This song.

Cause I don’t probably, it seems like it would be. Um, but yeah, I don’t know. Just encourage you, like work these things into your life and let your actions follow. Follow your heart. So cliche, but as you apply these words to your life, you’ll find that your heart slowly changes. And I think that’s just through the grace of God, to where your actions will be way more in line with this.

And that’s what I was trying to say is it’s out of relationship. It’s out of. Real commitment to, to the Lord and walking through different seasons in your life with the Lord and figuring these things out or suddenly we’ll, you’ll look up and you’ll have a new trial, like the job thing I shared last episode, um, you know, you’ll have a new thing spring up.

That’s like this intense, or it can be an intense source of worry, but you’ll find yourself saying no, like God just taught me all these lessons and I’d be crazy to forget them. And this moment, because. I got to believe these things are true. They were true then. And they’re true now. And he taught those to me for a reason.

So if I’m not applying these things in this new season where I could be freaked out by the challenges or the worries or whatever, um, like that’s, I don’t know this Jesus life, it stacks, it builds and it grows. And eventually your heart starts to change and your actions just become more natural to the point where you’re like, no, Of course, I’m not going to lie cheat or steal.

Of course, I’m not gonna take out revenge on somebody. Of course, I’m not gonna worry. Of course, I’m not gonna blank, you know, fill it in. Um, cause the Lord equips us over time for the things that he knows we’re going to face down the road. Um, I think, and um, and then through it all, he’s good. So these are words to build a life on and, uh, I hope we haven’t muddled them up too much.

Uh, and if nothing else take some time this week or in the coming week and read, read the sermon on the Mount. Cause what we just described as basically the end of it. Um, at least the Matthew version where, uh, Jesus is just reiterating, Hey. Use these words to build your life on, then you’ll be like the smart carpenter that built on stone.

Not like the stupid one who built on the sand and a stupid curve, a stupid carpenter. You don’t want to be that guy and Jesus wasn’t carpenters. Yeah, he’s stupid carpenter, you know, that’s fair. Yeah. Like he probably knew one. He’s like, he’ll be like, Dale, that guy sucks. I’ll be like, that’s good.

Josh: My final thoughts are just don’t don’t skip the step. Right? Like don’t try to not judge others less on your own. Um, walk with Jesus led Jesus mold you into that because that’s where the firm foundation is going to lie. I’m trying to do on your own. You’re gonna look good for a little while, but it’s gonna eventually fail you because let’s be honest.

Life’s too hard to do it on your own, but it will eventually fail you and you ended up just like the dude, just stupid. Cartoners sitting on the sand being like, where’d my house go. I wonder if he was there. That’s my question. Leave and come back and he’s like, my house was wasn’t wasn’t my house right here.

Andrew: Oh, she’s all the mailbox is still here. It was there. Correct. 

Josh: Or like he was there and he watched it happen. Like the big, bad Wolf. I don’t know. It’d be interesting. Jesus. What’d you really mean by this parable? Yeah. Hey, we have a. One more parable where we think right now there’s any one more parable we’re going to hit next week.

I’m excited for this parable. I’ve been really excited for this parable, but I kept pushing this parable back because I wasn’t ready to talk about this bear. I will tell you what the parable is because you’ll have to come back next week to find out. But, uh, this has been something I’ve actually been looking forward to, uh, for a while now, uh, when we first even started the parable season, And I just kept pushing it back because I want to tell you a lot about some dreams that are come to be that are exciting, but yeah, Andrew.

As always my friend. It’s good to talk to you. It’s good. It’s going to be good to see you possibility of seeing you face to face without a computer screen 

Andrew: in few days, it’s going to be good. And yeah, man, thanks for making this happen. Uh, as always 

Josh: try to record the next one live. 

Andrew: Ooh, would be good. You never know it might happen.

It might happen. All right, bro. 

Josh: Actually go to one of your houses now. Yeah, 

Andrew: well we can make it happen. We’ll see. Let’s see. All right, bro. Good to talk. Thanks for listening to our show. It really means a lot to us and we hope that it helps bring you closer in your relationship with Jesus and with other 

Josh: people.

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This has the ability to transform the lives of the people around you. 

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