Episode No. 002
Sometimes you just need to shake your head at people’s behaviors as they act like cartoon characters. This week we explore common Christian stereotypes we see in the church. Not a great look for Christians, but let us be honest, we all fall into one of these stereotypes from time to time. Enjoy this conversation between Andrew and Josh.

Verses – Parable of the Lost Son.
Verses – Mathew 6:5.
Verses – Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.
Verses – James 5:16 Verses – John 10:10.
Verses – 1 John 4:18
Article – Murder Hornets


Josh: hello? Hello? Hello. We’re just two normal guys trying to live this Jesus life. My name’s Josh.

Andrew: Hey, Hey, this is Andrew and we are this Jesus life podcast. Welcome everybody. This is episode two, and we’re glad you’re here. If you are here, we’re glad you’re here. Um,

Josh: this, we’re not here. We’re not glad they’re here, not here.

But we

Andrew: also can’t, they’re not

Josh: here, so it doesn’t matter.

Andrew: Well, if, if they’re not here, we’re actually very disappointed about it and I’m like angry about it. I’m angry.

Josh: I might, you’re not putting myself to sleep.

Andrew: Yeah. And obviously with our friends that we know are listening. Um, we do, you know, we’ll be texting you every week.

Like, did you hear the episode?

Josh: Did you hear that? That’s not what I’m going to do. I’m going to text some questions about the episodes just to test it and all

Andrew: like, but not, not the first five minutes. Like

Josh: it’s gotta be like really

Andrew: 5%

Josh: of really obscure. Like something that you just said, like under your breath.

I be like, so what did Andrew say after we talked about?

Andrew: I think that’s healthy, like I think, I think as this grows, obviously, um, that’s healthy. We want to, you know, be hyperfocused on who listens, how many, where they’re from. For sure. 100%. Their emails, how much were they

Josh: listening? We are straight

Andrew: addresses, you know, but yeah, no, I’m just kidding. Um, but Hey everybody.

Hey Josh, how you doing,

Josh: dude? I’m doing well. How are you? I feel

Andrew: I feel pretty good and doing well. And man, it was rainy for the last couple of days here in PA. Um, and then today it was still a little chilly, but like super sunny and nice and dude, it is just so green and so nice, like spring is here, you know?

So I’m loving that. What’s it like in Colorado?

Josh: It’s pretty warm. Uh, I’m out here on the Plains of Colorado Springs, so it’s nice and windy, but other than that, um. I can’t wait for summer. Like this is my favorite time of year, especially in Colorado where it’s not like I used to live in Arizona, so where it’s not 108 degrees 120 degrees.

Right? This is definitely a winner.

Andrew: I don’t know why people would choose to live there in Arizona, by the way. It’s like, I don’t hate the state. It’s just so hot for like a chunk of the year. It’s hard to deal with.

Josh: That’s true. And that trunk seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Thank you. Global warming, but, right, right, right.

Yeah, but it’s housing. Like my brother bought a, I don’t know, 3,500 square foot, almost 4,000 square foot house for $300,000 like, Hey, that’s a $500,000 home here in Colorado Springs.

Andrew: Dude, at least that’s not well, bro. What, uh,

Josh: what are we doing texts before we get into that? Yes. The fire alarm.

Andrew: Okay, so I was thinking about his story.

Somebody was talking about a fire alarm on a zoom call. We did a family zoom mother’s day hang out cause it’s mother’s day. Happy mother’s day. People. Um, somebody brought up a fire alarm and there was some story and I was transported back to a moment in sixth grade where it was maybe two weeks in the sixth grade.

I was super awkward as all sixth graders are, but I just felt especially awkward. Dude. I was carrying one of those sweet zip around 3m binders, you know, like a wide one that had like a bunch of folders in it. And I went through the door and there was a girl coming out that I thought was super hot because I just started seeing girls as being attractive.

And so I very awkwardly did this like leading to the side move and I kid you not the zipper. Hot inside the fire alarm handle, and then I went like this to go through the door and it ripped down and it triggered the fire alarm.

Josh: Dude,

Andrew: I was shooting, I was

Josh: shooting

Andrew: this one, did it? No. That’s good. No, this was Gainesville, Ohio, man.

Low tech, low tech, even on the fire alarms. But dude, I was halfway up the stairs like it was like a five second delay. It was halfway up the stairs, and I hear it go off and I just have this sense of dread because I’m like, Oh, I felt something. I know didn’t do anything with my hand, but I, I pulled the fire alarm.

Josh: So dude, just tell it

Andrew: to. No, I went to class and sat down like nothing happened. And that chick that I thought was hot, you know what she did? And the second she got to her class

Josh: told on you it, Andrew had pulled the fire alarm and

Andrew: then dude, the rumors immediately were like, he did it on purpose and I heard he’s getting suspended.

Like all this stuff,

Josh: dude. I went,

Andrew: my principal was so nice to me. She totally believed me that I did not do it on purpose cause I did it.

Josh: But dude,

Andrew: everybody thought I did. And I just kind of leaned into it a little bit. And

Josh: uh, I don’t know.

Andrew: That’s my fire alarm story. Do you have any ridiculous stories from

Josh: middle school childhood from middle school?

Oh man. Yeah.

Andrew: I mean, I’m putting you on the spot. 100

Josh: I liked most of middle school. I’m not one of those kids that hated middle school. Um. I do remember I had a friend in man, it had been seventh grade, I guess. We live in Watertown, South Dakota, uh, which in Watertown, South Dakota, you can drive at the age of 14.

So granted, I’m a seventh grader, but there’s eighth graders driving to school, which is kind of crazy to think about that. It’s amazing. But I had a friend, his name was Ben, and he, um. The entire, I think it was math. We sat like two desks away from each other, was collecting spit in his mouth the whole time.

And the class, he like, he like comes up to me. He’s like, he was like, Hmm Hmm. Like directing me to follow him. Because he can’t talk. Uh, so I like follow him and we’d walk into a stall of the bathroom. So now at this point I’m like, this is weird. I don’t know what’s about to happen. Uh, and he spits like this just giant amount of liquid into the toilet and you’re just like, Oh my gosh.

We also had this pit in seventh grade, like in the lobby of, you know, cause it’s South Dakota. Like you can’t let kids hang outside, so you have to create space inside for them to hang out. So with this massive, like, carpeted, six level pit kind of thing, they kind of just went down and like. Depending on how cool you were with dictate where you got to sit in the pit and me being in it, not cool by any sense.

The imagination, it’s centered around the tower at the top. You got to go further down to the bottom if you were cooler. Okay. But I wear a Stripe rainbow shirts and windbreaker pants, and unfortunately I was just not cool.

Andrew: Okay. Right now I think that would be really cool, actually.

Josh: Might be actually coming back in like some good high tops or something.

Andrew: Yes.

Josh: Yeah. When I wore it every day was not cool by nuisance.

Andrew: Super sad. Wait. So wait about the pit. Was there a story about the pit or were you just telling me like what the pit

Josh: does? A little story. There’s probably stories that I don’t remember cause I blocked out cause I wasn’t, uh, I feel like there’s

Andrew: a lot, maybe I should try to spend some time.

I should try to spend some time in South Dakota. It sounds like a very different place

Josh: than the other places we used to do mass physicals in South Dakota. What mass physicals. So in, let’s see, I did it in sixth grade and I think they did it again in ninth grade, something like that. But they sent you March you down to the high school, which for us was like two blocks a walk.

I’m going to walk all the way down to the high school. There’s so many weird things. I got another great story about swimming in the high school pool, but

Andrew: do they have all the 15 year olds say, okay, turn your head to the right.

Josh: Wasn’t even 15. I was sixth grade, so like 11, 12 years old. So yeah, they strip you down to your skivvies.

Um, they were allowed to bring a towel. So we had our towels and we’re just in a long line. And then my pervert social studies teacher was like, no, it’s faster if you guys don’t have towels. So he took all of our towels away cause I’m pretty sure he just wants. Why my teacher was in the room first. Wow.

Freaky. Right.

Andrew: That’s bad. Almost set

Josh: up somebody that’s probably not appropriate. Um, and then they walked you up to a doctor. Dropped your drawers. He checked her junk. Then you walked over to the next station and you walked over to the next station and you ended it with duck walks. Helps you figure something.

I have no idea,

Andrew: dude. That

Josh: is weird, man.

Andrew: In the strangely that does make me want to go to South Dakota. I just to

Josh: into that place out.

Andrew: No, no, no. Not that. Not that I hated that part, but how weird. That all sounds. I just want to go. What is going on in South Dakota?

Josh: I should ask my parents about it, right? Just be like, like, what were you thinking?

And you’re like, yeah, this seems like the right idea.

Andrew: Yeah, we’ll live there for awhile

Josh: when it’s just a giant gym and half the gym was boy’s and half the gym was girls, and there’s like a curtain in between us. So like you’re standing there just thinking about what’s happening on the other side of this curtain, because

Andrew: that’s all that matters.

Dude. That is like the worst possible setup I can imagine for that situation, especially for middle schoolers,

Josh: and that crazy

Andrew: is going on in South Dakota.

Josh: Crazy fricking state. I tell you, he has gone back and like, like out on the internet and check people’s names to see like there’s one of your reports of child abuse or anything like that.


Andrew: Did they murder anybody?

Josh: Did they bury up, bury a child at that didn’t like him,

Andrew: right.

Josh: In the grain fields or whatever they had outside of the city? Yeah. Dude. That was a lot of intro.

Andrew: Well, we weren’t funny last time. You know, we gotta

Josh: be a little bit funny. We’ll shift to share embarrassing stories of our childhood. Yeah. Get us through. I’m going to try to,

Andrew: I’m going to try to weave that question and multiple signs of what is going on in South Dakota. You know, we’ll see what happens, but, okay, so this week you, we, we’ve been talking about a lot of ideas and we don’t really script out our show.

We just have some quick bullet points and we’d decided this week to talk about, um, frustrating Christian Christian stereotypes and. I wanted to hear like that was kind of your idea. So what, what are you thinking about it or why do you want to talk.

Josh: Yeah, I think, I think there’s plenty of stereotypes of Christians, um, those inside and outside of the church in terms of who’s creating the stereotypes.

But let’s be honest, as we kind of read through these different stereotypes, they’re true. Like they’re not, it’s not like people are lying about Christians. It’s not like they’re coming up with things out of left field. Like. These are legitimate, like we get where you’re coming from. Um, we’re frustrated by him too.

That’s why we’re calling them frustrating Christian stereotypes is they’re just frustrating cause they’re true. And we wish that they weren’t. Um, we’re sorry that they are, but we’re going to kind of just kind of talk through. They’re just the ones that kind of Rose to the top of our heads. Um, and then kind of our response to it, maybe it’d probably be the best way to deal with it.

I like it. I think it’s a good approach

Andrew: approach. I just said that’s a good approach.

Josh: So anyway, let’s, uh, let’s dive into them and just see how many we get through and before we hit our time limit.

Andrew: Sweet. Sounds good.

Josh: Alright. Why? When you grab the first one.

Andrew: Well first, the one that I think we all know, um, judgmental Jane, we, there’s alliteration on all of these.

So this is JJ. The next one is H H, you know, and then we got in, and I’m not gonna obviously tell you what those are yet. I’m teasing this out, but judgemental Jane, um, or John or Jimmy, you know, or Janice.

Josh: John, just to appease your wife.

Andrew: Yeah. She made a joke about that when I showed her that, that was the first one.

It cracked me up.

Josh: All the rest of these names are men, so you got to give one to women, and we gave it to the judgment. Jane, sorry, Jane. Sorry. Jamie meant they meant nothing by it.

Andrew: There’s actually not a Jane that I’m thinking of, which is good,

Josh: but I only know one Jane, I think, and she’s the most nice person I’ve ever met, like super sweet and just, we call her miss Jane.


Andrew: It was a J name. It was just a alliteration. Simply illiteration that’s all

Josh: it could be. Judgmental. John judgmental. Jeremy.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Dude. I, so I grew up, uh, in a pretty, a church that was pretty focused on just, um, getting people saved. Um, getting people to prayer the prayer and getting people to be like on the right side of heaven, um, wasn’t the.

There’s a lot of good stuff about that church. Like I, I started my faith journey there. You know, I’m not knocking the church. Um, but I just, um, the judgmental piece, like so much of it, like I just remembered learning a lot of things that were like super apologetics and like how to win arguments and like how to win people to faith through arguments, that type of stuff.

And as I think about that now, like. Dude, I don’t, if you beat me in an argument, that doesn’t mean I’m going to come to know Jesus, you know? But, but I will walk away thinking like, wow, they think I’m really bad. Like they think I’m just this super bad center. Um, and that there’s so much better, you know? Um, so I guess that like, there’s maybe for me personally.

There’s no way to be kind of turned off to an idea quicker than if it starts with like, you are bad and not just bad. You’re worse than me.

Josh: You know? That’s the key to it, right? The judgment. It’s the you are, you’re worse than me. Peace. Yes. The reality is world. We’re all Jack holes checked out, honest with ourselves.

Like we all do things that harm people and hurt people all around us. Whether you follow Jesus or you don’t, right. It’s the piece that, yeah. Saying that like, I’m better than you, you sinner. Like, yeah. It’s that piece. Like, I don’t know if it comes from like, they want to feel better about themselves and that’s where it comes from.

Like I come from a similar background where I didn’t realize how legalistic the culture was and how legalistically I was, um, until I got out of the culture and you’ll kind of look back or you interact with people from that time. You’re like, wow. Like I didn’t realize, and it’s this. Yes, God’s word is a weapon.

That’s 100% true, but it’s a weapon. It’s a weapon against the evil one like that. That’s who our weapons for. It’s. It’s not a weapon for those around us. I’m like, yes, it’s, yes, we can use it for truth and to Cypress truth, but at the same time to use it to harm people or cause pain to people just because we need to feel better about ourselves or our pride.

I don’t know where it really stems from.

Andrew: Um, I got some ideas on that real quick. Do you mind if I interject?

Josh: Those have been

Andrew: so Catherine, my daughter is like under two years old. She’s about a year and a half, and she loves books. She has these little, this one, but like book that’s like the parables of Jesus.

Um, you know, like the stories he told and, but it’s like super, super condensed, like one page, but quarter of a page. So the prodigal son is basically like. Uh, Richmond had a son who, um, who didn’t want to live the way that he lived, you know, and, um, basically took all this money and went off and, uh, you know, did bad things with it.

And eventually he wanted to come back and just work as one of the servants of the house. He was ashamed of, you know, not, not doing well out in the world. And, uh. Man, like the prodigal son, you know, like that dad sees the son coming and welcomed him. Not just like, Hey, welcome back. Like takes his best road new rings, like tells the servants, Hey, throw a party.

Like we’re doing a feast for doing a party. And then the other brother who then at the whole time. Is like ticked about it. He’s the judgemental Jabe in the story of like, um, he’s like, why? Like why didn’t you do this for me? Like our work so hard for you. I’m here all the time. And the whole thing that like kind of linchpin is the idea is the father’s like, listen, son.

You were always here. I’ve always loved you. But that guy, my son, he was lost. And now he’s found he’s back. You know? And there’s a bunch of stories like that that Jesus spoke from to this truth of like, I’m going to leave 100 sheep behind to go find one, and I’m going to bring it back on my shoulders, and the flock will be fine, but I’m going to go after the one, you know?

So this good. So that judgmental gene, like when you’re. When did you just judgmental? Uh, I just think it, I don’t know, maybe it’s about self protection or something, but it doesn’t bring a lot of people to know Jesus in my experience.

Josh: No, it causes more harm than good, that’s for sure. Yeah. But yeah, it’s probably, cause you think of the parable of, you know, the people working out in the field and, um, those that came towards the end of the day got paid the same amount that those that were there at the beginning of the day.

And there’s that. Argument with Jesus through that.

Andrew: But yeah, he talks about that a lot, man. And there’s probably a lot of aspects of different themes in all of the stories. We just brought up, all those parables, but for sure, but you’re totally right. Like judgment is a huge, huge theme throughout that.

Josh: So yeah, it’s probably jealousy.

Like it’s our pride. It’s, um, our own insecurity is kind of coming to the surface. Uh, I noticed that. Uh, we’re on zoom. We’re on zoom right now and I can see Andrew, you guys can see this. I apologize for that, but you just spilled beer all over is

Andrew: not all over. There’s a drip. It was definite drip. Seemed like a good chunk of beer.

I didn’t know it landed right on the posted note. And it’s being absorbed and it is hard. Cider.

Josh: Yes. Not beer.

Andrew: Please have your beverages. It’s not sure how the difference you are confronting me. Yeah. With that being said,

Josh: yeah, I think there is some jealousy that lives inside of that and like if you find this need, um.

To point out the flaws and other people around you, like I think it’s worth the time to dig into why. Yeah. Like what about that bothers you? What about that, um, is getting under your skin? What about that do you need to address, confess and bring to Jesus? Because it’s harming our. Or testimony. Right.

That’s a good, it’s a good Southern Baptist turn, right? Yeah. Do you know 

Andrew: didn’t bring to Jesus? You just went preacher mode. Keep it

Josh: up. I’m going to write that down real quick. It’d be at my next sermon. Um. But yeah, judgemental Jane, please stop it. We’d appreciate it if you stopped it. Um, we’d appreciate if you just took a step back.

Cause the reality is without Jesus, you’re nothing like without Jesus, you’d be in the same center boat as anybody else. The difference is, is Jesus forgave me for a sentence. So when someone comes back to Jesus, when someone that doesn’t look perfect doesn’t look right like. Let’s celebrate like the father celebrated in the prodigal son.

Um, somebody came back, Jesus, who cares who they came before, that Jesus sacrifice his resurrection as much greater than all of that. Yeah, but that’s a good one. That’s definitely the biggest one, right? Like we’re, the church is definitely known what we’re known for. We’re against them. What we’re for.

Andrew: Yeah.

I think we’re so quick to be known for, um, Oh, they hate me. Or they hate gay people and, and I have gay son, so I could never be a part of the church. I could never be a Christian. They, they hate X, Y, and Z, you know, gay popped in mind. But there’s a lot of labels around that issue. They hate me because I’m different and I have to be exactly like them, or, okay, this might be a good one for the next, but yeah.

Or, um, because everybody around me in my church, because I feel their judgment, um, I have to hide who I really am and I have to keep them in Jesus at an arms distance. You know, like gotta keep like, yeah, everything’s great. Like, this is awesome. I’m perfect. I don’t need any prayer requests. I’m fine. So I don’t know.

What do you think you want to want to run with the next

Josh: one? Yeah. So our next frustrating Christian stereotype is hypocritical, hairy, critical, hairy.

Andrew: Gosh, what’s this?

Josh: This one’s, this one’s hard because I get it, but the reality of the gospel is, sure, Jesus has a standard. We’re all trying to meet that standard.

And yeah, the church teaches that standard, but the reality is we all come short of that standard. Um. In some ways, like catastrophic ways and yeah, we could be called hypocrites, but that’s the beauty of the gospel, that even though I don’t meet the standard because of what Jesus did on the cross, I get to stand on before crisis, his son, or if you’re a woman, his daughter.

Like that’s the beauty of hypocritical. So I get those outside the church, you know, looking at that and saying, but the beauty is like, come as you are like, right. You’re not going to have all this, right. You’re going to make mistakes. Just like I do. I’ve been following Jesus for 20 plus years. That’s a long time.

I’m trying to, I’m an old person. But the reality is I don’t like, sure. I follow Jesus better today than I did 20 years ago, or even a year ago, because one, for me, that’s a benchmark. Like, am I following Jesus better? Um, but. The reality is I’m still setting, I’m still doing things that harm people, that harm myself, that sin against God.

Um, and that’s all sin is really. It’s like sin leads to destruction. And we see that there scripture, and Jesus says, don’t do these things because he doesn’t want you to be destroyed as once you experienced the pain of these things or others to spirit experience the pain of these things. And that’s why he’s created this essentially list of do’s and don’ts.

Um, yeah, we try to follow the best we can though. Our faith isn’t up. About do’s and don’ts. There’s a list of do’s and don’ts. I get that. But yeah, hypocritical Harry, that’s like, I get those outside looking in, but um, at the same time, that’s the gospel in itself. Like we’re all gonna say things and do something else.

Andrew: Yeah. And man, you’re right. And I think the, like, I think you, I think it’s easy to be labeled as hypocritical. The second you stop, um, being willing to give grace to other people and to recognize that I’m going to screw up too. I did screw up this last week and buy a screw up. I mean, they did sin and I did not just like fall into something like, I’ve been thinking about this slot man, like sin the with sin, you always have to take the ticket.

You always have to say yes. You know? Like. And maybe not always. Like, I’m not trying to get super, I took theology one in college and that was it. But if you know that they talk about the sin that you choose and send that you don’t, you know, but, um, but anyway, with the sin that you choose, you have to choose it.

You know, like you have to say, um, yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna leave out that detail cause it makes me look bad. I’m gonna twist the facts. I’m going to, I don’t know, do whatever. I’m going to, you know, casually commit murder and then cover it up for 60 years. Um.

Josh: I’m kidding, but I’m kidding. Since you’re at six years old yet.

Andrew: That’s why I said 60. Um, no, I mean, but you have to choose it, you know? Um, and I think with the hypocritical side, like, I don’t want to admit that I’m wrong, ever. I don’t, it’s not a funny experience to be like, yeah, I was wrong. And I chose it intentionally, and here’s why.

Let’s talk about it, you know? But I think the second you stop, like exercising the muscle of. Um, I chose that and I mess up like I sin. Um, and I need Jesus because I sin. The second you stop that, then maybe, um, maybe you’re really quick to be like in the hypocritical camp because I don’t know, man. I don’t expect to, to reach perfection on this side of life.

So. My 2 cents on that.

Josh: Yeah, that’s good. Um, but you see this inside the church too, right? Like, does it grow up in the church? Look at church leaders and say, Oh, they’re just hypocritical leaders, which they might be. That’s definitely true. We see moral failure in the church on a regular basis, unfortunately.

But yeah, I think you’re right. It’s the grace piece of it. Like, you know, and this is probably different than most religions is though, we don’t consider ourselves a religion. The world does. Um. Like we live in a level of confession and self reflection. They that most others don’t like. Like a part of our core of our belief is, yeah, we have to confess our sins, not just to God, but to those around us.

Right? Yeah. Confessing your sin. No darker moves. It’s power. So much harder. Right? God sure loves me no matter what. I get that. That’s fantastic. I’m not sure if Andrew’s gonna love me no matter what. When I confess the sin to him, I’m not sure how this is going to change things. No, that’s 100% true.

Andrew: Yeah.

But, but dude, like when you say that, I can’t help but think myself to think to myself what is going on in South Dakota. Um, okay. I was trying to get you split up. Your water knows clothes. That’s

Josh: good. That’s good. So

Andrew: yeah, maybe that’ll be. Definitely

Josh: a strong possibility. Let’s be

Andrew: honest.

Josh: Oh, South Dakota, you need to knock it off.

Hey, if you’re listening from South Dakota, one, welcome. Not sure how we found you. South Dakota seems far away from both of us. Uh, but Hey, welcome. And second, we’re just joking. We don’t really hate South Dakota. I think it’s full of pedophiles right

Andrew: now, obviously like, but with the low population, like they might have a way higher percentage, but.


Josh: The reality is they’re sick perverts everywhere in South

Andrew: Dakota. That is totally true. Um,

Josh: let’s, let’s hit this next one. Dude,

Andrew: not fun, Ned, like, ordinarily, I think of Nellie too, Matt and Nellie, they are just, dude, they’re not fun. They’re sitting there like, you don’t smell smoke. You don’t drink smoke or two.

You don’t hang with those that do. Um, but, but the weirder thing is that they don’t seem to laugh ever. They don’t seem to like, they’re just always, whew. So you’re getting

Josh: like firmly positioned in their buttocks.

Andrew: Yeah. They are the, the picture that painting of the farmer and his wife, not farming, you know, I’m just sitting, not having a good time.

Um, yeah. What’s up with that? Like, Hey, okay. I like to have fun. You and I in Colorado started something when I lived there called float float club. Um,

Josh: and you can give me credit that, but I had nothing to do with that. I just showed up. That’s all you.

Andrew: Okay. That was all us. That was Janet and I. I say you helped start it because you were in like the first or second run that you were in the second ever official meeting of float club.

That’s true. And it grew to like runs of like 40 plus people going at one time we had our annual freedom float. Dude, we had a good time. We were drinking great beer. We were floating down literal trout streams. In the mountains of Colorado, freezing our butts off and having a blast. We gotta be able to have fun as Christians.

So to me, this one, I’m not sure where it comes from. And when people that follow Jesus. Like, cut off the image of not being able to have a good time. So

Josh: I think like, I think so many people rely on just even the things you said, rely on alcohol, death on a, yes, we drink alcohol when we drink alcohol in moderation because, you know, not that Jesus was against alcohol, but he was against drunkenness and we’re trying to avoid drunkenness as best we possibly can.

Right. Um. No, you could completely avoid it by just not drinking it. I get those Christians that go down that road now.

Andrew: Others, you can still have a ton of fun if you completely avoid it. Yeah, for sure. Just 100% sorry, I interrupted you with exactly.

Josh: No, and that’s the reality of it. Like if your goal is you could only have fun drinking.

Yeah. We’re not that fun. Right, because it’s not, drinking isn’t the primary focus of what we do. It’s whatever we’re doing. You know, we happen to have alcohol in the midst of that avoiding drunkenness because you know, we’re following Jesus. And the reality is like if you don’t follow Jesus, do whatever the heck you want.

Like we’re not, we’re not telling you that you have to live this way or don’t live this way. We get that there’s sacrifices that you have to make to live as a follower of Jesus. We understand that. Um, and if for you, that that’s just not your thing, then continue to live as you see fit. Um, that’s, that’s your choice.

Unfortunately, for. Andrew and I is, we don’t have a choice, right? We’re followers of Jesus. It was

Andrew: prescribed to us.

Josh: Yeah. We made the choice of following Jesus, and I’m making that choice. There’s things we avoid and things that we don’t get into you. Um,

Andrew: just because there’s some mission you have to accept when you say, I’m going to follow.

If, if you say. I’m going to follow anybody or I’m going to work at this place. You have to submit to some things, you know? Yeah. If you’re going to get a job at ups, I’m sure you got to go through drug tests, you know, so I’m going to send it.

Josh: I think that’s a rule at ups. I would just,

Andrew: that’s a good one.

Yeah. You gotta have no, um, you know, charges related to that on your history, but like, that’s like a small level of submission of just like, what’s the workplace requirement, let alone like. I am going to put I relationship with Jesus above all of those things in my life. If you’re going to do that, there’s a lot of stuff that you’re implicitly going to have to over time, submit to, um, to say, Hey Jesus, I trust your way.

Like you were right? God, he got it, the Bible and you’re, you’re teaching me through it. You’re teaching me through the example of Jesus and many others and I’m going to submit to those things even if I don’t. Want to in the moment.

Josh: So no, that’s anyway. And like the reality is like. If it’s the things that we don’t partake in, to the extent that you may, like if those are the things that give you joy.

Like for me, I look at it and say, alcoholic, really? That’s the thing that’s giving you joy. Like there’s so much greater things. It’s great friendships, it’s great conversations. It’s great experiences that you could jump into an and. And experience a higher level than you’re experiencing drunk. Right. Like, like there’s more to it.

And I get the draw of being drunk and not having to worry about life and not worry about what’s going on. I get all that I can understand, but no, not Ned. Fun. Not fun. Ned or Nelly?

Andrew: No. Fun to Manny and Ned and Nelly. Obviously not based on you. If your name is Ned or Nelly, or unfortunately

Josh: you are not fun,

Andrew: but dude, can you imagine if one person listens, medic squeak, and they’re just like, um, Hey, my name is actually Ned.


Josh: Natalie,

Andrew: we just sitting in your

Josh: right. If you are, please let us know that. Be pretty crazy

Andrew: and please see 0.1 about judgmental. Jane, give us grace, man. We are figuring this out. We’re on our second episode.

Josh: You know, you’re asking us our opinions about things. Let’s be honest, we probably shouldn’t be coming.

We have the microphones and you don’t, and you choose to listen. So

Andrew: that’s kind of where we’re at. That’s a great point.

Josh: All right, here’s the next one, and I think this is a biggie in the church, and this is a frustrating one for me, deep to my core, but to political Paul, and. Patty, I to think of a pink will be named Patty, Tupelo,

Andrew: all in Patty.

Josh: I believe in Jesus and in the Republican party.

Andrew: That’s awesome, dude. And it could be the other side too, you know? But let’s be honest, the church is pretty much marked with like. I believe in Jesus, right? George W. Bush or Donald J. Trump or whatever. So

Josh: it was the antichrist. I went to a service where I was taught no joke.

Andrew: I remember this idea of flying around a boggling. Yes. So, alright. Um, what do you think the most helpful thing about being way too political is?

Josh: Here’s the start of it all. Just because he followed Jesus. Does not mean you’re a publican. Just because he followed Jesus does not mean you’re a Democrat. Right?

And if you link those to 100% you’re wrong. Period. No question about it. That’s just, that’s, that’s just the reality of following Jesus. Right? Because there’s things the Republican party does that is bat shit crazy. And there’s things that the, that the democratic party does that shit crazy. And why would you want to align our faith in Jesus Christ, the savior of the world,

Andrew: to see where those two worlds fall at parties.

Yes. Or to the fallen people within the men. Just pick Jesus and try to live an honest life of like, Hey, that Paul, that politician seem like he’s lying to me or she’s lying to me. Wait a minute. A core role of being a politician is lying. Maybe I shouldn’t trust that person. A person who tells me not to lie and model that.

I’m going to trust Jesus.

Josh: Like, I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know how you, okay. I do know how you get there. It’s when you like, it’s weaponized scripture that you can feel protected in your camp to be able to say the craziest of things

Andrew: as . You’re like, you’re, you’re living in the end times and.

And Donald Trump is, and the first 31 see, you

Josh: know, I’ll be honest, like, yes, I voted for Donald Trump because I didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton and not from a stance of character because they’re both horrible people that make bad decisions and do new things to people.

Andrew: Some of the worst people.

That is who became, that’s, that’s who we get to vote on for president isn’t

Josh: aligned with the policies. Like that’s the reality and this idea that like, just because I voted for the guy, I have to agree with everything he says or does. Like that’s crazy talk. I’m not going down that road. Like I’m not going to align myself to that way.

But when I look at the policies that one holds over the other and I line them with my views and how I understand life and in how I understand government. And whether those are influenced by my faith in Jesus or not. Like that’s what I’m dictating this often. They’re not the same thing. They’re definitely different.

They’re definitely, one’s a much higher level than the other.

Andrew: Yeah. Dude and man, all of what you said I totally agree with, and I just, when I think about like the two political Paul or Priscilla or whatever the name was, Polly, I think you said, um, it’s just like. It’s, it’s not going to win anybody to Jesus for you to shout.

You’re wrong in their face if they’re, if you’re, you’re in the opposite party or for you to be like, this is the best. Our savior is this new presidential candidate or Senate Senator candidate or whatever, because the reality is. No man, they’re politicians and they’re just going to echo the things back to you that get you to say, I’m going to vote for them.

You know, they don’t care. And not all politicians are bad, but you know what I mean? It’s their, their people. And their fundamental role is how do I get the most votes possible? And. That’s just not that important.

Josh: It’s not, and I think the thing that pisses me off the most about it all is the level of hate that exists on both sides for the elderly, like I don’t, I don’t understand that.

Like if you’re a follower of Jesus, how can you. Like have such a hatred for a human being that Jesus died for in hopes that he comes to know Jesus, like my guess is the level of hate that’s inside of you, that you look at Obama or you look at Pelosi, and yet I don’t agree with their policies. I think Pelosi says some crazy things, but the reality is like.

Do. Do I get to the point where I hate her so much that I don’t want her to come to know Jesus? Yeah. Like right at that point, I’ve crossed a line that’s not okay.

Andrew: Yeah. And at what point do you start thinking to yourself, I don’t even want them to know Jesus because they’re so bad that, you know, I hope they pay for what they’ve done.

You know, like we’re right back up to judgmental, you know, of like. They’re so much worse than me. Like

Josh: they’re thinking the same thing of you, right? Yes. Like they should have different viewpoints. They look at the same life and they come to different conclusions. They’re smart people. They’re intelligent people.

They know what they’re doing. Um, like the reality is we just have different viewpoints and that’s okay to have. Like, we can right. We can agree to disagree on things and hopefully the balance of it. We have a better America if we really get down to politics, right? Like, yeah, I like it when there’s, when there’s a Republican, the presidency, you’re a Democrat in the pregnancy and it’s opposite in the control of the house and the Senate, because I think creates better balance for us.

One party just doesn’t just run with their ideas that maybe isn’t best for the entire American people. Totally. But now we’re getting to politics and that’s

Andrew: okay. Well. Yeah. And we’ll obviously talk about politics more because I feel like the core of this show is let’s have real conversations about real things, you know?

And, um, I don’t know. I think, okay. So we’re in a, an election year, so before we go on and just kind of bash the view of two political Paul dude, Oh, what do you say to somebody who’s, who is that person right now and is, and is probably, um. Probably there because at some level, maybe they’re scared, uh, or, or something like, I don’t know what motivates that, but it’s at least the desire to be like, I am.

Right. I am.

Josh: That’s a good question. Well, it’s probably dealing with to some extent. Um.

Like, how do you get through that? I don’t know. Like, let’s be honest. Like that’s a hard, that’s a hard shell to crack.

Andrew: Okay. I have some ideas cause I was, I was there for a little while. Um, I was way too focused on politics, um, election year, four years ago. Um, and there were a lot of factors that went into it.

I was listening to just way too many political podcasts as reading the news more than ever. And. Came out of that. And um, I thought I came out of that after some time. And the thing that brought me out of that and kind of diminished the importance of politics in my life was. Okay. What if I put all of this time and effort and thought and, and chose my podcasts differently based on those that go towards truth, like logos, you know, the truth.

Um, God’s truth. Like, and that doesn’t have to be boring. That doesn’t have to be, I’m going to pick a podcast that dissects a single passage of scripture for three seasons. You know, nothing like that. But what if I. I started, like I noticed myself, I would be about one podcast or one show or whatever, or even one new source for like.

Two months and I would see it as like the truth, you know? And then I’d burn out on it and be like, ah, but they suck in this way, like they’re not good enough anymore. Then I’d find the next one and like, Oh, there it is. Like that’s it. This is so much better than that one before. And then I’d get into it more familiar with it.

Nope. There’s a bunch of flaws there too. And. I don’t know. Slowly, I think I just got tired of it to some degree of like reading the news all the time. And um, to the other degree, when you start focusing on like the truths of the Bible, um, the truths of like, what Jesus lived and how he lived to them, um, you start seeing that they’re true.

Everywhere. You know, don’t be judged, uh, or don’t judge others because the standard you judge them with will be judged to you. It’s like, dude, that is true across all of time. It’s as soon as you set a standard of what’s judgmental or what’s a kid in judge.

Josh: Um.

Andrew: You’re in trouble, you know? Um, so anyway, man, that’s, I

Josh: think that’s your, I think that’s the answer is like, can you pull back?

Can you, can you stop listening to those, um, feeds of news that you’re constantly going back to? Cause the reality is the news is going to feed. Extreme emotion, right? That’s just what it does. It’s like, it’s like the murder Hornets, right? I feel like I’m wearing the hungers.

Andrew: Quantifiers didn’t kill us

Josh: off, so they said murder hoard it,

Andrew: but the reality is like,

Josh: but the reality is a murder Horton’s really gonna.

Like take over the world.

Andrew: No.

Josh: Like they found one, they haven’t found a hive yet. Take the reality that murder Hornets are going to cause any harm to you. Very little to none. But the news takes it and runs with the

Andrew: story you should assume is God’s will because the odds are so

Josh: go the odds for the odds forever in your favor or however the flying goes and the hunger and yet that’s true.

Sorry, may the odds be in your favor. That’s it. Um, but yeah, like that’s like. That’s probably the answer of, Hey, can you, can you fast from this stuff for at least a month? Like, just get away from it. Just see how your demeanor changes, um, just in how you interact with people. And then how does your demeanor change to those that don’t view things the same way that you view things?

Like, can you step enough, far enough back? Um, just to see what that’s going to cause me and the thing that, the thing that they’re going to spew as things they’re going to get you. Going like they’re going to take your emotions to the extreme because it’s the thing that gets ratings and something that grows their following.

I don’t know. In reality, it’s probably not the thing that you need to be investing in. Right,

Andrew: right.

Josh: That’s probably enough politics right here.

Andrew: One, the next one. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s do it. Um, am I up?

Josh: Are you up huddle now?

Andrew: You can take it. Alright, man. The next one is weird slash strange Willie. Slash Steve. Um,

Josh: just put some female names in there just so we don’t get bombarded.

Andrew: Yeah. Willie Willie is actually a female name, isn’t it? Like there’s a lot of Latin names, just all the ladies names Willy.

Josh: I know things that are called Willy, but I’ve never met a woman named Willie.

Andrew: It’s like a boy named Sue, but a woman named Willie will stick for

Josh: a bit windy. Or strange stuff.

Otherwise, in the end of them,

Andrew: nah, I’m sticking with Lily like she’s a nice lady,

Josh: sweet lady. I picture like in a rocking chair, sitting on her front porch, probably in her late seventies early eighties super weird though.

Andrew: Just beaten down over years of having to say, hi, my name’s Willie. Um, and that’s, that’s why she said, we can just

Josh: go on a limb here and say she had a tough middle school career.

Andrew: Very tough. Like fire alarm everyday tough.

Josh: I’m not a good day, dude.

Andrew: I think of the like the weird, surreal, strange, frustrating Christian, uh, stereotype of being like, kind of like that. We can’t have any fun, but the weird part of like, the. Like sitting down to a meal with somebody who doesn’t know Jesus and making scene out of saying like, not just, Hey, not just quietly praying before having a meal, but like, let us consecrate this burrito.

You know, like, like, just making it weird all the time. Um,

Josh: because like. To some extent, like our faith is weird. We get that. We follow a guy that came back from the dead. We follow a guy that we believe was fully God and fully man at the same time we get, there’s definitely strange parts of our, our faith.

We get it. I understand 100%. Um, but it’s these, it’s these hyper spirituals that take everything to the next level.

Andrew: But people wanted to hang with that guy. They wanted with Jesus. They’re like, that dude throws the party and he’s ridiculously smart, always

Josh: honest, knows how to make wine out of a water.

Andrew: And he told me things about myself that I didn’t even know.

And now my life is better cause I’m living those things out. You know, like I want to be around that dude. I want to hang out with them. So when you’re just super weird and you repel, but yeah,

Josh: I’m curious too, like, man, I think pride shows up so many times in all these stereotypes, but it’s this, like if I can put on this facade that I’m more spiritual than the rest of the people around me.

That I’m better than the rest of people around me. Right? Like at some point we’ll talk about the voice of God and hearing God’s voice and those kinds of things I assume will come up on this podcast. But like it, it’s those people that like every smallest of decisions I’m going to give credit to God. I used to, I used to make this statement all the time of like, stop giving God credit for things that God didn’t say, or some putting words in God’s mouth cause God like, yeah.

Yeah. I believe God’s in the midst of everything. I believe God talks to his followers. I believe God talks to non-believers, um, in, in rare instances. But like when you feel this need to over spiritualize everything around you because you need to, I don’t know, maybe. Make yourself feel more important.

Maybe it’s insecurity is that you’re really digging into, like if I can get Andrew to believe that I’m a better follower of Jesus than him, that I’m actually a better follower because I consecrated this burrito. He did it. Anything comes from chick or Chick-fil-A? Anything that comes from. Probably Chifley as well.

Uh, Chipola where burrito should always come from,

Andrew: right? It’s already consecrated. There’s Holy mountain.

Josh: It’s open that bag

Andrew: and it’s like

Josh: already, like you don’t need to pray over it. It’s ready to go.

Andrew: The light coming off. The foil is actually brighter than the light in the room. I’m on a trick flight burrito.

Josh: It’s no one. I know what I’m having for lunch tour. I’m going to go.

Andrew: I just had a Chick-fil-A burrito that was a, that was a split full labor. Yeah, I did on accident. I meant Chipola, but Chick-fil-A is breakfast. Burritos are pretty solid as far as breakfast burritos go

Josh: out of there. No. I like dirty Mexican breakfast burritos.

Andrew: Obviously

Josh: that might be racist. I’m a quarter Hispanic. I didn’t mean that to be racist. I’m

Andrew: a quarter Hispanic. I tried

Josh: to help myself just cause a dirty Mexican, you know the Mexican restaurants, are you ordered by picture in the pictures of the same at every restaurant? That’s what I mean by Mexican. I don’t mean the Mexicans dirty.

Most of the nurses are pretty hole in the wall, but yeah. Oh my goodness. Are they tasty and good?

Andrew: And there’s always brain damage on the menus, like a little bit of rain always gotten through and just sustained those pictures a little bit. It’s true

Josh: that that egg, bacon, potato, whatever cheese. They’re always in different orders at every single one of them.

It’s the one thing they don’t keep consistent. It’s very hard to order, but the best burrito in the entire world.

Andrew: So basically we just described, if you want to get a cheap meal that is Mexican food and you want to love it, here’s what you look for. Picture menu

Josh: too. Yellow background, it’s nine times out of 10

Andrew: slight bit of rain stain that where it got through the corner on the menu and then dude, you call it out like that’s a goldmine is does it say bacon, potato, egg and cheese, egg, cheese, bacon, potato.

Is there no space in between some of those words

Josh: in Spanish? And they’re probably better that I can read Spanish. So you’re screwed. But

Andrew: when you are recording, obviously

Josh: that gives everything. Okay. Permission. I apologize if I offended you. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just think the breeders are good.

But, um. In Phoenix, all of them end in Berto, so Filiberto and Roberto and nice, whatever, other Berto, you can come up with burnish and they’re all named. They’re all related in some way, but so, so tasty. Sorry. Yes. Weird Willy. Weird, strange. Steve.

Andrew: I don’t know. Like I. So I was just thinking about like the solution side of this.

Like if you are the weird Willie, the um, you know, obviously female or male Willie, um, cause that’s accepted everywhere. Um, if you are that, I think like you might be there on accident, you might not know. You’re weird at some point, you know, and it’s okay to be weird. Like, uh, if you are just a weird person authentically.

That’s okay. We’re just good. You need like unique is good, but I think it’s the, the Christian who chooses

Josh: to be

Andrew: super with right. Spirituality. I wake up at 4:00 AM and pray quietly for three hours every day because I just feel like by 7:00 AM I can shower. You know,

Josh: like if sometimes I do wake up before a club to pray for three hours, but it’s because I’m on the toilet and I’m begging God.

To keep this from happening.

Andrew: Why did I eat that Frito? He was so good.

Josh: I think I’m lactose intolerant. I had ice cream like three or four days ago, and the next day was ms man.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s, I’m sorry man. I’m really sorry about lactose. There’s a lot of good. I’m glad you’re not gluten intolerant. That’s worse.

Josh: I think as I get older. Like he, yeah. He just destroys my insights now. Didn’t do that as a child. Apparently now milk destroys my insides. That’s never happened before. Right.

Andrew: Sustain your life. Now. It’s trying to make you poop yourself to death.

Josh: That’s just not a good day. Uh, so yeah, that’s what I wake up at four in the morning to pray for three hours is because.

Begging God to intervene on what’s happening in my backend. Dude,

Andrew: I would love if one day in my life that I woke up at 4:00 AM every day and out of devotion to God. I prayed for a long time and I. And I just never told anybody about it or it didn’t. Uh, I didn’t ever beat somebody over the head with it.

So I think it’s weird. Art comes when you’re like, look at me like, look how good I am at this thing. Like you should feel bad. And also like, this is obviously the only right way. Yeah.

Josh: That’s maybe where we’re, it’s the whole thing, like when Jesus says, when he’s talking about fasting, it’s talking about the religious leaders of the day.

You know, those that fast, that he figured their faces and make sure everyone knows that they’re fasting. I think there’s a piece of that like really like now you’ve made it about you rather than what God’s trying to do in the midst of you. Yeah. But yeah, it’s those, it’s those weird bullies and strange Steve’s that kind of take it to that next level and we’re going to make it about themselves.

Yeah. And like I get the temptation of that, like, you know, when I fast, like I get the temptation to be like, Oh yeah, I’m gonna tell everybody that I’m fascinating. So they know that I’m that devoted to Jesus. But the second you get man’s praise, you’ve gotten, the praise is that you’re going to get and totally over with it.


Andrew: Yeah, that’s what I was just going to say. And Jesus wasn’t even that mean about it when he talked about this. Um, he, he talked, he finished that thought of like, if you fast and make sure everybody knows it or you pray and make sure you’re seen when you pray. Um, he’s like, he basically just concludes.

You got your reward on earth, there’s no reward in heaven for that.

Josh: You know, like humans and that’s it.

Andrew: Yeah, you got it in the moment, and that’s all. That’s all it comes out of that. So it wasn’t even like you’re the worst person ever. You’re going to burn in hell. You know? He’s just like, you got your praise now.

And it’s probably like the equivalent of getting a. Um, you know, a, um, dirty Mexican burrito as some have said, um,

Josh: today is race versus things

Andrew: that was horrible people versus like a amazing steak dinner in paradise later in life. Like, that reward differential must be different. You know, I’m not sure that

Josh: Mexican burrito is pretty good.

Andrew: Okay. It’s like getting a, um. Crappily made big Mac today versus, you know, versus, um, versus like an amazing steak dinner in the most amazing setting. You can imagine later in your life.

Josh: Like it,

Andrew: it obviously isn’t an equal comparison. Yeah. So, yeah. Let’s get it, man.

Josh: So, Hey you, you strange and you strange Steve’s and weird Willie’s like, knock it

Andrew: off.

Great. And if you, if one of your good friends is in that boat and you love them, or you love Jesus and you love them. Be a part of being like, dude, or do debt, you know Willie either way. Um, do you your that? I’m like, why are you doing that? Like why? What’s causing you to be so focused on, I’m fasting for six weeks and I’m doing this and I’m like, what’s making you want to like, that’s weird.

Why are you trying to be weird?

Josh: You know, when I get the like. There’s still this piece though. It’s not a part of our faith. And James speaks to it in the book of James, and you see it throughout the epistles and even with Jesus, like we don’t live workspace, our workspace faith, right? But at the same time, we like to be in control, and if I can do enough for God, then God’s going to love me no more.

But the reality is, is I’m not trying to earn anything. I’m just trying to be something. I’m just trying to sit in in the midst of who Jesus is in my life. That come out of me, right? Spiritual, or we call them the fruits of the spirit, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, and we go through them all. But like those aren’t something I work towards.

Those are just a byproduct of me following Jesus, right? Like the goal isn’t to do all those things. The goal is to follow Jesus and be with Jesus, and those are the fruits that you’re going to see in my life. And if I choose to be those ways, but Hey, we’d really, we love you, but please stop. You’re making it awkward for everybody.

Andrew: Yeah, please quit it and

Josh: excellent. Go to the last one for me.

Andrew: I think actually you probably wrote this, uh, last one. We can actually look. No, I wrote it. I was joking. I was joking when I said tiny testes. Timothy obviously joking. I was trying to trip you up and get you to be like, Josh, why don’t you hit that last one? Um.

Josh: You don’t think I need a head? Come on. I was dyslexic growing up as a child.

I read ahead constantly to make sure I know how to pronounce words right.

Andrew: That’s awesome.  is hard, man.

Josh: Tiny test is to me.

Andrew: Okay. But, alright. I said that totally jokingly, but, um, I think about like, man, one thing I love about. Having faith in Jesus and having like these guardrails in my life dictated to me by the Bible.

Um, and I mean guard rails, like, Hey, like the stuff you said, don’t, don’t tell everybody you know, you’re fasting because, um, that basically takes away the point. It’s like fast, quietly, and fast, humbly, and put yourself together so that people probably don’t even notice. Anything’s different about you do it to honor God.

You know, there’s guard rails like that of like, this is how to live the Jesus life. Um. And one of the things that

Josh: I love what I saw, what you did there. Got the name of that. I appreciate that.

Andrew: I mean, I do work

Josh: in this property.

Andrew: We wait this Jesus, like property

Josh: property.

Andrew: You said. Josh, preach him. Let me, let me run the marketing side.

Oh my goodness. Um, yeah, we are this Jesus life podcast coming to you on episode two right now.

Josh: Uh, property podcast.

Andrew: We should buy some property, obviously. Um,

Josh: all of our funds coming in for the podcast

Andrew: and with our one listener from Sweden. Thank you. Sweden,

Josh: Sweden, who’s watching from Sweden? Dude, they put him straight on the couplers.

Andrew: We don’t have to be scared. That’s what I’m trying to say. We like the. The stuff that is the news headline today, which is covert 19, and um, and all this stuff around the, the black guy who was totally murdered by white dudes. All of that stuff. There is a lot of crap. And the reality is there’s constantly a lot of crap happening that’s really messed up and we should be a part of making that better.

But, um, we don’t have to live in the news cycle, man. We don’t eat. We know Jesus. We know God. We like, we gotta be able to walk around and be like, listen, if if I get killed tomorrow. That’s okay. Not that you want to always be thinking about death and that stuff, but like we can be brave because we know Jesus, like this world is just a phase.

You know? The next thing is his life with Jesus forever, and that’s going to be way better and way different, you know, face to face. Yeah. And I just. Like the, the joke about tiny testes. Um, I just, I thought of like the person who’s just always scared, you know, like, we don’t, we don’t need to be scared all the time.

And. I’m scared about things. I have a little kid, like I have a little daughter and I think about stuff that can happen to her. That’s terrifying. There is room for fear in this life, but the Bible says perfect love casts out fear. And if we believe that Jesus was perfectly God and perfectly man, as, as walking around living flesh and blood, dude, then we can be brave in this life.

We don’t have to be scared. We don’t have to say, um, always live in fear. When you’re living in fear, you can’t be strategic, and when you’re living in fear, you can’t

Josh: live out. You can’t be live, right. Like, yeah. Yeah. Like it’s going to hold you back. You’re not going to experience everything that Jesus has for you, and it’s in John 10 10 you know, I’ve come to give you life and give it to the fall.

You don’t get to experience full life, whatever that may look like for you specifically if we live in fear. No, I’m with you. Yeah. Who’d you turn tiny testes around? That’s pretty good. I’m impressed.

Andrew: I mean, this is, this is this Jesus’ life properties and I

Josh: have to go buy that domain name now.

Andrew: That’d be hilarious.

Josh: Um, I’m going to assume it’s available. Yeah. Hey, give me your closing thoughts.

Andrew: My closing thoughts? Um, the tough part about this conversation and the thing that I kept thinking as we were doing it is that there’s been moments in my life or seasons of my life where I’ve been this person, uh. In probably all the categories.

Um, and that’s, that’s hard to consume, that’s hard to deal with. Um, and if that makes, that makes me feel immediately, like, I shouldn’t even be talking about this, cause I was that one time. Um, and I just, man, I don’t have this conversation out of hate for anybody. Um, these names, I don’t know a single person that, that is emblematic of these.

Um, they’re just. You know, they start with the w, so it’s w start with peace. So it’s P M I, uh, yeah. I just, uh, I’m just trying to be honest about it, man. Like I, I don’t want that for anybody. And I’ve been through kind of each of these phases. So, um, there’s probably a phase I’m in right now that in five years I’m going to look back and be like, Oh, I was an idiot in that way, for that season of my life.

But, but I think that just goes back to the grace thing. Do you have grace? Do you believe that, that God actually knows us folly and has grace on us fully? Like we didn’t earn that, but he’s still kind to us. So it’s a little jumbled. But that’s kinda my closing thought, man. Scoop.

Josh: No, I’m right there with you.

Like definitely at times of my life and even probably at times today, um, I’ve lived in those stereotypes like we get it. Yeah. And I think the core of, of our faith is. Like, just be authentic, be you. Um, like with all the ugliness and the, and the, the, the warts and all, and all the great things about who you are.

Like just be you. Like, we are better followers. Jesus, when we’re authentic followers of Jesus with the good things and the bad than we are, we’re putting on a facade of what may not be actually true of us. Like that’s, that’s when we get into scary grounds, whether that’s, um. You know, good things are not good things, whether we’re hiding things or portraying things better than we actually are.

Right? Like if we can get back to the honest, authentic life, like you said, I think that’s, that’s the key. What we do. Um, focusing on Jesus pursuing these, these things, these true so who Christ is and who Christ is inside of us. But now that’s good, frustrating Christian stereotypes, man. Frustrating.

Probably in all honesty because we’ve seen ourselves in it. And it’s frustrating. You’re like, man, I was fricking hypocritical, Harry. Again, I was not, I was not fun. Ned to political Paul.

Andrew: Yeah.

Josh: I was really, as a weird Philly

Andrew: who I was a weird wheat female. Willie, the name, you know I’m touched Oscar and crass.

Tiny testes Timothy for a while there. Sorry Timothy. If you’re listening or

Josh: your testes are fine.

Andrew: It was never about their size.

Josh: I don’t know. This is episode two two down in the bucket. That’s right. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Andrew: This, Jesus’ life properties.

Josh: Jeez properties. If you haven’t subscribed to us and you just found us from random, and please subscribe to us, it helps us out. If you can rate us on a Spotify on Apple podcasts, on Google podcasts, that’s always helpful to us as well, and we appreciate you taking the time.

Yeah, definitely. Sheriffs on Facebook and wherever else you share things. I’m not really sure what other social media platforms you allow to share, but if you can figure it out, um, we do appreciate it. Um, we really do this cause it’s fun. We do this cause, you know, we just want to get together on a regular basis and continue to chat outside of our time of accountability and hold each other accountable.

But we’d probably do this if nobody listened. So we appreciate that. You listened. No, because you know, at the core of what we do, we want people to find hope again. We want people to find freedom. People experience all the juice hazard in this life. So Hey, thanks for watching, and we are this Jesus life

Andrew: podcast.

That’s right.

Josh: Not to be confused with this Jesus life

Andrew: properties, which is a great company.

Josh: There’s a great company, but it has nothing to us. Hey, Andrew, as always great chatting with you. Great to

Andrew: talk to you, Josh, and thanks for .