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We Get Mushy
Episode No. 89

Conversation Ten. Andrew and Josh get mushy and it was as awkward for us as it will be for you to listen, but man was it extremely encouraging! We close out our conversations season this week with words of affirmation.

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Josh – Hello hello hello we’re just 2 normal dudes trying to live this jesus life. My name is Josh.

Andrew – Hey I’m Andrew Drew we are this jesus life podcast Josh we’re back my friend we are back. How’s your week treating you. It’s a Friday and Fridays are always good how you doing.

Josh – Boop Dude we are.

Josh – And that is true I’m doing fantastic because the abs won again last night which means we’re 6 wins away from the stanley cup. Yeah so I’m pretty so excited and also nervous. So there’s that world.

Andrew – That’s Big. It’s big for you. Man. Fair enough fair enough but hey you’re still in the hunt which is pretty awesome. It’s pretty awesome I went to a few hockey games with you and got to admit like I don’t know much about Hockey Hockey I always had a good time but I’d.

Josh – Sure we can plan like we are. We’ll get.

Andrew – But Josh like what is this penalty box. What are they doing? Why is this whole thing. You know it’s it’s a very different sport than most. So yeah I always felt like a total nub every time we went to one but.

Josh – And it’s and it’s a faster sport than most like you think like football like sure the play is fast but there’s so much downtime basketball even to some extent too and the course baseball. But yeah, hockey’s one of those sports.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – Um, when soccer’s just nonstop but most the time it’s just passing and you know not a lot of crazy stuff and then it’s really fast in some points.

Josh – Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, soccer makes no sense to me like why not display the game clock like why not tell us if there’s extra time like I don’t know why these things are secrets that makes no sense to me at all.

Andrew – Right.

Andrew – I actually don’t know the answer to that but it is like the refs thing they’re like nope they do stoppage time and and it could be 0 It could be 6 minutes you’d ever know you’d never know.

Josh – Right? Yeah, like like someone should keep track of it I feel like with technology today. He could have a watch on or something and he’s like keeping track of the extra time so we can update the I don’t know what it is. it’s it’s annoyed

Andrew – B.

Andrew – Ah, that’s funny man. Yeah, fair enough right? Yeah yeah, offsides confuses everyone who hasn’t actually played soccer That’s for sure every time. Um, yeah.

Josh – Not that I watch a lot of soccer games but I always thought that 1 thing about soccer you like that in the offsides offsides a little nets.

Andrew – Yeah man, but you know it makes sense to me but I also have played a lot of soccer in my day and I need to man. It’d be awesome if this summer I haven’t found anywhere where there’s like a pickup league close by or even an unofficial just pickup where people play but I really need to find that because I love playing soccer. And it is good for you. So Maybe that’ll be an unofficial summer goal for me is find a pick up league go play some soccer you know, but yep, it’s nonstop. Yeah dude you can’t yeah huh.

Josh – Yeah, it’s so much running though like I don’t know I don’t want to run that much even like indoor soccer like I So like they run just as much like no no. Thank.

Andrew – Yeah, it’s just smaller circles. But yeah, totally um man Yeah dude. Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, unless you play Goalie You really do just run the whole time like you’ve.

Josh – At least with hockey like you can coast like coast and sogger.

Andrew – You should never never just be standing still unless you’re playing Goalie then it’s fine.

Josh – That’s the other thing like I remember my brother and I got on like this soccer kick when like we’re in our early 20 s and we went to one of the colleges nearby with just kicking the ball round and like you would get in net and like I don’t know how soccer goalies do like I play.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – Goally playing hockey but like we have a fair amount of pads on you don’t you’re not gonna get hurt like sure the put goes eighty ninety miles an hour but like um, unless it hits you in a weird spot in most cases, you’re fine but in soccer like I don’t know how they do it that ball is hauling.

Andrew – Yeah, yup, yep, they just have like thin gloves on that have like some little protectors in there. So your fingers don’t break but you could still break a finger easily as the Goalie man like I That’s the worst in my mind like.

Josh – And they could just stop it with their damn hands like no thank you? so.

Andrew – Some goalies are awesome. But overall you just get blamed for all the goals. The other team scores. Um, so it’s really like a lose lose position most the time. So yeah man I never ever wanted to play Goalie. Yeah.

Josh – I Loved it because you got to play the whole time. That’s the only reason I was a Goalie I was like what I never have to get off the ice. Yeah I want that job give me that job.

Andrew – Yeah, ah, that’s funny man. Yeah um, dude this is ah man what’s new with me I got a fresh haircut this morning that’s new. Um, my my daughter who I told you had been.

Josh – But yeah, what’s new with you? dude.

Josh – Nice. Well.

Andrew – Sick is finally back to normal which is awesome. Got about a week of full work left and then I’m going to be off for ten days which is cool and we’re doing like this epic camper beach trip where we’re gonna to join my family trip for a while and and do camping. On either side of it go into a couple different national parks. So that’s gonna be awesome man I’ve almost lost a chicken. She’s alive. But ah, but maybe still sick. So I’ve been like isolating her from the crew and letting her out extra and all this stuff but man. Ah I’ve had some chicken drama but I’m still at None and Lord willing I’ll stay at 13 for a while but I don’t know this one hen is still questionable so we’ll see we’ll see um, what about you man what’s new with you? Oh yeah, dude yeah 10 year anniversary

Josh – And you had and you had an anniversary happy anniversary.

Andrew – Which we’re going out to celebrate that tonight and I’m pretty pumped about it. Um, it’ll be good. It’ll be good. But yeah man it like blue it blows my mind that it’s been ten years like yeah I’m very thankful for my wife we did not do presents. We both.

Josh – That’s pretty big.

Josh – Um, nice did you get did you get your wife a 10 year anniversary present. What is the ten year ten you

Andrew – We Both were like ah crap you didn’t get a present did you and you know what? that’s kind of the season of Life. We’re in with these tiny crazy kids. Ah and neither of us were mad about it. So yeah, man it might sound like I’m totally dropping the ball but ah. I Don’t know she was totally fine with that and she was just relieved I hadn’t secretly gotten her a nice present because she had gotten me nothing. So Yeah man. Yeah.

Josh – Nice. It looks like depending on what realm you want to live in in terms of gift themes for 10 years if it’s metal. You give a tin or aluminum gift which is feel like sure. It’s just 10 but like.

Andrew – Who.

Josh – Really you of tin or aluminum I feel like you. It’s like a beer beer can like I don’t get it or it’s if it’s a stone. It’s diamonds. That’s that’s pricey there and then the color is blue and silver for your 10 year anniversary according to the not.

Andrew – The.

Josh – Dot com knowing something new every day. Yeah, so just just get your get your get your wife a butdweiser beer you a beer can you know when you guys go out of tonight and just like honey. That’s your I got your None anniversary. It’s aluminum.

Andrew – Well, that’s the place to look man. That’s the place to look. Yeah.

Andrew – Beer in a can here. You go happy 10 years

Josh – And it’s blue. Oh do a but do Bud light because it it’ll be blue and and white are blue and silver. Yeah, you all set.

Andrew – And the blue can that’s funny. Yeah dude I think she’d love it. She’d love it. What’s new with you. My friend, what’s happening. So.

Josh – Nothing crazy much the weather’s finally kind of nice. It hasn’t decided what it is yet, but it’s it’s getting there so that’s always nice rearrange my whole house for fun because I know I was bored ah, but that’s been going for a few weeks. What else is new. Oh my dog woke me up None nights ago I think by shitting all over my house that was nice of him and then last night he did it again. But I caught him mid poop. So.

Andrew – Infant and.

Josh – I Knew something was Up. He’s acting funny I was like you need to go outside and he’s being stupid ran upstairs so I went upstairs and he came back downstairs I didn’t think anything of it and then like as he was down there for a while I was like wait a second so I pulled up my cameras and I yelled at him I was like don’t you. Dare do it. He was like guardy and poop squat and I was ah I will kill you I think I scared the poop back up and but a little came out so I got to clean my carpets this weekend Unfortunately, but yeah, freaking dogs they’re They’re a pain.

Andrew – Um, ah, that’s funny. Oh man. Yeah yeah, they’re great, but when they poop on things It is the worst because it’s horrible.

Josh – Yeah, and he’s sick. So it’s like dirty nasty poop that’s runny and gross and everything about it’s just no, thank you Very good dogs.

Andrew – Horrible smelling.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, poor jackman poor Jack ah dude, what a yeah good. Oh sweet, nice.

Josh – But yeah own that things are great I think I’m gonna go camping Well I’m headed out of town here in a few weeks. But I think I’ll go camping right after that they go figure all that up I’m thinking if I bring enough battery with me and solar panels I could just work.

Andrew – Is it finally like yeah that’d be impressive. Yeah yeah, well is it finally summer I take it in Colorado like it things enjoyable and warm.

Josh – From wherever I am That’s my plan we’ll see if it happens.

Andrew – There.

Josh – Yeah, like it was really nice. The beginning of may like 6070 s and then we got dumped on that last week in may like we’re talking a foot foot and a half of snow and wet wet snow and then it disappeared but it’s been raining so I think it’s.

Andrew – Um, yeah, well.

Josh – And rain which is good like we’re in a fire band right now so we need the moisture and hopefully all this moisture help. So when I go camping I’m allowed to have a fire and not you know, be arrested by the park Ranger for having a fire What I’m not supposed to because who.

Andrew – Yeah, don’t do that.

Josh – Wants to go camping and not have a fire that seems miserable like that’s the point of camping is to bird things.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, you gotta burn something you know the only time I’ve been camping and not done that is when we did the elk hunt in Colorado like years ago but that was just because we didn’t want to like alert the elk we’re there you know and when you hike all day.

Josh – Oh yeah.

Andrew – And like get up super early in the morning I was so tired by the time it was dark. It didn’t even matter like I’m just going to sleep I don’t care. But yeah man when you’re just camping for fun. You got to have some good fire going.

Josh – That’s true. How ah just random questions for you because just came mine but i’t think we’ve talked about a while but how are you and Jesus doing.

Andrew – Um, man um, pretty good like I don’t know I life has been so busy in so many directions recently? Um, but I’ve been like. So I’ve kind of been a slacker at just spending time reading my bible I’ve been reading psalms to the girls at breakfast. So I guess that half counts. Um, but I’ve been praying a lot you know and I feel like that’s that’s been a strong suit. Ah recently. Um I don’t know like feeling feeling encouraged and you know there’s multiple situations in life where I’m like I don’t know the best path forward and I don’t know your will in this but I’m trying to you know, see if if this is right or whatever. And yeah, man. It’s ah like a little bit of uncertainty in life in a few areas, but um, but I know like I keep being reminded. We’ve talked about the year of the chicken a bunch of times and that god is faithful bunch of times and like it’s cool because like took me a long time to learn that deeply. And now when when like uncertainty comes or changes come like my manager at work who I really like working for is is moving to a different role just found that out a bit about a week ago and um you know happy for her because she’s awesome. But for me, it’s like ah this was ah this was stable in life. You know and it’s a change so I don’t know it’s one of those things where like it was a it was cool to have that moment of like ad this is uncertain followed immediately by but god is faithful like I know that and and I’m not gonna not gonna worry about it. Im just gonna take the next right? Step you know and see what god’s will is so I don’t know I guess I’m just being reminded of of that lesson and some others frequently. What about you man how are how are you in the lord like how’s how’s Josh doing how are you doing with that.

Josh – Yeah, we’re doing well um, like you life is busy so you have to make a priority to I think the big thing for me is like I’m a pretty disciplined dude so you know I do the things she’s supposed to do but um, when it comes to. What good christians do. But I think my my issue recently I know it’s my issue recently because Jesus and I talked about it earlier this week of like I’m doing the task but I’m not foster relationship at the midst of those tasks. So then it becomes like what’s the point of the the tasks if you’re not actually building relationships. That’s. Point so it’s been great this week but I think it’s been a lull the last few weeks before that and I just I just was busy so I didn’t realize it was a little but it was nice to like you back to those moments where like yeah yeah, Jesus, it’s good to talk to you today say things are going good and um.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, that’s good.

Josh – There’s plenty of stresses of life that are going on as well. Whether it’s just life in general or work or design work or you know Hill City stuff there’s plenty of just things going on and and new things starting. So you know with new things starting you know, good stress shows up, but it’s still stressy if to manage.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Um, so a lot of conversations around that of like why do certain things stress me out or what’s the cause of of that specific stress I think there’s just good conversations to have with Jesus. But yeah, yeah, things are good. Can’t complain. Um. You know when you I think when you make that mindset shift from religion to relationship or what’s another way to say it from to do list to grace. You know, lived life like you know Jesus has a lot of grace for you and I think we create. Um. A lot more strife or disappointment in our own heads that Jesus actually doesn’t carry for you which I think that’s a big piece as well. But you know when life gets busy, especially in the summer months like I know we have downtime but at the same time you know we we start to travel more and other you know responsibilities maybe that aren’t related to work. You know, get added to our plate that kind of stuff you know a great thing that to to dig into is making sure that you’re looking for ways to foster relationship with Jesus and have conversations with Jesus and you know maybe pulling out your bible or pulling out your phone and reading it is just too much in the moment but you know spending time with Jesus. Listening to scripture might be a great fit for you as well. So we have a partnership with Duwell if you go to this jesus life podcast dot com forward slash duol you can check them out. There’s an there an audio app on your phone and that reads scripture by passionate people that really care about it. A playlist to go through certain topics and those kinds of things but it’s definitely ah, a great way to fos relationship while you’re busy, um now remember this is this is one step towards relationship. It isn’t the end goal like the the relationship is is the goal. So just listening to these things sure that’s fine. But. That’s not doing what you know Jesus went to the cross for um so remember that these should be jumping off places for conversations with Jesus and look for those opportunities to have them like you know time in your car and set of blasting music or listening to up. Yeah well unless you’re listening to us. Listen to that podcast but any other podcast if you listen to those guys turn it off for a little bit and and do a week without noise just you have more opportunity to talk with Jesus and talk about life and it doesn’t have to be like deep meaningful stuff all the time like it just could just be life. Conversations of like what’s going on and what you’re thinking about and you know what? what does Jesus? want to ask you and and all those kinds of things just just keep it simple like that. But it could be deeper stuff for Jesus really wants to dig into something that.

Josh – Matters that can help change your character and build you up to to the person you he’s called you to be. But yeah, so definitely check out dwell. It’s a great tool that you can use to help foster relationship with god member. That’s the goal foster relationship with god being check them out at this http://jesletpodcast.comforward/.. Well if you haven’t visited our website and you found us you know organically or you just find us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts wherever you listen to us right now. Um, you can always go to our website and get the show notes for the website or for the episode. So like if we talk about something or have a verse that we quote. Typically post that stuff there. So at least you have a quick link to go back like oh they were talking about something but I don’t remember what exactly what it was. We usually post those things and link to those things. But yeah Andrew is dealing with one of his kids. Oh. He’s back sweet because I just I just ran out of breath anAndrew
Andrew – I’m back. Dude you really I was listening the whole time that was a that was a great shout out to dwell. He needs to get back here.

Josh – Like that was a lot of talking and I was like I was like I was just like starting to lose it and I was like takinging it man like I don’t he needs to he’s to hurry him come back I’ve ran out of words and then he’s here. So God is good and God made up timing perfect. But yeah.

Andrew – Ah.

Josh – That’s that’s kind of it Andrew this is the last one of these this season. What are we doing today. So.

Andrew – Ah, we are gonna affirm each other big time. My friend um, okay so if you’ve been listening. You know that we have been working through this whole series around relationships because Josh and I both believe Christian should be amazing. Amazing friends amazing at at building relationships with None another and that that’s a good way to figure out how to build relationship well with god and also lead other people to god um, so we’ve been working through this series of conversations to really build relationship and demonstrate that. Um, it’s been I think really good I’ve at least enjoyed it I think Josh has enjoyed it. Um, but the the tricky part has been. This is actually set up to to be like 1 on 1 relationship where it’s like not ah, not a public space and you have the. High trust to share like the real you as deeply as possible. So we have to dial it back in most of these conversations a little bit because it is public and we don’t know who else listening so we tried out to be. Too overbearing and what we share but but also try to demonstrate some vulnerability along the way. So today is is a different conversation. It’s the last one. It’s number 10 if you’ve missed them and you’re just starting here. You can go into the last None episodes that are up and see and like listen through the whole thing we have the the conversation guide posted in our show notes that we’ve been working through and man. It’s been good. But today’s about about affirming one another and we have a little bit of a less. We. We don’t have as much of a robust like guide and in how you do this? What questions you ask? Um, so it might be a little bit shorter or a little bit different but today’s all about the power of affirmation and encouragement. Um and and and why we do that. So. Anyway, man I don’t know if that’s a decent setup. Um, but yeah, we’re gonna affirm each other which is the christian word for encourage for sure.

Josh – Um, yeah, and and I’ll be yeah and I’ll be I’ll be honest, like this feels to me very mushy, very touchy none not like physically touchy feelely but like emotionally touchy feelely and it makes me uneasy. So like if you’re sitting there going why the hell is Andrew and Josh doing this. Ah, it’s because it’s telling us to that’s really why because if we had a choice I don’t think Andrew and I like.

Andrew – Um. Who.

Andrew – Right.

Josh – Andrew and I do encourage and affirm each other but it’s not this intentional and it’s definitely not in a moment in time where we’re like hey tell me the top 5 things that let me tell you the top 5 things that I affirm you and I don’t know if I can.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, right.

Josh – And don’t know if that would ever happen I don’t know if that happens in real life Maybe women do it I don’t know I’ve never been a part of a relationship that was like hey let me tell you all the things I love about you and if somebody did I’d be like dude um we’re we’re gonna hold this conversation for a second I’m not sure.

Andrew – Who knows.

Andrew – Ah, so.

Josh – And even when I got on today. Ah, and before we even started the podcast and Andrew and I are just catching up I was like dude I don’t know if I’m in the right head space for this conversation today here we go? Yeah, so essentially it’s it’s a long list of of affirmations that that true face is provided and you can.

Andrew – Oh good.

Josh – Check out this whole conversation in general if you go to our website this jus we link it in the show notes every week but you can check them out at Trueface. But yeah I guess we’ll just we’ll just dive in Andrew um.

Andrew – Yep, okay, yeah I think we should trade trade punches trade encouraging punches back and forth and okay, yeah Google Trade Love Tabs um and hey.

Josh – Would be just like None of the time I guess like you. And yeah, love love taps.

Andrew – To be totally honest Josh and I both were like oh shoot. This list is huge. There’s a lot of traits in here and choosing None is going to take some time so we both have been kind of rapidfire doing that. So um, Josh I hope you find these encouraging because what I’m going to share with you is all genuine. But there are about 80 qualities on here and I’ve circled more than five that I think of you and it’s not necessarily going to be in a perfect top None order? Um, but as long as you’re okay with that I can start the love tapping start the love tapping for us. Um, man um one that sticks out to you to me about you man is that you are loyal um like I you know we got to know each other I just had my None ear wedding anniversary which is awesome and um. Jana my wife and I we moved out to Colorado like ah about a month after getting married so I’ve known you for most of None years like and and maybe in that first like six months I didn’t really get to know you that much as a friend I was just kind of like on the outskirts and like. At the church and starting to serve a little bit in youth. But I I didn’t really I wasn’t super connected for a while. Um, but then man I started you know like I decided with Janet like I really want to commit to doing this youth apprenticeship with you, you know and like serving. Together and being a part of this together so that really led to to getting to know you? Um, and that started off you know as a light friendship but but over the years that really moved into like a real deep trusting relationship and man. Leave in Colorado was exceptionally hard for a lot of reasons like good but hard at the same time but like you have been a loyal friend throughout all of it to the point where he literally took time off to help you and Matt did to help. Drive the yeah u-haul across the country and take the whole adventure to to get us moved here. You know, but yeah man, you are. You’re loyal like you are once you’re committed to being a friend to somebody which admittedly you like you take your time. Getting there or you have taken your time I know that’s part of the relation relational discipleship challenge. That’s been so so awesome for you is like going in and like no I’m gonna do this the real way and I’m gonna build deep relationships and be loyal and we’re gonna do discipleship within that. Um.

Andrew – But yeah man, you are you are loyal and that’s a trait that matters like I I would trust you with really pretty much anything in my life man like you’re one of those people to me and I want you to know like I see that not just in in our friendship but but as a real trait. That you have So there’s ah, there’s my love tap number one I don’t know how that hits you but um, but I hope you appreciate it? Yeah yeah, yeah.

Josh – No. Thanks Dude I Appreciate the Love tap. Um. Man this is this is really hard to narrow down I’m going to start with 3 I’m putting them into one because I think they’re all related. So.

Andrew – Yeah.

Andrew – So I’m going to start by breaking the rules I like it Ahmed.

Josh – Um, break the rules actually so far even with those 3 all connected I have like None on my list but I’ll narrow down as we go through this first one is none 3 together are this and I think they are all related. But I think you’re charismatic, influential and leading I think people naturally want to follow you I think people naturally in the best of ways want to be you. And and I think that’s a skillset in today’s world that it’s hard to come by like it’s funny I just had a conversation yesterday morning about following people and like what does that look like and why do you follow people like what are the characteristics that you look for and. Somebody said well I look that they’re powerful and like that’s a weird way to say something like that. But as that person unpacked it a little bit more like it. It really came down to these things like I look for people that I want. Ah, maybe I don’t want everything about their life. But there’s aspects of their life that yeah I want so I let them lead me and I think those are characteristics that are definitely with you and I think I would assume that as you go into different environments. You’ve noticed this already that that people you know, pay attention to you people.

Andrew – Smiles.

Josh – Pay attention to what you have to say people make decisions based off. Ah you know decisions in their life based off the things that you’ve said because you know you carry a a fair amount of influence with with people around you. But I think part of that is is you know, thoughtful leading of people you know, sacrificial leading of people.

Andrew – And.

Josh – Um, charismatic in the best way to be charismatic where you’re just walking into a room and you could be a life of a party but at the same time. Let people be seen and I think that’s ah, it’s It’s a great trait that that I think is rare in our society. There’s your love tap buddy.

Andrew – Wow! Thanks Man Dang that is ah my wife texted me. She’s like you got to listen for the kids for a little bit even though you’re gonna have some cushing bro mance going on but dude yeah.

Josh – I’ll be honest with you I’m picturing a love tap as like a quick tap to the nuts sack like 1 of those taps you just like hey buddy here.

Andrew – Ah, yeah, well yeah, we can’t get too touchy feelely. You know there’s got to be a little pain in it. But dude thank you for that that Ah, that’s really meaningful and and I appreciate that like I I don’t know I Really appreciate that man. Um, that means a lot.

Josh – Who.

Andrew – Um, I’m going to going to also break the rules a little bit. Um, but these 2 I think are actually really linked and you can’t you can’t do one but without the other so you know you look at the a column and you see authentic and you look in the e column. And you see encouraging because Josh um I like you you have been very encouraging in my life in moments like 30 second a minute ago or you know over the years and in many different ways man but I don’t. I think being an authentic person which you are you are the Josh Bircham with me that you are with everybody else. Um, you are you are one person and you are authentically chasing a real relationship with the lord and trying to be made. More like Jesus in in what you do and how you do and where you do it all the time and you’re not perfect. But I’m not either and you show up you show up the same way wherever you are. But I think you have to be authentic to actually be encouraging to people um like. What you just shared with me is going to stick with me because because I know it comes from a real place. It comes from an authentic Josh who who actually sees people and wants to encourage them in where they’re at and and I think of you as authentic and encouraging. And what I was trying to say is I don’t think you can encourage when you’re not authentic because then it’s kind of like a you know puff of smoke and air. It’s not It’s just here and gone if you’re you’re one of the people that’s constantly giving a compliment constantly giving cheer another up. It’s or whatever like. I think authentic encouragement comes from like no like you know people and you respect the person who’s sharing it so that encouragement matters and man. Um, yeah I think you’re good at gaining a voice in people’s life because you live authentically and that you’re able to encourage from that spot. So um, yeah, man, that’s my love tap I hope there’s no pain in it even though even though it’s delivered you know to the crotcho region digitally. Ah yeah yeah.

Josh – Crotchel region Dude I appreciate that Thank you and it’s one of those things like we’re having conversation a friend years ago like I’m not I’m not that encouraging of a person in general like I don’t and it’s mainly because I don’t need a ton of encouragement to work hard or do the right thing. Like I just I don’t know probably because I was raised as the oldest for a long time I’m a middle child but raises the oldest from now. No 12 on or something like that. Um, so I think that maybe it comes from that but someone did tell me once that when you do encourage or say like you did a good job. It means more.

Andrew – Yeah.

Josh – Just because you don’t give encouragement lightly which is like it’s good and bad like I probably should be more encouraging to people in general and and I would say today compared to you know, then which is probably you know 6 or seven years ago I probably am more encouraging in that way. But no I appreciate.

Andrew – Um, yeah, yeah.

Josh – Appreciate that statement and if I do encourage you if you know me personally and I do encourage you I don’t I don’t say things lightly like I’m not blowing smoke up your ass because I don’t want smoke I don’t want smoke blown up my ass like I think those people come across extremely disingenuous and I ah.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, right? You don’t blow smoke.

Andrew – Listen unless I’m grilling or at a campfire I don’t need smoke blown at me, you know like let’s save the smoke people save the smoke ah don’t blow it at each other. No blow it up.

Josh – Typically don’t do relations. We build them.

Josh – It’s true. That’s true. It’s true. Yeah, and if you’re smoking cigars with the bunch of buddies like don’t be the dude that blows into the middle of the circle like turn your head and blow it out. Come on yeah or blow up come on shows show some courtesy like or we’re gonna stop inviting you to the party.

Andrew – Blow up or out to the side. You know like come on. Don’t be that guy don’t be that guy. Ah.

Josh – Um, just saying no offense to anyone that may have been on my house this week smoking cigars I’m not talking about that I think everyone that did smoke was was 100% genuine in in how they did.

Andrew – And everybody that was there is like Josh you literally blew smoke on me every time and said smoke cloud ah we did not like that we won’t be coming back.

Josh – Year the deck of it did it. It wasn’t funny of. So yeah, it’s good’s good. Um, and these ones probably now I’m goingnna keep these one separate so I’m gonna put 2 together but I’m leave a different one and I was gonna put.

Andrew – Funny. Yeah.

Andrew – Okay.

Josh – With it differently. So Andrew I think that you’re thoughtful and you’re intentional in how you approach life how you approach parenting your your girls and and being in relationship with Jana I think even what you take on like. New hobbies and tasks like you do your research and you figure things out like you don’t just go ha haz ha hazardously into something I think of the year of focus I was gonna say the year of the chicken I was like that doesn’t fit what I’m trying to say the year of focus.

Andrew – M.

Andrew – Ah, yeah, yeah.

Josh – I know that’s your word has been your word in the last couple of years of just you know, making sure that you’re present with your family and and providing them what they need. But also you know with a work and doing you know the best you can can there and then you know with eldership and all the other things that they are a part of I know that you.

Andrew – Who.

Josh – Take the time to fully understand the problem so you can make the best decision possible that you try to listen to all the different sides and try to you know not make you know personal opinions about things but let the facts speak as they are and I think that’s that’s a great trait.

Andrew – Thanks.

Josh – Um, not only in the business world but in life as well. I think the more we do those things the better off you know we’re going to be in relationship with people.

Andrew – Thanks man, thank you I appreciate that and even though I’m a little bit h d adhd in starting new hobbies at starting new projects I do try to take my time and like have a good plan. So thanks man I’m going to cut that chunk and send it to Janna. Just be like listen. Everybody’s saying it. Everybody’s saying it? Okay, ah no dude. Thank you for that. that’s that’s awesome um I’m definitely going to be listening back to this podcast like yeah.

Josh – That’s about it. Absolutely.

Andrew – when I when I have a sad day I’ll ah I’ll come back and listen again. But I appreciate it man um for real yeah I this is only a yeah this is still breaking the rules but it’s None um so man None of all None parts you’re called. Like you are called into ministry um, and that’s been clear to me for the whole time I’ve known you even when you stepped away from your your kind of full time ministry position and moved into a space that was. Ah, job at ah at a company doing something that’s very different than normal ministry that you had been doing or or full-time staff ministry that you had done I don’t think your calling ever changed in that season or or ever lessened in that season and in fact I think god has used that season. Into now to to teach you and and mold you into who he wants to be who he wants you to be. You know? So I think that his calling on your life into ministry has never diminished an ounce and and I see that playing out with the none piece. You’re persistent. Like you the easy path would have been to have the the dream and the calling to plant a church kind of on the back burner of your life and to just dig into your your company your design work on the side. Your full-time job that you have your hobbies your friends. All of that would have been easy to to just stay in those None places and live your life and kind of say maybe one day I’ll plant that church maybe one day Hill City will come to be but you’ve been persistent. That’s the none word in that you have have diligently worked and been like no I I know I’m called into this and and I know it’s not going to happen tomorrow. You know you’ve been at it for multiple years at this point and people didn’t even know it for quite a while but you were. Quietly working on you know everything from the bylaws for hill city to praying and dreaming about who would be involved what it would look like all of that to to build a church really centered on the gospel and centered on discipleship but but to build it. Slow way you know not to say we need to partner with another big existing church get a ton of funding do a big lodge really splashy and just immediately look similar to most churches in the area you know, but you’re like no I’m I’m going to do this the way I feel authentically called into.

Andrew – And and the way that I know will be much slower but hopefully much more steady and rooted on on a foundation that that is honorable to god in every way. So yeah man I know you’re called and not just into ministry. But you’re called in this life and you are very persistent and that’s. Super admirable because it’s a lot easier to be a flash in the pan than it is to be like a slow but steady force on something and and I see you doing that with Hill City and with a number of things in your life. That’s just no taking the next right? step. Whether other people see it in this moment or not. It’s the step that needs to be taken. So yeah, man, you’re called and you’re persistent so your call system is is what I’m trying to say um, yeah man. Yeah.

Josh – Yeah, yeah, thanks for that. That’s and it hasn’t been has been easy to be persistent like there’s definitely my pride That’s like I want a church and I want it big now I Want to be legitimate now. But yeah, this is where we’re called the deuce. We’re gonna keep doing it I appreciate that dude.

Andrew – No no.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Josh – Thanks for that encouragement Andrew I was looking through the list a little bit more as you were talking and my next one got a few words added to it. But I think they all combined into the same thing but the big, the big umbrella is your relational.

Andrew – Okay.

Josh – But you’re relational by being loyal by being faithful and being caring like Andrew’s that guy that would throw the parties and invite everybody that he knew didn’t go through his head of like.

Andrew – You know? yeah.

Josh – Who should we invite who shouldn’t we invite. It was like hey I want I want a mospage of ah everybody that we know and then I want to see the cool connections that happen there like I always admire that about you in in how you did friendship and how you built relationships with people and no matter you know how you knew them or what.

Andrew – Who.

Josh – You know sphere of of life. You knew them from and then bringing people together in all those spheres knowing that you know people are going to connect whether they have a ton in common or just a little bit in common commonalities I need but even even in the midst of those relationships like you stay faithful and loyal to them even when.

Andrew – Who.

Josh – They may get hard or you know people get bent out of shape like you still do the work to to try to heal at least what you can from your perspective and keep you know pursuing even when relationships distant like there’s definitely parts of.

Andrew – Who.

Josh – You know the last few years you know and and I haven’t lived in the same state for years now and if it was up to me to keep it going. There’s a good chance I would have forgot somewhere along the way and Andrew stayed loyal and faithful in the midst of that and kept pursuing and then we start a podcast together which definitely helps us stay connected on a regular basis.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Andrew – Is.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, totally.

Josh – Um, and you know less less to think about because we know it’s always on our calendar. But yeah, even in the midst of that and then caring like I think you’re a deeply caring person I think you pay attention to the needs of people around you even you know neighbors and those kinds of things that some you know.

Andrew – He.

Josh – So many of us don’t even pay attention to like you build relationships with all those people I think of the the neighbors you had here I think of the neighbors you talk about where you’re at now and just how you intentionally try to love on them and care for them and just be you know Jesus to them in the midst of that and you know that’s.

Andrew – Who.

Josh – Just that caring aspect of of your personality and I appreciate that about you buddy Love tap.

Andrew – Thanks man, thank you? Yeah it. Ah it always blew my mind in Colorado but it like I would we would we love toast and stuff you know we still do um but our approach was always just like hey let’s invite. This whole group and see who shows up you know and we’re gonna have a blast regardless but ah, it’s crazy man and we’ve talked about it a none times like people just want to be included like so desperately people want relationship and friendship and like if we invited None people most of the time None or None showed up. Like it was. It was always wild and I’m like I’m not that cool. You know it’s just have Broughtt worstts like it’s nothing crazy, but ah, but you all showed up like and I don’t know. But yeah, thanks man I I appreciate that and it’s not yeah yeah.

Josh – Well I think too like I think people naturally assume they’re not invited even though you did invite them. But I think just your we’ll add another word to this this long list but like just your genuineness of it I think people are like oh no angel really does want me there like that’s why he’s asking me.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Andrew – Um, yeah man I appreciate you bro. This is awesome. Ah love dad.

Josh – And I think that that goes a long way to for people to be seen and be cared about I Loved loved app Again, We won’t count it but there another love that.

Andrew – Keep me centered bring us back down. Ah dude, um, mine mine is in a similar vein to to that. But about you. Um I think you are thoughtful and there’s probably a few other words I could. Combine into that but rather than add a bunch I will just say why thoughtful rings true to me goes back to being an authentic like you know you know people you care about people and man I remember I was in the throes of the year of the chicken early on. And and it might have been when my birthday came up I’m not positive Josh but out of the blue I got this Amazon package in the mail and and I hadn’t really told the story of the year of the chicken to anybody. Um, but I opened it up and there’s a keychain with a rooster on it. And getting choked up I didn’t expect to. But yeah man you had you had sent that out of the blue and it was like it was crazy because that that was kind of a moment where I’m like this is not just a. Not just a small thing not just a happenstance like the key chains physically a small thing but but that season of of the year of the chicken and what god was teaching us through it getting that physical symbol that you sent to me out of the blue and unprovoked was like. Deeply encouraging on on a number of levels to me. Um, and yeah I still have it on my keys to this day and I know that wasn’t what you were hoping necessarily is like yeah I want this guy to use the keychain forever. But. The the fact that you had truly been listening paying attention. You were praying for what was going on in my life and then um out of the blue. You reminded me what god was trying to say in my life and and I know that’s None small story but. You’re very thoughtful person you you care deeply about about the people that you invest in and and spend time in and build friendship with and and you’re loyal you know back to that. But yeah man, you’re thoughtful and in a way that that matters you know I could give. Quite a few examples but out of the blue I might get choked up again. So I’m not gonna you might have to love tap me to bring it back down with ah but yeah man, you’re thoughtful and I and I don’t think you probably would describe yourself that way which is why I wanted to say it cause cause I see it.

Andrew – And and I know it to be true. Um about you So I’ll stop there but that’s my love tap back your direction Love Tab number four. Yeah yeah.

Josh – Thanks dude the benefit that I had as you were talking is I wasn’t talking so when I started crying because of what he was saying no one else knew about it but I could up to myself as well. But we’re trying to be authentic here. Um, but thank yeah, Thanks! Thank you for that.

Andrew – Ah, trying to be real. Ah yeah, yeah, yeah, you are yeah.

Josh – And I I wouldn’t describe myself as thoughtful. So I appreciate you pointing that out that means a lot Andrew Love and tap and back and I mean this in the most in the best way possible because I think you could be taken a different way.

Andrew – Ah, ah.

Josh – But I think you’re mature and by mature I mean like wise beyond your years type of maturity. You know we’re we’re in our 30 s now but Andrew’s been mature is as long as I’ve known him and you know I None met Andrew in our mid 20 s so you know Andrew’s that guy Andrew you are that guy i’m.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – Directed to you and not talk about you like you’re not here Andrew here that guy that is always a great sounding board is always someone that you can bounce ideas off of or just be like hey this is what I’m struggling with or trying to think through and just letting you know. Just knowing that you’re going to come back with with things that are going to be wise and things that are going to be thoughtful and things that are insightful. Maybe seeing things that I’m not saying like I remember having a conversation with you man this was years and years ago I mean I was in the throes of my last job and you know life being what it was.

Andrew – Man. Wow.

Andrew – Who who.

Josh – And I don’t even know what we were doing and I don’t remember if anyone else is there or if it was just us but we were driving down one of the main roads and in Colorado springs and I forgot but this store until literally as we’re talking about this and we were and I I was sharing something with you that was I was just really struggling with and bothered by and because it involves other people.

Andrew – He.

Josh – Won’t share it here. But even in the midst of that like just the wisdom that came out of that and the encouragement that came out of that conversation not thinking that I was crazy in the midst of that conversation is you know is is where I was headed. So the fact that I had you as as a foundational sounding board. Just comes came from. You know, just your maturity of of how you approach life and how you approach your relationship with Jesus and how you pay attention to all these things youve you’ve just been wise beyond your years for a really long time and shoot when we’re in our sixty s still doing this jesuslike podcast. You can find us this

Andrew – Wow, That’s right.

Andrew – Ah, check out 12

Josh – Check out dwell. Ah I can only imagine how much wiser you’re gonna be at at 60 you know in comparison to how wise you already are at 30 and mature and just how you pay attention to things but love tap back buddy.

Andrew – Dang. Thanks man Thanks ah, dude I appreciate that? Ah, yeah, that was the forged by fire season that sealed our friendship forever. You know in my mind was like we’d already built. Some awesome roots and then went went way deeper you know and in that none 3 hree years of craziness. But it’s neither here nor there. But thanks man I do appreciate that another clip I will be sending to Jana um. Ah, just kidding just kidding. Um.

Josh – The the the the worst part or the best part I don’t know how to say that is Janet gets to see you in all circumstances. So the good the bad the ugly all the time and you probably piss her off more than anyone else in life. So she probably sees more of the bad. Ah.

Andrew – Ah, that’s right, That’s right? Yeah, ah she’s it all sees it all right right? for great.

Josh – Then other people see but I get to see all the good. So like we’re great I don’t know if Andrew and I have ever had a fight or been mad at each other we may have and Andrews just never told me but I have friends like that really I had no idea were in a fight. But thanks for letting me know I I guess usually it’s thanks.

Andrew – Not really, no, no, we were in a fight for 6 years man no ah yeah yeah, no, not that I remember not that I remember. Um.

Josh – Yeah, thanks, thanks for someone else letting me know is usually how I find out I’m gonna fight with rent. But yeah, no I appreciate that dude.

Andrew – Man this is this is technically technically my last one so I will just make it None together but they’re obviously linked. Um, so yeah, man, um, you I was talking about how you might not say you’re thoughtful and that’s just because. I don’t know for a lot of reasons you might not say that because I know you enough to say you wouldn’t say that but I don’t know if you would say that you’re creative or inventive. Um, but man I look at like even the design work that you’ve done for this jesus life but also through your company. Um, for all the awesome materials you made for youth group and camps and all the things that we did together in ministry I dude you are you are very creative and very imaginative and you’re really good at taking complex stuff and making it. Makes sense really easily whether that be like in how you preach and teach the bible um or literal design work that you’re doing like that is that is something that god has has uniquely equipped you to do extremely well and and it’s cool. To see you know your persistence in that back to another one of them of like keeping your your side company going like that’s not an easy thing to do and it’s just one of the many things you balance in life through persistence but you’re really great at at creative and imaginative. Work and inventive work. So um I don’t know man just wanted to call that out like that is something god has uniquely equipped you in and it’s really cool to see that grow. Um and to the point where I’ve seen our logo a bunch of times but I was listening to a chunk of our podcast the other day. And just thought back like wow that looks so good and it’s totally from your your work on it. You’re like no I’m not satisfied with what is I want this to reflect the true us much more than it does and man it it does I think so anyway, yeah, thanks, not just for. Your work on that. But for using some of those skills that god has equipped you with because they’re not my skills. They’re not like I can be pretty creative with ideas. But but ah man you are good at making them visual and tangible in a real way. Um, yeah, which is awesome. So. Ah, hope you receive that love tap and I I think that was my fifth one but I’ve combined like None along the way. So you know this is this is a double portion. Love tap I guess who.

Josh – Thanks dude.

Josh – Nice. Thank you? Um, yeah I would I would agree with you on that one. What things look like matter a lot to me so I had to figure out how to make them look good because they matter to me to look good. Um, my last one for you Andrew is is similar.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah.

Josh – Maybe in traits. Maybe this is why we get along so well. But my last one for you is that you’re driven. You’re driven to be a better you. You’re driven to achieve you know goals that you set for yourself to achieve whether they’re work related goals promotions. All that kind of stuff or their family goals as you’re trying to raise your daughters um or be a great husband to your wife and um driven in even how you set boundaries and you know make sure that you’re available to the things that are the most important to you. You know I know that you rearrange your schedule on a pretty regular basis to make sure you’re available to being a great husband to Jana and a great father to your your kids and you know with the work stuff just the drive that you’ve had over the last few years to get to where you are and then you know the continue drive I know you’re you’re striving for new things again and. You know, just that that drive inside you to I don’t think driven is actually on the list but I was like this is a good word green and drill I’m gonna cheat and put it on the list but I didn’t see it and I thought it was kind of weird. It wasn’t on here. Maybe it’s wording in a different way and it’s on your somewhere I shouldn’t see it. But um, yeah.

Andrew – I accept it I accept. Ah.

Andrew – That’s funny.

Josh – Think you’re you’re definitely a driven individual for the best word that driven because I think driven could also be negative where you’re driven for the wrong things and I think you align yourself for the God things the important things the things that you know God has placed to order to and you’re driven in Chase after those things and for that I appreciate my brother.

Andrew – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Josh – Love Tap Final Love Tap Tabity Tap Tap tap.

Andrew – Dude. Thank you ah man the bro fast. This is great. Thanks man. Yeah.

Josh – There you go and those listening like I was thinking halfway through I think this may be really awkward for other people to listen into this conversation more than any other the other 9 conversations. But hopefully it’s an opportunity just to see that. Yeah, like.

Andrew – It might it might be who knows? yeah.

Josh – We can definitely be encouraging and and there’s other ways of being encouraging like maybe it’s really intimidating to you to say? Yeah I want to sit across the table from a friend of mine and I’m just encouraged them. Maybe it’s hey write them a letter send them a text kind of thing just let them know buy him a small little you know Gif that. Is gonna remind them of something or someone or you know an experience or something like that just to to pay attention to those little things and maybe that’s the best way to kind of jump in these types of conversations because you know like like I said at the beginning it was definitely awkward knowing we had to go into these conversations. But. Now they’re on the other side of it I’m I’m glad that we did um that was extremely encouraging and affirming and got a lot more deep and ah and emotional than I expected it to you know when you just chose when we just chose choose to care about the person sitting across from us as a person.

Andrew – Hence yeah. Um, yeah.

Josh – And want to see them actually succeed in in their relationship Jesus and life and just being who god’s called them to be that we just carry a lot of power and I think that’s the other piece that I took away from this is words have power like words that actually mean something that we actually put.

Andrew – Um, yeah.

Josh – Purpose and meaning behind like we didn’t just randomly put a pick crap off of a list and just be like I think you’re this this and this but just the fact that you know we we put a ah a reason and a meeting behind it that you know one connected back to you know real life experiences that angel and I have shared I think that’s where the the power is so.

Andrew – Yeah, right? And yeah.

Josh – Look for the people around you especially people that have really investested a lot of time and energy into you and just let them know how much they matter to you and how much they care and or how much you care about them and I think you’re gonna you’re gonna see a lot of fruit from that and in all honesty people probably don’t get meaningful and.

Andrew – Yeah, just.

Josh – Like I don’t get meaningful affirmation in my life like people tell you things that are good but you’re like yeah of course that they’re good. They don’t so that doesn’t surprise me but those surprising ones like you know Andrew calling me thoughtful like that was that one hit home never thought myself that way so that was that was huge and maybe it’s just.

Andrew – Great.

Andrew – Good.

Josh – An and I relationship i’ but thoughtful and but that’s fine I’ll take it. That’s a win. But yeah, it’s things like that that we that there’s definitely people around you that maybe you assume they get affirmation all the time but it’s not meaningful affirmation so it does on the same effect. So it takes some time from those in your life. It could be a coworker a spouse a child. Um, maybe it’s a leader of yours or a mentor of yours a friend you’ve had for a long time or or somebody else but send them a text today write them a letter if you can have a conversation with them and and give them those reasons why or a great way to get to that place is you can do what we did for the last ten weeks

Andrew – Yeah. Um. Yeah.

Josh – And you know pick up this these conversations I think they’re great conversations about how we relate to god and how we relate to each other and you can end it with you know this exercise of affirming one another. But yeah Andrew dude any ah last thoughts after we’ve love tapped each other over and over again.

Andrew – yeah yeah man no I just appreciate you bro. This has been awesome. And yeah, if it was awkward to listen to sorry people. But we love you. We appreciate you listening. And Josh as always It’s been awesome. My friend. Thank thank you.

Josh – And see you buddy.

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