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Jesus Concert, Naps, Hunger Strike
Episode No. 08

Let’s talk about the habits Jesus practiced during his time on earth and how we can replicate these practices in our life to grow in our dependence and relationship with Jesus. We want to help you have time with Jesus that feels like a close friend. This week we talk about those Jesus Concerts, taking naps, and hunger strikes.

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Josh: Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re just two normal guys trying to live this Jesus life. My name’s

Andrew: Josh. Hey, Hey, this is Andrew and we are this Jesus life podcast. How you doing Josh? What’s going on, man.

Josh: Dude. How are you? It’s good to see your face. Good to see you in like a week.

Andrew: It has been a week and yeah, dude, um, I’m pretty good.

Um, obviously chickens are doing well. Kevin strawberries today, dude, old strawberries and they loved it. They loved it.

Josh: So they’re happy they’re living their life. They get, yeah, they get strawberries relatively fresh. Yeah. Someone put a roof over their head. Uh, huh?

Andrew: Yeah. I think something might’ve tried to break in the top of their roof though.

Cause it was like spread open. So I’m like, was that block trying to get in there? What, you know, something’s going on? Yeah. So ,

Josh: what’s the roof what’s there? Well, it’s just,

Andrew: it’s just a, well, they have a roof of their coop. That’s like a shed, you know, so that’s solid, but the roof of their run is, is just chicken wire.

So it was like kind of a park. Yeah. Yeah. Gotcha. How are you? How’s uh, how’s Jack. Um,

Josh: Jack’s good. Yeah, he’s still Jack. He’s got a personality that can get him in lots of trouble. Yeah. We had another storm or what he thought was a storm coming through. So I actually got an Amazon today. I was like, we’ve got to do something.

So I got an Amazon and bought him one of those, like doggie strive, S or S not straight best. What’s the word? What’s the word for human beings away. Yeah, but I was thinking about what’s, what’s the word for human beings. They put them in those vest and like tether, arms down mental patients.

Andrew: Yeah, like a straight

Josh: jacket, stray jacket.

That’s what I was thinking. You got bought. I bought him a doggy straight jacket.

Andrew: That sounds like the impulse of, so it sounds like he’s going to be very, very scared.

Josh: I don’t know. It said it had good reviews. So, uh, we’re gonna give that a try and if that doesn’t work, we’re gonna give him. Drugs that’s next?


Andrew: Well, you do live in Colorado, so

Josh: I’m just going to smoke a joint and blow it into his face. That’s all right. See how that goes,

Andrew: how that works. That’s funny, man.

Josh: Uh, I figured out what to buy a joint first. Start there. Right, right. Well, it should be before we dive into this next episode, I did want to make some clarifications about our last episode.


Andrew: We got a lot of hate mail, so

Josh: we did buy a lot, we mean zero, but that’s okay. It was a lot to take in. We get it. Yeah. But I think in, in the, in the desire to build a stance for kind of what we talked about, of everything being new, I think we. May have painted at least may purse specific. It may have painted, um, the old Testament, a light that it’s new versus old or old versus new.

And right. We might even said that at some point, I’m not sure. Um, but that wasn’t really the intention behind it. Um, like. I made a statement. I’ll explain it this way, but I made a statement, um, part way through the episode that has said the old test or the, uh, 10 commandments don’t apply to you as follower of Jesus right now.

I still believe that to be true. Um, but I need to clarify it a little bit further because it’s not necessarily that what’s written there. It doesn’t apply to you, right. Because it still does. Um, but the fact that it’s found in that covenant, um, that part of the covenant is fulfilling. Doesn’t apply to you, but God has an God has written, or I shouldn’t say written laws.

God has. Maybe for the lack of a better term unspoken laws that have existed always and always will exist. Totally. So like we look at the 10 commandments and, you know, we see nine of the 10 commandments repeated in scripture, and typically they’re repeated to a higher level of accountability. They’re repeated to a higher level of effort on our part to live those out, using his example, you know, Old tests, old, old covenant is thou shall not murder ours.

As you look at a brother with hate in your heart and you’ve already killed him, right. Like that piece to it. Um, and even when you look at the old Testament, like those laws were written, you know, don’t murder, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery. Right. All of those things existed well before the 10 commandments were scribe, right?

Like you all get back to Genesis and, um, Ables punished. Uh, sorry, canes punished, not able, uh, canes punished for, for killing Abel, um, evil

Andrew: launched by Kane beat killed by it.

Josh: Yeah, that’s true too. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone’s just getting punished everywhere. It’s just a lot of punchline. Well, like, depending on like how you interpret all that, the other punishment is like, how did you, how did, how were you multiplying?

Right. Like think through that all the way. Some have some have this belief that like God created other. Families and generations as well. Um, and that’s how they get past that. And it’s not, Hey, so, and so’s got to sleep with his sister now, and that’s the only way they’re going to recreate. I’m just glad I don’t have to live through that.

That I’m not going through those things. I love my sister, but I don’t love my sister like that. No, thank you.

Andrew: I love that. You just said that in your like, kind of retraction, almost

Josh: retraction, respecting and using

Andrew: boiling water.

Josh: Yeah, no, I’m just rephrasing things to, to kind of take the, the punch away now, because I don’t think we, I don’t think it was right of me to go that far.

Um, and that’s kind of the thing and then pushing back on.

Andrew: Yeah. And, um, I guess if you’re listening to this and you got mad about that, or really, if you’d got pretty upset about anything that we’ve said. I just want you to know this really is just conversation. Like we don’t have tonight’s episode all scripted out.

We kinda know where we’re starting from. We have some ideas

Josh: last week was bad in terms of scripting out this week. There wasn’t even a script before we started this thing.

Andrew: That’s right. That’s right. That’s true. But I’m just saying it’s conversation and it’s a real conversation. It’s not formally planned out.

It’s not scripted. Um, any of that, so yeah, man, like give us some grace where we’re trying and we kind of start with these things, knowing roughly where we’re going and hopefully as the Holy spirit leads us, you know, as we talk. So yeah. So what are we talking about tonight, man?

Josh: Dude, we’re talking about. I leave at least for the next couple episodes.

Cause we think it’s important about spiritual disciplines, um, and discipline them. Fortunately, it has a bad taste in our societies, bow fees days. Um, which is funny, cause they’re not saying the word discipline. So why. Had a bad taste in the mouth of the first place. It was rather entertaining. But, uh, so we’re going to call them Jesus habits because really we’re, we’re spiritual disciplines do come from it’s comes from Jesus’s life.

And we’re trying to imitate things that he did on earth. Uh, minus a couple of them like confession. Jesus was never really confessing sin since he did live a perfect life. Um, but there’s some other ones in here that that’s kind of what we’re. So we’re going to call them Jesus habits. What are the Jesus habits that we want to portray in our lives?

And ultimate goal is to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, love God with all of our beings, um, and love others as much as we love ourselves. Um, and Jesus even took that to some extents and how he described that love. Of a sacrificial love that I love them more than I love myself that I’m willing to sacrifice for them.

Um, as we live out this great commission of, you know, going to all the world and baptizing and teaching and helping others come to know Jesus in this, this life that we’ve got to experience, stop others experience the same. And I think as I say that, I just think to myself, like, You know, people want to experience the John 10, 10 life that I talked about last.

They want to experience life to the full life, to abundance life, to, you know, beyond their dreams, to their imaginations. And we’re not talking from a prosperity side of it. We’re talking from a. Form the side of it. And they wanted to be intimate with Jesus and they wanted to be able to hear Jesus’ voice and spend time with Jesus.

And, and so much of that is built inside of Jesus habits. Um, it’s these habits that we do to stay close to Christ, to stay close to Jesus. Um, and we don’t do them because that’s what good Christians do. I think that misses the point. We do them because, because these are the things that keep us connected with, with our Jesus.

Um, yeah. And I, I think that’s the piece that often is missed. Like good Christians read their Bible every day. No, no good Christians spend time with Jesus every day and because that’s their source of life, right? Like that’s the living water. Um, so why wouldn’t they want to spend time with Jesus every day?

And oftentimes people want this fullness of life. But they don’t ever implement these disciplines. They don’t ever implement these habits into their life. And they always wonder why others are experiencing things that they’re not experiencing from an intimacy level of Jesus and from a, um, uh, love level with Jesus and from a love, love with other people.

And I think that’s the thing that’s that’s often. So I think that’s why it’s important to us. At least it’s important to me. Um, to dig into these things and, and really talk about them because I think they’re important and I don’t think one’s more important than the other necessarily. Um, I think they all have their place in terms of us growing that relationship.

I always think of it this way. Like, You know, you and I are good friends. We could go out and get a beer, or we could go out and get coffee and sit across the table from each other and have long conversations about life and about whatever, and just have a good time. And, um, that doesn’t seem to always exist with our relationship with Jesus, with a lot of people.

And that’s what it should feel like. It should feel like a great friend. Granted, I am talking to. To the savior of the world, uh, the God of everything. Um, so there’s a reverence in that, but at the same time, there’s a relationship and that’s that relationship that we should be fostering and developing and pouring into, um, from our side, um, and what we can do and what we can do is practice Jesus

Andrew: habits.

And I think that if you, if you have. The wrong picture of what a relationship with God should look like. It may be because you don’t understand the Jesus habits. Well, no, like you, you see Jesus as like this stern judge, uh, he was just kind of ready to contempt, condemn you anytime. Well, you probably don’t have a great view of what grace is and you’re probably like your posture of prayers.

Like I’m talking to the principal who knows that. I pulled the fire alarm or whatever you did, you know, and they’re just looking for a way to get me, you know? Yeah. But it probably goes back to like some more basic thing of you don’t understand race. Maybe you don’t understand what it means to just pray.

Um, you don’t know. What it means to worship, to do a Sabbath, to, to fast and in their more appropriate names, you don’t know what a Jesus concert is. You don’t know about naps and you definitely don’t know about hunger strikes.

Josh: That’s good. But. Dude, dive in

Andrew: diving in. So worship Jesus comes

Josh: talking about those Jesus concerts,

Andrew: like, okay, dude, this is

Josh: maybe a goofy question,

Andrew: but what is worship straight up?

Because I grew up, I mean, just when I was a kid, I thought worship was just. Uh, songs at church where we all sang and that was it. You know, I didn’t really have a wide view of worship. So I don’t know. I know you’re not a worship pastor, nor have you been, I don’t think ever worship pastor, but

Josh: dude, what happened to the worship pastor?

You were worried. You not know this. Okay. I was on the worship team.

Andrew: Ooh, nice. What’d you play

Josh: banjo? I say, because I have the voice of an angel. Yeah. Uh, I did, uh, when I was like, I don’t know if I was still in high school, it just out of high school. Um, the guy that led worship for a youth ministry is like, Hey, You should sing.

And I said, Hey, I don’t know how to say, Hey, I think you do. Let me say it. Okay. Let’s give this a shot. I didn’t do it long. Um, yeah, I can’t remember. There was a Jeremy camp song that like, that was like my signature song. This is when Josh got pulled up. It’s for the signature song. Now, now I have to paint the picture appropriately to you.

Cause it’s not like. Maybe youth ministries that we did together, where there’s a stage in lights and it feels like a concert. Now this is more like a big open room lights are all on. Dude, set up a piano in the corner. There’s still an overhead projector. And the dude pulled out as accordion, a binder that held all the overhead projector sheets, and then we like pulled them out and like put them up and cover it up.

Certain parts of the songs to not to confuse people. That was where I got my debut and I feel like I rocked it. I think I knocked it out of the park, not to toot my own horn, but, uh, do you do, uh, I killed that Jeremy camp song, whatever the heck it was called. I don’t remember,

Andrew: dude. That is so awesome. Okay.

So, well, I mean, You’re an expert then obviously,

Josh: because worship pastors aren’t experts on this conversation.

Andrew: No, and I don’t, I don’t act like an expert at all. Um, dude, what is worship? The what is like what’s the, what’s the Jesus habit. Of worship, like maybe how is it seen wrong? What is it? How was it seen?

Right. All that stuff, man. What are you thoughts?

Josh: That’s a great question. I think you should answer.

Andrew: Oh, great. All right. I have here’s my best guess. I think. That. Okay. So I think that humans are kind of made to worship as one of the main things that we do. Um, and I think that because, um, Kala, what you will obsession, focus, thoughts, whatever, like there’s usually.

Something on my mind for the majority of one day, there’s usually something on, on my mind that I’m focusing the most on for something of any day. Um, and I kinda think that that root focus of like, what are you focusing on? Now the most, like, are you just thinking about this meeting or are you thinking about going and swimming in the pool?

You know, and are you obsessing about swimming in the pool or you think you

Josh: show in the fact that you have a pool and a face right now?

Andrew: Yes. Like you keep

Josh: doing it. Like they can’t see this because you’re just listening, but like you’re pointing at your pool. You’re like all your pictures on Instagram right now are about your pool to just like, you’re like attacking me.

Andrew: I just want you to feel bad is I’ll do cause I, I work, I work 30 feet from a pool party that happens almost every day that the weather’s nice. I’m sitting in here on my zoom calls and I just hear

Josh: splashing

Andrew: and see your fun noises perhaps I could be out there.

Josh: So yeah, that’d be great example.

Andrew: But. Dude, if I’m only thinking about my chickens all the time, if that’s always what I’m thinking about, then maybe at some point, um, I’m like worshiping a little bit or I’m spending focus that could be better used elsewhere on them.

So I don’t know. That’s, that’s not a precise definition, but I don’t actually think we’re trip is just a Jesus concert. I think that’s just one expression that we all. Call worship if you’ve been in a Christian Church for any amount of time. Yeah. Oh, this is the worship section of the sermon or of our Sunday ritual.

So yeah,

Josh: yeah, yeah. I think at the core, it’s just like, what has our devotion, right? What has our devotion, like you said, our attention. Um, yeah. And you know, we practice that in a practical way. Like. You know, loving our neighbor as a form of worship, right? Like if we really get down to that broad of a definition, um, but in the church and as a Jesus habit, like there’s practical things you do with inside of worship too, right?

Like worship contains prayer, but we’ll kind of dissect prayer outside of worship, worship contains seal. Um, Singing of songs and, and, um, silence and, and taco silence in a different conversation. Oh, dude, I read that book. Um, Shoot. What’s that hurry book that you’re reading

Andrew: elimination of. Hurry.

Josh: What’d you say?

Yeah, I just picked it up. Um, I’m like three quarters of the way through it. I really like it. Like nice, super. I don’t, I didn’t have anything to expect about it, but like I was,

Andrew: I just kind of what I was thinking too. I’m actually still only about halfway through. I got to finish it. Um, I just, ironically, I’ve been hurrying to other stuff.

So it’s been sitting right here for awhile. Is that it’s finished it?

Josh: No, it’s like the material is solid. I think the concept is great. I think, yeah. Probably the biggest hurdle in our relationship. And this probably even dies into our worship conversation of like, I think one of the biggest hurdles of our relationship with Jesus’s we pack our schedule so full.

Yeah, dude, that we don’t have time. We have the intention. Like we, we, we want to spend time with Jesus. We want to pull out his word and, and spend time reading his word and relationship with him and praying and, and having those conversations and sitting and listening, we want to do all those things. Um, but our, our schedules just don’t allow it.

We’re too full and yeah.

Andrew: Dude, one quote that kicked my butt. It was from the first 10 pages of that book, but yeah. Um, and I think he was quoting somebody, but it says, uh, if the devil can’t make you send, he’ll make you busy. Mmm. And not that I have any

Josh: good old, yeah.

Andrew: Not that I have any problem, uh, not sending, but dude, when you’re just constantly busy.

Yeah. Like the, the, the moments in my day that are usually most worshipful or ones that are just totally normal moments, um, where I pause and actually experienced something the other night, couple of nights ago. Um, I just sat on the back porch for like 15 minutes as. Catherine had just went bed. Jana was hanging out, doing whatever she was doing.

I just sat on the back porch and like the sun was going down.

Josh: The trees leaves

Andrew: were slowly moving. Like breeze was going. It was just beautiful. And I’m like, I was worshiping. I was like focused on how amazing the things that God created are, you know, and mind blown that I get to live next to beautiful trees.

And I get to have these awesome views and this. Be part of my normal life, but dude, most nights I rush and do dishes. I take a shower, I do this and that. And that, the next thing I know, I’m watching Netflix for an hour and then falling asleep, you know? And it’s like, how many moments of worship do I. Ms.

Just normal day all the time.

Josh: Well, I even think, like he says in that book at some point, like we’re terrified of silence. Um, and maybe it’s because of the thoughts that may be running through our head. All these distractions keep us from those thoughts are really having to dig in the real issues of our personalities or whatever, and are even sin and not wanting to have to deal with those things.

So we just pack our days and our time with, with just sound like, I think for me, like. When I wake up, like, I don’t play music in the shower, but. Um, I’m already on my phone. Yeah. Like one of the second, you know, I roll over, I’m looking at my phone and seeing what did I miss in the last eight hours live.

There was a good night of sleep, at least. Um,

Andrew: and then really good Jesus follower. I listened to the Bible as I shower that’s every now and again, it’s like twice a week, probably.

Josh: I do enjoy joy. Those moments. You listen to Jesus in the shower, but then I get distracted and then I get on news sites and.

I’m just reading the news for the next hour. And if I can take an hour shower, like there’s, there’s a, there’s a moment where heaven is touched earth. I could take an hour shower, shower. My next house. I’m installing instant, Woah, her hot water heaters. Like I’m investing, putting in as many as I need to.

I’m having hot water always. So I can shower constantly our shower. Yeah, cause there’s nothing better. And now I’m like a lay down in the shower, shower kind of guy too. Like if I could have a lawn chair, I put a lawn chair out there.

Andrew: You love to lay in the shower, dude. I love to stand in the tub if I just can stay.

It’s weird. It’s just so good. Just lean on the cold wall. Get

Josh: my feet into warm water. I blame my sister. I remember when I was little, like, I don’t know how old that, and then young enough that it wasn’t weird for my sister to give me a bath. Um, And so I’m in the bath. I think my brother might’ve been there too, which all do I have another strength to tell you?

I just learned today. This has nothing to do with worship guys, but they’re funny. They’ll be entertaining. But my sister was like, I’m going to introduce you to one of the greatest inventions ever. And I was like, okay. As four year old, five year old, man, I’m like, I’m in. And she said, it’s called the shower bath.

What is the shower bath? Turn on the shower. But then you plug the holes. Do you have a bath? That’s what I learned now. I don’t take shower baths anymore cause that’s gross and your own water. Um, but I do sit in the shower on a pretty regular basis back to another story, thinking about my brother and I in the shower together, which I don’t remember being in the shower with my brother at any point.

My brother and I are. Like a year and a half apart, something like that. But he was telling us a story where in Phoenix, a couple of weeks ago that, uh, Apparently scarred his life. I don’t remember thinking about it. And now they hear the story. Understandably, it’s scarred his life. It should have. Um, but apparently we were in the shower together and I said, Hey, Andrew, close your eyes and open your mouth.

Do you know where this is going to GPA? Oh, 1%.

My younger brother. Who’s nine years younger than me. Uh, seven, eight years younger than my brother. He’s

Andrew: this one? This brother.

Josh: No, he’s younger than me. I have another younger brother though. I have a confusing family. I get it.

Andrew: No, no, it’s all good.

Josh: Another younger brother. He’s like, yeah. Uh, so what do you learn from this?

Andrew. Andrew is my, my brother, I penis mouth. It’s just like what? And Nathan goes, well, you’ve learned if you are in a shower with another guy and they tell you to close your eyes and open your mouth, you don’t do it. That’s a good lesson right there. But Andrew, I have other questions while you’re in the shower with another guy like that point.

We have other questions we want to ask, dude.

Andrew: That’s so funny. I can’t believe that happened when you were 18 men. That’s

Josh: well, the funny part is I just completely blacked it out. 18 years old. He was 17 and I don’t even remember it. Oh my gosh.

Andrew: Oh, that is dude. I don’t know what led to that tangent, but that’s really funny.

Josh: Yeah. Spend more time just sitting and listening. Oh, that’s how we got on the conversation now. Like we fill our day with, with so many things. I get it, we have responsibilities and you know, if you’re a parent, you have kids. And, um, you know, we all have the responsibilities that we’ve got a pair of bills and those kinds of things.

And I get it, we all have responsibilities. Um, but like where are you carving out that time to spend time with Jesus? Cause I, I would argue this carve out 10 minutes, start there. Um, and I would argue that. As you spend time with Jesus in the 10 minutes, it’s going to be so potent and it’s going to have such an impact that you’re gonna want to spend more time with Jesus.

Not always, there’s going to be days that you’re like, eh, there’d be this. Um, but you have those moments that kind of keep you moving to the next of like, wow. Like that’s what I need every day. It’s like your moment on the back porch. Um, which reminded me like, yeah. I don’t know if it’s dark yet. It’s not dark yet, but I’m going on the back porch after the record this now.

Nice. And just sitting and praying and listening, really trying not to talk, which is easier said than done. Cause yeah, it is. Let’s just like to talk. Yeah. And all of us start a podcast just so we can hear ourselves talk

Andrew: straight.

Josh: Um,

Andrew: I mean, and, and worship can be music too, you know, like I’m not trying to say, it’s not that like.

Man a good worship song reminds you of stuff. Either teaches you things you didn’t know about God or reminds you of stuff you already knew, you know? And it pulls that to the front of your mind. It makes that the focus it’s

Josh: beautiful.

Andrew: Yeah. Nothing wrong with that, man. That’s great. Like that’s an, that is a great part of worship or.

Peace of worship is singing, thinking about songs and doing it together, that kind of corporate worship, we’re all doing this thing together. That’s also worship is like we, as a, as a community, as a local church, we all agree are going to worship God in this moment at the same time. And that’s awesome, you know?

Yeah. It’s, it’s just not only that is all I’m trying to say.

Josh: Yeah. One like in. Um, I don’t remember what I was gonna say, but, so I’m just gonna ask you a question like for a lot of people worship through music worship through song. Oh, that’s what I was gonna say. Worship. The music that worship through song is, um, The moments where they experienced God the most, I would say the majority of people, followers of Jesus are in that boat.

Um, and music is powerful in general, right? Like remove the worship piece of like we’re giving devotion to Jesus. Just music in general is, is, is emotional and it’s moving. And it takes us to places that we maybe didn’t plan on going and all those kinds of things. So there’s power already in what got created and in music.

And then. Connecting that back to, um, using that music to worship him, to put our devotion, our attention on Jesus. Like there’s some impactful moments, but here’s my question, I guess, is why do you think most people find, um, the times that they feel closest with God are closest with Jesus in the moments where they’re worshiping corporately?

Andrew: Yeah. I don’t know. It could be as simple as so. Where’s sh dude singing music. It is powerful. Like it’s, it’s a, well, just music alone is like a different language than the language we’re using to say words, you know,

Josh: in a field, like my words are like music to the years. And

Andrew: that’s why, that’s why you had such a big career.

And in corporate worship,

Josh: I did, it was

Andrew: a big Jeremy camp had nothing on, you know,

Josh: I did that song so much better than he did figure out what the song is. We’ll post it. Yeah.

Andrew: But, but the Y um, it could be as simple as like, when you’re doing corporate worship, whether that be, um, you and 30 people, you know, at a, at a camp or you and an arena full or you on Sunday morning, whatever,

Josh: it doesn’t matter what it, Jesus concert.

Andrew: Yeah. You a Jesus concert. It doesn’t necessarily matter the number. I think. In that experience, if you’re focused on, on singing a song and it’s powerful, and it’s saying truths about God, then you’re probably also not texting somebody. And you’re probably also not, uh, on the phone with somebody or doing whatever you do, you know, like that is your focus.

And I think anytime you’re focused on God, In that way, that singular way, then you can kind of hear how he’s been, uh, focused on you at the same time or what he’s trying to say in your life. It’s just when you slow down enough, you know? Mmm.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah. And I think there’s power too. Like when you do it with other people, right?

Like though I’ve had impactful times. Individually as I worship, I’ve also had impactful times corporately as we together are doing something together where we’re giving God praise. We’re all turning our devotion and our attention towards Jesus. And there’s definitely power in those moments too. I wonder.

And I didn’t think this before I asked it, but as you were talking, it just kind of popped to my head. I wonder if like, The reason it’s so potent those times for people is because it’s the only time that they are, um, encountering Jesus. Like they, they go through their busy lives and Sunday rolls around.

And that’s the only time that they’re like, Oh, Yeah, because the one time I’ve, I’ve turned my devotion, my attention towards Jesus and an hour in this place. And they’re just so desperate or so deprived of it.

Andrew: Yeah, the, I think you’re right. And, and I think that maybe, um, the Godfrey service is so good that even if that’s your reality and you just have this one.

You know, like you said three songs, but one hour of your week time, or maybe it’s 20 minutes of your whole week is worship. Okay. But you have that focus where it’s actually on God for that amount of time, man. He’s willing to show up and do major things in that tiny amount of time. Yeah. Yeah. That’s how good he is.

He’s not saying like, well, you, you spent a lot more time on Facebook. You spent a lot more time listening to music or doing whatever you’re doing. No, he’s like, I’m going to blow your mind in 20 minutes so that the next day, maybe you give me another. Can you give me a, and you make decisions in your life that are like more God honoring and the things I talked to you about, you’re actually starting to make steps to do them.

Maybe that looks like going forward and get prayed for it by somebody and shedding some tears and marking that moment and then changing your life in a small way. But I think he’s just that good that even if we only focus on him for a tiny amount of time in our week, Um, he’s bound to show up in it if, if it’s singular in our focus.

So that’s

Josh: good. That’s good. Yeah. Cause for me, like though I have moments with God during worship in the sense that we’re talking about this Jesus concerts, right. Um, I don’t like, that’s not where God speaks to me. The clearest. Um, like for me, it’s, it’s in my daily devotions. Um, it’s like that daily Jesus’ time that I set aside to read my Bible and pray like that’s where Jesus typically speaks the clearest and the most potent ways for me.

Um, I know that’s not always the case for everybody, but, um, you know, worship still plays a major part in that, um, especially in hard seasons, right? Like in the most difficult of seasons, um, you know, through life worship is the thing. But that typically brings you out of it in a lot of ways, like Elisa changes your perspective and your focus that it’s not about me.

That’s not about what I’m feeling in this moment. It’s about Jesus and he’s still on the throne. And for that, I’m gonna praise him. I’m like, there’s that piece of it too. Um, that I thinks super impactful and super powerful.

Andrew: Do you do the, it’s just one tiny piece of evidence of that. So, you know, the song, the blessing, um, are you familiar with that?

The last thing. So there’s that version that was recorded by artists all across, not artists, um, just worship pastors all across the UK. So it’s the pleasure, the blessing UK Virgin . It got like 2 million views in a couple days. It like, it went nuts right? When it came out, because it was right in the heart of coronavirus reality setting in for everybody, you know, it was like this breath of fresh air.

And I say that because for me, it’s been, that’s been the one song running through my mind many, many times in the last month. And it’s like reminders of things I know to be true, but just said beautifully. And it’s kind of like, It reminds me, Hey, even if this moment I’m just changing a diaper or checking the chicken’s water or doing whatever I can worship in that moment, I can be thinking about Holy things I can be and not just thinking about it.

I can be doing it in a joyful way. I could be saying, well, I get to change this diaper. I get to refill the chicken’s water. I get to do this to serve somebody else. I get to. Heat up lunch for somebody I get to whatever it is, you know, it, it shifts your focus. I think God always wants to jump in and just say, Hey, you saw this situation.

I see it this way, shift your focus. You know, like this, this, this world is not what it appears, you know? Um, you can go through it and you can live in the kingdom. That’s here and now you can’t see, but I see. And you can see it if you, if you worship, if you follow me in this way. Mmm. So. That’s fine. Yeah,

Josh: no, I think that’s, that’s so key.

Like so much of our following Jesus’ life is about perspective, right? Like if you get too bogged down in your problems right now, I get too bogged down and I, I get, they could feel like. Monsters. They could feel huge, you know, enormous, and you have no idea how God is or if God is going to intervene in those things, I get that.

Um, but so much in perspective when those shifts and those changes happen, you go through the same exact thing and you go through it with a different perspective of no guts to Lincoln. And I’m not going to go down into the depths of this junk. I’m going to stay up here and I’m gonna stay up here and my worship, I’m gonna stay up here and continue singing.

I’m gonna stay up here and continue reading. I’m going to stay up here and continue praying. Um, because those are the things that are going to push me through. Like, it just, it’s amazing what perspective does and a little bit of time to, right, like a little bit time perspective. You’re able to look back and say, Oh, so Jesus was at work that whole time.

I should see it happening. Um, and you just got to continue to believe that. And I get it’s, you know, there’s the Christian, you know, There’s a part of Christianity that says that’s just self-talk well, sure it is. Self-talk I get that, but it’s not self-talk in the sense that you’re trying to demean it.

It’s self-talk and reminding myself of the promises that Jesus already made. Um, and I’m reminding myself to those things. I’m going to talk myself through those things. Cause it’s so easy to focus in on whatever it may be right in front of you. Yeah,

Andrew: a hundred percent. And I think you could, you could read it off and called self-talk, but I think so much of that is like, I think our conscience is the thing we call our conscience, I think is a little bit of the Holy spirit in, in all humans.

Mmm. Some people say there’s some sociopaths who don’t have one or whatever. I don’t know. That’s hard for me to, to imagine, and it’s hard to measure, but. I think that God put the conscience in each of us, the, the knowing of good and bad, the knowing of good and evil. I think he put that in, in each of us as a way to, to guide us towards him or to at least allow us to know when we are.

Choosing to worship God. And when you’re not, when we’re not, you know, we’re choosing to act in a way that pleases him or doesn’t. Yeah. And I don’t know. I don’t know. I just think that like, when the self-talk like you’re mentioning or of, of the song that pops in it, it changes your perspective. I think that’s the Holy spirit being like, Hey, I want to.

I want to shift your thinking a little bit. I want to remind you of something that you read a couple of times or where you’ve

Josh: yeah.

Andrew: Dong a bunch of times, but I want to make it real in this moment because I want to speak to you. You could call it self-talk but I think it’s the Holy spirit more than that.

Josh: Yeah, that’s true. That’s good. Like are, and I think too, like music has this ability to capture moments. Um, so when you’re able to hear those songs, you kind of reflect back on those moments or reminded of, Oh, this is what Jesus has called me to you, or this is the promise that he’s made. And I have to hold on to these things.

And like, for me, like, so I just drove back couple weeks ago from California, my trip to Arizona that turned into a week in California beaches, but on my way back, Oh, my way back from that trip, um, I was, uh, just finished an audio book. I didn’t want to really get into another one. The other ones that I had were boring anyways.

Um, so I was like, I’ll just listen to some music, um, which isn’t something I typically do on road trips. Um, so I started listening to music and I was like, you know, I should listen to them. Listen, like. Old school version of music from like when I was in high school. So I pulled out like the Sonic flood and the, all those songs and the heart of worship and, uh, wow.

Worship 2001 in 2002. And the blue disc of while worship, I’m super dating myself. But for those of you that know, these discs know that they were gold at the time. Now music horrible, like, Oh my gosh, the epitome of bad nineties music, um, is recorded in the songs. Well, maybe I can imagine. I can only imagine it’s probably the only good song that came out of that genre.

They’re all. They’re all rough. But, uh, but just listening to those songs, took me back to high school camps and high school times. And I’m with, with my church and, um, experiencing mission trips and all these different things and, uh, moments throughout kind of my journey of where God shaped me and molded me and, um, molded relationship and molded my view of, of the church and of him and, and all those things.

And just stru powerful moments that kind of, yeah. You know, taking, taking a few moments to listen to the songs, took me back to it’s like there’s power in that too. Dude

Andrew: there absolutely is there’s power in those memories. And you know, maybe God uses those moments to, to take us back, to teach us or remind us of stuff we should already know.

It’s pretty cool.

Josh: Yeah. That’s good, dude. What about,

Andrew: what about naps? Um,

Josh: We should take more,

Andrew: James. Yeah,

Josh: we definitely maps.

Andrew: I’d love a good nap dude, for actually I’m not even good at napping. If I just lay down for like 20, 30 minutes and close my eyes, even if I don’t sleep, that’s like the best, it’s really

Josh: tough to sleep or doesn’t count.

Yeah. But there’s like that delicate balance too, right? Like, yeah. I get 30, 35 minutes. That’s pretty good. You start to push an hour. And then all of a sudden, an hours like four hours and really well. I’m not sleeping tonight. You have a day sleep.

Andrew: On your hands

Josh: now let’s, let’s talk about Sabbath and Sabbath is the one commandment that doesn’t get repeated as a commandment in the new Testament, from the old, from the tanker.

Andrew: That’s what I was going to ask you because I didn’t think it does. Um, I don’t think it does.

Josh: Yeah, she’s actually kind of takes and it’s just, uh, I think for Jesus, I think it wasn’t necessarily re definition of the word. I think it was a misinterpretations reinterpreting it of, no, this is what Sabbath means, really.

Like it’s not this. Legalistic thing. It’s a thing. It was a gift that God gave humanity, um, for the need to rest and spend time and to rejuvenate and to refocus and to get back to, um, who, you know, he’s called you to be and what he’s called you to do. But.

Andrew: Well, just so to be. So what is it? Sabbath? Cause that’s like kind of a church word.

Um, what is, but what is Sabbath? Like what day of the week do you even think Sabbath is it’s people don’t even know or people debate it, I guess.

Josh: Yeah. People, the beta you could say it’s Sunday. So the church practices today that’s white church lands on Sunday. You know, and Jewish individuals, uh, the 17 Baptists are Adventist, sorry.

Um, practice on Saturday. And that’s Jewish. Shabbath from sundown Friday to S on down Saturday. Um, I don’t, I don’t think. You can really dictate what day Sabbath really is, um, in the new covenant. Um, now there is a requirement to rest and to get away, like we see that in Jesus’s life over and over again, like, you know, the crowds, you know, we’re all around him and we see Jesus to get away and he spent time with the father.

Um, it’s those types of things. So, I’m not sure it has to be practiced on a day, but I do think as a human being, you need 24 hours to re refresh. I’m like, okay. And I think it should be consistent. I think your body needs that it needs that, you know, it’s this, all this things we’re learning now with science for the last, you know, 20 or 30 years, um, that, you know, Jesus and God has been saying for decades and centuries and.

Thousands of years and we’re just kind of finally catching up of, Oh, this is what he meant. Um, but there’s something to it. Like there’s something to, um, taking time to refocus ourselves and taking time to evaluate, um, that I don’t just pack, you know, every day of the week. And I have no time to ever breathe.

Like, are you putting time in your schedule to just breathe and just sit back and relax and let your family sit back and relax and refocus on what’s important. And. Well evaluate, what’s not working. What is working.

Andrew: Yeah, dude. Absolutely. And I, I really value downtime or time when I’m not doing the things that I’m normally doing.

So on the weekends or if

Josh: I take not taking care of your chickens.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I’m just saying when I’m not spending most of my, like, They focused on, on work and I’m not, um, I don’t know, just when my rhythm is broken on purpose on the weekends, you know, when it’s on, it’s different. Yeah. Um, your schedule is different.

I just value that time a ton. And the tricky thing about a Sabbath is like, yeah, make it 24 hours. But man, it’s going to look different in different seasons. I don’t like if I tried to take his Sabbath where I got a super long nap and I didn’t lift a finger to cook food, I didn’t do. I didn’t do any manual labor or any.

Josh: That sounds great. That sounds like how a man should live. He’s a marriage

Andrew: dude. It sounds amazing, but

Josh: I think he should have like a little bell that you ring and like, Jim just comes running and she’s just like, how can I help you? What can you do? You need your, do you need your pillow fluffed? I think that’s Oh, dude, let me tell you another story for my trip to California.

Oh my gosh. So my nephew who is eight, I think yeah. Nine, you saw it around there, Adrian. Um, he might be nine. Um, I don’t know how this came up. I think it was a story getting told to me, but then I asked him about it. Um, but he looks at his mom and he goes, Hey mom, like, you know, I’m going to be smarter than you.

One day. She said, what. She’s like, yeah, I’m going to be smarter than you. One day. She’s like, what are you talking about? She’s like, he’s like, well, cause men’s brains are bigger than women’s brains. She’s like, she’s like, excuse me. Like, where did you hear that? She’s like, he goes like, matter of fact, straight face it’s science mum.

Andrew: So good.

Josh: Makes me really wonder my brother’s teaching his son flat. That’s super buddy.

Andrew: There was probably a joke that he heard and he’s just like, yup. That’s legit.

Josh: That’s I’m going to be

Andrew: smarter than all the women.

Josh: Oh,

Andrew: that’s so good. Oh no. Okay. What I was trying to say is like, you gotta be a little bit flexible on what Sabbath looks like, because if I tried to just have a.

Somebody fluffed my pillow day and do all that. The reality is I would be kind of neglecting time with my daughter that could be rejuvenating. Good. I’ll be given Jana a really rough day for no reason other than like, I need pampering. I need it.

Josh: But.

Andrew: Looking for moments where you can really rest and lay your phone down and not worry about what’s going on in the world, not check your work, email, not check your email, like put it on, do not disturb.

And don’t be disturbed for a while. Things that are life giving for you and for others around you will switch, could look different, man. It could look like, um, It could look like me playing a game with my daughter or watching a movie. Hi Jana, or dude, sometimes Moe in the yard is like the best thing I can do for my soul.

You know? Um, it could look unique and I think that Jesus demonstrated that. I think he was maybe Mark 23. I looked it up before this, but he. Um, basically, uh, the, the Pharisees were like, Hey Jesus, you and your boys were like working on the Sabbath. Like you weren’t resting you, you were walking and, um, and you picked grain, I think, in the food and, and ate it.

And, uh, he’s like, yeah, don’t you remember when Davis David and his like all ours went into the temple on a Sabbath and ate the bread. Because they were hungry and he concludes it with the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. And I think it’s,  that we’ve talked about a bunch of times where it’s like, yeah, that that’s a more of a.

Suggestion than a command, uh, in, in today’s kind of covenant reality to suggestion, because if you take downtime, if you take time to recharge refuel, it’s only going to be good for you and only going to be good for everybody around you and really good for your relationship with God. But if you go so far as.

Mmm, I can’t, I can’t heat up my own food, uh, for, for 24 hours on the weekend, or I can’t. You know, give the chickens water if they run out, um, if you get like rigid and what you can’t do and what you have to do, then it’s no longer the worshipful act. It could be, you know,

Josh: never life, no longer life giving, right?

Like it’s now it’s these rules that I have to keep and I have to do this and not do that. And all those kinds of things that like, you know, and there’s things that would be considered work. That are life giving to people. Like I consider a work to go on a long hike that feels like work to me. Um,

Andrew: give me Klein one time.

Josh: You did. And I said every curse word I knew at you and I made it up some it’s, but like, even that like plead it. I did. I made it up there. Never again, will I do that or get tricked into that decision, but I got there.

Andrew: Sorry.

Josh: Um, but uh, like there’s things that, that yeah. May feel like work that are, that are life giving and that’s really what it comes down to.

Like what are you pouring into others around you to give life? What are you pouring into yourself to give life? And are you spending time to do that intentionally to do that, to disconnect? I think what you said about putting your phone on do not disturb. I think that’s goal getting away from just all the distractions that could be like my brother deleted social media office phone, and because social media is super toxic.

Um, if you spend way too much time on you follow the wrong people, it’s going to be even that much more toxic. Right. Um, Totally. And he just got rid of it and he’s like, man, like how much extra time you have in a day? Cause I wouldn’t, you’re born not do anything. You’re like, you don’t pull out your phone anymore.

Cause you pull it out first couple of times and then you’re like, Oh yeah dude, you look really,

Andrew: I get really specific about my notifications. Cause I have, I don’t know, 8,000 apps on my phone. I have no idea how many have

Josh: a new one. I’ve never heard

Andrew: that 80 or a hundred,

Josh: a hundred, whatever. It was

Andrew: 8,000 dude.

I have a ton of apps, but no. Every single one of them, even if it’s something, even the Bible app sends me like three things, a day notifications,

Josh: and I’d like, is it an opinion in the Bible? I finally fixed this, but for the longest time, this is what it did. It still asks this question says, do you love the Bible app?

And it’s yes or no. And it sends, it feels like it sends at least once a week. Now there’s another question after that. Do you want to rate us? Which is nice that I don’t have to go through all those steps because it looks bad for me to say no. To the Bible app? No, I don’t like you. Cause I don’t want to go rate you right now.

I just want it to do what I’m trying to do. Leave me alone. Yeah. I’m just reading,

Andrew: listening. Yeah. So all that I was trying to say, it’s like, these things are like really, really good at distracting us. And I think, you know, last thing you need on a Sabbath is to be physically taking time away, but mentally right back in the office mentally, right back in the things that you do during your.

Your normal week, you know, so, so do something you need can do something life giving

Josh: and we learn those things.

Andrew: That values just production, big time for, you know, um, so for this, this, this seems counter, it is counter-cultural to actually take time downtime intentionally where you’re not producing, but you’re, you’re allowing yourself to be kind of refueled and refilled up.

Um, yeah. Yeah.

Josh: It’s counter cost. Good. That’s good. No, I think super important in our lives that you gotta find those, those moments that are given. Cause like it’s not just necessarily rest though. It’s support a portion of it. Like there’s days that I may be busy throughout the entire day, but I’m busy doing life-giving things.

So I come out of the day full of energy, ready to take on the world. Um, and it’s just finding those, identifying those things and they change from season to season. Um, but find those things and identify them and spend time doing them. Take your loved ones along with you and take those that don’t know Jesus along with you and kind of experience it altogether.

But yeah, so we talked, we talked about Jesus concerts. Yes. The lights, the fog, and the whole shebang things. Um, I will say this about worship in that sense. Um, and cause it gets a lot of criticism, right? Like, Oh, it feels like a concert. It does feel like a concert. I get that. Um, but there’s still a value to it.

Like for us, it was always, we turn off the lights and we turn the music up loud because it gives us, it gives the audience a better chance to participate in what we’re doing. If they can’t see their neighbor and they can’t hear their neighbor, they think they’re alone. Um, Right. Yeah. So it’s that like?

Yeah. It’s a mind game to some extent, but in the end goal, like the end goal is I’m trying to create an environment where they’re, they’re just worshiping and spending time with Jesus face to face. But yeah, so it was Jesus concerts

Andrew: apps.

Josh: And

Andrew: finally we should have more naps that’s for sure.

Josh: Okay. And we’ll hit this last one quick, cause I don’t think there’s a lot to say about it.

Um, highly, highly recommended. Um, I think it’s, I think it’s extremely, uh, for me it’s extremely important to my walk with Jesus. Um, but we call this the hunger strikes.

Andrew: I’m on a hunger

Josh: strike right now. Jesus habits, habit of hunger strikes,

Andrew: which is so funny, by the way, what are you doing? Uh, I’m sure.

Straight. Great. Now,

Josh: what are you hungry, dude? Which you probably shouldn’t say those kinds of things now. Cause it probably open a whole can if you’re going to be getting into that. But hunger strikes in the church world, we call this fasting.

Andrew: Yes. Yes. And for me, Jesus talked about it. Okay. And like a lot, like this is, this is a, a great practice.

If you want to get to know Jesus better, if you want to reflect in here. And it’s one that I’m really bad at and you’re really good at. So you should do most of this talking.

Josh: I don’t know if I’d say I’m really good at it. I do it

Andrew: better.

Josh: I’m actually ruined. Um, so for me, and this is why I do it. Um, is it refocuses me like nothing else that I do in my life.

Um, in terms of my relationship with Jesus, there’s nothing that kind of brings everything back into focus and puts my mind to what I need to put my mind on and, and, and focusing me back towards Jesus and my relationship with Jesus and what he’s called me to do fast things. The thing that creates that inside of me, and not only that, it creates a faith inside of me.

Um, strengthens a faith inside of me. That I have a higher level of trust and a higher desire to take more risks, um, to help people come to know Jesus, but yeah, for me. So like I fast when I fast, I fast for a pretty long period of time, um, compared to a lot, um, it’s not, as long as you could, one day I want to tackle a 40 day fast.

I think that would be a great accomplishment. Um, this last fast that I did, I thought. I was like, I’m going to go for it. I’m going to go for 40. I’m like, why not? So I started out the year with, with a fast

Andrew: around that.

Josh: I got, I got to like a week out of finishing my fast. I was like, I don’t know how people do 40.

Like, that’s freaking crazy talk. I’m sticking to my 21 days. Like this is not.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. And three days is the longest I’ve ever done. And that felt in a long time.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah. Here’s like. There’s some, so that’s why we do it, I think is it’s risk refocus. It’s. Um, when we push out all the things that, that don’t, that aren’t important and yes, asking is difficult and, um, giving up food and that type of fast, where you’re just drinking liquids or just drinking water, however you do it.

Um, I think the biggest key is just, don’t be legalistic about it. Like I want to fast and I want to focus in on Jesus and for my fast, when I do fast and I think about eating, I pray like, that’s my, that’s my reminder. Uh, Jesus, this is what I’m fasting for. This is what I’m trying to focus in on. And, um, you know, from a legalistic standpoint, like I think you should fast something that’s difficult to fast, like.

Fasting from TV for a month. Is that really that difficult? No. You’re gonna fill your time with other things. Um, like fast from something that’s going to be hard. Um, but don’t be like, so legalist, like there’s, there’s times that I’ve, you know, in fasting, I’ve put a mint in my mouth and I started, Oh, shoot.

And then you take the men down kind of thing. And you’re like, Oh, I’m such a horrible, that’s not the response that we should have. It’s like, ah, I forgot. It’s whatever Jesus, I still love you. And I know you still love me. Um, so it’s, don’t take it from a legalistic approach. It’s I think you completely missed the point.

Um, I take the stance is, as Jesus said about the Pharisees that, you know, don’t disfigure your face, don’t make a big deal out of it for me. I don’t really talk about it. No those closest to me know that I’m doing it. Um, when others ask about it, I kinda just try to deflect it somewhere else. When people push it, pisses me off.

Um, and then I’m dealing with sin of anger, right? Um, So it’s just, you know, um, use it as a tool to be close with Jesus and spend time and, and refocus on what’s important for me, long fasts are easier. Um, so like three-day faster, super difficult because for three days, All you’re thinking about is food.

Yeah. But after like, you’ve, you’re like on the new 21 day fast, and I’m not saying jumping at 21 day fast, like do your research. I did my research at the very first time I did it. I knew what I was getting my, okay. I shouldn’t say that. I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. Um, God uses it in some pretty remarkable ways in terms of like a shitty season.

That was ahead of me. I decided to fast. And then I walked into that shitty season when the fast start. And just a reminder of God’s faithfulness I’m with you. Um, that was super impactful for me. I’ve done it a couple of times now, but, um, do some research, pay attention to it? Um, know how to get out of a fast, when you do a 20 day fat or 21 day fast or a long period of fast cycle.

Imagine when it’s like a 20 or 40 days, um, like. There’s days that it takes to come out of it. It’s not like I get to eat a cheeseburger on day 22, cause cheeseburger, she’s going to kill you on day 22 pants

Andrew: and have a heart attack or whatever. And so, and let’s be just real practical if you’ve never.

Fasted at all. Um, then kind of like we were talking about with worship. If that’s like, if you just have this one, one little sweat for of your whole week, that’s really focused on God. God is probably going to show up and speak to you in that moment, in that 20 minute worship service. And if you’ve never fasted and you choose to just, Hey, it’s Tuesday, I’m not going to eat dinner tonight.

I’m going to skip dinner and I’m not going to eat anything until breakfast. And every time I think about being hungry, I’m going to pray a little bit and replace that, man. I wish I had a cheeseburger. I’m going to replace that with just talking to Jesus, just listening to Jesus, you know, like that. That’s going to be impactful.

It’s not about did I get 21 days and yes, I’m jealous that you’ve done 21 day fast. Will I ever try to bet? Maybe not. So really

Josh: let me tell the story of why I did it at the first place, because it’s super, it’s very unspiritual. Um, and it wasn’t like I’m going for this. So like, I was listening to an audio book, uh, the pastor on the audio book saying they start every January with the 21 day fast.

Um, as a church, it started with just him. Then it went to his family and now the whole church participates and they go for 21 days. Um, and as I’m listening to this, I’m just naive enough to be like, Oh, Well, if he doesn’t like, that’s nothing like someone else is doing it, I’ll do it. Like, okay, I’m really not thinking to yourself, like what you’re really committing to.

And this is, I think I’m on the road. I am on I’m on a road trip to North Dakota, uh, as I’m like listening to this book and like processing this in my head and I just can’t really shake it. So I’m like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do it. Um, and then by the time we get to North Dakota, look at my phone and I figure out, okay, well, Um, I have this thing coming up at this day and I need to make sure I’m eating by then, or it’s just going to cost too much.

Like just whatever uncomfortable for me and calmness for the people around me, all those kinds of things. Um, so I’ll start on this day. Well, like the day that I started, like shit hit the fan for me in my last job. Yeah. Um, so like, Just this moment of like, here’s God taking me through this. Um, and like a lot of a fast, especially when you do it for a longer period of time, like, it’s very unspiritual.

Like if it’s not like these ha moments where like, God is so close to you, I know people have that experience. It’s just not the experience that I have when I’m fasting. Um, it’s pretty like. It’s pretty like just normal, like, yeah, there’s this piece where I’m not eating, but other than that, like things are just normal day to day and temptations are still temptations and all of those things really didn’t change in any way.

Um, and you’re just kind of going along, you know, through that path. But at the end of it, for me, that’s when things are like, Whoa, Look, look at all what God was doing in the midst of it that I didn’t see. And that, and

Andrew: let me just, let me just, we can talk about when you got fired sometime whenever the time is right for that.

But that whole thing was a saga and it had been built over quite a bit of time. And literally that day you started the fast was when things really took a major turn and everything went from pressure level of one to 10, nine, and like, To the point of rumors being told around you that, about you, that weren’t, that weren’t accurate or that were changed or shaped and like, Really difficult conversations with your boss constantly.

And like, there was a lot of stuff going on. We’re accountability partners in this time. So I was seeing it, I knew we were texting daily, meeting weekly, all that stuff. Um, so I just remember seeing you go through it and it’s like, man, your life right now has evidence that, that you have relationship with God, because you don’t.

Look like somebody who’s on the road to getting fired and knows it. And everybody, he knows it, you know, you look like you’re just at peace. Um, you don’t look like, I distinctly remember. I’m like, you are like, you are sharp as a whip right now, but you’re just calm as a cucumber, you know, uh, to use some, a little illiteration like that, that sense of like, Mentally totally sharp.

Um, but spiritually just at peace and, and okay. With what was going on, even though it wasn’t okay. You know, and it’s like, yeah, like fasting can do that. Mmm. Sabbath, maybe even can do that.

Josh: Yeah.

Andrew: Worship can do that.

Josh: But remember too, like, um, I was having a conversation with somebody, uh, during that, and they knew kind of things in my life that were going on and, um, I remember that was the first time I quit.

That job was the end of that fast. The end of the fast was like, that was when I was all right, I’m done I’m out. And I got talked into staying, but, um, uh, but through that whole journey, uh, sharing this with somebody and, um, this person, um, may or may not be a Christian, I’m not totally sure they don’t live the life that way, but, um, I don’t know if they’ve ever made that confession and that decision.

Um, but in the midst of that, they said, man, like, you seem happier. Like that was a response. Like you seem, yeah, I dunno. Like something just different, like weird. I don’t know how to really put it together. And I think a lot of that was man liquid. God’s doing when we just decide to go all in and that’s really what’s happening in that moment was I’m going to go all in.

And then I facet again at the beginning of this year, just to kind of reset of, you know, I just came out of a season I’m starting new seasons and all those kinds of things. And, um, It’s always, I think, great for just a start of a new year of like, Hey, I’m gonna reset. And, um, and this time I wasn’t really praying for anything specific.

I just, just trying to get close with Jesus again. And I know this is what does it for me. So this was my reset. Um, but it’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Fascinating. Taking those hundred Congress strikes they’re, um, they’re highly effective in what they’re designed to do and I get it like. Not eating is hard. I understand that the lightheadedness is real.

I get it. Um, The benefit for me is I have a lot of extra food that I carry around just in general attached to my skin. Yes, my body can eat that. And if you’re super skinny, I don’t know what you do. Um, but, uh, I highly recommend like find time this week to worship. And maybe it’s not a Jesus concert. Maybe it’s a concert on your back porch and you’re just going to go spend some time with Jesus.

Um, sing some songs of praise and, um, pray some prayers and, um, really just focus in and devote and, and put attention towards Jesus and, um, find some time to

Andrew: rest. On Sabbath, man, if you can’t take 24 hours and you never take 24 hours, start with the half hour, give yourself the most ideal half hour of your, of your week, plan it out, get your distractions moved away.

So they’re not your phone. Won’t interrupt you, go on a jog. If that’s your thing, do whatever your thing is for a little bit of time and focus on the Lord in it. And, and you’re not going to regret that time. Um,

Josh: that’s good.

Andrew: Same with the hunger strike, you know, getting the small up

Josh: I recommend. Um, and for me, like the thing that shifted is when I shifted to food.

So like I fastened in high school. I fasted in my early twenties, but I typically fasad from things. Um, it was never food. Um, and. Mainly because I was just like, how do you give up food? That sounds crazy. Talk. When, when I shifted the food, like that’s the piece that, that drastically changed it for me. Um, so, you know, take a, take a.

You have a lunch and a dinner and say, I’m not going to eat. Um, for today. Now it’s the fat, right? Like fat fasting is all part of the fight. The finance, the fitness community in 21 days pass, you can learn a lot from the fittest media and how to do a 21 day fast and how to come out of it properly, all those kinds of things.

Cause it’s kind of the rage. Um, But, you know, if, if you’re using that time to, Hey, every time I’m hungry, I’m going to pray every time I’m hungry, I’m going to refocus back to Jesus. Do I think they’re gonna be impactful for you? So put something on the calendar. I think that’s the biggest thing with all of these, these Jesus habits, as we talk about them, like, we’re so easy to put doctors appointments and work meetings and even church on our calendar.

Yeah. Um, but we’re, we don’t put time on our calendar or at least we don’t, if we do, we don’t honor it. Um, like we should have, like, this is a real meeting. I’m going to spend time with Jesus and maybe that’s the thing you need to do. And you’re like seven o’clock every day. I’m putting a time on the calendar.

I’m going to spend time with Jesus. I’m going to spend time in worship. I’m going to, or I’m going to fast, you know, the 31st and the 30th. Of this month, I’m just going to put them on the calendar. I’m doing it. I think that’s the biggest piece for us is like, and then the other big piece for me is you got, someone’s got to hold you accountable to it.

Like if I went into a fast and I just said, all right, I’m a fast for 40 days. Um, but I’m not telling anyone I’m just going to do it. And if I’m successful, then I’ll tell people, well, then keep this the point altogether. You’ve gotten what you deserve. Like you’ve gotten the glory and the honor of man, what Jesus had for you, you no longer, you no longer have access to, as Jesus said.

Um, but when you tell people about it, there’s a level of accountability too. Now I’m not saying to do it for your pride, but tell the people are gonna love you, whether you do it or you don’t do it. Um, they don’t really care. Um, And, and let those, cause when it’s out, then you’re like, Oh no, it’s okay. I’m going to go into this.

We’re going to. We’re going to die for it, but no, put it on your calendar, spend some time doing it and we’ll hit the other ones. You know, we’ll hit silence. We’ll hit prayer, confession, quiet time, um, Bible reading. And then I think we spent a good portion of time on community. Cause I think totally think community needs to be redefined in church today.

Um, and what it looks like and how do we practice it? Um, so maybe we devote a couple episodes to that, but that’s what we’re going to talk about when you talk about these Jesus habits. Uh, thank you guys so much for listening. We do greatly appreciate you. Thank you. Absolutely. Thanks for listening to us.

Talk as much as we may love, listen to ourselves talk. It’s nice to have other people listen. So we’re not just crazy, but yeah. Thanks for checking us out.

Andrew: Hey, if you, if you like us, if you like this episode, please tell friends, rate us on, on the podcast platform. You just listened on. Um, share about us on social media, put comments on there.

Um, Hey, send the same an email. If you have questions, uh, about things we’re saying, if you want to know more about something, if you have topic ideas, send that to us. Um, but yeah, thanks for being here. And, uh, and Josh. As old as my friend.

Josh: Thanks for .

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