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Courses are relational, intentional learning environments around a topic. We will be adding more and more courses throughout the year.

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Helping you find hope and keep it.

Culture Courses

This is how we are the place hope lives.

We Are Hill City

Culture Course 101

Connect with Hill City and discover the ins and outs of the church, learn our beliefs, experience our vision, and see how we intentionally live out our mission. We host Culture Courses right after service.

Prerequisites: None
Cost: None
Length: 2.5 Hours, Lunch Provided
Pre-work: None

You Are Hill City

Culture Course 201

Take a step toward being Hill City and living out your vision in your daily life. Learn how we live out the vision to be the place hope lives and makes a difference in our communities.

Prerequisites: Culture Course 101
Cost: None
Length: 2.5 Hours, Lunch Provided
Pre-work: Two Assignments

You Lead Hill City

Culture Course 301

We need leaders to help lead the vision of Hill City as we help people find hope and keep it. Culture Course 301 will teach you how we lead at Hill City and how to lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Prerequisites: Culture Courses 101 and 201
Cost: None
Length: 12-Weeks
Pre-work: Weekly Homework

Topic Courses

Learning how to be in relationship with Jesus and others.

The Hope Study

Jesus is quoted in the Gospel of John in saying, “A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” Other translations use the term life and life to the full. This course came out of a conversation about Christians feeling like their life is full of struggle, pain, fear, and fatigue. There seems to be a perceptual cycle of struggles and false thinking that too many Christians are held back from experiencing the abundant life Jesus had promised. We want to see people find hope again.

Cost: $20 for the book

Survey of the New Testament

Have you ever been confused trying to read scripture? You’ve heard people say that God talks through it, but you aren’t sure what that means. The Survey (overview) of the New Testament is the course for you. It will help provide you with the needed knowledge to make your time with Jesus more potent.

Summer Course, 2023. May through June

Cost: $15 for the book

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Our leaders pray for our community multiple times a week and we would love a chance to pray for you.
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